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WP Buffs and WordPress Security Hacks

So the other day I was browsing around the web and visited one of our partner company's website - WP Buffs and noticed something interesting.

WP Buffs by the way are a team of WordPress techies who provide support services for people running WordPress websites. That is nothing new as quite a few of these companies have been popping up recently but it was specifically this screenshot below that got me interested because I have not seen other companies in the space do this before.

Two things I noticed

  1. First it is very rare to get access to plugins that would normally cost you a yearly fee.
  2. One of the plugins they give you is iThemes Security Pro

That second point got me interested because WordPress and the security around it has been such a contentious issue for so long.

The amount of websites that have been hacked (primarily because of bad plugin management) is astronomical and embarrassing to say the least.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see WP Buffs giving this plugin for free to their clients when signing up. They also include the excellent WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro for improving WordPress page load times.

But for this article I want to focus on iThemes Security and what it means for you.

Let's talk about iThemes Security Pro

When you first install iThemes Security you are presented with a wizard that runs a number of best practice settings for your site security. You literally press a button and 10 seconds later your WordPress site has become a whole lot more secure. 

It really was that easy - 

After you have done that this is the dashboard you see. Click image for larger version.

And here are the pro options (You get Pro from WP Buffs)

One thing I like about the pro options of this plugin is 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) - when you have this enabled it literally does make your WordPress website like Fort Knox as the WP Buffs say. You will need an app like Google Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator (what I use) for this to work.

And when it detects something abnormal like logging in from a different location you will get an email looking like this.


Bear in mind every time you give access to your website to someone else like a Web developer etc they will have to go through this process - If you have a permanent member of staff who needs access to your website it makes more sense for them to have their own login email where they would get this verification email sent to.

I only say this as I am currently testing out new employees and it can be a little frustrating to have to give them the code every time they want to do some work. But that will soon change if they get the job right.

But for me the most amazing thing about having this plugin happened soon after installing.

Literally within hours I had my first security incident!

I kid you not!

I received an email address to the admin email of my WordPress website which had the following subject line.

[] Site Lockout Notification

This immediately got me worried, wondering what the heck just happened and if I had lost access to my own website. Turns out it may have been more sinister and encouraging at the same time - somebody I don't know being locked out.

This is what the message looked like.


That IP address - someone in Paris!!! Or more likely someone pretending to be in Paris with IP manipulation. 

Not long after this warning (a day) I got another warning where someone had been locked out.

Safe to say I was very happy that somebody who kept trying to login to my website (maybe with some password cracker) was eventually locked out!

I am sitting on about day two now after the last site lockout so rest assured I'm not getting these messages everyday, which would be very concerning. 

These are just my initial thoughts after a few days of using iThemes Security but I will definitely update this post if anything else suspicious starts to happen.

Do you use iThemes Security? What has your experience been like?

And if you are interested in having this for your own website I would recommend using the WP Buffs service to get you started. We have some great bonuses for you if you do decide to sign up.

WP Buffs


Isn't it time your WordPress website was managed by true WordPress experts?

From as little as $40 per month you can get started with WP Buffs + make sure to claim one of our exclusive bonus packs if you do. Find out more about this WP Buffs Promotion.

Scarcity Builder Review

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People are strange and nothing seems to compel us to action quite so much as a deadline. Most people finish their work right before deadlines, many people shop in the final hours of a promotional offer or sale, or people buy things which they did not want simply because they were on sale for a great deal. But the thing about sales and what makes them different than a standard price is that ultimately the sale will end. This creates a scarcity mindset which drives people to buy. What if there was a way for you to use this same scarcity sales tactic to buy your products at much higher rates than are yielded by a simple promotion? That is the promise of Scarcity Builder. Scarcity Builder was created and designed with the express purpose of being able to create a countdown timer which gives a sense of impending scarcity to your potential clients. So what are some of the pros and cons of this fantastic feature?

Scarcity Builder Pros

Build scarcity

As mentioned before, one of the biggest driving factors which will cause someone to buy is the threat that the deal will not be there. People who are on the fence or unsure about a product are far more likely to buy it if there is a time constraint on the deal than if it will be that same price later. Items which always stay the same price, or are likely to stay the same price for several weeks, give a user time to shop, browse, check reviews, or any number of things. But if your user feels that they are up against the clock with only a day or even a few hours left in the promotion before they have to pay full price for something they might want, the clock is likely to push them over the fence and cause them to instinctually buy. This knee jerk reaction to buy because an item is about to become more expensive is a powerful sales tactic and one that Scarcity Builder helps you to exploit. With the ability to set up any promotion for any level of deal to last for any period of time that you want, Scarcity Builder has brought scarcity building down to a science.

Variable scarcity

One of the great tools about Scarcity Builder is the huge variety of ways in which you can utilize this tool. For instance, you can design it so that the clock will automatically reset after it runs out causing there to be a permanent countdown clock and give the illusion of coming price increase. However, since the price increase never actually occurs, you continue to reap the rewards. It will not take long before savvy customers realize this trick, which is why Scarcity Builder also gives you other variable settings as well.

One of the other fantastic settings given to you by Scarcity Builder is the ability to utilize an individual’s cookies to create a personalized countdown timer for them. A user in Rocky Mountain Time may come on to your site and see that they have a few hours left in the promotion whereas users in the Eastern Standard Time have less. This personalized level of countdown timer means that you can utilize time zones or individualized cookies to create

individualized countdown results. This means that somebody simply restarting their computer is not going to be enough for them to re-hack your time clock. This creates true scarcity as individuals will actually have to buy before a deal runs out for them.

Scarcity Builder Cons

Artificial scarcity

This was somewhat alluded to under the variable scarcity header but it bears greater explanation and that is that scarcity only works either as long as it is true, or your users believe it is true. If somebody bought your product believing they only had a few moments left in the sale and then less than an hour later your sales clock is counting down again, these individuals may feel that they were misled or falsely advertised to. After all, there was no real scarcity as the clock was going to re-hack. It also can cause a sense of embarrassment or even disdain towards you or your product for what makes them feel like they were compelled to buy by believing that there was a time constraint when in fact that time constraint was a lie. Using Scarcity Builder responsibly in a way that does not upset or alienate clients is an essential element for continued success using this marketing tactic.


If you are able to use this tool responsibly then it can produce exceptionally high yields. Tapping into the human psyche to achieve a deal before the time constraints are over as well as the ability to track and analyze how successful various scarcity campaigns have been and create customized scarcity for different users based on location are all fantastic tools which savvy marketers can use to exponentially grow their sales and profits. 

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Leadgrab Review

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It has been a long time coming to have a piece of software which is capable of helping you generate superior conversion rates by combining value plus advertising together in a symbiotic circle which will help boost traffic to your sites as well as conversion rates for your products or services, and still do so seamlessly. This is what Leadgrab is all about. Leadgrab allows you to overlay banners onto any part of your web content but without the hassle of you having to design them yourself. The internet is filled with tons of engaging materials and Leadgrab has compiled those materials for you so all you have to do is decide what level of engagement and what kind of engagement you would like to use. So what are some of the features both pro and con of Leadgrab?

Leadgrab Pros

Time saving

As alluded to earlier, Leadgrab takes away a lot of the time and hassle from having to develop your own interactive banners, buttons, or other engaging materials to overlay onto various sites and internet content by providing you with a host of ready-to-use out of the box items. This means that you will be spending less time designing and more time converting clicks into cash. These banners can be modified to say anything that you want and can include things like buttons, notices for a deal, or perhaps even links to further reading on the topic which they have been studying.

For instance, if somebody is reading an article of yours on a nutrition blog or other similar sites, you can add a banner which would describe the benefits of utilizing your product in relation to the information that they were reading. This kind of association style of marketing is highly effective because the individuals who are reading the articles are already those who are most likely to want your product and so convenient product placement in conjunction with the placement of the article helps ensure a significantly higher conversion rate than is traditionally seen.

Exit interface technology

This is a new and up-and-coming feature which heretofore has not been widely available to the public and that is exit interfacing technologies. Exit interface is a huge boon to modern advertising because few people like to be inundated with ads, no matter how engaging, before they have finished reading an article or while they're in the middle of it. Exit interfacing allows your content to be brought up just as an individual is about to exit the site. This is a big win both for client satisfaction and your advertising. An individual who has just finished reading up on the benefits of a product or services is at their peak likelihood to be interested in being directed to a site which will cater to those needs.

But of course many individuals before they even begin a second search result will go back to the main search results to see if there is already a front-page website offering the kind of products or services which they were just reading about. By having your exit interface set up so that as individuals are about to leave the website your engaging material appears, you are then able to snag large swaths of these potential clientele by offering them exactly what they need and what they are looking for right before they begin looking elsewhere. This puts you at the forefront of their minds both as someone with clever advertising and marketing as well as meeting their needs where they are.

Leadgrab Cons

There are of course far more features and pros than are able to be listed here such as different templates, ability to monitor how your engagement material is progressing, and how high the conversion rates are, along with a huge host of other program features too numerous to list. That being said, what are some of the cons to this type of software?

Learning curve

The learning curve is not a learning curve because the product is too difficult to figure out, the big learning curve is in identifying the proper utilization of the powerful tool you have got. For instance, you might be able to get an exceptionally high quality excavator which is exactly what you need, but if you don't have the skills or the understanding of how to utilize it properly, it will not be particularly useful to you. The same is true of Leadgrab. Leadgrab works best for those who already understand a bit about marketing, the power of engaging material, and what it takes to catch a customer's attention. Now these are certainly things that you can learn to do and Leadgrab makes that easy by being able to track your success rates, but if you were expecting the software to do all of the work for you and you just sit back and make money, you will not succeed.

Leadgrab Conclusion

The fact is that Leadgrab as a tool is only as effective as the one who uses it. That being said, if you are one who has a good head on your shoulders for marketing and/or you are interested in learning how to use Leadgrab to boost your conversion rates, this is an exceptional tool to have! You’ll save time, you’ll see a marked increase in sales due to improved conversion rates, and you will be able to target your customers at just the right time and place, and who doesn’t want that for their business?

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2Captcha Review

For Captchas That Require the Human Touch

Do you have a captcha that needs solving? No problem, the people at 2Captcha can help you out. They are a web-based service that takes your unsolved captchas and assigns them to their human workers. It’s as simple as that. If you have ever tried to automatically sort out a captcha you should know that it is not always possible. That is why assigning this task to actual human beings is the most reliable way of getting the job done.

You can use this service in one of two ways: As an individual or business that needs to have a group of captchas solved; or as a person looking for a way to make some extra money working online. This is how 2Captcha can guarantee that your captchas will be solved by a human being; they hire people to do exactly that.

Businesses that use this service pay for a determined number of captchas to be solved; the fees are calculated based on thousands and depend on the total amount of captchas. As for workers, they just have to register on the site, go through a short practice period (they have to solve 39 captchas just to familiarize themselves with the job) and they’re ready to start making money. To get started it doesn’t require them to download or install anything, as it’s all web based.

2Captcha Main features
  • It works on two levels: as a captcha solving site for businesses that need this service and as a way to make some extra money for people who solve those captchas.
  • They guarantee that your captchas will be solved by human beings.
  • Both as a client and as a worker, the fees depend on the total number of captchas. Prices are calculated on a per 1000 basis.
  • There is a rating system for people solving captchas. Your rating depends on how accurate your answers are. The more captchas you solve successfully the better your reputation will be. Making mistakes will only hurt your ratings and thus earnings.

2Captcha Pros

  • 2Captcha doesn’t charge any fees when their workers withdraw what they have earned. There is a minimal withdraw limit of USD 0.5, but they guarantee that you’ll get all your money. They also pay in Bitcoin if you like.
  • As a client, you have a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with their service you’ll get a refund.
  • Workers can make more money by telling their friends about 2Captcha. If you want to make money faster, use the referrals program, you’ll earn a percentage of what your referrals make.
  • It really doesn’t take much to start earning money with 2Captcha. All you need is a working computer and Internet access. No downloads and no software installation is required.

2Captcha Cons

  • For workers, captcha solving can be a boring, repetitive job that doesn’t really pay that much. If you are looking for a significant income, this might not be it.
  • The services they use to withdraw money from the site don’t include some big names like PayPal.
  • One of the main complaints about this site is how long the captchas take to load. This can affect the rate at which you make money.

2Captcha - The Bottom Line

This is not the first site of its kind, in fact, there are many like it. The premise is really simple: a business needs some captchas solved and they hire a service to do the job. In this case, 2Captcha provides human solved captchas by “hiring” people to do just that. People who are interested in making money online without any investment and just using their computer and free time can find this offer appealing.

Is it a scam? Not really. They deliver what they offer and they’re very clear about how the site works and what their fees are. Can you make tons of money working on it? Not likely. Chances are you’re going to get frustrated long before that happens. Although it’s true that you can actually withdraw your earned money from the site, the rate at which you can make money by working on it is really slow.

They say that you can get between USD 0.5 and USD 1.00 for solving 1000 captchas, but you have to read the small print. The price depends on how many people are on the platform at any given time and the amount of captchas available. So it’s kind of tricky knowing how much money you are really going to make.

Other than that, this is a legit site that delivers what it advertises. As a worker, it might not be the reason to quit your day job, but if you want to try it and you complete the required tasks, you will make some extra money. As a business using this service you’ll get exactly what they offer: your captchas will be solved by human beings. If that is what you need, you won’t be disappointed.

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LessChurn Review

If you’re running a digital business (or any kind of business, for that matter) you’ll know that reaching potential clients and actually getting them to commit to your products is fundamental for your success. The last thing you want is people signing out from your sites, but it happens, for many different reasons. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a second chance with them? To be able to change people’s minds before they leave?

LessChurn is here to help. Instead of just seeing how your users hit the “Delete my Account” button, meet them with an attractive offer that will make them think again and – hopefully – change their minds.

With LessChurn you can present your users with an additional discount or an extended trial period all through a customizable form that will show up when they hit the “Leave” button. You’ll be able to offer them different options designed to make them reconsider and stay. If all of this fails and they actually decide to leave, you’ll know why, through the feedback they’ll leave using the same opt-out form. 

The only downside to this app is that it requires a working Stripe account. If you have it, don’t give it a second thought. Get LessChurn and see how many clients you can save.

LessChurn Main features
  • Fully customizable forms that you can place anywhere in your site. Include an offer your clients can’t refuse and change their minds about leaving.
  • In the event that your users finally decide to leave, find out why. LessChurn lets you collect data that will come in handy when taking corrective actions to improve your site and reduce sign-out rates.
  • It doesn’t only work for sign-out buttons. You can insert a form in any other object where you may need to find out why your visitors are not taking the action you want them to.
  • It’s easy to use, you’ll be customizing forms in no time.

LessChurn Pricing

You can get lifetime access to LessChurn Business plan for a little over 10% of its yearly cost. Think of all the money you will be saving in the long run. It’s just a single payment of USD 49. That’s it, no yearly renewals and no extra charge.

As if this offer wasn’t attractive enough, people at LessChurn are including two webinars so you’ll learn how to make the best use out of their app.

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The Ultimate Review of Sumo Pro Apps

So today I would like to talk about Sumo Pro Apps (formerly SumoMe)...


Well three reasons really

  1. They have a new pricing model (including unlimited visits at the base level pricing)
  2. Noah Kagan and the Sumo team are the real deal!
  3. You can begin using it for FREE

Ok now that we have established the timing of this post let's dive straight into what you can expect from Sumo Apps.


First off what are Sumo Apps?

Sumo Apps are a range of webmaster tools designed to help you get more from your website. Specifically to help you get more traffic, build your fans and improve your conversions, which is really just a fancy way of saying - making money.

The Sumos as they call themselves have used these tools to grow their followers to over a million strong since starting in 2010. One thing they quickly became aware of was that other website owners struggled to collect emails due to using the wrong tools or even the right tools being too expensive.

List Builder the first Sumo App was born out of this.

Sumo Pro has grown from those early days and includes a number of new apps designed to increase online marketing success. Now to achieve this, Sumo have a total of 12 apps which you can access and have installed on your website in 37 seconds. I haven't timed this myself but I do remember it was quick and easy to use when I signed up. So kudos to Sumo for making it easy for non-techies and did I mention yet it is free to get started. 🙂


Once you start, you will be presented with the full range of apps to begin your online promotion - these apps include

  1. Sumo List Builder (You really want this one ASAP) start with it
  2. Sumo Welcome Mat
  3. Sumo Scroll Box
  4. Sumo Smart Bar
  5. Sumo Share Buttons
  6. Sumo Live Chat (Only available on paid plans)
  7. Sumo Contact Form
  8. Sumo Content Analytics
  9. Sumo Google Analytics
  10. Sumo Heat Maps
  11. Sumo Highlighter
  12. Sumo Image Sharer

Let's take a closer look at each Sumo Pro App

Sumo List Builder


A very useful add-on for your web sites, Sumo List Builder will easily help you configure pop-ups to appear when you find it more convenient​​​​ for your visitors. Get to know your public and keep in touch with them by building your mailing list as they visit your site. Don’t lose the opportunity to collect valuable marketing information from your visitors, prompt them as they are touring the site or even when they are getting ready to leave.

It’s fully customizable. You can select the color scheme and overall appearance to fit that of your site. It comes with ready-to-use templates that will help you get the look you want in no time. If you don’t want to use the pre-designed templates, create your own look by adding just the elements that you want. You just have to drag and drop the elements of your choice, as simple as that. When you see the demo for yourself, you will notice it really is one of the easiest list builder apps to use.

Set a couple of different options and see which one gets you the best results with A/B split testing. All it takes is a few clicks. Also, it’s compatible with mobile devices. You won’t have to make any changes to your pop-up for it to look great when people access your site from a mobile phone.

Try Sumo List Builder for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Welcome Mat


Do you want your site’s visitors to do any action in particular once they land on a given page? Then you should try Sumo Welcome Mat. Let’s say that you would like to prompt them to join your mailing list, or maybe you just launched a new product or service and want them to know about it or maybe it's just a prompt to click that “Buy Now” button. No matter your choice, a properly designed and placed Welcome Mat can help you get the results that you’re looking for.

But, how is this different from any other pop-up? Well, although Welcome Mat will cover the whole screen, it pretty easy to make it go away.  All that your visitors have to do is click on the close button or simply keep scrolling down. So, even if it is a kind of “in your face” kind of screen, it’s not annoying. Another difference, the Welcome Mat appears only when you land on the site and it doesn’t show again for the rest of your session.

Setting one up is as easy as selecting a template and customizing it or just design it yourself so it matches the overall appearance and branding of your site. You can also have different versions for different audiences. Do some A/B testing and find out which of them delivers better results.

Try Sumo Welcome Mat for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Scroll Box


Let’s say that you are not really comfortable with using invasive methods to get your visitors’ email information but you still want a mailing list to keep them informed, then you are going to like Sumo Scroll Box. As every other tool in the Sumo catalog, it’s fully customizable and you can set it up to work exactly as you want.

With Scroll Box you can make the sign up window appear as your visitors are scrolling down your site. Maybe you’ll prompt them half way through or have a sign up window slide from one of the sides of the screen. It will all depend on your page layout; you’ll know best where it will be most effective.

After that, you’ll just have to sit back and see how your mailing list grows.

Try Sumo Scroll Box for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Smart Bar


If you want to keep your site uncluttered and aren’t a fan of distracting pop-ups, this is the feature for you.

Sumo Smart Bar is a simple looking but very powerful feature that can get your users to take a specific action like signing up or maybe following you on a social network. It will be strategically located at the top of the page as a friendly reminder. It doesn’t matter if they are viewing your site on a computer or a mobile phone, as all other Sumo features, Smart Bar is also suitable for mobiles.

How does Smart Bar work? That depends on your needs. It can be a static element at the top of your page and disappear as you scroll down or it can stay always visible and on top of the screen. Do you want it to disappear when people scroll down the page and show itself again when you scroll up? Then configure it to do just that.

Try Sumo Smart Bar for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Share Buttons


Do you want to drive more traffic to your site? One way of achieving this is by getting your current visitors to share your content with their friends. With Sumo Share Buttons you can add social media platforms from all over the world, including the most popular ones like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.  

You can customize them as you please; from deciding which ones to include, to placing them on your page with a simple drag-and-drop action. Also, you can use different share options depending on the device your visitors use. Maybe an SMS button will be better suited for mobile users while desktop users will prefer sharing by email.

One of the biggest advantages is that you even have an automatic mode that can decide which button is best for each page depending on how much people use each one of them. Do you want to do the managing yourself? No worries, you’ll get access to the statistical data Sumo collects so you know exactly how effective each element is.

Try Sumo Share Buttons for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Live Chat (Available on paid plans)


Customers are getting more and more demanding each day. The difference between making a sale and losing a customer is not just about prices anymore; service is now more than ever an essential part of the equation. With so many options out there, you have to be able to make a difference so your potential clients become paying customers.

In the fast paced world we’re living where instant gratification is crucial, making your visitors wait for a response via email could be deadly for your business. The new Sumo Live Chat option will help you get in contact with your site’s visitors more quickly and effectively, answering their questions in a timely manner so they can take the next step and buy your products.

What happens if your visitors try to start a chat session when you’re away? Don’t worry, they can leave a message and their email address so you can get back to them. This has the added benefit of growing your email list. The downside, it’s only available for paying Sumo customers with Medium or higher plans.

See a demo of Sumo Live Chat here.


Try Sumo Apps for yourself

Most Sumo apps are free to use.

Sumo Contact Form


Make it easy for your visitors to contact you by customizing and adding a Sumo Contact Form to your site. It’s easy to set up and you can even include an auto-respond message, so your visitors know that you received their question or comment and you will contact them shortly.

Whether it is to receive comments or questions or to request your visitors’ data when they subscribe; this is a very useful addition to your site. It’s fully customizable, you can add headings, change the colors or fonts and include special instructions on any given field so your visitors know exactly what to do.

Try Sumo Contact Form for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Content Analytics


Have you ever wondered why some of your site’s calls-to-action aren’t getting the attention you expected?

That might have to do with where they’re placed. Just as it happens with real estate, online marketing is all about location, location, location. Sumo Content Analytics can help you with that by providing accurate data about how much of your content is actually read by your visitors.

Do they read it all? Skip some sections? Just read the top half of the page? You can use this information not only to adapt the contents of your site, but also to determine where to place your calls-for-action so they’ll get all the attention they deserve.

Don’t be satisfied just with knowing how many subscribers you have, find out exactly what gets their attention. Not sure if a layout will be more effective than another? Test them out. Publish them both and just analyze the numbers in real time as people visit your blog.

Try Sumo Content Analytics for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Google Analytics


Sumo Google Analytics app lets you review your page’s statistics directly in Sumo so you always know how your site is doing. Find out accurate statistics and track your site’s performance over any given period of time. Even more, you can personalize which kind of information to record from each page and view the numbers directly on the page (this will not be visible to anyone else but you) so there’s no need to log into Google Analytics to track your performance.

Find out not only how many people visit your site but also how did they find out about it. You’ll get real time information that will help you know how well your marketing strategy is doing with your audience so you can make the necessary adjustments to make it more profitable. This is a very valuable tool to increase traffic and conversion rates.

Try Sumo Google Analytics for yourself FREE here.

Sumo Heat Maps


Sumo Heat Maps is similar to Content Analytics in that it lets you know exactly what your visitors are actually seeing when visiting your site. But instead of tracking how much of your posts they read, it tracks where they click. Depending on how much attention a certain section is getting it will be shown hotter or colder on the map. This is a very graphical and easy to read way of finding out what is working and what needs a little more redesign yet.

Test out different layouts and see which one gets the best results. Move your calls-to-action to red-hot spots on your pages and start seeing the results that you want. All of the information is displayed in real time, so you will immediately find out if the changes are having the effect you expected or not.

The best part of this is that is completely compatible with mobile devices.

Try Sumo Heat Maps for FREE here.

Sumo Highlighter


One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is by referrals. Getting people to share your content or just a part of it can be very beneficial. Sumo Highlighter works in a similar way to Share Buttons but, instead of just clicking and sending a link to your site, your visitors will highlight a section of it and send it to their friends via social networks.

Also, your visitors will see which sections have been highlighted by other users, which can encourage them to share them as well.

Try Sumo Highlighter for FREE here.

Sumo Image Sharer


They say that an image says more than a thousand words, so why not make it easy for your visitors to share your images on social media? With Sumo Image Sharer you’ll configure the social media buttons to show anywhere on your images.

Include only the social networks of your choice and control where your images will be viewed. Make it easier for your users to share images and you’ll see how your traffic grows.

Try Sumo Image Sharer for FREE here.


Try Sumo Apps for yourself

Most Sumo apps are free to use

Now the next question you may have is who are these Sumos?

I think this little picture may help paint the picture.

But let me give you some of the highlights of this team.

First off the man who started Sumo is Noah Kagan. Some of you may know that name from his personal blog OKDORK but most of you will know it from AppSumo.

And yes you better believe he is using Sumo List Builder on his personal blog.

Before AppSumo he worked at Intel and as he likes to say was employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint. Most of us know him as Mr. AppSumo though and this business is now an 8-figure business. A lot of the fine-tuning of the Sumo apps comes from the internal testing they did with it at AppSumo.

The result is some of the easiest and most feature filled professional level webmaster tools you will see.

The rest of the Sumos as they call themselves are some top talent having been hand picked from notable companies like Google, Facebook, Mint and others. Rest assured when you choose a Sumo App you have a well designed and coded app that will not slow down your website like so many do.


Where and how to use Sumo Apps?

This is one of the best features - you can use Sumo on any website platform today. All you need is to copy some code and paste it on the pages you want the app to show. Remember this only takes 37 seconds and you will be live and ready.
So many tech companies today limit themselves to one platform like WordPress or Joomla but I guess this is one of the reasons that Sumo is now installed on over 500 000 website including some really big players like

  • Tony Robbins
  • airbnb
  • Entrepreneur
  • theCHIVE
  • Beach Body
  • 4 hour work week

You will be in good company.


Try Sumo Apps for yourself

Most Sumo apps are free to use.


Magnetic Marketing by Dan Kennedy 25th Anniversary

Can you believe – 1992 – the year the business world was introduced to the genius of Dan Kennedy and his direct response copywriting course Magnetic Marketing.

25 years on and many business owners have credited this course with the success they now enjoy. To celebrate this incredible milestone Dan Kennedy has something very special lined up. So over to you Dan.

10 Questions That’ll Help You Find Your Uniqueness

Look, the hardest thing to do is to stand out from the crowd when you decide to go into business.

But, most people in any industry or profession are just “me-too” marketers. They just copy what everyone else does and falsely assume that, if everyone else is doing it, then it must be right.

Well, I’m Dan Kennedy—author of 27 books and the highest paid marketing consultant and copywriter in the world— and I beg to differ.

I have just released a no-cost training that’ll answer the most pressing question that’s in your prospect’s heads:

“Why Should I Choose You Versus Any And Every Other Provider Of The Same Product or Service?”

Click here to find out.

Best part? The training is several minutes long and I take you through 10 questions you must ask yourself in order to position your business as the “go-to” business in your area, industry, or niche.

This training will put you on your way toward possessing tools and reliable marketing SYSTEMS that provide all the business you want—without anxiety, worry, or stress.

Why should you listen to Dan Kennedy? In addition to what I mentioned above, Dan is one of the highest paid direct marketing consultant and copywriters living today with a private client list that includes the who’s who of marketing gurus, business owners and billion dollar companies like Guthy-Renker. If these successful people are paying the big bucks for his time, think what you will gain from this free video training.

Any marketing plan he’s ever devised for any clients has been based on the strategies you’re about to discover in this video. This includes clients who pay $100,000 or more for marketing campaigns and over $19,900 for a single day of consulting.

It’ll allow you to help kick-start the process of finding or creating something unique in your business that’ll help you stand out from the competition and cut through the clutter of your marketplace.

You’ll also discover:

  • The ONLY marketing system that has helped “ordinary” small business owners and sales professionals with NO experience and NO marketing knowledge create compelling marketing without outside help…
  • Why your local “ad vultures” are dead wrong regarding how to market your business (you might as well take your advertising dollars and flush them down the toilet!)…
  • How to eliminate cold calling and cold prospecting and be seen as a friend, ally and trusted advisor by your prospect vs. an annoying pest. (In fact, cold calling should be on your hate list!)…
  • How to get your ideal prospects to come to you like moths to a flame, vs. having to go out and “chase” them. Best part, these customers are already pre-disposed to do business with you!

But, I will warn you: what you’re about to discover is contrary to what you’ve probably read about in books and courses. Dan doesn’t mince words, and he tends to rub a lot of people the wrong way with his “No B.S.” style.

But, if you can stomach Dan’s business truths, this video could radically alter how you acquire customers, clients, and patients—and boost your sales and profits.

So click here and watch the training now

P.S. What makes you stand out from the pack that you can exploit in your marketing? For Dominoes, it was originally being at your house at 30 minutes or less. For FedEx it was overnight shipping. Click here to see how this video can help you determine yours.

viral loop review

Viral Loop Review + Coupon


Today we bring you an introductory review of Viral Loop

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Viral Loop Break Down

Internet marketing is all about leveraging traffic, building lists, and creating monetary elements. Without these elements playing together, you are not going to end up getting anywhere fast. In order to see a huge jump in marketing collateral for your overall needs, you will need to streamline a lot of different solutions, and perhaps even use WordPress to get it done. This creates chaos. Trying to leverage all the elements that help with building niche sites, driving traffic, and hoping your efforts convert well is nothing short of vexing. TO alleviate this issue, Viral Loop is now available. This is a WordPress theme that automates nearly everything you need to work with, in order to make money online.

About and the creator/team Behind Viral Loop

Viral Loop is the brain child of Cindy Donovan and Keith Gosnell, two major names in the world of marketing. With years of experience behind them, this new theme absolutely changes the way you will look at marketing forever.

How to use Viral Loop?

When you purchase this theme, and work with the system in place, you’ll go through a 6 step process that streamlines and isolates the internet marketing world into a simple methodology. From design to search engine optimization, to building email lists, you will be able to get going forward fast, as the whole framework of setting up niche sites becomes easier than ever. Viral Loop changes the launch and setup process of a niche WordPress site, and makes it easier, faster, and better formatted for maximum traffic generation online. Simply put, this absolutely takes out the guesswork of building a niche site to work with affiliate and network marketing angles.

Pros and Cons

Before taking on the Viral Loop theme, consider a few pros and cons.

• Easy To Setup
• Multiple Marketing Streams
• Quick Editing
• Streamline Email, Affiliate, and Other Marketing Collateral

• A Lot of Options To Consider
• WordPress Only

Is Viral Loop Worthwhile?

When it comes to Viral Loop, you’re going to be surprised how it works. It’s easy to say that this is the best marketing theme ever created, but there’s more to it than just saying it’s great. Simply put, it’s worthwhile. However, you will need to understand that this is a solution that is more than just a “theme”. This is something that creates compelling overall signature content. Taking the elements that make sites like Buzzfeed huge, is the same elements that are tied to the steps you will move forward through in Viral Loop’s backend. The price for this at press time is $37, but that may change, as this is a new product, with a lot of potential. When you order it, you will receive unlimited updates moving forward, and all the keys to unlocking content generation that gets traffic, garners social media integration, sharing, and conversion rates that you will not see with anything else. Simply put, this is a dynamic, easy to use plugin, that aims to make marketing 100% easier for everyone.

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MarketTapp Review + Coupon


Today we bring you an introductory review of MarketTapp 

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MarkatTapp Break Down

There are a lot of different products online that promise you to be revolutionary in what they do. Well, MarketTapp is one of them, and the hype is real. This is a software that you download and gives you a full vantage point for creating a niche, building keyword lists and implementing the right collateral to make money. The key to making money with affiliate marketing, or anything you’d like online is to make sure that you know what market arena you’re trying to get into and what is going to pay off. What niches are going to work? Well, that’s the secret marketers don’t want to tell you. How can you exploit the niches that do work? Again, marketers aren’t going to give up the secret so easily. Instead of trying to go through trial and error, and deal with the frustration that comes with that, MarketTapp has been put together to help you out. It’s perhaps the ultimate tool in regards to building niche websites from a marketer’s perspective.

About and the creator/team behind MarketTapp

Bill Guthrie and his team have figured out the number one problem that people have with affiliate marketing. The struggle with making money online begins with trying to figure out which niche is going to pay the most. You may think that you know, but if you’re not making money, then you’re outside of the realm of where you want to be. With the creation of MarketTapp all the elements that you need to be successful are going to be given to you. You will be able to do market research, get keyword phrases, and see whether or not a certain niche is going to pay off for you. It’s like someone telling you what works and what doesn’t, only this time it’s pulling real world data. Instead of just listening to what marketing gurus are going to tell you, the software gives you real world data that proves whether or not you can make a buck in a crowded field. No matter what you want to market, and no matter where you are in your quest to make money online, this can help you gain serious access to information.

How to use MarketTapp?

Once you purchase MarketTapp and you download it, you will be able to use the system. You will type in a few keywords or ideas and you will gain access to information about the niche. You will then be able to pull keyword phrases, suggestions, and then build your site to meet the needs of the consumer. Done right, you will not only have the puzzle pieces to start making money, you will have the exact phrases and elements that are proven to work today. There’s no second guessing here, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it once you have the information on the niche you want to promote.

Pros and Cons

Consider a few pros and cons associated with this solution.

• Easy To Work With
• Helps With Niche Research
• Real Data


• Must want to work with affiliate marketing

Is MarketTapp Worthwhile?

At the end of the day, you are going to find that at $49 this is a great tool to have. It will outline what elements you need to work on in order to make money online. Without MarketTapp, you are going to have to dig very deep to make any sort of sizable movement forward. If your goal is to gain traction in any niche, this is going to cut out the hours of time spent on market research, guaranteed. It’s well worth your time.

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seoprofiler review

Never Be Left Out Cold With Your SERP or Optimization With SEOprofiler

Internet marketers often times stick to their own “formula” for data analysis. In fact, there are some purists that only work with Google Analytics, and that’s it. They will swear by it. But the problem with this notion is that Google is not the only search engine in town. Sure, they have a lion’s share, but what about the rest? Let’s say that you were only competing in one area, and you weren’t getting far. Yet your competition was #1 on the secondary search engines. If you can’t get far in Google, why not become #1 in Bing? The traffic that Bing can send your site is impressive, but you will not be able to use it if you’re stuck only working with Google Analytics.

Managing two separate analytics pages is painstaking. You can get lost in the numbers and the options that are necessary to make moves. How do you reconcile this? How can you ensure that you’re seeing a good deal of movement? Well, that’s where SEOprolifer is going to absolutely change your data perceptions. This is going to push you into higher rankings through some no-nonsense elements overall.

The Many Flags of SEO

Search engine optimization has been said to have up to 400 checklist items. The problem, however, is that no one really knows what they are. Google and Bing, as well as smaller search engines and networks do not share that checklist with you. So it’s up to you to try and decipher it. Well, when you actually utilize SEOprolifer, you’re going to be impressed with what you will get. You will be able to take on all the elements that you are required to work with, through real analysis, link checks, keyword research, content audits, website audits, reports, social media integration, and much more. Needless to say, you will have an answer to every single question about SEO that you can possibly have. This trumps any other analytics program, because it doesn’t rely just on one search engine. It takes on a global search protocol, and that means that you will get more movement forward than others. If your goal is to make moves with your site, and actually get attention, then this will definitely stand out in regards to the world of marketing.

Team Internet Marketing

Let’s say that you have a business. You’re working with a team of people that all have special backgrounds. One day, you decide to hire marketers to help you gain more sales. So you hire 3 different people to help you with all facets of marketing. How can each one give you analytics and data? You’ll have 3 different reports from various areas. Why not connect them? Well that’s what you can do with SEOprolifer. With this solution you can have all 3 of your new employees on the same page. You can also add more people to help, and you could have a powerhouse of a team working together with one platform that syncs everything for you. That means that you could have a full scale SEO meeting and have all your marketers going through the same data. That is way better than having to hear 3 different accounts of what is going on with the marketing of your business. Simply put, this is going to give you a leg up over other marketers that are dealing with a variety of issues.

Customize Everything (including reports)

When you’re working with SEO, you are not going to want to have the same report that someone else haves. This becomes especially true if you’re a marketer that is doing freelance work, or you’re working with clients of various types. Whatever the case is, you can customize everything within this program, and even print out customized reports. You could get graphics, graphs, data, and numbers all with your business logo, and the logo of the company or client you’re working with. Simply put, this makes it seem as though you’re a true analytics warrior. You’ll impressed anyone that reads your reports, and you will be able to give people peace of mind that you’re doing your job when you release this to them. You can then move forward with instructing them as to what is going on with the audit of any website. This may seem rudimentary for some, but it truly lets you look a bit more professional overall. Having graphic elements and design that is customized, is always a great thing.

Real Time Research

When you speak with many SEO professionals, they will tell you how many reports and numbers are delayed. That’s because ranking can change from day to day or even months. Some SEO professionals have seen rankings shift in 7 months’ time! That means that your reports could be very old. If you want to avoid that, then you will love SEOprolifer. This option gives you immediate reporting, updates, and more. You will be able to check rankings from across the world, across major search engines, and get the details that your clients and sites need right away. Instead of waiting for updates, and play with the usual time frames that cover reporting, you will be able to streamline things faster. Imagine giving real time answers when you’re asked as to what is going on with SEO.

The Proof Is In The Ranking

If SEOprolifer didn’t work at all, marketers would be lambasting it for empty promises. The truth of the matter is much different now. Many marketers have taken the free trial and have seen that their rankings jump. The reason why is simple; this is a sophisticated software that takes on search engine ranking from all perspectives. It’s not just using Google’s analytical data, it’s pulling worldwide information, keyword planning, and much more. When you cover all the bases, you will see that your site will get a serious push forward. You could either test this and get ranked, or you could end up stuck in a guessing game as to what is going on with your marketing efforts. It’s that simple.

See SEOprofiler for yourself here