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Truly Professional Grade SEO Is Here – Brute Force SEO

I just got done looking at the New Pro (10th) release of Peter Drew’s incredibly effective Brute Force SEO: EVO2 Professional SEO Automation Software Suite, and I have to tell you…

These guys have raised the bar on automated SEO so high, you would need a trampoline to get over it. EVO Pro is Truly a phenomenal set of tools that have the power to skyrocket your search rankings into the stratosphere in record time.

Seriously, you need to get started on your 1$ Trial right away, because this bad boy is going to take off like a rocket- it has every single time it’s been released, and that’s 10 times in Over Two YEARS Now!

Yeah…though this is a brand new release (Number TEN!), this is NOT a “Beta”. It’s a total rewrite but still built on Pete’s Proven, Rock Solid SEO software platform that can get you to the very TOP of the SE’s and Keep You There.

There are Hundreds of Long-Time users in the incredibly active and knowledgeable forum that’s a key part of this as well, but any open slots go to VIP list members first.

You Want To Take Advantage Of This Head Start.

So Take This Seriously. Get in this asap and get using it, and get ready to Blow The Competition Away.

We’ll be talking!

PS – Pete’s also kept the trial intact for this 10th release of Brute Force: EVO Pro… 5 Full Days for one stupid-cheap buck! And they’ve incorporated some insane new features that will make your Jaw Drop-



SEOPressor Connect Review

There’s some huge news in the search engine marketing world and I’m ecstatic to announce it to you!

SEOPressor have launched the latest version of their plugin, the SEOPressor Connect!

After helping thousands of websites rank on Google’s first page and enjoying years of success, SEOPressor has now created an even more powerful plugin that promises to solve all your SEO problems.

To those who are new to the name SEOPressor, they are a WordPress SEO plugin that has been around since 2010. Throughout the years, SEOPressor has been constantly upgraded and improved to work best with the latest search engine algorithms.

Many famous bloggers and content marketers have endorsed and given great reviews of SEOPressor on their own blogs.

SEOPressor Connect, the 6th and latest release from SEOPressor, has been improved so much that it almost felt like a new plugin.

The team of people working behind SEOPressor took their time with this latest release, and oh boy, it’s definitely worth the wait. SEOPressor Connect comes with a whole new list of features that weren’t available in the older versions. Just to give you a hint of what SEOPressor Connect could do:

  • Provides instant feedback and suggestions to improve your content. Warns and prevent you from over optimizing your content.
  • Alerts you on precisely on what’s hurting your website so you can fix them instantly.
  • Control how the Internet understands your website. Improve search relevancy without having to mess with a single line of code.
  • Complete governance over how search engine crawlers navigate your website. Steer them the way you like for better indexation control.
  • Build and manage your perfect internal link structure effortlessly.

If you’re an online marketer, you would know that these features are all going to be very useful to you. And that’s because SEOPressor has spent thousands of hours researching and studying the needs of a modern online marketer.

This plugin will make SEO so easy that even a beginner can do SEO simply and correctly from day one.

You’ll have to try this plugin yourself to truly understand how great it is. Since there’s a 60-days money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. Just get yourself a copy of SEOPressor Connect, try it out for a few weeks. If you like it, great. If you don’t like it, just ask for a refund, no questions asked.


And as always here is our SEOPressor Connect Coupon Code.

the-best-spinner review

Article Spinning Has Now Been Perfected With The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner coupon code you are looking for is below this review. Make sure to also claim our great bonuses when you purchase using any of the links on this website.

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One of the laughable things that you are going to find in regards to marketing is the notion of article spinning. In the past, this was absolutely terrible. You’re going to find that this solution could absolutely cause you to seriously get penalized by Google and other search engines. It’s terrible. Whether you hired someone, or you tried a software solution, there’s a variety of issues at play. Read a site that has been completely redone in this manner and you’re going to be appalled. People used to rely on this to build their content pages and it used to work. Then search engines completely delisted sites that were doing this.

Manual Spinning Works

Manual spinners exist, but they don’t really spin. When you hire someone to write in this manner, they are going to be rewriting pages, not spinning. Spinning in the traditional sense is an art form that few people could actually master, which is why so many people do rewriting instead. It works. However, you are going to find that there are some downsides to this. First of all, the cost of this could be on par with hiring a professional writer on you. It’s a bit expensive, when you’re trying to write 100 or more articles at once. Even then, there’s no guarantee that your articles will hit big, or if anyone will even care. Manual spinning is great, if you can get it cheap, and worked out very well.

The Best Spinner Shatters The Previous Perceptions of Spinning

The downside with spinners in the past, is that they didn’t work out very well. But that’s all changed thanks to this program, The Best Spinner. This is a solution that completely changes the game, and it’s not just marketing hype. It’s fascinating how big this has become. This is a solution that has started to get a lot of buzz. The reason why is because they are rewriting from the ground up. The software doesn’t just take out letters and replace them with numbers, it doesn’t just focus on one or two things, it starts to absolutely change the confines of the pages that you have. It really works out to putting up new, authentic, easy to read content. That’s the thing that marketers tell you about. If you can create unique, compelling, easy to read content, you will profit. It’s that simple.

Nested Spinning Goes Deep

Here’s the thing that you’re going to find out with The Best Spinner, and it’s going to absolutely change everything. This is a solution that is going to help you spin content, and nest it within sentences of different types. You can take a simple sentence, and turn it into a paragraph that features a lot of different keywords, all within one click.

The way that this works is because the software has been built with a cloud thesaurus. This gets updated on a regular basis, and if that’s not enough, you’re going to find that it has several different languages to boot. That’s right, you can get better content and adjective, synonym, and rewriting with foreign language support. Fast paced changes, that rewrite with word replacement and much more. This is as close as you can get to having someone rewrite your articles.

The Proof Is In The End Results

The Best Spinner has a lot of marketers using their program. What you will be interested in knowing is that a lot of the content that you’re reading online right now, has been run through this program. To the tune of hundreds of thousands of pages of content is now getting published on blogs, and websites, ecommerce stores and much more, easier than ever. You’re going to find that the next time you read a blog, you’ll actually see that the various elements have been spun completely. If you can’t determine whether a page has been spun, then you are going to move forward with whatever the marketer’s goals are. Whether it’s buying produces or services, you’re going to find that spun content is going to convince you overall.

The end results matter. Your content is either going to be unique or it’s not. The promise of The Best Spinner is that you’ll get content that has 95% or more uniqueness. This is something that can even pass, and other sites that critique articles. It’s something that will absolutely impress even the most skeptical of people.

How Long Does It Take To Write?

Let’s assume that you didn’t want to use this at all. You were anti-programs that were spinning. If you did that, you would have to write it yourself. How long does it take you to write 25 articles? Seriously. 25 articles could take you days, if not a week. Now, imagine taking 25 existing articles, and then using The Best Spinner. Using this to create 100 articles that are 95% unique will change the marketing elements that you have. Imagine posting 100 unique articles online, and promoting a $10,000 4K television. Chances are you will rank at the top of Google, and other search engines, and get a lot more views than your competitors.

It’s not easy to write articles on your own. Many writers give up on the notion of SEO and marketing writing because it’s not easy to get through. If your goal is to make money online, you’ll want to focus on putting up a lot of content. This is not a software that promises you the world and delivers nothing. If you take this one for at least the 30-day money back guarantee option, you will make huge leaps in your marketing. Instead of slaving away typing slowly and surely, you’ll end up making serious money.

Instead of spending thousands on writing, why not let this program do the spinning and writing for you? Seriously, test it out for at least a month and see how much content you can build. Just keep pushing and you will absolutely change the way your websites are published, and how much traffic you can build.

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market samurai discount coupon promo code

Pillars of That Market Samurai Helps You Put Up For Success

There are some tried and true things that you can do to get attention online. Some things are going to pay off dividends, others aren’t. You’ll find that in the world of internet marketing, a lot of opinions get thrown around, some of which make sense, but most of which aren’t going to pay off nearly as well as you’d like. It’s for that reason why you may want to look into what works and what doesn’t. This can turn into an exhausting thing, which is why many people avoid doing all the groundwork on their own. If your goal is to make money online, and you don’t want to go through the proverbial school of hard knocks, then it’s time to take a glance at Market Samurai. This is going to absolutely change the way that you see internet marketing, and it’s because it’s built to set up some pillars that will allow you to pull traffic from unlikely sources. There are several pillars that this helps you set up, and it all starts with fixing the mistakes that marketers make. Consider the following pillars that you can start putting up immediately after starting to work with Market Samurai.

Pulling Keyword Traffic From Low Competition Areas

If you were to look up a heavily trafficked keyword arena, you would compete with a lot of people. The most popular keywords are competitive and will not be easy to rank for. However, there are “low” competition options that many ignore. If a keyword doesn’t get 1,000 searches a month, people dismiss it. They look for 10,000 or even 100,000 searches, and then they try to tackle the giants that are ranking high on those words. You can go that route, and try to compete, but if you’re not an established name in your industry, you are not going to get very far. That’s why you will want to look into another arena, which is where Market Samurai shines.

Going after lower competition keywords can help you make serious moves. For instance, let’s say you targeted low competition keywords that only received 500 searches a month. No one is trying to rank for those, at least not many people. Well, you can couple 2 or 3 of those, and rank for each one, putting yourself at the #1 position of each option. Let’s assume you used the information found with this product and you ranked #1 for 3 keywords that received 500 monthly searches. You would have 1,500 searches that put you at #1 in Google. If at least 1,000 of those visitors hit your page, and 10% of them bought what you were promoting, you would have 100 sales. You see why this pillar is a must?

Relevancy More Than Just Numbers

The biggest mistake that marketers make when trying to work with keyword relevancy, is focusing on broad topics in hopes to pull in a lot of people. Market Samurai doesn’t just focus on the broadest elements, it looks for misspellings, and other elements that others do not. You’re going to find that you can hyper target your keyword placements into strings, and elements that people search for. Your relevancy in keyword elements matters more than ever before. The relevancy issue is so big, that even Google has a hard time ranking some of their own SEO content pages! With this product, however, you will learn how to throw out useless keywords, and target those that are going to be laser targeted for what you’re doing. Relevancy is a major pillar you need to have in place.

Figuring Out What Words Turn Visitors Off

As you start to break down the different options in regards to SEO and keyword usage, you’ll see that Market Samurai focuses on words that may not help your marketing efforts. That’s right, there are some words that could very well send people fleeing your page. One of the problems that many marketers face is that of bounce rates that are far too high for comfort. If you want to avoid that, you’ll find that you can easily push things forward in a positive manner by utilizing Market Samurai’s methods. Once you start to break down the keywords that work, you’ll see how many marketers use the wrong words, the wrong relevancy measurements, and actually send their own target audience running from their pages, without selling a thing. The last thing that you want is for traffic to hit your page and then leave within seconds of getting there. Reducing the bounce rate is one of the major pillars that you’ll set up when you focus on working with this solution today.

Reducing The Need To Rush Through Marketing

The biggest pillar that you need to put up when working with internet marketing is patience. If you are patient, and you set things up the right way, you will reap the rewards when others are still trying to figure out how to market their items to other individuals. If your goal is to make money online, then Market Samurai is going to show you how powerful the notion of patience truly is. When you get this option you’re going to be given a full run down of how to farm keywords, how to look at the raw data, and use that to your advantage. You may be surprised how much traffic you can get from 1 keyword, even those that others discard. Just because a keyword is getting low competition, doesn’t mean it’s not worth it, and that’s where this pillar really shines. Taking your time, and doing the right thing in terms of SEO will pay off dividends, simple as that.

Perhaps the best thing about exploring Market Samurai on a deeper level is that you can get details for free. If you don’t buy, and you just sign up for their newsletter, you will get all the information you need to get started with traffic generation. They are giving away how to videos that will instruct you on how to get traffic straightway, for free. Now, if you were to purchase Market Samurai pro, then you would see a huge jump in benefits, including how to set up the pillars mentioned above.

SEnukeTNG Review + Coupon

SEnukeTNG review + coupon

Today we bring you an introductory review of SEnukeTNG

Our SEnukeTNGcoupon deal is available below this review. 

SEnukeTNGBreak Down

Internet marketing is not as simple as some people make it seem. When you look for methodology for making money online, you’re going to run into a lot of steps. Each step is going to be time consuming, and could very well cause you a great deal of stress. The problems associated with the setup of marketing collateral could very well take on something that is nothing short of herculean in nature. Now, with the introduction of SEnukeTNG, all of the time consuming elements of marketing are made into a simplified solution. That means that you will be able to set up pages, creating traffic elements, build a network, grow your audience, and actually make money online through automation. There are two routes to making money online. One is the slow moving process of doing things one step at a time, and the other is automation where you can expedite everything and see results within a short span of time.

About and the creator/team Behind SEnukeTNG

SEnukeTNG is the brain child of Joe Russell and his team of SEO professionals. This is a product that highlights the number one thing that you need to make money online, and it’s SEO. This stands for search engine optimization, and if you do things correctly within this lexicon, you will make money. The way it works is simple. You are going to harness the power of search engine inquiries, and send targeted, dynamic traffic to your websites. When people hit your pages, you will gain conversions because your site will come up as the number one search result for very specific keywords. SEnukeTNG highlights the right automated elements to get you to the number one spot, instead of having to do everything manually. The team has worked on this in the past, and with this latest “TNG” (The Next Generation), everything has been revamped to comply with the latest algorithmic changes in Google and beyond.

How To Use SEnukeTNG

When you purchase this software package, you’re going to get a full backend of support that is focused on search engine optimization as it is required in 2016. You will fill out different forms, update keyword strings, and set your sites up for automated updates within the confines of optimization cycles. This will help in regards to onsite SEO, offsite link building, and much more. All you have to do is set it up, go through the tutorials, and forget it. Once you set things up, your pages will go from minimal hits to absolute powerhouses of traffic. It’s the easiest way to work with proper optimization elements, simple as that.

Pros and Cons

Consider a few pros and cons before you purchase this solution overall.


  • Easy To Use
  • Updated SEO
  • Automated Link Building
  • Automated On Site Optimization
  • Powerful Support
  • Proven Results


  • A Lot of Elements To Work With (SEO Is not “one” thing)
  • SEO can take up to 6 months to see results (depending on Google’s schedule)

Is SEnukeTNG Worthwhile?

Here is the thing, you could either do everything manually, spend hours and hours and see no results or you could get this software and have it done fast. When you utilize SEnukeTNG, you are going to see results over time, but they will be substantial compared to those that are working with “manual” implementation. Optimization takes time, but this software makes it very fast. It’s faster than you will be able to do on your own, which makes this well worth your time. It costs $67 up front, but you can get a free trial to test things out. The lite version is $67 a month, but if you really want to get the power of SEO, you will need to invest $147 a month. Once you run down the list of features, you’ll absolutely be astonished. Every element of SEO is covered in this software, from A to Z.

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The Definitive Market Samurai Review

Is Market Samurai Worth the Money?

Whenever I review a digital product, my one and only criteria is whether or not it is worth the money. Today I am turning my attention to Market Samurai, a research tool that helps you find the best keywords to include on your web pages so that they can get ranked at or near the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the niche your product is in.

Before I get into the product, let me just touch upon why anybody with a blog, website or web pages would need something like this.

It’s a fact that practically everybody uses Google (in the US) or other search engines to find the products and services they want online. It’s also a fact that people rarely (if ever) will wander past the first SERP.

It’s even more established that the great majority of people (some put the figure at 70%) will always click on the very first non-advertisement link that appears on the page.

So if you want to capture 70% of the market for your product, it’s essential that you land in that number one spot. Products like Market Samurai and many others out there are designed to help you do that.

Market Samurai’s Creators

Market Samurai was created by a group called Nobel Samurai. I’ve heard of them because their main goal is to develop and improve elements of market research. While I’ve never actually bought one of their products before buying Market Samurai, some of my colleagues have told me that they make great apps that make market research fast and easy.

Noble Samurai is known as a second generation Internet company, meaning they develop apps and products that are used by other website owners and blog writers to maximize the success of their online marketing. Another way of looking at it is that they are “the guy behind the guy”.

What It Does

When I downloaded and installed Market Samurai, I was impressed with the number of features that made it easy to identify the best keywords for my web pages.


Here are some of the most important ones:

Keyword Research Tool — This is the primary tool that Market Samurai offers. It allows you to enter keywords manually or import existing keywords from an external list. This keyword research toll will then generate alternate (better) keyword suggestions instantly and automatically. These keywords are directly related to your existing content.


SEO Competition – This toll allows you to input a specific keyword or keyword phrase then it uses Google to find the top 10 search results for that particular keyword. It also tells you how difficult it’s going to be for you to beat out each of these competitors.


Domains – If you are a domain reseller, this tool lets you search for exact domain matches. All you do is type in a particular keyword or keyword phrase. This tool then shows those domains that are available that are relevant to whatever you inputted. Not being a domain reseller, I didn’t fool around with this one too much.


Monetization – Now we’re talking about something I’m familiar with: Making money. This tool is helpful for Internet marketers who want to get into new niches, such as in affiliate marketing. You search different affiliate marketing sites (Amazon, ClickBank, PayDotCom and so on) to find the best products to offer within any niche you select. This saved me hours of research and essentially is worth the investment in Market Samurai by itself!


Content Finder – If you want to look up particular web pages or content that are related to your content – such as articles you can link to and so forth – this tool makes it super simple to do that.


Content Publisher – Similarly, if you have a bunch of pages or write several different blogs, you can use this tool to update and post your content quickly and easily. It’s also a great organizing tool (something I desperately need!).

Promotion – If you want to increase the number of blog comments you get, hike your backlinks, write a bunch of guest posts or do other things to promote your pages, this tool can help. It gives you a list of the various Web 2.0 sites, blogs, forums, chat rooms, Q and A sites and other pages where you can connect with the people and places you need to promote your pages.


What It Doesn’t Do

Just so you aren’t surprised, here are some of the things Market Samurai doesn’t do:

  1. It doesn’t provide you with any black hat strategies for improving your SEO. There are plenty of other apps that will do that. I avoid them like the plague.
  2. It’s not a backlink creator. After the Panda and Penguin updates to the Google search engine algorithm, pages are no longer rated according to the number of backlinks they have. Rather, they are ranked by the quality of the sites that link to them.
  3. It’s not a shortcut to hard work. If you want your affiliate program to succeed or your pages to be popular, you still have to put in the effort on your own. Market Samurai is simply a tool you can use to make it easier for you to achieve your objectives.

Bottom Line

Okay, like I said at the beginning. My one and only criteria for recommending a product or not is whether it is worth the money. In my opinion, Market Samurai was worth what I paid for it.

However you don’t have to pay full price because of the special ($84 off) offer we have on Market Samurai

Here is the link:

This brings the price down from $147 down to only $65. In my opinion, Market Samurai is worth the full price so that the Market Samurai discount is icing on the cake!

The monetization tool that let me find affiliate products within any niche I defined saved me hours of work doing boring research. That by itself was worth the original $147 price. But with the discount, the keyword research tool also was highly valuable. So in my opinion, paying just $65 for the Market Samurai is an absolute no-brainer.

Buy or No Buy?: BUY! (Especially with the Market Samurai Discount)


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Zapable Review + Bonus


A brief look at the App Building Opportunity


App building or creation is quite a trend among tech-savvy folks. It’s an awesome way to earn additional income, especially if you’re able to design something that’s easy to use and completely helpful or relevant in the lives of many people. You don’t even need to come up with something utterly original; you can simply build an app with the intention of providing something that’s better than what’s currently available through app stores.


For example, with the Bible app, you can add more features to it so that user experiences can be improved. The little tweaks you make to the app may just be what people are looking for, and because you helped meet their needs, they’ll buy it—and you can earn from it.


Suffice it to say, you can be really successful with this venture. The problem, however, is that you may not be techie enough to develop an app. Well, you actually don’t need to worry about this anymore because Zapable has got that covered.


What is Zapable?


Zapable is a state-of-the-art Cloud-based app building service that will allow you to build your dream app straight from your computer, tablet PC, or smartphone. It was launched this March, and so far reviews have been good. It’s super easy to use and all your worries about the technical aspects of app creation are already covered through a comprehensive demo or tutorial viewable online.


What’s even more attractive about this provision is that even if you have no intention to create an app, it remains to be a great opportunity for you to earn additional income. The affiliate marketing program of Zapable is raved about and positive feedback is always included in any Zapable review; bonus incomes that come from using the app amounting to thousands of dollars is no joke, especially nowadays when people are always looking for various ways to augment their finances.


Providing reviews, instructions or tips on how to use Zapable has already helped many people earn a significant amount of money because the provision really is a stroke of genius. If it weren’t, the number of apps made with it wouldn’t be an impressive 16,000, considering how the platform only opened in March and apps are normally not that easy to formulate and design.


Also, it’s such a relevant product because people often purchase apps either to make certain processes faster, or to find enjoyment through their portable Web connecting devices, and there are creative minds that truly wish to capitalize on that—it’s a product that’s not difficult to market at all.


Zapable doesn’t stop with income from app creation and affiliate marketing, though; it also holds contests to help its users and marketers multiply their earnings. So, if you wish to earn more, then try your hand at creating an app through Zapable and write about your experience with the service—these are fantastic opportunities to boost your finances.


View Zapable in action for yourself here

The Best Spinner Review + Exclusive Bonus

2015-11-2015-11-best_spinner_coupon2See our The Best Spinner Discount Coupon here

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Article marketing is one of the most popular ways of marketing products, services, ideas or even your entire business online. With the wide variety of marketing options, SEO has been today’s main marketing strategy that can help online retailers build a successful Internet business.

It has been the linchpin in any successful content marketing plan. Many businesses are quite happy to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to gain the competitive advantage in search.

But with this little tool called The Best Spinner you will have this SEO advantage. (See video intro below)

Why spend too much time rephrasing your PLR articles when you can actually do it in a few clicks of The Best Spinner?

With The Best Spinner, it optimizes your posts into a unique version that brings relevance on article directories. It also helps you to avoid any duplicate content penalties when you are posting articles using your links. More so, it doesn’t just leverage your content, but also a huge part of your time.

Evidently, article marketing is today’s most popular way of building thousands of backlinks. However, various article spinner tools flooded the Internet currently. So it is important to choose the most intelligent spinner perfect for your business.

With The Best Spinner, you will now have the tool that lives up to its name of The Best Spinner.

Check out below features that earned them 84,000+ users:

  • Hands-down the BEST built-in English thesaurus with hundreds of millions of entries added by REAL users writing real-world articles!
  • NEW! "Cloud Thesaurus" offers the absolute BEST English language thesaurus on the planet!
  • NEW! Automatic Full Sentence Rewriting functionality.
  • German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese (both Brazilian and Portugal) language thesauri now included.
  • Support for building a custom thesaurus for any language.
  • The fastest, easiest interface for spinning articles and creating unique content with lightening speed.
  • Unlimited nested spinning -- go as many levels deep as you want. Different color coding for up to four nested levels.
  • Fast individual article rewrites with the built in "word replacement" functionality, as well as the one-click "Auto-Rewrite" function.
  • Full-sentence and paragraph spinning.
  • Allows saving "Favorite" synonym lists for terms you commonly use in your articles -- and replaces them ALL with one click of a button.
  • Allows using all users' "Favorite" synonym lists to really kick-start your article spinning!
  • Generates up to 1,000 spun versions of your article at a time into a ZIP file or automatically generates one spun version on screen that you can copy to the Windows clipboard.
  • Check your spun articles against other articles on the web to make sure search engines sees them as unique -- using The Best Spinner's built-in "TBS Check" or the Copyscape API.
  • Compare any two articles side-by-side to see how unique the two articles are when compared to each other, and have duplicated text highlighted.
  • Built in content generation tool generates tips and snippets for a large variety of popular topics -- all Private Label Rights for you to use!
  • Export to virtually any other spin format for compatibility with other systems.
  • Display article word count and uniqueness percentage.
  • The thesaurus updates constantly as the thousands of users work in the system.
  • Built-in spelling and grammar checking.
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

The Best Spinner has easy navigation features… so user-friendly yet so effective to produce articles that produces results. You see how the Best Spinner could take you to .a next level- incredible leveraging without the expense of quality and time. Make your move today and get immediate access to the software. Guaranteed quality at reasonable price!

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