Provely Review

Provely is an online app that does only one thing but does it well: increase your conversion rate by displaying social proof on your sites. What does this really mean and how does it work? Well, what you do is include a widget on your site that will inform your visitors (in real time or as often as you like) what other visitors are doing. The idea behind this is that when your visitors are prompted the moment someone buys one of your products they’re most likely to go and check that product out.

It’s no secret that people’s behavior is influenced by what everyone else is doing. If you see activity in real time showing that a certain product is being bought by lots of people you are going to want to know what all the fuzz is about. And that’s exactly what will happen when you include one of Provely’s widgets in your site. People will start following on others’ activity and you’ll see how your conversion rate starts to grow.

As we said before, this is not a complicated app. It doesn’t have a lot of features and that is one of the reasons why it is so easy to use. You’ll be setting up your first widget in no time. Also, you don’t even need any coding skills, since it generates the code for itself. If you can do a copy/paste action you can use Provely.

Provely Main features
  • Customizable widgets. There’s a whole library to choose from. Once you’ve found the one you like just make the changes needed to make it look unique and in tune with your corporate image. There are lots of templates, color schemes and even animations for you to choose from.
  • Location specific. Not so much of a global business? It doesn’t matter. You can set up a location so your target audience knows what’s happening close to their area.
  • A campaign for every need. They offer three types of campaigns: Live, Rotate and Past Data. Depending on how big your site is (and how often you get new leads or make a sale) you can choose the one that’s right for you.
  • Multi-language support. Translate your widget to any of the supported languages. The message will surely reach your client base.
  • Get to know your clients. You’ll have access to your client’s connection and online behavior data so you can adjust your marketing campaigns and increase your conversion rate.

Provely Pros

  • It works on almost any type of site, whether it is LeadPages, ClickFunnels, WordPress and many more. All that you have to do is add a bit of code to your pages and you’re ready to go.
  • They offer a 30-days money back guarantee. Just let them know if you’re not completely satisfied with the results and they will give you a full refund.
  • You don’t need any special coding skills, all that you have to do is customize the widget and Provely will generate the code for you.
  • There is no limit on the amount of visitors or clicks. You only pay for the number of sites where you want to include the widget.

Provely Cons

  • Prices are scalable depending on how many sites you want to add. If you have multiple sites the yearly fees can be quite high for some users.

Provely - The Bottom Line

As social media growth and engagement has shown over the last few years, following trends is something we human beings tend to do. As soon as you find out that a product or a platform has become popular you can’t help but check it out. This is exactly what Provely relies on, using that social influence to generate interest on your site and products boosting your conversion rate.

It’s a fairly simple process, you just sign up, select a template that you like and customize it. Then, just take the code that the app provides and embed it into your site. That’s it. You’ll see how your conversion rate increases in no time. Depending on the size of your operation you decide between three different types of rotations for your message. If you run a large site with multiple sales and opt-ins happening daily, you might want the Live rotation. Your clients will be prompted the minute you make a sale, all in real time.

Let’s say that you are running a middle size business; then you may want notifications to appear from time to time instead. If, on the other hand, your site is quite small and you don’t get that much activity you can benefit from their Past Data rotation.

Provely is a marketing tool that has proven to be effective. It’s not hard to set up so you will see results shortly after you start using it. It also comes with a 30-days money back guarantee so, if you try it out and you’re not completely pleased, you get your money back. Past experience shows that, after you realize what this app can do, you will not be requesting a refund.


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SEMrush Review

SEO and So Much More

SEMrush is one of the leading Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools. But, what exactly is SEM and how can SEMrush help you get the most out of it? SEM is all about marketing and brand exposure. Your ad will be placed in the search engine results page when someone includes your keywords in their search. This means that if the person is looking for information that relates in any way to your brand, your name will be right there, ready for them to check it out.

An important part of making a sale is getting your prospective clients to notice your products instead of those of your competition. A good marketing strategy and using the right tools in every case are both key to your success. Being an SEM toolkit SEMrush offers features that can help you make the most of your marketing strategy. Improving your site’s SEO quality plus statistics and analytics tools so you can measure your performance are just two of the features you’ll find in SEMrush. You’ll also be able to compare yourself against the competition. You’ll know which keywords they’re using and if they are effective or not.

SEMrush Main features
  • SEO oriented tools like semantic correction or position tracking. You’ll not only get help developing your site’s SEO but also be able to measure how much your rankings have changed since using SEMrush.
    • Social media tracking to see how well your posts are doing when compared to the competition and which one of your posts gets better results.
    • Make a better use of backlinks and find out which channels are the most profitable. Get your site mentioned by the right people so you can increase traffic and engagement.
    • You’ll not only have access to data about your performance but also that of your competitors. You’ll always know how well you’re doing and what everyone else is doing that’s working for them so you can adjust and anticipate their moves.
    • Get the most out of your SEO and PPC efforts by analyzing keywords and phrases and selecting the ones that work best for you.
    • It has reporting capabilities so you can share the results of your campaigns with your collaborators and stakeholders.

SEMrush Pros

  • It’s a comprehensive marketing tool. It not only focuses on SEO or social media, instead you’ll be able to device a fully developed internet marketing campaign for your brand and products.
  • Provides data and analytics to determine just how effective your actions are and if you should be making any additional adjustments.
  • It helps you identify marketing opportunities by tracking trending topics and how well your competition is doing. If there is an opportunity out there, you will identify with enough time to react and get ahead of everyone else.
  • Since you are always informed of how effective your strategy is (or isn’t) your sites will only get better and better. You can improve those parts of your site that are not getting the results you expect.
  • Do you know who your strongest competitor is? SEMrush lets you evaluate your sites side by side so you know exactly what sets you apart. This is especially useful for identifying commercial opportunities for your brand.
  • Although it covers a wide range of marketing aspects, everything will be right there in one place for you.
  • If your site is meant for an audience located in a determined region of the globe, SEMrush will let you see how well it is ranking in that specific region.
  • It’s a paid tool but you get a 14-days trial period that should be more than enough to realize just how much SEMrush can do for your site or blog.

SEMrush Cons

  • Although is quite a useful tool and delivers what it offers, its price can be out of some businesses reach.

SEMrush - The Bottom Line

If you’re a serious blogger you probably know by now that great, carefully written content is not enough to drive traffic to your site. The same goes for commercial sites that try to stay ahead of their competitors. The Internet has become a fierce environment where you’re competing against the whole world. Also, rules are different than in traditional marketing.

Here’s where SEMrush comes in. It helps you stay always in the know of how well ranked your site is and answers the question of what is your competition doing? Knowing which are the best ranked keywords and more profitable links can be the difference between getting the attention you deserve and being overlooked by your prospective clients. But SEMrush goes beyond SEO; it can also determine how well your social media campaigns are doing.

This is one of those programs that leaves you wondering how did you manage to survive without it. Your rankings will go up, your posts will get the attention they deserve and you will be able to monitor and manage everything from a single place with a UI that makes it really easy for you. And you get all of this without having to download or install anything. What’s not to like about SEMrush?


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EasyWebinar Review

An Effective and Convenient Way of Reaching your Clients

The way we work and do business nowadays has been greatly affected by new technologies. Our products and services are now more than ever meant for a global audience and reaching your prospective and actual clients can be a bit of a challenge if they are located all over the world. This is true not only because you have to find a way to effectively communicate with them, but also because of the time differences and how expensive it would be to set up offices everywhere or to travel around the world to contact them.

Thankfully, we can count on programs like EasyWebinar, which can serve as a platform for your webinars, an effective marketing tool or a way to communicate with coworkers in remote areas. EasyWebinar can do all three remarkably well, providing low latency HD video streaming and 3D audio quality for your webinar or video meetings needs. It also has scheduling capabilities so you can reach your audience when it’s more convenient for everyone.

You can choose to broadcast a live webinar or to configure a prerecorded one to be played at certain times. Even if you use prerecorded material, your clients will feel as if they were participating in a live session. Is your webinar going to be attended by thousands of people at a time? Don’t worry, EasyWebinar has a YouTube Live integration you can use for these cases.

EasyWebinar Main features
  • Either you want to set up a live webinar or automatically replay a recorded session, EasyWebinar is for you.
  • Your attendees can also be presenters. You can let one of them participate and be part of the presentation. Once they’re done, they can go back to being part of the audience.
  • Live chat. Let your attendees ask questions and be part of the conversation. Make them feel appreciated by answering their questions in real time.
  • Use your sessions as a marketing tool. Push products and offers while broadcasting and invite your clients to take advantage of an offer or discount.
  • Do you have multiple presenters? Use the multi-camera feature to keep in touch with them throughout the event. This feature is also very useful if you need to conduct video meetings with coworkers in different locations.
  • Track your statistics with built-in analytics. Get to know who your attendees are and what they do: Did they attend? Did they stay for the entire session? Did they ask any questions? Detailed statistics can help you improve those details that still need a little work.
  • Master control. As the moderator of the event, you decide who will be presenting, which cameras and microphones will be on at any given time and much more.
  • Automatic email reminders. EasyWebinar sends automatic reminder emails so none of your registered users misses the date. They’ll also receive follow up messages after the webinar session is over.

EasyWebinar Pros

  • Unlike other similar programs, EasyWebinar comes with features that make it useful as a marketing tool as well.
  • Video quality is remarkable. You’ll get true HD video that plays without interruption. No buffering and no delays.
  • Is also available for mobile phones, so your attendees can join from wherever they are. There are iOS and Android apps available for download at no cost.
  • If you already have a sales funnel set up, you can use EasyWebinar content for your campaigns in other platforms like Drip or ActiveCampaign.
  • Large events are not an issue thanks to EasyWebinar’s integration with YouTube Live. If you have over 1000 attendees, you can broadcast your event through YouTube Live.
  • It’s completely web-based, you don’t need to install any programs or have a specific hardware configuration to use it.

EasyWebinar Cons

  • Since prices depend on the number of attendees, the monthly fees can increase quite a bit in no time.
  • It might take a little time for less experienced users to get to know all the features and start getting the results they want.

EasyWebinar - The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for an effective way to reach your customers, a platform for hosting your educational material or just a tool for remote communication with your co-workers, EasyWebinar is for you. Since it’s cloud-based, there are no specific hardware requirements to meet or any software to install. You just register and start building your marketing strategy.

The content you create with EasyWebinar can be used on other platforms. If you already have a sales funnel set up or are planning on building one, this can be a good alternative when it comes to video content. Since it also has statistics and data analysis capabilities, you’ll know at all times if you’re getting the results that you wanted or not.

If you have never used a similar service before, you might find it a bit daunting at the beginning. There are so many features that it takes a while before you are completely familiar with all of them. Once you are, you’ll begin to realize all the marketing power you will be gaining with this wonderful tool.

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2Captcha Review

For Captchas That Require the Human Touch

Do you have a captcha that needs solving? No problem, the people at 2Captcha can help you out. They are a web-based service that takes your unsolved captchas and assigns them to their human workers. It’s as simple as that. If you have ever tried to automatically sort out a captcha you should know that it is not always possible. That is why assigning this task to actual human beings is the most reliable way of getting the job done.

You can use this service in one of two ways: As an individual or business that needs to have a group of captchas solved; or as a person looking for a way to make some extra money working online. This is how 2Captcha can guarantee that your captchas will be solved by a human being; they hire people to do exactly that.

Businesses that use this service pay for a determined number of captchas to be solved; the fees are calculated based on thousands and depend on the total amount of captchas. As for workers, they just have to register on the site, go through a short practice period (they have to solve 39 captchas just to familiarize themselves with the job) and they’re ready to start making money. To get started it doesn’t require them to download or install anything, as it’s all web based.

2Captcha Main features
  • It works on two levels: as a captcha solving site for businesses that need this service and as a way to make some extra money for people who solve those captchas.
  • They guarantee that your captchas will be solved by human beings.
  • Both as a client and as a worker, the fees depend on the total number of captchas. Prices are calculated on a per 1000 basis.
  • There is a rating system for people solving captchas. Your rating depends on how accurate your answers are. The more captchas you solve successfully the better your reputation will be. Making mistakes will only hurt your ratings and thus earnings.

2Captcha Pros

  • 2Captcha doesn’t charge any fees when their workers withdraw what they have earned. There is a minimal withdraw limit of USD 0.5, but they guarantee that you’ll get all your money. They also pay in Bitcoin if you like.
  • As a client, you have a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with their service you’ll get a refund.
  • Workers can make more money by telling their friends about 2Captcha. If you want to make money faster, use the referrals program, you’ll earn a percentage of what your referrals make.
  • It really doesn’t take much to start earning money with 2Captcha. All you need is a working computer and Internet access. No downloads and no software installation is required.

2Captcha Cons

  • For workers, captcha solving can be a boring, repetitive job that doesn’t really pay that much. If you are looking for a significant income, this might not be it.
  • The services they use to withdraw money from the site don’t include some big names like PayPal.
  • One of the main complaints about this site is how long the captchas take to load. This can affect the rate at which you make money.

2Captcha - The Bottom Line

This is not the first site of its kind, in fact, there are many like it. The premise is really simple: a business needs some captchas solved and they hire a service to do the job. In this case, 2Captcha provides human solved captchas by “hiring” people to do just that. People who are interested in making money online without any investment and just using their computer and free time can find this offer appealing.

Is it a scam? Not really. They deliver what they offer and they’re very clear about how the site works and what their fees are. Can you make tons of money working on it? Not likely. Chances are you’re going to get frustrated long before that happens. Although it’s true that you can actually withdraw your earned money from the site, the rate at which you can make money by working on it is really slow.

They say that you can get between USD 0.5 and USD 1.00 for solving 1000 captchas, but you have to read the small print. The price depends on how many people are on the platform at any given time and the amount of captchas available. So it’s kind of tricky knowing how much money you are really going to make.

Other than that, this is a legit site that delivers what it advertises. As a worker, it might not be the reason to quit your day job, but if you want to try it and you complete the required tasks, you will make some extra money. As a business using this service you’ll get exactly what they offer: your captchas will be solved by human beings. If that is what you need, you won’t be disappointed.

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SocialBee Review

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SocialBee - Social Automation

Any active person in social media can tell you how much of a challenge it can be to keep your accounts up to date. You may use it to stay in touch with your friends or as a marketing tool for your business and the effects will be similar: you find yourself spending countless hours updating your accounts. It’s not easy coming up with new and engaging content to post every day. In addition, managing your account and deciding who to follow or unfollow can also turn into a full time job.

If this sounds like you there’s some piece of good news; there are social media tools that can make your life easier. SocialBee is one of them. With this service you will not run out of content ever again. It lets you import it, recycle it or mix it up with another relevant content. The best part is that all of this is done automatically; all you need is to follow a few initial steps to customize it according to your needs and it’s ready to go.

It has integrations with major social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn, for the more professionally inclined. There are different categories for your content and you can even schedule when and where it will be published. You will not have to spend endless hours managing your accounts ever again; SocialBee takes care of almost everything for you.

SocialBee Main features
  • By using filters to determine exactly which types of accounts you will like to follow, SocialBee will locate them for you. Also, if they turn out to be bots or people who don’t really add value, you’ll receive a notification so you can unfollow them.
  • Growing your following is not just about the numbers, you also have to reach out to them from time to time. Configure an initial message to be sent to your new followers and make them feel welcomed.
  • You can schedule your posts by categories instead of by individual posts. You don’t even have to be too specific with the scheduling, if you mark a category as evergreen, SocialBee will recycle its content until you say stop or until it reaches the pre-determined expiration date or number of times you want it to be published.
  • Long, hard to understand links are a thing of the past. Shorten your URL with one of SocialBee’s included features or through its integration with Bitly (this requires you to have an active account with them).

SocialBee Pros

  • It helps you keep your social networks updated while reducing the number of hours that you have to devote to this activity.
  • Your schedule posts are shown as a calendar, so you’ll known when everything is set to be published with just a single look.
  • Posts can be used once, set to be published on a specific date or be recycled for as long as you want. It’s all up to you and your marketing needs.
  • You can visualize your content before it goes live. You’ll know exactly how everything will look depending on the platform where is going to be published.
  • It doesn’t only work with new content; you can import existing content using a CSV file.
  • You can set up email notifications to find out how everything is going with your posts and categories so you can take action if needed.
  • There are different types of paid subscriptions; the one you choose depends on your needs. You’re not tied to a plan though, if you need to upgrade or downgrade after signing up you can do so easily.
  • There’s a team of actual human beings behind their services and they’re there for you if you need them.

SocialBee Cons

  • It takes some time to really get to know how the platform works. They do offer demo sessions to get you started, but it takes practice to use it at a pro level.

SocialBee - The Bottom Line

Growing and managing your social media followers the traditional way takes up a lot of time. Endless hours in front of a computer just checking every account, adding new content and viewing followers’ activity is hard work. SocialBee can help you out. It doesn’t only post or recycles content according to a predefined schedule; it can also get you followers that are actually engaged and not just engrossing your site’s numbers.

One of the main differences when compared to similar services is the fact that you have actual human beings helping you out along the way. They can assist you if you need it and provide special services like Twitter Growth. They are specialists that provide verifiable results and take a huge load off your shoulders.

All things considered, this is a service worth checking out. As we said before, it might take a while before you get the hang of it but once you do you’ll be wondering how did you get anything done without it. You can use it with multiple accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

You can take advantage of their 14-days trial period or you can schedule a demo session to see live how all the features work and what this service can do for your business. You won’t be disappointed.

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Scrivener review

Scrivener Review

Scrivener is a tool for writers of any kind, from novelists to translators. Instead of just writing in the traditional linear way most word processors are designed for, Scrivener makes the whole process as simple and organic as you always wished it would be. You don’t have to place every single piece of text in the specific order it will be when your work is finished. Instead, you can just write in any order, composing different sections as they come to you.

You can use it for projects of any size, but its features make it especially useful for long projects that take weeks and even months to finish, those where you are not completely sure where everything goes until you are almost done. You’ll be able to rearrange chapters with a simple drag-and-drop action, view your research as you write or just verify changes by comparing different versions of your manuscript.

Scrivener Main features
  • You can plan out the outline of your work before you start writing. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind half way through; it’s not difficult to restructure your document.
  • Just like a word processor. Once you start using it you’ll feel right at home, you can do everything you did with your old word processor and more.
  • Navigate with ease. Add icons to your document’s sections so you can locate them when looking at the outline.
  • Focus on the writing. It comes with ready-to-use tools that will take your worries out of the formatting and into the writing, where it should be. There are templates for different styles of writing, from fiction to non-fiction.  
  • Use only what you need. Scrivener’s user interface is fully customizable. Everything from the color of the font, the screen mode or the tools that are visible, you can set the environment to show only what you really need.
  • Never overwrite a section by accident again. You can take a snapshot of your work as it is before starting a revision. Then, you can go back to the old version or check both side by side to verify the changes.

Scrivener Pros

  • They have just released the Mac version.
  • It doesn’t matter if you want to work on a one piece, long document or if you want to divide it into more manageable small pieces. Scrivener lets you do both, whichever works best for you.
  • Formatting your document is really easy. You can use the included options that combine font size and appearance changes with one single click or you can save a customized formatting option to be used later in other projects.
  • Scrivener comes with a corkboard where you can work on your main ideas and shuffle them around. Every section is attached to a card, so when you rearrange the flash cards you’re also changing the order of the sections in your document.
  • You can keep track of your progress by setting a target number of words or characters. You’ll see in real time how close you are to fulfilling those goals.
  • Although it’s a paid program, the prices are really low when you take into consideration all that it offers. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and, unlike any other piece of software out there, those days are not continuous calendar days. They only count the days you actually use the app.

Scrivener Cons

  • You have to pay separately for the iOS app. If you buy the Mac version and want to sync your work between devices, you’ll have to pay an extra USD 19.99.
  • Works well for solo projects but if you’re collaborating with someone else it will be tricky to keep up with everyone’s changes and annotations.

Scrivener - The Bottom Line

It was created by a group of writers and they took into consideration all the aspects of the creative process. They built it with fellow writers in mind. Writers have specific needs, especially those who work in long projects. For the average user a standard word processing program will do the trick, but writers need to look into their research as they’re working or maybe jump from a chapter to another because inspiration hit and they just have to write down this amazing idea before they lose it. That’s not an easy task when working on a linear document.

Scrivener comes with of lots of amazing features. For example, you can import images or even videos and change the format of your exported document to fit your editor’s requirements without affecting your original draft. As writing tools go, this is a really good one. It has Windows, Mac and iOS versions so it doesn’t matter what kind of device you have you’ll be able to use it.

If you’re a serious writer you should check it out, you’ll be amazed at what it can do. Plus as usual we have lined up a better deal for you.

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One thing I know about our community of bootstrappers here is that many of you have been incredibly interested in So let's take a closer look at this innovative app designed by neuroscientists to stimulate your brain for maximum focus.

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There have been countless studies about the benefits of music for concentration and learning. You may have even heard of playing classical music to babies when they’re still in the womb to stimulate their cognitive development. Also, listening to certain genres of music is known to improve your performance when working on numeric subjects like mathematics. focuses on helping you improve your concentration and more. They have music that not only improves your focus, but that can also help you relax, meditate or get a good night’s sleep.

In 15 minutes or less their AI generated music can help you get the results you’re looking for. Developed with the help of neuroscientists, it took years of work and research to get a product that truly helps you be more productive by increasing your capacity to focus. Whether it is writing or finishing a report for work, you’ll experience how your productivity grows within 15 minutes of starting to listen to

Its creators include musicians, engineers and scientist who have studied the effects of music on the brain. is the result of years of research in auditory neuroscience. This is not just a music streaming site; it’s based on actual science and the result of multiples studies on how certain wave lengths can affect the brain.

In addition to that, there’s a state-of-the-art AI behind every piece of music you’ll find in Every one of them is unique and original, composed for a specific purpose in mind. Depending on if you want to focus or relax and also on how long you will listen, every beat will be in sync with your brain waves to help you achieve your goals. Main features
  • All the music is fully original and AI generated. It’s specially designed to be in sync with your brain waves so it can produce the desired results.
  • There are compositions specifically designed to help you focus, meditate, relax or even sleep.
  • Everything is designed for a determined amount of time. You have to select for how long you’re going to be listening, anything from 30 minutes to indefinitely.
  • You can let the site generate a playlist for you or you can browse the compositions available and build one with your favorites. Pros

  • Right now you can listen from any device with one of the supported web browsers or download the iOS app. There is an Android app in the works (almost ready, 20% more to go) and they’re also working on desktop apps.
  • They offer a free trial period so you can get a better idea of what it really is all about. You can then upgrade to a paid plan. If after a while you feel that you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel within 60 days of signing up and get a full refund. Cons - The Bottom Line

There are other web sites that offer a similar service as, but what sets this one apart is the science behind it. It’s not only that they base their service on scientific studies or some medical paper; they work alongside qualified specialists in auditory neuroscience. Instead of just compiling commercial music or hire human composers to create original pieces for them, the team at has developed an AI algorithm that comes up with hundreds of hours of music at a time. And not just any kind of music, these are pieces that are specifically aimed at increasing your focus, helping you relax or just providing a good night of energy-recharging sleep.

The music they offer is composed taking into account the brain waves it should sync to so you can get the results that you want. You’ll start noticing results within minutes of listening. You’ll finally sit and start working nonstop on that project that you have been putting off or that piece of writing that you have to deliver and haven’t been able to finish yet.

Having trouble falling to sleep after a particularly hard day at the office? Don’t worry, set the music to play for as long as you need it and just prepare to relax and get that repairing rest that you deserve.

You can try this service online for free.

They have a trial period that should be more than enough to decide if you want to get into a paid plan or not. Chances are you will like it and you will be subscribing after that trial period. So many satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

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LessChurn Review

If you’re running a digital business (or any kind of business, for that matter) you’ll know that reaching potential clients and actually getting them to commit to your products is fundamental for your success. The last thing you want is people signing out from your sites, but it happens, for many different reasons. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a second chance with them? To be able to change people’s minds before they leave?

LessChurn is here to help. Instead of just seeing how your users hit the “Delete my Account” button, meet them with an attractive offer that will make them think again and – hopefully – change their minds.

With LessChurn you can present your users with an additional discount or an extended trial period all through a customizable form that will show up when they hit the “Leave” button. You’ll be able to offer them different options designed to make them reconsider and stay. If all of this fails and they actually decide to leave, you’ll know why, through the feedback they’ll leave using the same opt-out form. 

The only downside to this app is that it requires a working Stripe account. If you have it, don’t give it a second thought. Get LessChurn and see how many clients you can save.

LessChurn Main features
  • Fully customizable forms that you can place anywhere in your site. Include an offer your clients can’t refuse and change their minds about leaving.
  • In the event that your users finally decide to leave, find out why. LessChurn lets you collect data that will come in handy when taking corrective actions to improve your site and reduce sign-out rates.
  • It doesn’t only work for sign-out buttons. You can insert a form in any other object where you may need to find out why your visitors are not taking the action you want them to.
  • It’s easy to use, you’ll be customizing forms in no time.

LessChurn Pricing

You can get lifetime access to LessChurn Business plan for a little over 10% of its yearly cost. Think of all the money you will be saving in the long run. It’s just a single payment of USD 49. That’s it, no yearly renewals and no extra charge.

As if this offer wasn’t attractive enough, people at LessChurn are including two webinars so you’ll learn how to make the best use out of their app.

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Ongoing Promotion

If the AppSumo deal above has expired.

missinglettr review

MissingLettr Review

Driving traffic to your blog requires more than just writing quality content. As with any other business, you also need to get the word out there so people find out about your products. One of the most effective marketing tools these days is social media. Getting mentioned by the right people or creating the right hashtag can make a world of difference when it comes to increasing traffic to your blog.

MissingLettr is just the tool for that. You just have to focus on writing the content for your blog and let MissingLettr take care of the rest. It will automatically create media posts every time you publish something. Then, you just review and edit the posts and that’s it, your media campaign is ready to go.

It’s very user friendly and intuitive, but if you have any questions you can get help from their user support. Also, you can attend one of their webinars and find out how you can get started with this wonderful tool.

MissingLettr Main features
  • Automatically produces media posts for your blog. They will include quotes, hashtags and images. All that you have to do is review, change what you don’t like and you’re ready to go live.
  • Customize your posts. There are plenty of themes to choose from. You can customize them to give your posts an attractive and more personal look.
  • Easily schedule your posts and adapt each one of them depending on the platform where they are going to be published.
  • Get your content out there. Every time you create a campaign your articles will be published on Medium.
  • It supports languages other than English. So don’t worry if your blog is written in a different language, you can still use MissingLettr to automate your social media campaigns.
  • If you are an agency, you can have your clients approve the campaign before it rolls out. You only have to send them a link and they’ll see the content, approve it or request changes.

Missinglettr Pricing

They offer different paying plans that start at USD 180 a year, but you don’t have to pay full price. You can get Lifetime Access for only USD 49, that’s less than 30% of yearly. You’ll get access to a lot more features and won’t have to worry about monthly fees.

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awario review

Awario Review

Building a brand takes time and effort. You have to watch out not only for the quality of your products or services but also for keeping a quality relationship with your customers.

This means that you’ll have to answer their questions, hear their complaints and offer solutions when needed. Part of that communication will come through your website, but in other cases your clients will go directly to social media.

In an ideal setting, all the mentions you’ll get in social media will be to praise your brand and the work your company is doing. But that is not always the case, there are always some unhappy customers in the mix. They will run directly to social media and do their best to get their negative comments to go viral. Before you know it, everything has been blown out of proportion and you’re in the middle of a PR nightmare.

This is where Awario comes in. This monitoring app will notify you the minute someone talks about your brand on social media. Not only that, you’ll be able to join in on the conversation and handle everything promptly, whether it is to answer questions about your products or to deal with that unhappy customer directly.

Awario Main features
  • Succeed where others have failed. Monitor people’s complaints about your competitors’ companies or products. Be there for unhappy customers and offer them a solution. You’ll feed from your competition’s unsatisfied customers and grow your business.
  • All in one place. The Awario dashboard will show you what you need to know about who’s talking about you, what are the influencers doing and who they are.
  • No third-party web crawler. Awario comes with one of its own and it can search for your keywords on billions of pages and social media apps all at once.
  • Boolean search takes your configuration to another level. You’ll not only look for specific keywords but also a combination of them using Boolean operators.
  • Go local. You can set it up to be language or location specific. Monitor just your market and get exactly the data that you need.
  • Top company - Awario is made by the sample people who brought you SEO Powersuite

Awario Pricing

All the power of this monitoring app doesn’t come cheap, they have different plans but they all go for thousands of dollars a year. For instance, their Premium plan costs USD 1,788 a year. 

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