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convertkit and instapage

ConvertKit & InstaPage Integration Announcement

One thing we as entrepreneurs have no shortage of today is tools and software to optimise our businesses. This is especially the case when it comes to running the online aspect of our businesses - literally every single day a new tool is announced which promises to save us time, make us more money or improve our life sometimes in the most abstract of ways - can anyone say "Smart Light Bulbs" with me?

Now even when we do find tools that really help our lives in some meaningful way it can sometimes be tricky for tool A to play nicely with tool B" that we use. This is why I'm happy to announce this partnership between two of arguably the most important tools for digital businesses namely email marketing and landing pages. The companies I'm talking about is ConvertKit (email marketing) and InstaPage (landing pages) who are offering some nifty integrations for you.

Here is their full announcement 

Since starting ConvertKit, we’ve had this belief that we shouldn’t be all things to all people. We want to focus on being the best at the one thing we do, and if there is another tool out there we know would help our customers build their business, we search to find the partner that does that the best.

When it comes to landing pages, we started researching and realized that Instapage not only has the best landing page editor, they’ve also created a beautiful and simple user experience. That’s the same approach we take here at ConvertKit.

Why we love Instapage

We believe in Instapage so much that we’re not just putting a link on our integration page for you, we’ve been working with them over the last few months to add Instapage features directly into ConvertKit. This is going to make it so easy for you to jump into Instapage to start creating high-converting landing pages to sell your online products.

With our Instapage partnership you’ll be able to:

  • Seamlessly send leads from your landing pages straight into your ConvertKit automations
  • Create flexible but powerful landing pages to help you convert readers to customers
  • Fully and easily customize templates to build your brand awareness
  • Know your audience habits and needs with real time analytics
  • Publish pages to as many unique domains as you need to tailor to your segmented audience
  • Get started quickly with 200+ conversion-tested templates

Find out more about this incredible partnership that rolls out today, July 25th, in our Medium publication, Work in Public, and tune into Instapage's podcast today to hear more from me about our partnership.

Instapage + ConvertKit

It’s a partnership we believe in because it serves our mission to help bloggers (you) earn a living. Beautiful landing pages that help you turn readers into subscribers and subscribers into customers is an important piece of that mission.

So get going: try out the integration today. You can find it in the landing pages section of the app.

Not a ConvertKit user yet? Click the button below for a FREE 2 weeks trial to check it out. We’d love the chance to help you grow your business and earn a living online.


LeadsFlow Pro Discount Coupon Promo Code

Leads Flow Pro Review + Coupon

Today we bring you an introductory review of Leads Flow Pro

The ConvertKit coupon code you are looking for is below this review. Make sure to also claim our great bonuses when you purchase using any of the links on this website.

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Leads Flow Pro Break Down

One of the hardest things to do as a marketer is build leads. In fact, this is a hard thing to do at any business level that you can think of. Getting leads is a tough thing, at any state of your business overall. In order to get more leads, you have to do one of two things. You either have to get good at internet marketing, or you have to cold call. These methods are going to be arduous, and simply put, too difficult to master without a lot of help. That’s why Leads Flow Pro has been worked on for some time. This is a solution that is going to change the way that you get leads, integrating several channels into one simple to use product. Instead of having to deal with a large variety of open ended solutions, you will have one dashboard to control the mastermind of your marketing.

About and the creator/team behind Leads Flow Pro

Leads Flow Pro is being pushed by Sean Donahoe, and has a team of individuals that have been working on creating an easy way to automate marketing lead generation in real time. They have combined the power of internet marketing, social media marketing, advertising and more so that you can easily navigate this wide ocean. The problem most marketers have to deal with is the constant testing of advertising space, creating algorithmic changes and so much more. It’s not easy. It’s so complex, that many give up before they see any returns on their investment. That’s why Sean Donahoe and his team have been working on streamlining the process.

How to use Leads Flow Pro?

Once you purchase Leads Flow Pro, you will be able to sync up your marketing elements into one dashboard. You will be able to automate your advertising choices, and much more. From social media to lead generating PPC advertising, to upwards of 500 plus services that you can integrate, you’ll be able to launch, close, and bring about all sorts of elements to your business with relative ease. The best part about this, is that you can set it and forget it, focusing on other elements of your business, while this does the hard work for you. Of course, a little setup is required, but once you have it all done and locked in, you can watch in real time, your business succeed with better sales, better leads, retargeting of ads, and so much more. You will capture leads faster, and make more money, since you won’t be bouncing around websites to check in on whether or not advertising is doing what it should be doing.

Pros and Cons

As with anything you buy, pros and cons matter a great deal. With that in mind, consider a few notes in regards to Leads Flow Pro.


  • Easy To Use
  •  Integrates with 500 Services
  •  Automated Lead Generation
  •  Low Cost


• A LOT of possibilities
• Must have something to promote
• Must be ready for traffic pile up that is created

Is Leads Flow Pro Worthwhile?

The big question is simple, is Leads Flow Pro a solid option for you? The cost at first glance is only $37. However, you will find that there are a lot of elements that you can upgrade to get the most out of this system. If you were to just stay at the entry level solution, you could stand to create a serious push forward in lead generation. Simply put, this is a great option to go with, and something that will free your time for other areas of your business. It’s well worth the asking price, if you use it. Don’t let it collect dust.

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Lead Funnel Review + Coupon

Today we bring you an introductory review of Lead Funnel

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Lead Funnel Break Down

Every single marketing business that you will look into needs leads. Without leads, you will not be able to gain the upper hand in anything. If you want to make money online, you will need to find targeted leads and make sure that you’re able to convert them into sales. That’s where Lead Funnel is going to come into play. This is a solution that is going to help you pull targeted information from social media profiles and more. This is a powerful software. It’s going to change everything for you, especially if you aren’t sure how to get leads for your business. This essentially takes on the searching and digging around the internet, and makes it easier to manage.

About and the creator/team behind Lead Funnel

The team behind this option is Jai Sharma, Madhav Dutta, and Uddhab Pramanik. These guys have put together a simple solution that pulls readily available information into a compartmentalized solution. If you’re going to gain access to the most leads, you will end up working through this software with relative ease. The team has seen that there is a difficulty in getting leads. No matter what marketing business you put yourself in, even if you were to build brick and mortar stores, you will need marketing collateral. You need people that are interested in what you’re doing, selling, and promoting. That can be tough if you don’t know where to find your audience.

How to use Lead Funnel?

When you purchase and use Lead Funnel you will be able to gain access to a lot of different audiences. You login and in your dashboard, you will find great options. You’re going to find that keywords, hashtags, and anything else that people use in social media pull information. You will find targeted leads simply by pulling through what people are offering up. Lead Funnel will also help you pull email addresses, phone numbers, and so much more. You’ll be building lists and sending out newsletters in no time. Making money is simple when you have the right audience, and this helps you build that audience fast.

Pros and Cons

Consider a few pros and cons that come with Lead Funnel before you spend anything.


• Easy To Use
• Generate Leads
• Target Keywords
• Build Your List Faster


  • Must Have Something To Promote
  • Takes Time

Is Lead Funnel Worthwhile?

At the end of the day, you may find that Lead Funnel is promising a lot. Does it deliver? The truth is, yes. You can definitely use this to gain the upper hand in your marketing world. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced marketer, you’ll find that this is can pull data fast. The hardest part about building a list is actually finding the right information. Well, this is going to help you do it fast. Just one use, just one keyword set can build enough professional information to create a massive list that will pay off hand over fist down the line. It’s simply an incredible option that streamlines the business of marketing for you. It’s definitely worthwhile at $47.

Click the button below for our coupon deal.

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Adzoola discount coupon promo code

How Can Automated Marketing Solutions Help Your Business Succeed?

Automated marketing solutions can completely transform the way you handle marketing and customer outreach. If you were able to 10X your profit margins without any further work on your part, would you take it? Silly question I know but smart marketers are experiencing these type of results daily from work they did months or even years ago by investing in a marketing automation platform. (MAP)


If you struggle to get customers to come back or have trouble with lead conversion, your marketing strategy may be to blame. One of the biggest factors that can get in the way of a successful marketing campaign is the consistency of communication.


When you don’t follow-up a customer purchase or inquiries with emails, customers forget about your business. They move on. This applies to repeat business and business prospects.


You need to continue to reach out and deliver messages to customers and potential customers. This is where automated marketing platforms can help. Using these can simplify your marketing techniques while not sacrificing that all important regular communication.


So, if you want to run a successful business, you owe it to yourself to learn more about automated marketing solutions.


What are Automated Marketing Solutions?


Automated marketing solutions, or marketing automation, includes various software (called Marketing Automation Platforms - MAP) and online resources that are used to automate your most common marketing tasks. This is primarily done through email messages but these platforms can also use lead scoring techniques to alert your staff to "prime times" for customer telephone contact.


Another example is automated e-commerce marketing when the process of sending emails to customers after they make a purchase is automatic. This email could thank them for their purchase, double check they received delivery and even offer a coupon for their next purchase. There really is so much that is possible and when done right it will have a tremendous effect on your bottom line.



“63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation”


What’s the benefit of using these solutions? As mentioned, they help simplify your marketing campaign. But, there are additional advantages to using automated marketing, including:


  • Save time with automated client follow-up
  • Deliver personalised "tagged" emails to your prospects
  • Improve the productivity of your marketing department
  • Access to valuable stats for evaluating marketing campaigns
  • Increase your conversion rates with consistent follow-ups
  • Improve your customer retention rates with regular emails
  • Increase your sales and build stronger relationships


Those are just a few of the advantages that automated marketing brings to the table. Marketing automation simplifies your marketing so that you have more time, money and energy to devote to other aspects of your business.


How Do These Automated Marketing Solutions Work?


Using automated marketing solutions doesn’t replace the need for marketing – it simplifies it. Here’s an example of how this could work with a basic sales funnel:


  • A sales lead visits your landing page and signs up to receive a free downloadable eBook.
  • The automated software sends a thank you email to the sales lead.
  • After several days, the software sends an additional email with a special offer.
  • If the lead doesn’t respond to this offer, another email is sent the following week.


In addition to automating these steps, there is another advantage. They provide timely responses and follow-up emails.


Your sales leads will receive these emails according to the details of your marketing campaign, instead of waiting for you to manually send the email.


How Can You Start Using Automated Marketing Solutions?


These solutions require the use of software to automate tasks. There are dozens of options available, including Active Campaign which is what we use here at IMDC. To make the selection easier here is a closer look at 5 of the top marketing automation platforms (MAP).






Active Campaign


Active Campaign offers a simple solution for implementing marketing automation. You can easily combine the automated features with your existing marketing and advertising methods. We have also found it to be the most cost effective MAP as your list size grows, which is a major plus.


Active Campaign can automate your sales and email marketing, store your contacts and track their behavior, and set up custom options for the delivery of your emails.


Active Campaign isn’t your only option, but it is among the top choices. This is due to the easy to understand pricing structure. Active Campaign has automated marketing solutions available for businesses of any size and a robust set of features.


Instead of just focusing on email marketing automation, Active Campaign provides solutions for sales and customer relationship management.


You can even use these solutions to assist your sales reps by giving them automated actions based on the current stage of customer acquisition.

PS: If you are looking for the best price on Active Campaign - click here and sign up for the free trial. Once your trial finishes selecting the lite plan is the most cost effective if you are starting out.




Drip Marketing Automation is mostly used for Drip email marketing campaigns. This is a form of email marketing where you continue to send messages to your prospects in order to slowly build trust and nurture the relationship over time.


Using Drip, you can set triggers to automatically send emails based on the actions taken by your users or sales prospects. They have a simple user dashboard and custom solutions for any business type. Many bloggers swear by this platform so definitely one to try before making your final decision. Sign up to their forever free plan here.




Convertkit is also primarily used for email marketing automation. This software was created with bloggers in mind, but can be used by any service-based business.


Basically, if you deliver informative content to your customers and prospects, Convertkit can help increase your conversion rates. This is accomplished by consistently sending out emails based on the actions of your visitors. They even offer flexible opt-in forms that can be built to fit anywhere on your website.


Infusionsoft Marketing Automation


Infusionsoft is starting to become one of the Grand Daddy's of this whole automation craze. It is one of the most detailed automated marketing solutions available but all that power does come at a price and that is ease of use. They do however give a wide range of options to help you create a highly customized marketing solution for your business which is great.


This includes features that can assist with email marketing, sales, customer retention, and customer relationship management. Though, Infusionsoft is also among the most expensive options. So if you are interested I would recommend looking at the Infusionsoft deal we offer on it here.


MailChimp Email Automation


MailChimp is among the most affordable solutions, but it has limited features, especially when compared to Active Campaign. You don’t have the option to create detailed marketing campaigns. Instead, it is used for basic email marketing and with a bit of tinkering can do some basic marketing automation tasks.


Consider your needs. For versatility and a range of custom features, Active Campaign may be your best solution. It is affordable, customizable, and easy to implement. It's what we use and we love it but I would also recommend at least trying Drip forever free plan before making a final decision. Also consider Convertkit too as we hear great things.


Final Thoughts on Automated Marketing Solutions


By taking advantage of these options, you get the consistency that you need to turn more of these leads into new customers.


Basically, automated marketing solutions are used to automate marketing tasks - simple. Instead of having to nurture your sales leads with direct emails, you can let the software take care of the hard work.


You let the software automatically send follow up emails to move leads through your sales funnel. And you let the software nurture existing client relationships to improve loyalty and profitability.


If you’re ready to simplify your marketing campaign, then get started with automated marketing solutions by testing our top three

  1. Active Campaign
  2. Drip (free plan)
  3. ConvertKit


Do you have any experience with using marketing automation platforms? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your success stories and/or challenges.


Are you Frustrated with HIGH Autoresponder Fees? Try MailPoet

I wrote a blog post a while back now on a free tool called MailPoet. (Back then it was called WYSIJA).


Basically what it is, is a WordPress plugin that allows you to send emails from within your WordPress dashboard and be able to do it completely free of charge. (When using your Gmail account) or a small fee to integrate it with an email delivery service like Elastic Email.


Now, this week I received an email from MailPoet announcing version 3 of the plugin, so I thought it would be a good time to update you all on it if you have been considering scrapping your autoresponder subscription.


You can read more about MailPoet3 on their blog.

Or you can download the plugin right here.


PS: Forgot to mention as of writing this - MailPoet has over 300 000 active installs. 



Exploring The Box of Marketing Collateral That Comes With ConvertKit

With the latest buzz that is hitting for ConvertKit, you may be tempted to check it out. At first glance, this seems to be an email marketing program that will help you generate more clicks, more traffic, and sales overall. But when you actually look at this on a deeper level, you’ll realize that there’s a lot more than meets the eye here. In fact, you’re going to absolutely think differently about marketing as a whole. The big thing that you will see is simple, a full box of collateral. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger, or someone that has just stumbled into internet marketing, the resources that come with this site will absolutely help you build a portfolio for success.

Not Just Email

First and foremost, you’re going to find that there are several elements that come with your ConvertKit purchase. Many people just take advantage of the main feature up front. There’s something good there, no doubt. For instance, you’ll find that you can set up pages that will capture leads, and deliver free gifts for subscribing. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a good thing. But as you start to break down the other features, and really look at what you’re getting with this option, you’ll see that this is going to help you leverage a global audience.

Landing Page Design Elements

The company has built a program that is quite good. But on top of that, they are going to help you with templates of landing pages that have worked for marketers beforehand. They have come up with “foolproof” designed templates that you can take and use. Once you edit these for your needs, you will be able to use them to help you capture leads fast. Imagine getting all the traffic that you receive, and turning them into members of your email list. Do the math, and you’ll see that within the confines of just 1,000 people, you could have sales that jump overall. Imagine if 10% of your newsletter subscribers clicked through the links that you sent them. That would be 100 people that would targeted, pre-qualified, and ready to buy your products and services. This element is the #1 thing that million dollar marketers do. They get subscribers, they send out newsletters and they make money overall. With the ConvertKit option here, you can do the same thing. Start making money, with relative ease.

Following Up With Relative Ease

Beyond the basics, you’ll find that the biggest tool that you are going to get with ConvertKit is the incredible follow up solution. When you capture your lead, you can send a series of emails after the fact. Let’s say that you’re promoting a “job” listing affiliate marketing solution. You could get a subscriber up front, and then send them 6 or 7 emails after the fact. Now, before this program, you would have to do this automatically. That’s not the case at all anymore. You can now automate the whole process and ensure that you are able to capture leads, and generate more traffic down the line. Imagine getting more and more traffic, simply by nudging individuals that may have forgotten about you.

What could you promote with this option? Think about marketing a book for instance. You could giveaway samples, you could give away marketing elements for your book, then wait for a week or two and deliver a second chapter, or an update about the release. This can all be set up and sent out automatically. In fact, you could very well send out a complete lesson plan of marketing with this. Imagine if you had 15 lessons to show someone, you could make sure that every 7 days or even sooner, they get a new lesson to work through. This is not just great for marketing, it’s great for teachers, and individuals that want to have a series of things to promote, and teach.

Timing Is Everything

One of the coolest things that ConvertKit does is they help you with launching products and services. Let’s say that you want to have a lead page where people subscribe to get information about a book or product launch that you have down the line about 30 days. You can set up an email announcement that launches in 30 days, and work on other things. That’s right, you could work on marketing your website, and other things, while this sits idle for a time. When the 30th day comes, everyone that subscribed to a special list will get an announcement that your software, book, or project is now fully up and you can link them to it. This means that your launch will be huge, rather than having to work backward and try to engage an audience that may have forgotten about you.

Email Marketing Made Easy

Email marketing is not as simple as some of the major marketers today make it out to be. You’re going to have to go through trial and error. This sort of “trial and error” element is a tough thing to push through because it can cause a lot of issues with time, and conversion rates. Instead of going through the “trial and error” phase of learning email marketing today, why not take on a different route.

The best marketers today know a lot about making email marketing work for them. You can either learn on your own, or you could take this simple shortcut. ConvertKit was created to allow you to get faster results, with prebuilt options, templates, and training that others will not show you. Simply put, you can make money online through emails, get more of a lion’s share of your niche, and actually see people interested in what you’re doing. That’s more than you can say about having to do it from scratch. Why work harder? You can work smarter, and deal with better results than with other methods. The best thing about all of this is that you can automate it, so that things flow without spending too much time with trial and error.

Convinced? See our ConvertKit Discount Coupon Code.


Would you turn down an opportunity to double your revenue?

Let me tell you a little story about a lady who, in some circles, is considered to be the Oprah of the Internet. She’s famous for her long thick brown hair, some wacky-yet-highly-informative weekly videos, and a not-so-little product (with a name that rhymes with Schmee Schmule) that has made her millions. We’ll call her M.

M was once a hip-hop dancer with a dream (like most of us…. um, the dream, not the dancing). Anywho, M’s dream was to be a life coach. Well, to save you from the massive suspense, she became that life coach and then some. Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson have all endorsed this long haired beauty. Today, according to Forbes (yeah, Forbes), M runs one of the Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs.

So how did M go from high tops to high dollars?

  1. A product people wanted
  2. Workshops that raked in the dough

Assuming (since you’re here) you’ve already covered point #1 and have a product people want, let’s figure out how to tackle that whole second half, shall we?

While a powerful opt-in and an email series that teaches your readers everything you know are a great foundation to creating revenue from your product, growing that revenue can often be a challenge. Where do I find new customers? How can I be of service beyond my emails? Who’s ready to buy right now?

Navel gazing has never helped anything, least of all selling your products. So in order to have an impact on your bottom line, it’s time to “get out of the building”.

It’s time for workshops.

Workshops, both live and online, can dramatically increase profits and build scale into your product based business. You can reach new audiences, inspire action, and teach even more than you already do.

For the last 5 years, Tara Gentile has been running workshops all around the country. And while her business model has shifted over the years, workshops have been a foundation of her business all along.

Over the years, Tara has run a variety of workshops, webinars, and teleseminars and has said:

[They] have been one of the most effective ways for growing my business coaching practice, practicing public speaking, and educating my customer base. I now have a system that puts the promotion in the hands of my audience and maximizes the return on the time invested.

Well that’s 7 words I want to hear again:

Maximizes the return on the time invested.

If there’s one thing I know we could all use more of, it’s TIME.

So first, choose a topic. That topic will likely fall into one of three categories:

  • The material I want to explore further in the pre-product phase.
  • Information that’s valuable on its own but makes a great introduction to a paid offering (my own or someone else’s).
  • List builders, including big name interviews & free products.

If you want to explore material in the pre-product phase, you’ll first want to gauge your audience’s interest in what you want to teach. If you get a great crowd with lots of questions, you’ve got your answer. Similarly, if there’s just a feeling of excitement or anticipation around the event, you’ll know you’re onto something.

If you’re hoping to help launch a paid offering, your first priority should be teaching a very specific lesson from that offering and aiming to deliver results on just that lesson. Real results are really effective.

If the goal is to build a list, go for those topics that are going to allow you to make a name for yourself. What’s that thing that only YOU can bring to the table?

Don’t go reinventing the wheel

In the full version of Authority, our own Nathan Barry shares a bonus video with the story of Brennan Dunn. Brennan wrote a book called Double Your Freelancing Rate which was targeted at the entry point to his particular market. He quickly recognized that the upper end of the market, those who want to build agencies and not just remain freelancers, had a need he could serve as a workshop.

Since the book wasn’t written for them, Brennan built a workshop around this top tier of his market and priced his event at $1,000 per ticket (because those higher end clients are willing to spend more), with just 25 seats to sell. It was a 2-day workshop that sold out nearly immediately and left him with rave reviews. And for Brennan, it was an easy way to raise the price and lower the number of seats for more one on one time inside the workshop.

I hear you thinking “Look, workshops are a winning strategy, that much is clear. But HOW do I actually pull one off?”

Here’s exactly how:

  1. Pick your topic.
  2. Build your signup form and set up payments if it’s a paid workshop (Eventbrite is a great option for easy ticket sales – paid or unpaid)
  3. Write a blog post, share the workshop with your network, email your list
  4. For paid workshops, you may want to collect email addresses and then write a series that promotes the workshop and invites the reader to join you (more on that method here)

Once your seats are sold, a simple and cost effective solution to hosting the workshop online is:

  1. Setup a Google Hangout
  2. Create a dedicated landing page with an embed of the YouTube video (Google Hangouts automatically record as YouTube videos)
  3. Add a chat tool such as Chatroll to that page
  4. Invite your attendees to join you on the dedicated page
  5. Other great alternatives for your online workshops are Zoom or Just be sure to check into their setup for your total number of attendees and any other connectivity needs.

In-person workshops are also effective, though they tend to take a bit more planning and typically mean more overhead (read: less money in your pocket at the end of the day). You can view these workshops as part of your overall marketing strategy and be sure to really take care of everyone there. Try to borrow the venue if possible to save money and be sure to get lots of photos, video, and testimonials from the day for your use in the future. Make good on your promise to deliver valuable content and enjoy putting it all together!

It seems workshops are not only effective marketing and list building efforts, but effective revenue generating activities (you’re getting that, right? Good.) Since we’ve established that workshops are a good idea for everyone, I have just one question for you: when is your next workshop?

To workshopping it,

Val and the ConvertKit Team


ScopeLeads Review + Coupon

Today we bring you an introductory review of ScopeLeads

The ScopeLeads coupon code you are looking for is below this review. Make sure to also claim our great bonuses when you purchase using any of the links on this website.

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ScopeLeads Break Down

One of the absolutes in business is the idea of lead generation. There is no way around this. No matter where you are in business today, you are going to have to work within the confines of this arena. You will need leads, and you will need to make sure that they buy what you’re selling. If you do not do this, you will not be able to make a profit. This is something that millions of people have to realize on a regular basis, and it’s something that you no doubt have to consider when moving forward within affiliate marketing. How do you produce more leads? Well, in the past it would take a lot of content, and advertising, but that’s not the case anymore. Today, you are going to be able to make serious moves forward by simply getting Scope Leads. This is a software that is going to revolutionize the way that you collect leads, market to them, and actually convert. It’s a powerful tool that no marketer should be without, even if you’re just starting out.

About and the creator/team Behind ScopeLeads

The team behind Scope Leads includes Lior Ohayon and Todd Spears. Two names in the affiliate marketing world that have seen a need and have answered it. The best products in marketing are the ones that address the needs of people online. Well, that’s something that you are no doubt going to note when you pick up Scope Leads. This is a product that has been built to help generate leads in nearly any niche, by simply pulling information that is readily available, yet hidden from view. You may not be able to just use a search engine to get leads, but now you can use this software to do that. It’s actually really good, and will work for nearly any niche you’re in.

How to use ScopeLeads?

Once you purchase Scope Leads you will be able to search through the dashboard that you will log into. Once you go through the login process, you will search for keyword elements that are based on the niche you’re in. The software will then pull information that you are looking for and you can take note. You will only be given information that is closely related to what you’re searching for. If you’re promoting digital products, for instance, you can find only those that are looking for that. If you’re a business to business salesman and are in need of new prospects, this can help you generate serious leads. Simply put, this is going to pull information that you can immediately use to build your business.

Pros and Cons

Before you buy Scope Leads, consider a few pros and cons that have been outlined by those that have tested it out.


  • Simple To Set Up
  • Easy to Search
  • Pulls Real Information
  • Lead Generation Made Easy


  • Must Need Leads
  • Must Have Something To Promote

Is ScopeLeads Worthwhile?

No business can survive online today without leads. If you’re looking to get more leads, then this is for you. At only $67, you are going to be able to get information that is absolutely laser targeted. Imagine giving people what they need. Finding those that need your products can be tough if you don’t utilize the power of Scope Leads, simple as that. Why struggle? Make things easier with this option and see why so many are singing the praises of the software.

Click the button below for our coupon deal.

Get the best deal on ScopeLeads

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under cover make money methods discount coupon promo code

Undercover Make Money Methods Review + Coupon

Today we bring you an introductory review of Undercover Make Money Methods

The Undercover Make Money Methods coupon code you are looking for is below this review. Make sure to also claim our great bonuses when you purchase using any of the links on this website.

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Undercover Make Money Methods Break Down

There are a lot of different affiliate marketing options that you can pursue, but you won’t own or brand any of them. You’ll have to sell other people’s products. But what if you could brand and create your own products? That’s something that could very well give you a helping hand in making serious money overall. Now, building and launching your own product could cost a ton of money. However, with Undercover Make Money Methods, you are going to have a fully brandable product software and build a full scale business through it. It has two PLR software options, and all the marketing collateral that you need to market the software yourself.

About and the creator/team Behind Undercover Make Money Methods

Undercover Make Money Methods has been created by Dirk Wagner. He’s a well-known marketer that has been working in affiliate marketing since 2004. He has seen the most successful marketing tactics in the world, and now offers Undercover Make Money Methods as a way to harness the methodologies that convert the best. You’re not going to find another option that gives you so much, for so little, as this is a full scale business in a box. You will just have to customize everything, and simply add an email auto-responder to get the traffic conversions to rise. You could make serious money overall, if you just market the existing software that you will get.

How To Use Undercover Make Money Methods

When you purchase Undercover Make Money Methods, you will receive 2 major PLR software packages. Once you launch them, you’ll be able to brand them and create everything yourself. You just have to follow the instructions and prompts, that’s it. You will get lead in pages, squeeze pages, and so much more to build your marketing business. You will just need to launch these on your host, and that’s it. Once you have this in place, you will be able to send traffic to the pages, and get paid overall. It’s that simple.

Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons to Undercover Make Money Methods that you should consider. Before you buy this, consider a few elements that can help you make a decision.


  • Simple To Use
  • Full Business In A Box
  • Simple Marketing Collateral


  • Need Hosting
  • Need To Have Autoresponder
  • Must Want To Work With Affiliate Marketing

Is Undercover Make Money Methods Worthwhile?

The overall cost of this can be as low as $17 to start, but can rise exponentially, depending on the level of support you want. Assuming you go with the lowest priced option here, you’ll find that Undercover Make Money Methods is definitely worth your time. It can build a huge business solution for you, and you will just need to work on sending traffic to your lead pages. That’s it. Once you start, you will see that the conversion rate will rise to all new levels. Simply put, Undercover Make Money Methods is a business in a box, and is well worth the small price you’ll pay. Test it out, and see how much you can make within a short span of time.

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Inbox Blue Print Review + Coupon


Today we bring you an introductory review of Inbox Blue Print

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Inbox Blue Print Break Down

There are a lot of different internet marketing products available today. However, a lot of them don’t really give you the tools to make real money, which is why so many fail. It’s easy to be skeptical about products and software options, but you’ll find that there are some that actually deliver on their promises. One option that you may want to consider is that of Inbox Blue Print. This is a solution that is getting a lot of attention lately as it shows you how to start an online business within a short span of time. In fact, they claim that if you have 1 hour, you can set up a great online business opportunity.

About and the creator/team Behind Inbox Blue Print

The creator of this product is Anik Signal. He’s a well-known individual in the marketing world, and has released other options in the same niche. However, this is a bit different, focusing on email marketing and affiliate networking within simplified steps. The goal of this solution is to teach individuals how to make money through building a giant list of email subscribers. Anik Singal has simplified the task of learning and actually delivers a “business” in a box solution. You’re going to be surprised with the elements found here. Perhaps the thing that you should remember about Inbox Blue Print is that Anik Signal was named one of the top 3 young entrepreneurs by Business Week as well as the Inc. 500. He’s well known in business, and this is his brain child.


How To Use Inbox Blue Print

The best way to describe Inbox Blue Print is to compare it to going to school. If you were to take a class, you would be sitting in a classroom where a professor would teach you out of a book, and through lectures. Well, that’s what this product is, only it’s online and it’s taught directly to you through various modules. It simply creates the notion of classroom solutions through video elements. If you actually sit through the lessons, and you apply the techniques to nearly any affiliate marketing, you will make money. The steps are outlined through videos, with text, and much more. You will learn how to set up a squeeze page, launch products, and get traffic without spending a ton of money. It’s like going to school, only a lot less, and with results that are backed by a money-back guarantee. Your job is simple, learn the techniques and literally apply them.

Pros and Cons

Consider a few pros and cons to this overall, before you purchase this product.


  • Absolutely Simple To Learn
  • A Full Classroom In A Box
  • Proven Methods
  • Taught By A Serious Marketing Expert


  • You Have To Apply Yourself
  • A Lot To Learn (This is not a get rich quick thing, it takes time)

Is Inbox Blue Print Worthwhile?

As far as Inbox Blue Print is concerned, you’re going to find that it is definitely worth looking into. It’s worthwhile, as it is inexpensive compared to going through college courses to learn marketing. Furthermore, you learn in your own time, and you learn step by step. Every element of internet marketing, focusing on email is focused on with this product. This product costs $97 up front, and if you want the ultimate course catalog, you’ll have to pay more overall. There is a free webinar, and free bonuses when you sign up, as well as other offers. Simply put, it’s a full education in how to make money with proven results.


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