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Funnelstak Review

Funnelstak Review

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Funneling customers into your web services or products used to be viewed as more black magic than marketing science. But as customers have gotten savvier, so too have the marketing funnels that businesses utilize to snag those clients. Marketing funnels are the process by which you turn an advertisement or promotion into engagement which leads to sales, and ideally at the end a happy customer. A marketing funnel begins with advertising to specific customer needs or ideals and progressively becomes more and more finely tuned as it goes further. Many businesses struggle finding the right balance for their marketing funnel but what if there was an easier way? What if you could simply have multiple marketing funnels simultaneously? And what if they were primarily automated so your work was done for you? That is the promise of Funnelstak.

Funnelstak is designed to work somewhat like the branches on a tree. Each branch is another funnel but all of the funnels feed into the single common center. This means that you can be utilizing multiple marketing strategies to reach multiple groups, demographics, or clientele bases while simultaneously boosting your core business overall. So what are some of the pros and cons of Funnelstak?


Funnelstak Pros

Multiple funnels

Creating and designing any successful marketing funnel can be a challenge. It is especially difficult if you're going to try and run more than one of them at the same time. Now you have to deal with two inputs from two separate campaigns, and possibly even reaching two very different types of customers. The more funnels you run, the more exponentially difficult this process becomes. But this is where Funnelstak is so exceptional in that it makes creating and managing multiple marketing funnels easy. Funnelstak has a great dashboard which allows you to be able to tell customer engagement through what marketing funnels and even tell how successful different funnels are for you. This gives you a wealth of information upon which you can build ever more successful marketing strategies.


Another one of the huge pros which makes Funnelstak a marketing must is its high level of automation. It is always difficult to manage multiple market funnels simultaneously especially as that means multiple customer interactions, complaints, and questions, but with Funnelstak it is designed with the high level of automation in mind to make the entire process more streamlined, more efficient, and with less interaction. This means that when everything is working well your clients will easily be able to go from simple advertisement to purchasing without your ever needing to be involved. The more automated help you are able to utilize, the more people you will be able to reach with less time and with higher yields. You don't need an entire sales team

working for you when Funnelstak can do the same work but automated. This saves you huge amounts of time and money

Funnelstak Cons

Supporting your customers

One of the great features about Funnelstak is how many market funnels it can make for you and how swiftly the automated marketing funnels work so that your clients can go quickly from advertisement all the way through to buying customer. However, this is also potentially one of the drawbacks, not of the product but it may be a drawback for you as a business owner and that is how do you manage all your customer interactions? One thing that a customer wants nearly above everything else is to feel that they are appreciated. This is not only done by offering good quality products at a fine price but also being available to meet their needs.

If you have Funnelstak in place you are likely to get many new hundreds or potentially even thousands of new customers. But if you do not also have in place a way to be able to answer their calls or questions or meet their customer service needs, you will find that Funnelstak will swiftly overwhelm any customer service that you currently have in place. This can potentially be dangerous especially for a young start-up company as word gets around the internet quickly if you are not consumer-friendly.

So while Funnelstak will do its job of helping funnel to you many new clients and potential clients, you will need to ensure that you are on your A-game to meet your clients’ customer satisfaction needs. Funnelstak is designed to be utilized with minimal inputs which means that you should have fewer customer issues or customer complaints, but having in place a system to be able to meet the influx will help ensure that all of your customers’ needs are met.


In summary, Funnelstak is an exceptional marketing tool. It's ease of automation, the time it saves you in building and developing marketing funnels as well as its ability to help you run multiple modes simultaneously all ensure that Funnelstak is an exceptional tool that every online marketer should know. If you would like to find out more, go to

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Bonuspress Review

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As anyone in marketing knows, the key to financial success is to turn a mailing list into a list of regular clients who steadily buy your products or services. However, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure their longevity and help your email base feel they are getting a true value out of being a subscriber to your company.

So what is the solution? The answer is Bonuspress.

Why? People absolutely love freebies! That point literally can’t be emphasized enough and it is the number one marketing tactic to get people to buy more from you than your competitors.

Bonuspress was made to help your users who subscribed to your pages or services increase their conversion and purchase rates by helping you produce and deliver these bonuses. You should be rewarding your most loyal customers and subscribers and with Bonuspress you can not only help ensure their continued revenues but can help grow your user base through the clever use of promotions and bonus page offers. So what are some of the pros and cons to this fantastic tool?


Bonuspress Pros

Professional designs

We have all heard to never judge a book by its cover, but the fact is people do judge you, your business, your services, and yes, even your promotions, by how well designed they are. Having professional designs and themes which come stock with Bonuspress will help ensure a level of quality and support that your clients expect from you and can significantly increase your conversion rates. The fact is, a professional design is the mark of an individual who respects him or herself, respects the business, and shows the proper due respect to their client base.

Countdown timers

The human mind is an interesting thing and even if somebody is on the fence about buying a product or service, the idea that the deal would not be there forever is often a huge incentive to getting them to come on board.

This is the idea behind the countdown timers which you can utilize as part of Bonuspress. These countdown timers relay several important pieces of information, not the least of which being how long it will be until this deal is no longer available. This creates a scarcity mindset where people who are on the fence are more likely to buy before the time runs out so as to save that significant percentage. If you just told them that it was going to end in 24 hours as opposed to having a built-in countdown clock showing them exactly how much time they had left, they’re far less likely to engage. The actual movement and countdown of a clock triggers a human

instinct to do something quickly and to act on instincts. This can also significantly help increase your conversion rates with your clients.

Sharing links

Do you want to grow your client base and help spread your influence further through the internet? With sharing links as an option through Bonuspress, you can use your deals and bonus features to be able to go viral through the social media platforms. For instance, you may decide to run a promotion where individuals who share your links with friends or family can get a special significant discount rate. This helps your users feel valued and perceive that there is value to being on your subscriber list. This also helps you by getting the word out there to potential new clients and customers through social media. This ability to share social media links on your bonus pages is an essential element of continued success for your services.

Bonuspress Cons

Bonuspress is nearly a one stop shop for helping you create a successful marketing campaign. So what are some of the potential cons or drawbacks of this tool?

Learning curve

All tools have their own learning curve. Although the learning curve for Bonuspress is shallow because the tools and features are so innately accessible and make sense, the biggest learning curve will be in learning how to utilize it the most successfully for online marketing.

Many individuals can struggle with online marketing as there is no single one-size-fits-all pathway to success. The biggest limiting factor in your ability to use this tool is your personal skills in online marketing, your knowledge of how to successfully convert individuals and then capitalizing on your momentum. The fact is it takes time to build momentum and no tool can instantly make you a millionaire overnight. This is a tool designed to complement skills you already have, or to give you a powerful tool kit in helping develop new skills which you need to learn.


All that being said, Bonuspress is a fantastic tool for those who either have the skills already or are willing to learn them. With the ability to have built-in countdown timers, immediate stats, a significant increase in your conversion rates, help with making your content go viral, and a whole slew of other bonus features, Bonuspress is an essential tool for all online marketers to have. Don't let your subscriber list languish and waste away when Bonuspress can turn those subscribers into steady revenue.

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Text Deliver Review

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In modern marketing, finding new ways of reaching and connecting with your subscribers is a must. Emails are often ignored or can be automatically rejected while phone calls are often considered too intrusive and difficult to time correctly if your clientele are spread out over a large series of time zones. This leaves one of the most effective methods for reaching your subscriber list and that is texting. But having a reliable methodology of texting, especially large numbers of subscribers, auto sends has heretofore been a highly difficult process to set up and actualize. However, that is no longer the case with Text Deliver. Text Deliver was created and designed with the express purpose of reaching your subscribers by text simple, convenient, and efficient. So what are some of the pros and cons of this fantastic texting tool?


Text Deliver Pros

Unlimited subscribers

This is a huge benefit because the fact is most of the other texting assistant programs which you can find on the internet will limit how many texts you can send or how many you can send in a given time frame. What this is really doing is putting a cap on your growth. The rate at which you can connect with customers is the rate at which you will be able to grow. With Text Deliver, you no longer have to worry about reaching that cap as it’s not there. You can text an unlimited amount of subscribers which means that your business is not limited by your number of texts but only limited by how much you can grow.

Reach customers effectively

Texting is one of the most effective methodologies of being able to reach your client base. The fact is, if they have given you their phone number then they like what you are selling. By utilizing Text Deliver you are able to give these subscribers special deals before you put them up online or you can even give these subscribers unique deals, promo codes, or links to products before they become generally available. This gives a significant value added which is an essential part of ensuring that your clients feel they're getting the best bang for their buck. Individuals want to feel like their willingness to subscribe to you is being rewarded not penalized.

By using Text Deliver, you are able to give them the deals they want in the timely fashion they deserve. Emails can often take hours to be checked, whereas simply waiting for them to login to the website and see that there is a deal is an absolute non-starter. By reaching them with text, you ensure that they have the information they need now as most texts are checked within a few moments after they have arrived.

Centralized control

When managing multiple marketing campaigns, especially multiple marketing campaigns that include various different subscriber lists, the ability to manage them all from a singular console

is a must. You will not have to open up one list of subscribers, send them a marketing notification, and then proceed to open up another and another. This is slow, time-consuming, and highly inefficient. Text Deliver has all of this information centralized in one place, your command console. This command console gives you the unique ability to be able to manage an unlimited number of marketing campaigns while simultaneously being able to keep it all perfectly organized.

Text Deliver Cons

One of the potential cons of utilizing this type of tool is the potential for misuse. There's nothing wrong with the programming itself but the methodology which you choose to utilize it can potentially be harmful to your business. The fact is, your customers want to feel like they are valued, not that they are spammed. Ideally you should try to limit yourself to a text every other day or even once a week. You will quickly be able to find the right balance for what your customers need and desire. Too many texting notifications will get you blocked or have them remove themselves from your subscriber list. Too few and your clients will not feel there is much value to being on your subscriber list, either. Text Deliver is about utilizing the right balance and if you cannot find that balance quickly it can be a potential negative to your business.


All that being said, as long as you can use the tool responsibly, then its ability to mass market, swiftly reach your clients, and manage all of your marketing campaigns from a singular location make Text Deliver an exceptionally powerful marketing tool that every entrepreneur should own. If you would like to find out more about Text Deliver check out

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Leadgrab Review

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It has been a long time coming to have a piece of software which is capable of helping you generate superior conversion rates by combining value plus advertising together in a symbiotic circle which will help boost traffic to your sites as well as conversion rates for your products or services, and still do so seamlessly. This is what Leadgrab is all about. Leadgrab allows you to overlay banners onto any part of your web content but without the hassle of you having to design them yourself. The internet is filled with tons of engaging materials and Leadgrab has compiled those materials for you so all you have to do is decide what level of engagement and what kind of engagement you would like to use. So what are some of the features both pro and con of Leadgrab?

Leadgrab Pros

Time saving

As alluded to earlier, Leadgrab takes away a lot of the time and hassle from having to develop your own interactive banners, buttons, or other engaging materials to overlay onto various sites and internet content by providing you with a host of ready-to-use out of the box items. This means that you will be spending less time designing and more time converting clicks into cash. These banners can be modified to say anything that you want and can include things like buttons, notices for a deal, or perhaps even links to further reading on the topic which they have been studying.

For instance, if somebody is reading an article of yours on a nutrition blog or other similar sites, you can add a banner which would describe the benefits of utilizing your product in relation to the information that they were reading. This kind of association style of marketing is highly effective because the individuals who are reading the articles are already those who are most likely to want your product and so convenient product placement in conjunction with the placement of the article helps ensure a significantly higher conversion rate than is traditionally seen.

Exit interface technology

This is a new and up-and-coming feature which heretofore has not been widely available to the public and that is exit interfacing technologies. Exit interface is a huge boon to modern advertising because few people like to be inundated with ads, no matter how engaging, before they have finished reading an article or while they're in the middle of it. Exit interfacing allows your content to be brought up just as an individual is about to exit the site. This is a big win both for client satisfaction and your advertising. An individual who has just finished reading up on the benefits of a product or services is at their peak likelihood to be interested in being directed to a site which will cater to those needs.

But of course many individuals before they even begin a second search result will go back to the main search results to see if there is already a front-page website offering the kind of products or services which they were just reading about. By having your exit interface set up so that as individuals are about to leave the website your engaging material appears, you are then able to snag large swaths of these potential clientele by offering them exactly what they need and what they are looking for right before they begin looking elsewhere. This puts you at the forefront of their minds both as someone with clever advertising and marketing as well as meeting their needs where they are.

Leadgrab Cons

There are of course far more features and pros than are able to be listed here such as different templates, ability to monitor how your engagement material is progressing, and how high the conversion rates are, along with a huge host of other program features too numerous to list. That being said, what are some of the cons to this type of software?

Learning curve

The learning curve is not a learning curve because the product is too difficult to figure out, the big learning curve is in identifying the proper utilization of the powerful tool you have got. For instance, you might be able to get an exceptionally high quality excavator which is exactly what you need, but if you don't have the skills or the understanding of how to utilize it properly, it will not be particularly useful to you. The same is true of Leadgrab. Leadgrab works best for those who already understand a bit about marketing, the power of engaging material, and what it takes to catch a customer's attention. Now these are certainly things that you can learn to do and Leadgrab makes that easy by being able to track your success rates, but if you were expecting the software to do all of the work for you and you just sit back and make money, you will not succeed.

Leadgrab Conclusion

The fact is that Leadgrab as a tool is only as effective as the one who uses it. That being said, if you are one who has a good head on your shoulders for marketing and/or you are interested in learning how to use Leadgrab to boost your conversion rates, this is an exceptional tool to have! You’ll save time, you’ll see a marked increase in sales due to improved conversion rates, and you will be able to target your customers at just the right time and place, and who doesn’t want that for their business?

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Followadder Review

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Running and operating your Instagram profile has up to now likely been a time-consuming process if done correctly. The fact is it takes time to find individuals, add individuals, respond to those who have liked or commented on your pictures or posts, all the while trying to find and reach new individuals and people to follow you back and thus increase your reach and sway. All this was a time-consuming process that became ever more time-consuming the larger and more expansive your reach became. But this is where Followadder comes into play. Followadder was designed with the intention of making a streamlined methodology of being able to quickly and easily handle all of these time-consuming tasks. So what are some of the pros and cons of this tool?


Followadder Pros

Search by hashtag

This is a huge pro as now you are able to create customized searches based on specific hashtags. You can also alternatively search by specific likes, specific posts, or other search criteria. This is an important step forward as now you do not have to try and find these individuals manually one search at a time or by following the links through friend lists or requests. This will help connect you with individuals who are most likely to follow you and therefore you will follow back. Finding people who already share common interests, who share common hashtags, or who liked common photos, is all a huge step up from trying to find these individuals manually and now you are able to friend these individuals en masse and try and get them to follow you back.

Whitelist and blacklist

As your Instagram following grows, it can be increasingly difficult to make sure you purge the right people - those who are not following you back - while simultaneously ensuring that you maintain certain followers that you never wish to lose. Fortunately the enhanced abilities offered you by Followader allow you to do just this. For instance, when utilizing Followadder you can create a whitelist which is a list of individuals or accounts that you never want the automated system to unfollow for you. This is an important step as now you never need to worry about accidentally unfollowing an important person to your Instagram.

While Followadder is working to help find new followers for you and new people that you may want to connect with, you can also utilize a blacklisting method which ensures that you will never follow certain profiles. They could perhaps be the profile of a user with whom you do not wish to have dealings, a competitor in a business, or a profile that you believe will reflect poorly upon yourself and your Instagram account. No matter what the reason is, being able to have an automatic whitelist and blacklist is a huge enhancement to the current Instagram methods of friending and following.

Automated following

As mentioned before, finding new followers can sometimes be difficult but with the automated following feature, you can automatically follow individuals with a host of different options for how you would like to do this. For instance, you can follow individuals by keywords, you can follow popular photo commenters, or you can follow likes. This gives you huge versatility in your personal ability to follow huge groups of people. The more people you can follow, the more likely you are to get certain followers back and that will help enhance your reach and your message on Instagram.

Followadder Cons

There are far more features and pros to Followadder than are currently here mentioned. Enhanced search abilities, advanced customer service, and many other options are available through Followadder, but no matter how perfect a piece of software is, there will be shortcomings either in design or in execution by the user, so what are some of the cons to Followadder?

Automation amok

One of the potential pitfalls in Followadder is since it can allow for automatically finding friends and followers, you may end up following individuals or pages or profiles that you do not want to associate with. For instance, an individual profile may have many of the same hashtags, likes, or comments that you have specified for somebody that you want following your profile and so Followadder automatically follows them. The only problem is, this person may also hold political views that are controversial, or worse. These are the types of people that the blacklisting was made for as it's never your intention to follow unsavory characters but with such high levels of automation, the onus is on you to ensure that the people that you follow are people you actually want to be publicly associated with on social media.


In closing, Followadder is an exceptional tool when used responsibly. If you can successfully manage to utilize the automation in a responsible manner, then Followadder can enhance your Instagram reach exponentially and as your following grows, your message will, too.

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MobileMonkey Review

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The Use of "Messenger" as a Marketing Tool

MobileMonkey is a chat bot for increasing contacts, leads and organizing Facebook messenger chat campaigns.

Ten years ago, Larry Kim made a fatal error. He opted for Drupal instead of WordPress Larry Kim. This singular severe error taught him the implications of using a wrong platform for marketing. But then, he was able to use all that he learned in the design of software tools for Facebook, AdWords, SEO and Keyword Research which are already in use by several marketers globally. And even though he recently sold for 150M WordStream which is a company that he founded, he is introducing MobileMonkey which would serve as a Facebook Messenger powerhouse.

What MobileMonkey will do for you?

  • Leverage AI to serve the content users want
  • From Facebook Ads, you can get more ROI than likes
  • Chatbots that has the ability to automatically qualify leads
  • To deliver the kind of content that users want, AI can be utilized.
  • Facebook Messenger contacts can be built with Growth hacking tools.

MobileMonkey is the perfect Messenger marketing software that'll allow you to increase the number of contacts, chat blast, group audience and do so much more.

Previously, chatbots was only a talking tool with customers. Now, MobileMonkey is a marketing tool that is presenting a different vision of chatbots.

There are 5 possible ways to increase audiences. Here is how MobileMonkey works;

  • Messenger checks the box that is close to every email capture while on site.
  • Chat widget for customers - anyone who replies a message is immediately selected.
  • Messenger link - a link that is customized to direct customers to the messenger.
  • Facebook comment guard - if anyone leaves a comment on a Facebook organic post, such a person would receive an automatic chat and become selected into your list.
  • Facebook Messenger Ads - the creation of Messenger funnels that select people into audiences the moment they click on the Ad. This could be used as substitutes for landing pages.

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The moment these important leads have been received, you can then use automated questions as filters, tag people and add them to your chat blasting lists that are interest-based thereby grouping the audience. It is equally possible to use questions in audience tab to search for and filter contacts. And by using messages whose open rates are notably higher than the usual email messages, you can Chat blast different audiences.

MobileMonkey pays attention to chatting even though its ultimate design is beyond that. It can be programmed to track purchases, booking appointments and answer FAQs. And through keywords and interactions, A.I. can be used to match content to intent.

By demonstrating a "live operator takeover," one can stumble upon an interaction and override the chatbot. Just like designing a WordPress page, it's simple to create Chatbots and custom web pages. It could even be easier when using tabs and drop-down menus.

You may now want to ask the cost of this MobileMonkey which has come as a remedy to Facebook marketing. It actually depends on who is buying it. For a period of one year, the MobileMonkey professional plan can be sold to common folks for $504 and it comes with:

  • 1 functional Chatbot (inactive bots are unlimited)
  • 1 Facebook page
  • Up to 5,000 contacts.

But you are not common folks!

AppSumo is offering their Sumo-lings a lifetime license for MobileMonkey for just $45 and it is possible to repeat this deal as many times as you may want by simply creating separate accounts.  But soon, there'll be a centralized dashboard that can manage the various accounts at a time.

When you have a lifetime access to MobileMonkey, you stand to enjoy the following benefits;

  • You will be able to automate Messenger marketing campaigns and equally change mere contacts to customers. This will be done without landing pages or HTML forms.
  • When a high-intent lead chats you up, MobileMonkey will send a signal to enable the person to pay full attention and work towards converting them.
  • You can upgrade your Facebook Ads by applying MobileMonkey's recent Ad design which has been built to engage potential customers
  • Lastly, MobileMonkey has a special function known as "bot analytics" which can organize custom events to track sessions, new against returning, and conversions.

In recent times, FB organic reach is almost extinct because Facebook changed its algorithm. As what we spend on Ads goes really high, we've all been burdened by our budget for social media marketing.

Now, MobileMonkey is here to salvage businesses from wasting those dollars on marketing. You will enjoy the following benefits;

  • Lifetime Access to Pro Plan with up to 5,000 contacts
  • One Live Bot (Unlimited inactive bots)
  • One Facebook Page
  • HTML Elements
  • Messenger Ads
  • Schedule Blasts & Drip Campaigns
  • Bot Analytics & Integrations
  • Post Comment Guard
  • Conversion Forms & Custom Variables
  • Q&A Triggers
  • Audiences
  • Stacked codes to manage more FB pages (5k per page, not combined)
  • Future Updates & Features to Pro plan included
  • Stacked codes in agency dashboard coming in 60-90 days

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ContentStudio Review

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If your blog is not grabbing enough traffic, chances are that you are not publishing quality and trending articles that your intended audience loves to read. Fill your social media channels with attractive and quality contents in any niche. Let the trending articles be published on your blog first before trending in the public domain.

Most people have more than one social media channel and it requires logging in to these channels before posting contents. Won’t it be great if you could manage all your social media channels from just a single platform? – This is exactly where the ContentStudio app comes in. The ContentStudio app is a dream come true because it would allow you to setup and automate your campaign with a view to publishing trending content automatically on your social media channels.

The intention of this review is to explore ContentStudio’s features, pros, cons, as well as, provide a final verdict whether the app is actually worth investing in or not.


ContentStudio is an app geared towards the digital marketing space with a view to providing an excellent platform for content marketing, as well as, managing social media sites under one roof. The ContentStudio app offers unique features that make it easy for users to manage different social media channels at one click with engaging contents.

This app can be deployed to track, share, and discover trending and engaging contents in any niche. ContentStudio has strived to provide a platform that doesn’t need users to be technically inclined in order to manage the account. With just one click, users are ready to go.

In addition, this tool is designed with cutting-edge products such as Curation, Discovery, Planner, Automation, and Publisher. All that you need to automatically manage your social media sites is right here!

ContentStudio Main features

There is no iota of doubt about the cutting-edge features of Contentstudio. The features are regularly updated to meet the ever-increasing need of the marketing space. The following are some of the major features of ContentStudio;

  • Easiest multi-social medial management: One challenge that most bloggers face is that they waste so much time logging into their various social media channels and blog. But with ContentStudio, you will be able to make engaging contents that your audience would love to read and share. You will also be able to trend content before it trends anywhere, as well as, publish quality images and videos on all your social media channels and blogs on a single platform.
  • Discover inspiring contents with a click: ContentStudio comes with intuitive search design that will enable you to track any trending topic irrespective of the niche. The trending topics would then be published on your social media channels and blog with just a single click.
  • Powerful automation & planner: This tool is not just limited to content alone, users can use it to search topics that trended some days ago with a view to using it to engage their audience. Contentstudio can search across over 9 sources like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Giphy, Imgur, Dailymotion, Flickr, and Pixabay.
  • Multiple Language support: if you are not a native English speaker fret not, ContentStudio is designed to support multiple languages. Your contents will be translated into the native language of your audience.
  • Craft new contents with the composer: ContentStudio is designed with Composer module so that you can create fresh contents without taking much time. Also, this tool will suggest articles or posts that can drive traffic to your blog.
  • SEO optimized contents forever: ContentStudio is designed to allow the curation of SEO optimized articles of a blog post. You can schedule a post for it to repeat on your social media channels.
  • Integrate third-party extensions with a click: Some great third-party tools like SpinRewriter, ChimpRewriter, and WordAi has been integrated with ContentStudio in order to spin your content quickly. Also, platforms like WordPress, Medium, and Tumblr have been integrated for blog curation. This integration makes it possible for contents to be published on different social media channels and blogging platforms effortlessly.
  • One dashboard for everything: Sharing trending topics on your blog and social media channels is a herculean task because you have to start logging into each of the social channels. But with ContentStudio, you can achieve this on a single platform.
  • Complete Automation: This tool will enable you to automatically update your blog and social media channels with trending topics that your audience wants to read.
  • Works with the collaboration of numerous online apps: ContentStudio integrates with numerous online apps such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Tumblr, Pocket, YouTube, Pixabay, Adobe Creative,, Replug, WordAi, SpinRewriter, and ChimpRewriter, among others.

ContentStudio Pros

ContentStudio comes with a lot of benefits, some of which are;

  • Integration with some of the best tools to enable you to schedule your post
  • Managing all your social media channels on a single dashboard
  • Automatic tracking and publishing trending topics on your blog
  • ContentStudio gives your audience what they want to read
  • Your content can be translated into the native languages of your audience

ContentStudio Cons

Despite its numerous benefits, ContentStudio has its own drawbacks, some of which are;

ContentStudio - The Bottom Line

ContentStudio is a great app for website owners, bloggers, content marketers, and other professional companies that are looking to seamlessly find and share trending content on their blogs and social media channels.

This tool comes handy when you want to find trending contents to grow your own online audience.  In addition, ContentStudio is designed with cutting-edge products such as Curation, Discovery, Planner, Automation, and Publisher in order to help you publish and schedule your posts on autopilot.

ContentStudio Lifetime Deal

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SocialBee Review

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SocialBee - Social Automation

Any active person in social media can tell you how much of a challenge it can be to keep your accounts up to date. You may use it to stay in touch with your friends or as a marketing tool for your business and the effects will be similar: you find yourself spending countless hours updating your accounts. It’s not easy coming up with new and engaging content to post every day. In addition, managing your account and deciding who to follow or unfollow can also turn into a full time job.

If this sounds like you there’s some piece of good news; there are social media tools that can make your life easier. SocialBee is one of them. With this service you will not run out of content ever again. It lets you import it, recycle it or mix it up with another relevant content. The best part is that all of this is done automatically; all you need is to follow a few initial steps to customize it according to your needs and it’s ready to go.

It has integrations with major social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn, for the more professionally inclined. There are different categories for your content and you can even schedule when and where it will be published. You will not have to spend endless hours managing your accounts ever again; SocialBee takes care of almost everything for you.

SocialBee Main features
  • By using filters to determine exactly which types of accounts you will like to follow, SocialBee will locate them for you. Also, if they turn out to be bots or people who don’t really add value, you’ll receive a notification so you can unfollow them.
  • Growing your following is not just about the numbers, you also have to reach out to them from time to time. Configure an initial message to be sent to your new followers and make them feel welcomed.
  • You can schedule your posts by categories instead of by individual posts. You don’t even have to be too specific with the scheduling, if you mark a category as evergreen, SocialBee will recycle its content until you say stop or until it reaches the pre-determined expiration date or number of times you want it to be published.
  • Long, hard to understand links are a thing of the past. Shorten your URL with one of SocialBee’s included features or through its integration with Bitly (this requires you to have an active account with them).

SocialBee Pros

  • It helps you keep your social networks updated while reducing the number of hours that you have to devote to this activity.
  • Your schedule posts are shown as a calendar, so you’ll known when everything is set to be published with just a single look.
  • Posts can be used once, set to be published on a specific date or be recycled for as long as you want. It’s all up to you and your marketing needs.
  • You can visualize your content before it goes live. You’ll know exactly how everything will look depending on the platform where is going to be published.
  • It doesn’t only work with new content; you can import existing content using a CSV file.
  • You can set up email notifications to find out how everything is going with your posts and categories so you can take action if needed.
  • There are different types of paid subscriptions; the one you choose depends on your needs. You’re not tied to a plan though, if you need to upgrade or downgrade after signing up you can do so easily.
  • There’s a team of actual human beings behind their services and they’re there for you if you need them.

SocialBee Cons

  • It takes some time to really get to know how the platform works. They do offer demo sessions to get you started, but it takes practice to use it at a pro level.

SocialBee - The Bottom Line

Growing and managing your social media followers the traditional way takes up a lot of time. Endless hours in front of a computer just checking every account, adding new content and viewing followers’ activity is hard work. SocialBee can help you out. It doesn’t only post or recycles content according to a predefined schedule; it can also get you followers that are actually engaged and not just engrossing your site’s numbers.

One of the main differences when compared to similar services is the fact that you have actual human beings helping you out along the way. They can assist you if you need it and provide special services like Twitter Growth. They are specialists that provide verifiable results and take a huge load off your shoulders.

All things considered, this is a service worth checking out. As we said before, it might take a while before you get the hang of it but once you do you’ll be wondering how did you get anything done without it. You can use it with multiple accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

You can take advantage of their 14-days trial period or you can schedule a demo session to see live how all the features work and what this service can do for your business. You won’t be disappointed.

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missinglettr review

MissingLettr Review

Driving traffic to your blog requires more than just writing quality content. As with any other business, you also need to get the word out there so people find out about your products. One of the most effective marketing tools these days is social media. Getting mentioned by the right people or creating the right hashtag can make a world of difference when it comes to increasing traffic to your blog.

MissingLettr is just the tool for that. You just have to focus on writing the content for your blog and let MissingLettr take care of the rest. It will automatically create media posts every time you publish something. Then, you just review and edit the posts and that’s it, your media campaign is ready to go.

It’s very user friendly and intuitive, but if you have any questions you can get help from their user support. Also, you can attend one of their webinars and find out how you can get started with this wonderful tool.

MissingLettr Main features
  • Automatically produces media posts for your blog. They will include quotes, hashtags and images. All that you have to do is review, change what you don’t like and you’re ready to go live.
  • Customize your posts. There are plenty of themes to choose from. You can customize them to give your posts an attractive and more personal look.
  • Easily schedule your posts and adapt each one of them depending on the platform where they are going to be published.
  • Get your content out there. Every time you create a campaign your articles will be published on Medium.
  • It supports languages other than English. So don’t worry if your blog is written in a different language, you can still use MissingLettr to automate your social media campaigns.
  • If you are an agency, you can have your clients approve the campaign before it rolls out. You only have to send them a link and they’ll see the content, approve it or request changes.

Missinglettr Pricing

They offer different paying plans that start at USD 180 a year, but you don’t have to pay full price. You can get Lifetime Access for only USD 49, that’s less than 30% of yearly. You’ll get access to a lot more features and won’t have to worry about monthly fees.

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awario review

Awario Review

Building a brand takes time and effort. You have to watch out not only for the quality of your products or services but also for keeping a quality relationship with your customers.

This means that you’ll have to answer their questions, hear their complaints and offer solutions when needed. Part of that communication will come through your website, but in other cases your clients will go directly to social media.

In an ideal setting, all the mentions you’ll get in social media will be to praise your brand and the work your company is doing. But that is not always the case, there are always some unhappy customers in the mix. They will run directly to social media and do their best to get their negative comments to go viral. Before you know it, everything has been blown out of proportion and you’re in the middle of a PR nightmare.

This is where Awario comes in. This monitoring app will notify you the minute someone talks about your brand on social media. Not only that, you’ll be able to join in on the conversation and handle everything promptly, whether it is to answer questions about your products or to deal with that unhappy customer directly.

Awario Main features
  • Succeed where others have failed. Monitor people’s complaints about your competitors’ companies or products. Be there for unhappy customers and offer them a solution. You’ll feed from your competition’s unsatisfied customers and grow your business.
  • All in one place. The Awario dashboard will show you what you need to know about who’s talking about you, what are the influencers doing and who they are.
  • No third-party web crawler. Awario comes with one of its own and it can search for your keywords on billions of pages and social media apps all at once.
  • Boolean search takes your configuration to another level. You’ll not only look for specific keywords but also a combination of them using Boolean operators.
  • Go local. You can set it up to be language or location specific. Monitor just your market and get exactly the data that you need.
  • Top company - Awario is made by the sample people who brought you SEO Powersuite

Awario Pricing

All the power of this monitoring app doesn’t come cheap, they have different plans but they all go for thousands of dollars a year. For instance, their Premium plan costs USD 1,788 a year. 

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For a limited time you can get lifetime access to Awario for just $49.