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OptimizePress Review

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To build a successful web business, you need to attract an audience, share content and at the end of the day make sales. The intention of this app review today is to share with you how you can achieve all of these easier, faster and better than ever before.

In 2011, version one of OptimizePress set the benchmark in website building for online marketers. Users from around the world build sites that generates millions of dollars in revenue using it. With the introduction of OptimizePress version 2, the digital marketplace has evolved. To simplify your success, this tool was created with a flexibility that gives you the power to attract and convert an audience. Now it is possible for anyone regardless of experience or budget to emulate the success of authority leaders in their industry or market. 

In other words, OptimizePress can make you look a lot “bigger” than what you might currently be, which is very important to building trust online.

But what exactly is OptimizePress?

OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin that is used to create membership sites, landing pages, as well as, sales pages, whether or not you understand the basics of website coding. This tool for the last seven years has greatly improved landing page design and the overall sales process of products online. Since the introduction of OptimizePress, WordPress has been transformed from a simple blogging tool into a platform capable of full product launch funnels and membership portals.

Immediately after you install OptimizePress, you will be able to create a custom page and have immediate access to pro templates that you can use to improve your business’ presence online. All the pages you create using this tool are user-friendly and mobile friendly too, which is a must in 2018!

Now that you know what OptimizePress is, lets take a look at some of its more advanced features.

OptimizePress Main features
  • Build marketing pages in minutes with no code: When you use OptimizePress, you will be able to build marketing sites and pages with or without the knowledge of website coding. This tool is embedded with a LiveEditor system which you will use to create any custom page with the layouts of your choice.

  • Element Browser Library for adding any features or functionality to your page: OptimizePress is designed with an innovative Element Browser Library to enable you to add popular elements such as features boxes, delay content, navigation, bullet blocks, headlines style, audio and video players and buttons to add to your landing pages.
  • Custom membership portals and product delivery sites: This software will enable you to create custom membership portals and product delivery sites so that you can deliver your products in custom members’ area, as well as, protect your content from unwanted visitors.

  • WordPress Theme and Plugin Versions: OptimizePress can be integrated with any WordPress site regardless of the theme. Creation of landing pages becomes easy while still maintaining your blog.

  • Autoresponders and Mailing List service integrations: OptimizePress will enable you to integrate with top mailing list services and autoresponders such as MailChimp, Aweber, OfficeAutopilot, iContact, Campaign Monitor, and Infusionsoft, among others.

  • GoToWebinar Integration: With OptimizePress, you can simultaneously add your opt-ins to an autoresponder list, and also send them straight to GotoWebinar for registration.

  • Complete Launch Suite (Multi-Funnel Support): Creation of launch funnels for the launching of your products becomes easy with OptimizePress. Also, you can create multiple funnels for various products on the same website.

  • Save your pages as presets: OptimizePress will allow you duplicate your pages on your site so that after designing your page, you can reuse the design some other time.

  • Customize navigation bars on a page-by-page level: OptimizePress will enable you to create pages with individual menus using the “LiveEditor” system. 

OptimizePress Pros

OptimizePress is one of the best WordPress tools out there to create landing pages due to its modules. Let’s take a look at the pros;

  • Relatively Cheap: OptimizePress is one of the most affordable software options in this category. With $97, you can use it to run one or two sites. Most other high end competitors charge monthly fees.

  • Cheap to renew: You get to pay a reduced fee, so long as you renew your subscription within 60days before expiration.

  • OptimizePress comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

  • A huge library of templates: Many landing page tools on the market either have a limited library of templates or are limited in their scope. This is not the case with OptimizePress.

  • The membership options for page design are secure and well-made: OptimizePress leaves no stone unturned in terms of Privacy protection and membership security.

  • A huge database of training and tutorials: OptimizePress has several training materials and tutorials to guide you in case you face any challenges.
  • Community Support: Aside from the training and tutorials, OptimizePress also have a top-notch community support forum that is second to none that will guide when you face any challenges.

  • OptimizePress is relatively easy and simple to use

OptimizePress Cons

  • Despite its numerous pros, there are still some drawbacks using this tool.
  • OptimizePress’ initial theme is pretty basic and boring
  • You have to pay for more templates in their template club (This is an upsell)
  • By default, OptimizePress doesn’t come with SSL integration (Contact your host for this)
  • OptimizePress can only be used with WordPress
  • The LiveEditor may cause some issues on certain WordPress themes.

OptimizePress - The Bottom Line

OptimizePress is one of the most sought-after landing page editors by digital marketers, content managers and copywriters with a view to improving their presence online. Although it comes with its own inherent drawbacks as outlined above, this software stands tall among its competitors in terms of affordability, ease of use, themes, features, mobile friendly and performance. Arguably the biggest reason to choose OptimizePress over some of it’s other big rivals is that it requires a one time fee and its yours forever. Yes there is an annual support and update subscription (after your first year of it) but it is not compulsory.

So if you are an online entrepreneur seeking to improve your branding and overall presence online, then OptimizePress has all it takes to deliver a great solution for you.


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Instapage Review

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Instapage is a unique take on enhancing landing pages and advertising conversion rates, that is the rate at which somebody who sees the landing page or the product will actually engage with the site. This is an important business tool for industries of any size as the amount of people actually engaged is an essential benchmark for how many potential customers you will gain. Having a business that can assist you in that process and give you more engagement for less money is always a good thing. Instapage helps ensure that your advertising budgets go further and do more. Focused largely on the landing pages which are often the first page that a customer will see is a powerful “platform for marketing teams and agencies.”

Their express goal is to improve your conversion rate through a wide variety of programs or advertising styles. They start by learning your business so that they know what will be most effective whether it's sales, sign-ups for new products or resources, or offering downloads.  No matter what it is, their goal is to help empower your business and your advertising team to market the most effective way they can and improve your conversion rates.

Instapage Main features

Having a good landing page of its own is not enough to guarantee business, so what are some of Instapage’s main features and what do they offer?

Google integration

Instapage cites itself as the only landing page which is designed to be wholly compatible with Google and the host of Google program suites that make people finding and using your website easy. This means a close tie between things like Google AdWords, the ability to conveniently and easily use Google analytics and a host of other Google programs designed to ensure that your landing page is Google compatible. This is an important feature to consider as Google is the number one search engine in the world and the vast majority of your clients are almost certain to be using it when searching for you.

Customized landing pages

This is a unique and innovative feature which allows for the use of multiple landing pages. In traditional advertising, no matter what ad or keyword brought you to a website, that click will still only take you to a universal homepage that everyone can see. However, with Instapage, one of the big claims to fame and the key to their massive increase in conversion rates is the fact that people get individualized pages based on which advertisements they clicked to take them there. A client using one particular keyword who was linked to the web page will have an entirely unique landing page designed and branded around the things they were looking for. This ability to offer multiple landing pages is a unique and innovative function.

Faster review process

Having a page get reviewed faster is important. Oftentimes it can take days or even weeks for proper reviews to occur, whether from clients or from Google. But with Instapage your page is designed so that you can get your feedback within minutes not days and learn how effective your page is or is becoming. This improved speed and reliability when it comes to the review process could be a huge boon to people who are designing quickly and also ensure that they have less management to do in the future.

Instapage Pros

Instapage has several things that are worthy of note.

Custom landing pages

The first pro is of course the customized landing pages. With customized landing pages, individuals feel they're getting a unique individual experience and even more so with these pages, individuals are able to assess a website for compatibility to their needs instantly. Instead of having to wade through a slew of information on unrelated products, the landing page will be a customized one designed around the product which got them to click on the link in the first place. This unique customization is one of the strongest pros that Instapage has to offer.

Easy marketing integration

Instapage was also designed to seamlessly integrate with any of your current marketing programs. Whether that is social media marketing, email marketing, or one of the host of others, Instapage is able to easily take that information and begin to attribute it to improving your overall customer experience on your pages and creating marketing campaigns which blend seamlessly with your landing pages.

Instapage Cons

There are several other pros for Instapage such as real-time collaboration, integration with Google, and others but one other question is what are the cons?


Although it may seem unfair to complain too much about pricing given the slew of benefits that your business will receive, even the cheapest deal available will be over $800 annually and for a smaller business these costs could potentially be prohibitively expensive - especially for a startup. That is not to say that it may not be potentially worth it but it is something that new or struggling businesses may take issue with.


For businesses that are sole proprietors or those run by individuals not as technologically savvy, there is a lot in Instapage to learn and to potentially be confused by. Even with their tech support and their live assistance, it still would require somebody with a modicum of computer and internet savviness to be able to utilize Instapage to its full potential.

Instapage - The Bottom Line

In summary, Instapage is a fantastic tool for the computer savvy and the shrewd in business who seek to improve their conversion rates and hence their user experiences. It is also great for those who seek to harness the power of customized audience advertising to drive their future sales and customer conversion rates.

As mentioned already to realize its full potential will require a bit more fiddling in the settings but the basic functions are quite easy to dip your toes into if you are new to landing page software.

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LeadPages vs Clickfunnels – REVIEW

If you are familiar with running an online business or have tried and failed to market a product/service on the web you will know that a well-designed site is not always a guarantee for success. Neither is tons of traffic if you’re not able to turn those visitors into paying customers. This is what eMarketers call conversion and it really is the secret to moving into the big leagues online.

The problem with most websites and even some of the popular website builders out there is that they are focused simply on creating "pretty websites" without any idea about what leads to conversion. To address this issue there is a whole category of apps called landing page and funnel builders and as part of this app showdown we are going to look at two of the best.

Funnel builders

Sales funnels are a key to making good money online.

The two apps are LeadPages and Clickfunnels, which can help you design attractive landing pages yes but more importantly focus on converting web traffic into money in the bank whilst also increasing your email contact list.

I'm sure you will agree making money and building your audience are the two keys to online success, so lets see how well each platform does, starting first with Clickfunnels.

clickfunnels review


Anyone who has started a new business can tell you that it’s not an easy task. There are hundreds of thousands ecommerce entrepreneurs out there trying to make it and the truth is that it doesn’t matter how professional their web site looks, this doesn’t always translate into sales.

Even more, sometimes the difference between being successful or not doesn’t have to do with how good your product is, instead it can all come down to if you’re able to reach your target audience or not.

This is where ClickFunnels comes into play. A nicely designed site can deliver the message that you are running a legitimate business, but paying lots of money to get a professional to do the job can be deadly to your budget.

What's worse is that many designers are not conversion specialists so you could end up paying a lump of cash for a website that doesn't make one sale.

Introducing Clickfunnels:

With ClickFunnels you can design a professional-looking site with just a few clicks. What sets Clickfunnels apart from other platforms that offer similar services? In a nutshell you’ll build your site inside of a sales funnel guaranteed to put you in contact with a client base that is actually interested in products similar to yours. Russell Brunson the founder of Clickfunnels is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs the keys he has used to make millions online. Clickfunnels is the tool he developed and uses to fulfill his business model.

It’s not only about selling; you can also set up follow up emails to your clients or subscribers on autopilot, which is normally an extra cost. Also, you’ll have analytic tools that will show you just how well your sites are doing. You’ll see real time statistics so you can adjust your commercial strategy to make your site more profitable or get more subscribers for your content.

How it works

It just takes a few steps to set up your site and start reaching your customers. It’s as easy as selecting a sales funnel, setting up your site and going public.

The sales funnels have been created to fit different types of products, so you’ll have to browse through them and select the one that best fits your needs. This takes away the burden of finding your clients on your own and almost guarantees that you will start seeing results right away.


Clickfunnels make it easy to create the sales process you need.

Designing your site is also an easy task. There are pre-designed elements ready for you to select and just add to your site with a simple drag-and-drop action. After your site is ready, you can change anything or add new elements. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

They say that it will take you ten minutes to set up your site, well, not exactly. Most people will tinker which is only natural but it shouldn’t take weeks either. If you are new to the whole website design concept, it will take some time to get your bearings but it’s not hard to do. It will get easier as you become familiar with the user interface, the tools and design elements.

Although this platform comes with its own shopping cart, auto responder and other tools to run your online business, it also comes with third party integrations with popular tools already in the market. If you have your favorite email service, such as Mailchimp for example, you don’t have to stop using it just because you joined ClickFunnels. You have a lot of control and versatility to run your online business the way you are most comfortable with.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • check
    Setting up your site is an easy and very straightforward process that takes only a few minutes.
  • check
    There is a 14-days trial period you can use to test it out without spending any money. After that, if you’re not pleased, you can just leave. There are no penalties or fees.
  • check
    You’ll get access to a series of tools that will make your ecommerce operations easier since you’ll control everything (email, shopping cart, automatic responses) from one place.
  • check
    Although it's a paid service, the fees aren’t that high. If you’re serious about running a business you shouldn’t mind making a small investment to get started.
  • check
    ​Besides using the custom templates, you can add your own images and content to really personalize your site and adapt it to your corporate image
  • check
    It includes free training from their passionate CEO - Russel Brunson
  • check
    You won’t have to pay for app updates since all of them are included in your membership fee.
  • check
    You can use it on a month to month basis; there are no long term contracts. Instead of cancelling your account, you can just “pause” your subscription. This way your data will be stored when you decide to activate your account again.
  • check
    No need to invest on expensive hardware or a tech department, everything is cloud based and requires no installation.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • check
    It could take a while to get to know all the tools and features available to you.
  • check
    It costs more than LeadPages and some other landing page builders.

Now that we have looked at Clickfunnels let's look at one of its main competitors.

leadpages review


As you may have guessed by its name, this platform can generate leads for your business using different methods. One of them is giving you the tools to create attractive landing pages that will help you increase your conversion rate.

Also, you could design an engaging ad to lead your clients right to your landing page, increasing traffic and opportunities to make a sell.

It comes with ready-to-use templates that are mobile compatible, so your landing page looks sharp no matter how your clients get to it. It will also help you collect information from your users via social media, SMS, email and more. Get in touch with your clients and see how your contact list grows as you get them to sign up by sending emails with links that facilitate the whole process.

LeadPages can also work as a webinar email capture tool. It comes with a webinar template you can use to post your content and even add a chat box to interact with your audience.

There are different versions depending on your needs; features are different between the standard and professional memberships. You should check out this information before signing up so you select the one that’s right for you. You will also find below a comparison chart of the 3 main versions of LeadPages.


Click image to zoom

How it works

LeadPages offers a user-friendly interface where you will be designing landing pages in no time. It doesn’t take much to get started since it comes with pre-designed objects that you can use to give your page a professional look and feel even if you don’t have previous coding experience.

A recent addition to LeadPages is their block builder which gives you a lot more control of the look and feel now. This was one of the major drawbacks to LeadPages in the past because you couldn't edit certain elements that were part of the template. 

After you’re done, you just publish your pages on LeadPages server and start seeing how traffic to your site increases. You can use LeadPages platform or publish the pages to an existing site you may already have, it’s up to you.

It’s a great tool for collecting relevant data about your visitors. You can add surveys, special fields or even hidden fields to record the information that you need to grow your business. Your email list will immediately start growing.

You can also use forms that pop-up at a predefined time or as your user is getting ready to leave the site. Don’t risk losing opportunities by letting your prospective clients leave without collecting their relevant information.

LeadPages Pros

  • check
    No coding necessary. It has an easy-to-use graphic interface where all that you have to do is click a few times to add the elements that you want. There are a lot of pre-designed elements to choose from.
  • check
    New page block builder tool is a great addition for designing custom pages
  • check
    It comes with analytic tools that will make the whole A-B testing process an easy task. You’ll know exactly how well each of your pages is doing.
  • check
    Its integration with other tools makes it easy to use the leads generated on other services you might already be using.
  • check
    User support is at your fingertips and comes in many ways. There are tutorials you can browse through or, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can chat with experts that will gladly guide you.
  • check
    You can opt for the custom elements or add some of your own, like videos or images to really personalize your page.

LeadPages Cons

  • check
    It’s not an all-in-one tool like Clickfunnels, you’ll need to use the integration with other products if you want to really take advantage of the leads that you build using it.
  • check
    The trial period only starts after you’ve subscribed to any of the paid plans. You’ll have 14 days to decide if you like LeadPages or not. After that, you will not get a refund.

LeadPages vs Clickfunnels - The Bottom Line

Although they both can help you increase traffic to your site and grow your mailing list, they are not exactly the same type of platform.

ClickFunnels is a lot broader in what it has to offer while LeadPages focuses more on giving you a design tool to build landing pages, funnels and pop-ups. If you want to take a step beyond that, you will have to use the integrations with other products. It has several, so you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for. However adding these integrations may make it more costly than Clickfunnels which has it built in. At this point it becomes a matter of preference for which platform you find easier to use.

In terms of cost, LeadPages is more affordable, but there is a catch. While you can try out ClickFunnels for free, LeadPages trial period only begins after you have already subscribed to a plan. Also, you can use ClickFunnels on a month to month basis. There are no contract and no long term deals.

They both have user support and learning tools to get you started but, since there is so many more features in ClickFunnels, the learning curve can be steeper when compared to LeadPages.

To sum up, they are both very useful tools, both quite popular also. Choosing between them will come down to what your specific needs are. If you already have a working site, mail services and a shopping cart platform and all that you need is increasing your traffic, growing your email list and increasing your conversion rate, then LeadPages can help you with that. But if you need a more comprehensive platform that includes all the mentioned services and can also put you in contact with a viable client base, then you should check out ClickFunnels.

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designbold vs. stencil app

DesignBold vs. Stencil – Graphic Design Showdown

Both of these apps are available as part of an AppSumo briefcase membership but which will you choose? See my verdict in the video below.

Both DesignBold and Stencil are included in the AppSumo briefcase membership. Alternatively each are available at the following pricing.

  • DesignBold Pro from $19 per month
  • Stencil from $9 per month

In defense of DesignBold: It does appear to offer more features for fine tune editing your designs compared to Stencil. In effect Designbold looks closer to being a true competitor to the likes of Canva.

However for the purposes mentioned in this video of creating simple blog post layouts - Stencil was the clear winner.

To try both for yourself sign up to Briefcase below.

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Depositphotos LIFETIME deal is back – 2017

I am glad to announce that today the greatest deal you will ever see for Depositphotos is back. Lifetime credits you can use any way you like for any image file size you like.

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You need images and vectors to grow your business, whether it’s for marketing materials, email headers, graphic designs, social media posts, eBook covers, whatever! With this sweet deal from Depositphotos you can get 100 downloads from a library of over 60,000,000 premium stock photos and vector images for just $49.

This is deal would normally cost over $500!

Thankfully, if you go to AppSumo you don’t have to pay full price, ever. But you have to act fast because this deal won’t last!

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convertkit and instapage

ConvertKit & InstaPage Integration Announcement

One thing we as entrepreneurs have no shortage of today is tools and software to optimise our businesses. This is especially the case when it comes to running the online aspect of our businesses – literally every single day a new tool is announced which promises to save us time, make us more money or improve our life sometimes in the most abstract of ways – can anyone say “Smart Light Bulbs” with me?

Now even when we do find tools that really help our lives in some meaningful way it can sometimes be tricky for tool A to play nicely with tool B” that we use. This is why I’m happy to announce this partnership between two of arguably the most important tools for digital businesses namely email marketing and landing pages. The companies I’m talking about is ConvertKit (email marketing) and InstaPage (landing pages) who are offering some nifty integrations for you.

Here is their full announcement 

Since starting ConvertKit, we’ve had this belief that we shouldn’t be all things to all people. We want to focus on being the best at the one thing we do, and if there is another tool out there we know would help our customers build their business, we search to find the partner that does that the best.

When it comes to landing pages, we started researching and realized that Instapage not only has the best landing page editor, they’ve also created a beautiful and simple user experience. That’s the same approach we take here at ConvertKit.

Why we love Instapage

We believe in Instapage so much that we’re not just putting a link on our integration page for you, we’ve been working with them over the last few months to add Instapage features directly into ConvertKit. This is going to make it so easy for you to jump into Instapage to start creating high-converting landing pages to sell your online products.

With our Instapage partnership you’ll be able to:

  • Seamlessly send leads from your landing pages straight into your ConvertKit automations
  • Create flexible but powerful landing pages to help you convert readers to customers
  • Fully and easily customize templates to build your brand awareness
  • Know your audience habits and needs with real time analytics
  • Publish pages to as many unique domains as you need to tailor to your segmented audience
  • Get started quickly with 200+ conversion-tested templates

Find out more about this incredible partnership that rolls out today, July 25th, in our Medium publication, Work in Public, and tune into Instapage’s podcast today to hear more from me about our partnership.

Instapage + ConvertKit

It’s a partnership we believe in because it serves our mission to help bloggers (you) earn a living. Beautiful landing pages that help you turn readers into subscribers and subscribers into customers is an important piece of that mission.

So get going: try out the integration today. You can find it in the landing pages section of the app.

Not a ConvertKit user yet? Click the button below for a FREE 2 weeks trial to check it out. We’d love the chance to help you grow your business and earn a living online.


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origin builder review

Origin Builder Review + Coupon


Today we bring you an introductory review of Origin Builder

The Origin Builder coupon code you are looking for is below this review. Make sure to also claim our great bonuses when you purchase using any of the links on this website.

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Origin Builder Break Down

When it comes to internet marketing, you need to get a helping hand. It’s just something that you’re going to need to succeed. Yes, you could go at it without any assistance, including software to build content. But if you go at it that way, expect to spend a lot of time moving forward through a lot of different arenas, trying different things and getting nowhere fast. To ensure that you’re able to gain the upper hand in marketing, there are options that can help. The latest, for instance, is Origin Builder. This is a WordPress product that is going to give you a huge leap in terms of internet marketing, and will convert any product faster, better, and easier than going at it alone.

About and the creator/team Origin Builder

The team behind this is Precious Ngwu, and they are teaming up with JVZoo. This software option ties together with WordPress themes, and content management elements to pull in original content and promote it across the SEO lexicon. It’s a drag and drop solution that has been worked on for quite some time now. Without Origin Builder, you would have to do everything from set up the software, to edit the headers, insert SEO elements, and so much more. The many branches that play out here are difficult to manage, unless you’re an expert in niche internet marketing collateral. This streamlines what you would normally do alone, only with a helping hand.

How to use Origin Builder?

Once you purchase Origin Builder, you’re going to get a package of elements to install within your WordPress, and a startup guide to working with the elements. Once you set this up within your hosting plan, you’re going to see a lot of different elements that you can customize. You’ll customize these areas with your keyword selection, as well as drag and drop different things into place. As you work through the various customizations, your site is going to get promoted through the world of SEO with relative ease. Using the latest algorithmic shifts of Google, the different pieces will give you a stepping stone to getting ranked, and indexed faster and faster within the internet search lexicon.

Pros and Cons

As Consider a few pros and cons, about Origin Builder before buying it.


• Works With WordPress
• Fast Connectivity
• SEO infused
• Drag and Drop With Ease

• Must Use WordPress
• Takes Time To Customize Everything

Is ConvertKit Origin Builder?

When you actually consider Origin Builder, you’re going to find that the asking price of $37 is a lot less than you may think. You could spend a lot of time learning the pieces that this software does for you automatically. Done right, you will see a jump in traffic that is going to pay off dividends. It helps push your WordPress installation to funnel in targeted traffic that will help you make sales, convert on PPC campaigns, and much more. This automates the SEO and marketing elements you need most, without having to do everything slowly.

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Next client review discount coupon code

Next Client Review + Coupon


Today we bring you an introductory review of Next Client

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Next Client Break Down

There are a lot of ways to make money, and one of them is through B2B sales. However, this is one of the hardest things to do. There’s a high turnaround amidst sales people in this regards, and you will find that it can be difficult for you to manage. That’s not to say that it’s impossible, but rather it’s just difficult. To offset that difficulty, the makers of Next Client have made something that will absolutely change things for anyone thinking about getting into this world. B2B means that you are literally going business to business trying to sell to managers and decision makers. It’s not a simple matter, especially if you don’t have a solid client list. It’s for that reason that you will need to look into Next Client and how it changes things up for you.

About and the creator/team Behind Next Client

The mastermind behind Next Client is a marketer name Stev, and he’s been working with JV Zoo for some time. This software has been produced with the help of a team that has harnessed what many people have to do manually, into a simplified solution that will pay off dividends overall. This comes after years of seeing marketers struggle with selling to businesses, and finding leads that were not just random numbers in a phone book. Once you figure out how to work with this, you’re going to absolutely see an incredible change in any business plan you may have.

How to use Next Client?

Once you purchase a membership for Next Client, you are going to get a plugin that you can use for WordPress, as well as access to software that is going to revolutionize your sales methodology. What this does is it focuses on finding you prospects through deep business searches. When you pull the information of potential clients, you’ll be able to use the strategies found within this product to get conversions. All you need is to isolate leads, and follow the script (with a few modifications) and watch your sales convert fast. With 1 client sold, you’ll pay for the membership and software outright, no doubt.
Pros and Cons

Before you buy Next Client, consider a few quick pros and cons.


• Easy To Use
• B2B Marketing Simplicity
• Converts Well


• Must Be Involved With B2B
• Sales Heavy

Is Next Client Worthwhile?

At the end of the day, you’re going to find that this is not for everyone. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get it, instead, really consider how powerful B2B marketing is. If you’re curious about how to move forward with this, or perhaps you have a team of sales people or are a part of a sales team, then this is going to help you gain much needed leads, sales, and closings that are second to none. Marketing becomes easier when you focus on the right elements, and that’s what Next Client is all about. It helps you narrow down the field of clients, and get only targeted individuals and businesses that will buy what you’re selling. This is a sales tool like no other, and it will absolutely help any B2B sales person make moves. At the cost of only $97 a month, it will pay off fast, especially as you gain experience in conversing with businesses and sales individuals.

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Matic Press Review + Coupon


Today we bring you an introductory review ofMatic Press

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Matic Press Break Down

When it comes to making websites, you are going to have to scale a large mountain, so to speak. The reason why is because you’re going to have to create your site on a web hosting account, then you’ll have to build the pages, then set up updates, and create content that is going to serve the purpose of your business. This is not an easy thing to do, without a bit of expertise. It’s for that reason that Matic Press has been created. This is a product that is going to change the way that you see marketing, as it allows you to build a serious website to compete against others, and get conversion ratios rising to all new levels, all without knowing code, etc.

About and the creator/team behind Matic press

Matic Press is the brain child of Tantan Hilyatana and a group of developers that have bene working closely with the updated versions of Matic Press. This is a concept that has been in the works for some time, and it’s now going to change the landscape of how you build viral websites. Pick a niche, combine a few ideas you have, and then pull the right content to get you moving forward with affiliate marketing sales, and PPC monetization. This is a truly different type of product as it doesn’t pull punches, it completely changes the way that you’re going to utilize blogging, website building, squeeze pages and the rest.

How to use Matic Press?

Once you purchase Matic Press, you’ll be able to set up a full website without having to write the content, or build the page. You’ll have access to a variety of themes, and you just have to put in your niche, a few ideas, some links that you want to pull from, and that’s it. You won’t have to worry about anything else, as this is done automatically for you. You can create a huge site without having to come up with your own content, as there’s a crowd content funnel that exists to help you gain the upper hand in nearly any niche. Setting this up is easy, and the support system in place can help you as well.

Pros and Cons

Consider a few pros and cons when it comes to Matic Press, to ensure that it’s right for you.


• Automated Content
• Fast Loading
• Easy To Work With
• Inexpensive Overall


• You Have To Come Up With An Idea
• May Be Too Simple For Some

Is Matic Press Worthwhile?

When you actually see this in action, you’re going to be astonished. There was a time when you had to build a website with your own code, your own ideas, and then establish content, links and more. It was painstaking and took forever. That’s no longer the case. You’re going to find that today, you can build a site with a little push forward, and get a wealth of resources as a result. All you have to do is utilize the Matic Press tools you receive upon purchase. You can build this all for as little as $27, and then upgrade to plugins and more for a small fee. Simply put, this changes everything.

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The Simple Benefits Beaver Builder Brings WordPress Users

Let’s talk WordPress for a minute!

It seems that virtually every single marketing guru out there always is talking about it and recommending it. And for good reason, it is a rock solid content marketing platform that is made infinitely more powerful through all its “add-on” plugins.

Today I want to look at one of these plugins that I love so much I went and bought the premium version of it. Yes, there is a premium version but thankfully if you are just starting out there is a free version too.


It’s called Beaver Builder and I love it!


Why do I love it so much?

Well, as much as we all love WordPress there is a MAJOR issue with it in terms of designing “The Perfect Page”. Everybody’s definition about the perfect page will differ but we all at least expect the page to look how we designed it in the WordPress editor.

As anyone who has ever used WordPress will know, this is not always the case. You spend hours crafting the perfect page, with all the right spacing, images and formatting. You press publish and eagerly visit the live version of your website… only to be disappointed.

It looks nothing like what you “thought you designed!”


To be perfectly fair to WordPress this actually is not entirely their fault. It has a lot to do with the WordPress template you have chosen, especially if it was a FREE template.

The way it was designed has a major impact on how the pages you think you are designing will eventually display.


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That’s why Beaver Builder was created. It helps you harness the power of the WordPress content management suite and get a professional look and feel.

Plus it works on virtually all templates with no surprises!

If your goal is to make a website that looks stunning, then you will no doubt want to check out the power that comes with it. There are some simple benefits that come through when you’re using Beaver Builder, and it may not strike you until you start actually putting pages together. If you’re on the fence, or you’re not sure whether or not you can benefit from this, then you’ll no doubt want to look into how Beaver Builder is being utilized today, and what benefits shine through overall.

Website Design Done Dirt Cheap

How much does web design cost? Seriously, consider that for a moment. The cost of design could very well be very expensive overall. You may find yourself dealing with a variety of issues in this regards. Website design today can cost you a lot of money, and that’s not just a blind statement. Ask for a quote from a major design company, you will realize that the average company is going to charge you $1,000 to $5,000 for a full suite. A simple 1-page design could still cost you $500 to $1,000 alone. It’s not cheap.

In order to design, even within content management systems, you will need to know code works. Code is not something that you can just copy and paste sometimes. This becomes evident in the framework that WordPress is built. It’s built with HTMl, PHP, CSS, and more. If you don’t know how to edit these correctly, you could end up with a page that doesn’t work. The goal of Beaver Builder is to give you a proper design element, that doesn’t require a lot of code knowledge. You can save money outright, by not having to hire a designer.

Building Pages With Drag and Drop Elements

The biggest benefit that comes through with this solution is the drag and drop design flow. Imagine the analogy of a pizza and toppings. Let’s say you had a pizza. You would have your dough, and you would need to add sauce, cheese, and toppings. This is an easy thing to do. Now, imagine your website like that. You will be able to add images, text, and more on top of your empty page (the dough), and then publish it outright. Imagine adding layers like you would a lasagna, or a pizza, and that’s what you will see happening in this digital platform. With that in mind, you could very well take on any professional site, and compete head on, without having to spend thousands learning code or anything like that.

 Responsive Design Built In

Google shocked the internet with their focus on mobile design. They even created a tool for webmasters to check their websites to see if they were compatible with mobile internet devices. If the site didn’t meet the Google standard, they would get an SEO drop off. Well, with Beaver Builder, you don’t have to worry about that. You can build responsive sites that work with any major browser, on any major device with relative ease. That’s right, you could set up a site in a matter of minutes and make sure that when people look at it online, you get moving forward with relative ease. It’s a simple, incredibly responsive option that you can use to build any type of site, and take it to the mobile internet users you’re trying to target.

Stumped? Don’t Worry Beaver Builder Has You Covered

Creativity isn’t something that you can just turn on and off. Some people struggle with it. You may not be the most creative person; you may not even have a solid idea as to what your website should look like. Don’t panic. You can use the dozens of templates that come with Beaver Builder to your advantage. They not only give you a look and feel that is professional, they give you the power to delete, add on to, and customize a number of solutions. You will be able to customize everything and build a serious push forward into the design flow of any type of website you want to build. You don’t need to know how to put together layouts, you won’t need to be a professional, you just simply click through a few options and see whether or not you like the templates. Once you have one you like, customize it to fit your needs, from colors to text to images, you can modify and edit anything you’d like.

Is Anyone Using Beaver Builder?

At press time, over 15,000 professional websites have been built with this builder and WordPress. That means that there are people that have invested serious money in creating their own niche online, using this platform to help them be as creative as they’d like. Whether you’re trying to sell skateboards or you’re starting a bakery, this is a powerful tool that will let you design your own site, from scratch. Don’t want to design? Then use the templates, modify a few things, and have a site in minutes. Not only that, ensure that it is SEO ready, and it’s compliant with the Google and search engine requirements for mobile interactivity. Simply put, this is a marvelous tool to create sites with.

See Beaver Builder for yourself

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