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About a week ago I received an email from James Dyson informing me that OptimizePress 3 would be launching in the next few months. Now I know a lot of you are big OptimizePress fans and for me, it also holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the first deals that I started offering on this website alongside Market Samurai.

So you better believe I am going to have something special lined up for you when OptimizePress 3 gets released. It will be an exclusive promotion and will also feature one of our legendary bonus packs which you can learn more about here.

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Optin Architect Review

Optin Architect Review

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Many individuals struggle with creating solid, reliable leads online and converting individuals who visit a site into people whom you can email and reach at a later date. Finding ways of successfully converting and capturing individuals’ information and making them regular subscribers are all tricky marketing facets which must be learned. Fortunately, there is a new tool on the block to help you do just that and that is Optin Architect. Optin Architect was designed for the explicit purpose of helping create captivating online opt-in forms that will help turn users on your site into individuals who want to learn more about your service or product. Creating engaging materials that successfully gain a user's trust and have them put in their email address and other personal information is a tricky process, so what are some of the pros and cons of this new tool?

Optin Architect

Optin Architect Pros

Track your forms

This is a great feature of Optin Architect and that is the simple ability to be able to track your forms and their success rates. Being able to find out how many people have looked at your opt-in forms, clicked on your opt-in forms, or in any other way interacted with them can give you a good idea of whether your opt-in forms are having the desired effect. Additionally, finding out the ways that people interact with them can also help you design them better, make it so people are more likely to click on them, interact with them, and ultimately use them in the future. The more people you can get on board and using them, the greater your subscriber list, email lists, and ultimately your marketing funnel will be.

Exit detection opt-in

Most people by nature take the path of least resistance and this is also true when it comes to your average internet user. They may be interested in your product, your service, or your message, but actually having them navigate and go find the opt-in form may be more than they are willing to do at a casual glance. But this is where Optin Architect can really help to shine as it has exit detection software which allows you to create an opt-in form with pops up as a user is about to leave your site.

This is a huge boost to potential conversion rates as now individuals who are about to leave but are still interested will easily have the forms presented to them for them to fill out. This is a great way of capturing and converting individuals on the back end of your website. Some individuals who were initially not even planning to may simply decide to take the opportunity when it is presented to them anyway. Presenting this kind of self-evident and easy opportunity makes for easy conversions.

Free trial

Unlike so many other software programs available online, Optin Architect offers a free trial. The creators of Optin Architect know that they have created a marketing winner; one that will help

you enhance your reach, spread your message, and gain more individuals into your subscribers list. With all that in mind, it is little wonder that the creators feel confident enough to offer a free trial during which you can experience for yourself the effectiveness of this incredible marketing tool. With easy customization, ability to create your own opt-in pages and place them anywhere within your site, it is little wonder that the makers of Optin Architect feel that you will not be able to stop with a free trial.

Optin Architect Cons

One of the potential cons of this tool is not so much due to the tool itself but due to the person using it and that is that this product is most effective for individuals who either know or have the desire to learn online marketing. Learning how to use an opt-in creator effectively can be a little bit of a learning curve as you figure out which words, images, texts, and placements all serve to reach the maximum amount of people. Figuring this out can be a little bit of trial and error and may be difficult for some users who think this is as simple as plug-and-play.


You should not let that dissuade to you, however, as this is an exceptionally well-made tool and with its multiple capabilities such as tracking where your opt-in forms have been interacted with, exit protection, customization, and even a free trial, this is a fantastic tool for every online marketer desiring to grow their subscriber lists.

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Optin Architect

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Mobilize Revolution Review

Mobilize Revolution Review

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Creating successful mobile web pages or mobile apps is a huge struggle but one which needs to be met given today's current mobile primacy culture. Many studies show that in markets all over the world, smartphones are being utilized as the primary medium for accessing the internet, or if they are not number one they are quickly racing towards the number one slot. This means that web pages which are designed to work optimally with mobile devices are ones that are going to be more user-friendly, attract more individuals, and have greater marketing success. One of the great new tools which has come about in recent years is Mobilize Revolution. Mobilize Revolution was designed with the intention of making mobile web pages quick and easy as well as any other associated mobile apps. So what are some of the pros and cons of this new product?


Mobilize Revolution Pros


There are many applications out there, some of which are free, which allow you to build mobile web pages. One of the big things lacking in all of them, though, is that they do not have the extensive or exhaustive training that Mobilize Revolution has developed as a part of their core strategies. They not only teach you how to design and develop beautiful websites which you can either utilize for yourself or sell to other individuals, but they also include a comprehensive sales training packet as well to teach you how to sell these services and websites to businesses in your community. This is a huge step up from the mere create and forget style of website building used in the past. With Mobilize Revolution, you have active support and assistance in learning how to not just make them but also make them profitable. The training itself is a huge value added to the membership.


As mentioned before, there are many places which allow you to develop or create mobile websites but Mobilize Revolution is one of an exceedingly few which also gives you the opportunity to learn how to create applications for the website as well. Creating mobile applications is an essential element of continued customer engagement, meeting your client needs, and creating a successful product which your users will want to buy. It is not enough to merely have a website as nowadays users are used to a wide variety of interactions which are only available through the use of various applications. Knowing how to create, design, and develop these applications is an essential element to your future success in selling or developing client websites.

Lead generating software

Finding leads can be exceptionally difficult but with Mobilize Revolution they take even this notoriously difficult process and make it an efficient and streamlined one with lead generating

software. The generating software is designed to help you find identify potential leads for you to pursue. This means you spend less time looking for individuals and more time selling to them. This increases your profits exponentially as you might imagine. Anything that businesses can do that improves efficiencies helps improve the bottom line. This huge time-saver is a unique and innovative feature available only in Mobilize Revolution.

Mobilize Revolution Cons


There are far more tools, trainings, tool kits, and other substantial features that come with Mobilize Revolution which there is not enough space to mention here. However, one thing which all of this value content can cause in some people is a feeling of being overwhelmed with all of that information or tools. It can take time to go through the training process and it can also take time to learn to be confident when utilizing the different tools and applications that Mobilize Revolution gives you. It's important that if you buy the product you are there to learn as well as utilize. The product is simple to use but there are many bells and whistles which can significantly enhance its service to you that may at first glance be daunting.


Mobilize Revolution turns out to be an exceptionally useful tool for helping develop online websites specifically geared towards mobile devices. As the world becomes more connected through mobile devices, having a website that can handle the task is more important than ever before. With its huge variety of tools and analytical capabilities, its lead generation software, and its extensive teaching courses, Mobilize Revolution will truly revolutionize your marketing abilities. If you would like to find out more about this extensive product, feel free to check it out at

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List Eruption Review

List Eruption Review

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Having a list of subscribers is simply not enough; in this day and age it is important for your subscribers to not just be passive recipients of your deals but ideally will be like surrogate marketers helping endorse you through word-of-mouth stories of your services or products. But how can you leverage the people you already have into a powerful social media marketing force that can help exponentially grow your lists and your business? This is what List Eruption was designed to do. List Eruption is a powerful marketing tool which is designed through a variety of different engagement techniques to help your users become more engaged over time and help them spread the word on your business. So what are some of the pros and cons of this fantastic tool and how can you use List Eruption to grow your business?

List Eruption

List Eruption Pros

Engagement rewards

One of the important things for users is to feel is that they are respected and appreciated by the businesses which they subscribe to. People want to feel that their participation is valued at the business and that their views, likes, and subscribes are valuable commodities. This is why with List Eruption you can easily make it so whenever an individual likes one of your Facebook posts or tweets, retweets, or does any other type of social interaction engagements, he or she can then be given discounts, promo codes, free products, or whatever you want. The fact is, with List Eruption, you are able to create customized reward programs for your users to help you achieve the results you want to reach. Helping your users feel that there is value to subscribing and sharing is an exceptionally powerful way to leverage their goodwill and help spread word-of-mouth advertising to their friends and social media contacts.

Badge collection

People are interesting and few things motivate people like the idea of a game, a competition, or finishing a collection. This is why with List Eruption you have the option of creating a list of badges or achievements that individuals can unlock once they have done a certain amount of marketing work for you. For instance, you may have a badge that unlocks a certain product, discount, or other reward for individuals who have referred at least a thousand people. Alternatively, you may have another badge reward offered to individuals who have simply first shared or liked one of your social media posts. This kind of reward game system strongly encourages individuals to share widely and to meet certain achievement goals. This is important for you because the kind of people you are trying to reach may only be reachable through certain kinds of interaction. By specifically rewarding your clients with those interactions, List Eruption is going to help you grow your business in specifically the way you want.

List Eruption Cons

There are a huge number of pros to using List Eruption and far more bells, whistles, and features than can be laid out here. But let's reflect for a moment on some potential cons. So what are some of the negatives or possible negatives of using this tool?

Blow up in your face

Not literally of course, but depending on the kind of services or deals you offer, you may find that your marketing strategy works entirely too well and you are suddenly overwhelmed with an inability to pay out all the rewards you promised your loyal users. This has happened to many businesses in the past where they offered something like $1,000 if you referred a thousand people and ended up getting hundreds of thousands of people succeeding at that challenge. Making sure that your reward system will not cripple your business if your marketing campaign is wildly successful is an important consideration before launching those types of marketing campaigns.

One thing which is sure to leave a bad impression for any of your valued customers is if you renege or fail to fulfill your promises to them. Making sure that you can fulfill your rewards system monetarily as well as in a timely fashion is an essential element of being able to use the rewards functions successfully. List Eruption is a powerful tool for growth but occasionally growth if done uncontrolled and unchecked can be dangerous. Fortunately, List Eruption also features many analytical tools to show how successful your marketing campaigns were and how the different campaigns worked.


With its ability to help sell itself by utilizing rewards systems, helping promote your customers and reaching others, as well as the analytical tools monitor so you can see how well different marketing campaign strategies are going, List Eruption is sure to have your subscriber lists grow by leaps and bounds as customers in your subscribers’ list realize that there is true value. This is a tool which every marketer should have online or offline. If you'd like to find out more, check out Listeruption.Com.

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List Eruption

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Funnelstak Review

Funnelstak Review

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Funneling customers into your web services or products used to be viewed as more black magic than marketing science. But as customers have gotten savvier, so too have the marketing funnels that businesses utilize to snag those clients. Marketing funnels are the process by which you turn an advertisement or promotion into engagement which leads to sales, and ideally at the end a happy customer. A marketing funnel begins with advertising to specific customer needs or ideals and progressively becomes more and more finely tuned as it goes further. Many businesses struggle finding the right balance for their marketing funnel but what if there was an easier way? What if you could simply have multiple marketing funnels simultaneously? And what if they were primarily automated so your work was done for you? That is the promise of Funnelstak.

Funnelstak is designed to work somewhat like the branches on a tree. Each branch is another funnel but all of the funnels feed into the single common center. This means that you can be utilizing multiple marketing strategies to reach multiple groups, demographics, or clientele bases while simultaneously boosting your core business overall. So what are some of the pros and cons of Funnelstak?


Funnelstak Pros

Multiple funnels

Creating and designing any successful marketing funnel can be a challenge. It is especially difficult if you're going to try and run more than one of them at the same time. Now you have to deal with two inputs from two separate campaigns, and possibly even reaching two very different types of customers. The more funnels you run, the more exponentially difficult this process becomes. But this is where Funnelstak is so exceptional in that it makes creating and managing multiple marketing funnels easy. Funnelstak has a great dashboard which allows you to be able to tell customer engagement through what marketing funnels and even tell how successful different funnels are for you. This gives you a wealth of information upon which you can build ever more successful marketing strategies.


Another one of the huge pros which makes Funnelstak a marketing must is its high level of automation. It is always difficult to manage multiple market funnels simultaneously especially as that means multiple customer interactions, complaints, and questions, but with Funnelstak it is designed with the high level of automation in mind to make the entire process more streamlined, more efficient, and with less interaction. This means that when everything is working well your clients will easily be able to go from simple advertisement to purchasing without your ever needing to be involved. The more automated help you are able to utilize, the more people you will be able to reach with less time and with higher yields. You don't need an entire sales team

working for you when Funnelstak can do the same work but automated. This saves you huge amounts of time and money

Funnelstak Cons

Supporting your customers

One of the great features about Funnelstak is how many market funnels it can make for you and how swiftly the automated marketing funnels work so that your clients can go quickly from advertisement all the way through to buying customer. However, this is also potentially one of the drawbacks, not of the product but it may be a drawback for you as a business owner and that is how do you manage all your customer interactions? One thing that a customer wants nearly above everything else is to feel that they are appreciated. This is not only done by offering good quality products at a fine price but also being available to meet their needs.

If you have Funnelstak in place you are likely to get many new hundreds or potentially even thousands of new customers. But if you do not also have in place a way to be able to answer their calls or questions or meet their customer service needs, you will find that Funnelstak will swiftly overwhelm any customer service that you currently have in place. This can potentially be dangerous especially for a young start-up company as word gets around the internet quickly if you are not consumer-friendly.

So while Funnelstak will do its job of helping funnel to you many new clients and potential clients, you will need to ensure that you are on your A-game to meet your clients’ customer satisfaction needs. Funnelstak is designed to be utilized with minimal inputs which means that you should have fewer customer issues or customer complaints, but having in place a system to be able to meet the influx will help ensure that all of your customers’ needs are met.


In summary, Funnelstak is an exceptional marketing tool. It's ease of automation, the time it saves you in building and developing marketing funnels as well as its ability to help you run multiple modes simultaneously all ensure that Funnelstak is an exceptional tool that every online marketer should know. If you would like to find out more, go to

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Funnelspy Review

Funnelspy Review

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Market research can be a tricky topic. The fact is, your most successful competitors are unlikely to share what is making them successful and it can be difficult as you learn strategies and techniques yourself on the pathway to success. But what if they were a way to benefit from the mechanisms used by other leaders in your field or industry while simultaneously being able to turn those to your advantage? That is the promise of Funnelspy.

All marketing operates as a funnel where first the attention of an individual is gained, then information is presented, views are converted into clicks, clicks are converted into a sales pitch, sales pitches are converted into purchases, and purchases convert to repeat clients. Sales funnels are the essential element of every successful business and only succeeding at one or two will not be enough. Funnelspy was designed for you to easily, and legally, be able to look at the mechanisms that your opponents or other websites use for their sales funnels. This insider information can help you craft and build a winning strategy or modify your current marketing or sales techniques. So what are some of the pros and cons of Funnelspy?


Funnelspy Pros

Saves you money

One of the huge drawbacks of doing any kind of in-depth marketing research, particularly on a competitor, usually means that to find out certain price points or sales information on your competitor sales pages that you will have to first be a client to be able to look at that information. This potentially can cost you money or the very least put you on their subscribers’ list when all you want to do is find out certain sales points they are attempting or different promotions they are offering. With Funnelspy, you save money because now you do not need to log in and go through the hassle of going through their sales pitch; instead all is laid bare for you so you can simply analyze and extrapolate from the data presented. You will be able to look at information like up sales, down sales, one time offers, and a huge variety of other sales information without yourself having to become a client. This saves you huge amounts of money especially if you need to do it across several different websites.

Saves time

In addition to saving you money, Funnelspy also saves you a huge amount of research hours. Doing slow page-by-page crawling and research, taking notes and attempting to identify the different marketing funnels they utilize can be a slow and tedious process. However, Funnelspy has found a way to make this slow process a streamlined and efficient research project. With a simple click of a button you are able to get all the analytical information you need for a page without having to go through the slow research process yourself. This saves you a huge amount of time and now instead of only being able to successfully manually analyze each competitor’s page over the course of several hours, you could review dozens of different competitors

websites and start to spot the different trends or promotions which are helping lead them to success.

Gain inside information

Another one of the huge positives of Funnelspy is being able to gain inside information that is not likely to be shared with the simple curious mind. For instance, you will be able to use Funnelspy to identify different aspects about a webinar which they host on their site without actually having to take it or become a client yourself. You'll be able to identify the thank you pages or encore pages as well as any lead generation pages and where they go to. In addition to this, you will also be able to see the kind of webinar software they are running and utilizing. Finding out what other successful businesses are doing is a fantastic advantage for you as now you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Funnelspy Cons

Accidental copyright infringement

This is not really a strike against Funnelspy itself as Funnelspy is totally legal. However, it is something which a user may possibly cause themselves to do after having utilized this software and that is copying an opponent's site too closely. This can lead to allegations of copyright infringement, false advertising, or other potentially harmful legal complications. Funnelspy is a fantastic tool but you have to be shrewd in the way that you use it and not simply make a knock-off site of one of your competitors.


With its swift analytical abilities to look at your opponents pages, it's ease with which you are able to do complex market research, and the amount of time and money you will save by not having to go through pages manually or pay to see certain pages and their analogical information, Funnelspy is an exceptional tool for those who can use it responsibly. Funnelspy makes market research easy. If you'd like to find out more information, check out

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Bonuspress Review

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As anyone in marketing knows, the key to financial success is to turn a mailing list into a list of regular clients who steadily buy your products or services. However, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure their longevity and help your email base feel they are getting a true value out of being a subscriber to your company.

So what is the solution? The answer is Bonuspress.

Why? People absolutely love freebies! That point literally can’t be emphasized enough and it is the number one marketing tactic to get people to buy more from you than your competitors.

Bonuspress was made to help your users who subscribed to your pages or services increase their conversion and purchase rates by helping you produce and deliver these bonuses. You should be rewarding your most loyal customers and subscribers and with Bonuspress you can not only help ensure their continued revenues but can help grow your user base through the clever use of promotions and bonus page offers. So what are some of the pros and cons to this fantastic tool?


Bonuspress Pros

Professional designs

We have all heard to never judge a book by its cover, but the fact is people do judge you, your business, your services, and yes, even your promotions, by how well designed they are. Having professional designs and themes which come stock with Bonuspress will help ensure a level of quality and support that your clients expect from you and can significantly increase your conversion rates. The fact is, a professional design is the mark of an individual who respects him or herself, respects the business, and shows the proper due respect to their client base.

Countdown timers

The human mind is an interesting thing and even if somebody is on the fence about buying a product or service, the idea that the deal would not be there forever is often a huge incentive to getting them to come on board.

This is the idea behind the countdown timers which you can utilize as part of Bonuspress. These countdown timers relay several important pieces of information, not the least of which being how long it will be until this deal is no longer available. This creates a scarcity mindset where people who are on the fence are more likely to buy before the time runs out so as to save that significant percentage. If you just told them that it was going to end in 24 hours as opposed to having a built-in countdown clock showing them exactly how much time they had left, they’re far less likely to engage. The actual movement and countdown of a clock triggers a human

instinct to do something quickly and to act on instincts. This can also significantly help increase your conversion rates with your clients.

Sharing links

Do you want to grow your client base and help spread your influence further through the internet? With sharing links as an option through Bonuspress, you can use your deals and bonus features to be able to go viral through the social media platforms. For instance, you may decide to run a promotion where individuals who share your links with friends or family can get a special significant discount rate. This helps your users feel valued and perceive that there is value to being on your subscriber list. This also helps you by getting the word out there to potential new clients and customers through social media. This ability to share social media links on your bonus pages is an essential element of continued success for your services.

Bonuspress Cons

Bonuspress is nearly a one stop shop for helping you create a successful marketing campaign. So what are some of the potential cons or drawbacks of this tool?

Learning curve

All tools have their own learning curve. Although the learning curve for Bonuspress is shallow because the tools and features are so innately accessible and make sense, the biggest learning curve will be in learning how to utilize it the most successfully for online marketing.

Many individuals can struggle with online marketing as there is no single one-size-fits-all pathway to success. The biggest limiting factor in your ability to use this tool is your personal skills in online marketing, your knowledge of how to successfully convert individuals and then capitalizing on your momentum. The fact is it takes time to build momentum and no tool can instantly make you a millionaire overnight. This is a tool designed to complement skills you already have, or to give you a powerful tool kit in helping develop new skills which you need to learn.


All that being said, Bonuspress is a fantastic tool for those who either have the skills already or are willing to learn them. With the ability to have built-in countdown timers, immediate stats, a significant increase in your conversion rates, help with making your content go viral, and a whole slew of other bonus features, Bonuspress is an essential tool for all online marketers to have. Don't let your subscriber list languish and waste away when Bonuspress can turn those subscribers into steady revenue.

If you would like to find out more, visit the link below

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WP Buffs and WordPress Security Hacks

So the other day I was browsing around the web and visited one of our partner company's website - WP Buffs and noticed something interesting.

WP Buffs by the way are a team of WordPress techies who provide support services for people running WordPress websites. That is nothing new as quite a few of these companies have been popping up recently but it was specifically this screenshot below that got me interested because I have not seen other companies in the space do this before.

Two things I noticed

  1. First it is very rare to get access to plugins that would normally cost you a yearly fee.
  2. One of the plugins they give you is iThemes Security Pro

That second point got me interested because WordPress and the security around it has been such a contentious issue for so long.

The amount of websites that have been hacked (primarily because of bad plugin management) is astronomical and embarrassing to say the least.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see WP Buffs giving this plugin for free to their clients when signing up. They also include the excellent WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro for improving WordPress page load times.

But for this article I want to focus on iThemes Security and what it means for you.

Let's talk about iThemes Security Pro

When you first install iThemes Security you are presented with a wizard that runs a number of best practice settings for your site security. You literally press a button and 10 seconds later your WordPress site has become a whole lot more secure. 

It really was that easy - 

After you have done that this is the dashboard you see. Click image for larger version.

And here are the pro options (You get Pro from WP Buffs)

One thing I like about the pro options of this plugin is 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) - when you have this enabled it literally does make your WordPress website like Fort Knox as the WP Buffs say. You will need an app like Google Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator (what I use) for this to work.

And when it detects something abnormal like logging in from a different location you will get an email looking like this.


Bear in mind every time you give access to your website to someone else like a Web developer etc they will have to go through this process - If you have a permanent member of staff who needs access to your website it makes more sense for them to have their own login email where they would get this verification email sent to.

I only say this as I am currently testing out new employees and it can be a little frustrating to have to give them the code every time they want to do some work. But that will soon change if they get the job right.

But for me the most amazing thing about having this plugin happened soon after installing.

Literally within hours I had my first security incident!

I kid you not!

I received an email address to the admin email of my WordPress website which had the following subject line.

[] Site Lockout Notification

This immediately got me worried, wondering what the heck just happened and if I had lost access to my own website. Turns out it may have been more sinister and encouraging at the same time - somebody I don't know being locked out.

This is what the message looked like.


That IP address - someone in Paris!!! Or more likely someone pretending to be in Paris with IP manipulation. 

Not long after this warning (a day) I got another warning where someone had been locked out.

Safe to say I was very happy that somebody who kept trying to login to my website (maybe with some password cracker) was eventually locked out!

I am sitting on about day two now after the last site lockout so rest assured I'm not getting these messages everyday, which would be very concerning. 

These are just my initial thoughts after a few days of using iThemes Security but I will definitely update this post if anything else suspicious starts to happen.

Do you use iThemes Security? What has your experience been like?

And if you are interested in having this for your own website I would recommend using the WP Buffs service to get you started. We have some great bonuses for you if you do decide to sign up.

WP Buffs


Isn't it time your WordPress website was managed by true WordPress experts?

From as little as $40 per month you can get started with WP Buffs + make sure to claim one of our exclusive bonus packs if you do. Find out more about this WP Buffs Promotion.


Text Deliver Review

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In modern marketing, finding new ways of reaching and connecting with your subscribers is a must. Emails are often ignored or can be automatically rejected while phone calls are often considered too intrusive and difficult to time correctly if your clientele are spread out over a large series of time zones. This leaves one of the most effective methods for reaching your subscriber list and that is texting. But having a reliable methodology of texting, especially large numbers of subscribers, auto sends has heretofore been a highly difficult process to set up and actualize. However, that is no longer the case with Text Deliver. Text Deliver was created and designed with the express purpose of reaching your subscribers by text simple, convenient, and efficient. So what are some of the pros and cons of this fantastic texting tool?


Text Deliver Pros

Unlimited subscribers

This is a huge benefit because the fact is most of the other texting assistant programs which you can find on the internet will limit how many texts you can send or how many you can send in a given time frame. What this is really doing is putting a cap on your growth. The rate at which you can connect with customers is the rate at which you will be able to grow. With Text Deliver, you no longer have to worry about reaching that cap as it’s not there. You can text an unlimited amount of subscribers which means that your business is not limited by your number of texts but only limited by how much you can grow.

Reach customers effectively

Texting is one of the most effective methodologies of being able to reach your client base. The fact is, if they have given you their phone number then they like what you are selling. By utilizing Text Deliver you are able to give these subscribers special deals before you put them up online or you can even give these subscribers unique deals, promo codes, or links to products before they become generally available. This gives a significant value added which is an essential part of ensuring that your clients feel they're getting the best bang for their buck. Individuals want to feel like their willingness to subscribe to you is being rewarded not penalized.

By using Text Deliver, you are able to give them the deals they want in the timely fashion they deserve. Emails can often take hours to be checked, whereas simply waiting for them to login to the website and see that there is a deal is an absolute non-starter. By reaching them with text, you ensure that they have the information they need now as most texts are checked within a few moments after they have arrived.

Centralized control

When managing multiple marketing campaigns, especially multiple marketing campaigns that include various different subscriber lists, the ability to manage them all from a singular console

is a must. You will not have to open up one list of subscribers, send them a marketing notification, and then proceed to open up another and another. This is slow, time-consuming, and highly inefficient. Text Deliver has all of this information centralized in one place, your command console. This command console gives you the unique ability to be able to manage an unlimited number of marketing campaigns while simultaneously being able to keep it all perfectly organized.

Text Deliver Cons

One of the potential cons of utilizing this type of tool is the potential for misuse. There's nothing wrong with the programming itself but the methodology which you choose to utilize it can potentially be harmful to your business. The fact is, your customers want to feel like they are valued, not that they are spammed. Ideally you should try to limit yourself to a text every other day or even once a week. You will quickly be able to find the right balance for what your customers need and desire. Too many texting notifications will get you blocked or have them remove themselves from your subscriber list. Too few and your clients will not feel there is much value to being on your subscriber list, either. Text Deliver is about utilizing the right balance and if you cannot find that balance quickly it can be a potential negative to your business.


All that being said, as long as you can use the tool responsibly, then its ability to mass market, swiftly reach your clients, and manage all of your marketing campaigns from a singular location make Text Deliver an exceptionally powerful marketing tool that every entrepreneur should own. If you would like to find out more about Text Deliver check out

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Scarcity Builder Review

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People are strange and nothing seems to compel us to action quite so much as a deadline. Most people finish their work right before deadlines, many people shop in the final hours of a promotional offer or sale, or people buy things which they did not want simply because they were on sale for a great deal. But the thing about sales and what makes them different than a standard price is that ultimately the sale will end. This creates a scarcity mindset which drives people to buy. What if there was a way for you to use this same scarcity sales tactic to buy your products at much higher rates than are yielded by a simple promotion? That is the promise of Scarcity Builder. Scarcity Builder was created and designed with the express purpose of being able to create a countdown timer which gives a sense of impending scarcity to your potential clients. So what are some of the pros and cons of this fantastic feature?

Scarcity Builder Pros

Build scarcity

As mentioned before, one of the biggest driving factors which will cause someone to buy is the threat that the deal will not be there. People who are on the fence or unsure about a product are far more likely to buy it if there is a time constraint on the deal than if it will be that same price later. Items which always stay the same price, or are likely to stay the same price for several weeks, give a user time to shop, browse, check reviews, or any number of things. But if your user feels that they are up against the clock with only a day or even a few hours left in the promotion before they have to pay full price for something they might want, the clock is likely to push them over the fence and cause them to instinctually buy. This knee jerk reaction to buy because an item is about to become more expensive is a powerful sales tactic and one that Scarcity Builder helps you to exploit. With the ability to set up any promotion for any level of deal to last for any period of time that you want, Scarcity Builder has brought scarcity building down to a science.

Variable scarcity

One of the great tools about Scarcity Builder is the huge variety of ways in which you can utilize this tool. For instance, you can design it so that the clock will automatically reset after it runs out causing there to be a permanent countdown clock and give the illusion of coming price increase. However, since the price increase never actually occurs, you continue to reap the rewards. It will not take long before savvy customers realize this trick, which is why Scarcity Builder also gives you other variable settings as well.

One of the other fantastic settings given to you by Scarcity Builder is the ability to utilize an individual’s cookies to create a personalized countdown timer for them. A user in Rocky Mountain Time may come on to your site and see that they have a few hours left in the promotion whereas users in the Eastern Standard Time have less. This personalized level of countdown timer means that you can utilize time zones or individualized cookies to create

individualized countdown results. This means that somebody simply restarting their computer is not going to be enough for them to re-hack your time clock. This creates true scarcity as individuals will actually have to buy before a deal runs out for them.

Scarcity Builder Cons

Artificial scarcity

This was somewhat alluded to under the variable scarcity header but it bears greater explanation and that is that scarcity only works either as long as it is true, or your users believe it is true. If somebody bought your product believing they only had a few moments left in the sale and then less than an hour later your sales clock is counting down again, these individuals may feel that they were misled or falsely advertised to. After all, there was no real scarcity as the clock was going to re-hack. It also can cause a sense of embarrassment or even disdain towards you or your product for what makes them feel like they were compelled to buy by believing that there was a time constraint when in fact that time constraint was a lie. Using Scarcity Builder responsibly in a way that does not upset or alienate clients is an essential element for continued success using this marketing tactic.


If you are able to use this tool responsibly then it can produce exceptionally high yields. Tapping into the human psyche to achieve a deal before the time constraints are over as well as the ability to track and analyze how successful various scarcity campaigns have been and create customized scarcity for different users based on location are all fantastic tools which savvy marketers can use to exponentially grow their sales and profits. 

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