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Scarcity Builder Review

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People are strange and nothing seems to compel us to action quite so much as a deadline. Most people finish their work right before deadlines, many people shop in the final hours of a promotional offer or sale, or people buy things which they did not want simply because they were on sale for a great deal. But the thing about sales and what makes them different than a standard price is that ultimately the sale will end. This creates a scarcity mindset which drives people to buy. What if there was a way for you to use this same scarcity sales tactic to buy your products at much higher rates than are yielded by a simple promotion? That is the promise of Scarcity Builder. Scarcity Builder was created and designed with the express purpose of being able to create a countdown timer which gives a sense of impending scarcity to your potential clients. So what are some of the pros and cons of this fantastic feature?

Scarcity Builder Pros

Build scarcity

As mentioned before, one of the biggest driving factors which will cause someone to buy is the threat that the deal will not be there. People who are on the fence or unsure about a product are far more likely to buy it if there is a time constraint on the deal than if it will be that same price later. Items which always stay the same price, or are likely to stay the same price for several weeks, give a user time to shop, browse, check reviews, or any number of things. But if your user feels that they are up against the clock with only a day or even a few hours left in the promotion before they have to pay full price for something they might want, the clock is likely to push them over the fence and cause them to instinctually buy. This knee jerk reaction to buy because an item is about to become more expensive is a powerful sales tactic and one that Scarcity Builder helps you to exploit. With the ability to set up any promotion for any level of deal to last for any period of time that you want, Scarcity Builder has brought scarcity building down to a science.

Variable scarcity

One of the great tools about Scarcity Builder is the huge variety of ways in which you can utilize this tool. For instance, you can design it so that the clock will automatically reset after it runs out causing there to be a permanent countdown clock and give the illusion of coming price increase. However, since the price increase never actually occurs, you continue to reap the rewards. It will not take long before savvy customers realize this trick, which is why Scarcity Builder also gives you other variable settings as well.

One of the other fantastic settings given to you by Scarcity Builder is the ability to utilize an individual’s cookies to create a personalized countdown timer for them. A user in Rocky Mountain Time may come on to your site and see that they have a few hours left in the promotion whereas users in the Eastern Standard Time have less. This personalized level of countdown timer means that you can utilize time zones or individualized cookies to create

individualized countdown results. This means that somebody simply restarting their computer is not going to be enough for them to re-hack your time clock. This creates true scarcity as individuals will actually have to buy before a deal runs out for them.

Scarcity Builder Cons

Artificial scarcity

This was somewhat alluded to under the variable scarcity header but it bears greater explanation and that is that scarcity only works either as long as it is true, or your users believe it is true. If somebody bought your product believing they only had a few moments left in the sale and then less than an hour later your sales clock is counting down again, these individuals may feel that they were misled or falsely advertised to. After all, there was no real scarcity as the clock was going to re-hack. It also can cause a sense of embarrassment or even disdain towards you or your product for what makes them feel like they were compelled to buy by believing that there was a time constraint when in fact that time constraint was a lie. Using Scarcity Builder responsibly in a way that does not upset or alienate clients is an essential element for continued success using this marketing tactic.


If you are able to use this tool responsibly then it can produce exceptionally high yields. Tapping into the human psyche to achieve a deal before the time constraints are over as well as the ability to track and analyze how successful various scarcity campaigns have been and create customized scarcity for different users based on location are all fantastic tools which savvy marketers can use to exponentially grow their sales and profits. 

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Authority Spy Review

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Building a reputation for yourself and making your name online can be an incredibly hard thing to achieve. Part of the big problem is unless you were already well-known, you will have to be starting this process from scratch. But what if they were a better way? What if there was a way for you to be able to utilize the knowledge of others and use their authority on topics to benefit your thriving growing business? That is the promise of Authority Spy. Authority Spy is made with the intention of helping you seek out highly qualified authorities on your given topics and learning how to utilize and integrate those authorities into your marketing campaign. So what are some of the pros and cons of this elegant tool?


Authority Spy Pros

Easy to find authorities

One of the first great pros is how easy it is to find the exact authorities you need. With Authority Spy, all you have to do is type in a couple of keywords and Authority Spy will find you the best writers and research that already has a proven track record online of being well respected and well followed. This means that you are instantly going to gain access to the best that the internet has to offer. This is far superior to simply trying to identify the sources yourself or the hours that it could take to find reputable individuals online through mere Google searches. With Authority Spy, you are able to swiftly find quality authority sources which takes a lot of the pain and many hours out of the research.

Show you their influence

Say you wanted to find an ideal authority for a Facebook promotional campaign or maybe one on Twitter? Well fortunately for you, Authority Spy not only can find you the individuals but can also give you an analytical breakdown of how many followers they have and on what social media platforms. This is a huge boost to your ability to utilize the sources to further your marketing or message as now you will be able to find the individuals who have the strongest voices inside the spheres you are trying to reach. Finding somebody with the most overall followers but who has almost no representation on Facebook would not be ideal if you are attempting to launch a Facebook campaign. This analytical software is so powerful because it tells you minute specific information about the breakdown of where these followers are and how many. With this information, it is easy for you to utilize their authority to achieve your specific goals.

Share results

Authority Spy is not just useful if you are attempting to find individuals and quality sources within your sphere for you to build upon and utilize their knowledge from, it is also a fantastic research and analytical tool overall. Finding these kinds of sources can be a researcher’s dream come true, especially if you are attempting to chart the rise and influence of different individuals on

certain topics online. But what good is all of this gathered data if you are unable to share it? Fortunately, Authority Spy has also thought of this and makes it easy for you to export any of the data information which you have gathered on individuals online into an easy Excel sheet. This ability to share results and information is an essential element of why Authority Spy is so useful across so many different forums and mediums

Authority Spy Cons

All software has a drawback, whether it is in the limitations of its own power, or limitations of what its users thinks it can accomplish. This is no different with Authority Spy, so what are some of the cons for this fantastic program?

Be wary how you utilize

This one may seem like common sense but common sense is too often lacking. Being wary how you utilize it does not mean that you should be fearful of using this exceptionally powerful and useful tool; rather when you are attempting to leverage the authority of individuals on topics or resources to support or bolster your arguments, thoughts, or product lines, it is essential that you do not accidentally give the misinterpretation that they have specifically endorsed your brand. The last thing your thriving business needs is allegations of false advertising. Leveraging and utilizing authoritative sources to support your argument is all well and good but if you accidentally cross a line and either explicitly or implicitly imply that those authoritative sources support your brand, product, or service specifically, you can find yourself in some serious legal issues.


All that being said, if you can use Authority Spy responsibly you will be able to have easy access to the metrics of authorities throughout the internet; easily be able to identify the most followed, liked, and well-respected individuals within their fields; and be able to utilize and share that information for any projects or research that you need. Overall, Authority Spy is an exceptional tool and one that is incredibly useful for online marketing research. If you would like to find out more information you can always visit

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WebinarIgnition Review

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Converting followers, getting regular streams of revenue, and marketing are all important pillars in building success. However, it has always been difficult to learn how to work in tandem and there are far more people who fail than succeed at doing them. It has always been a struggle to have your voice heard among the myriad of choruses on the internet and even more so to create reliable streams of revenue and marketing simultaneously. But what if there were a way to do all three? What if there was way to help convert individuals to your cause or product while simultaneously being able to speak in an open and honest fashion that people most respond to and market? Well that is the promise of Webinarignition. Webinarignition was made with the purpose of making web seminars simple, convenient, and effective. Webinarignition has a variety of features all designed to help enhance your marketing strategies, your appeal, your reach, and your revenue generation. So what are some of the pros and cons program?

Webinarignition Pros

Engage with webinars

The best potential marketing strategy available online is the webinar. These web seminars can be filled with any kind of information, tools, tips, or advice that you so choose and the higher their quality and content, the higher the chances are of successfully converting individuals to buy in and follow your webinar series. Webinars can offer so much value to a client. What you know, your years of experience, the mistakes you have made, and your triumphs all are things which are potentially valuable to your clients.

A webinar is designed to convert your knowledge, experience, and advice into cash revenue. It is important to make sure that your customers are getting, or feel like they are getting, this value because customers or clients who feel that your webinar is overpriced but not filled with value for their money are customers who will drive away business from you. Online webinars can also easily be used as a form of marketing for your products or business in addition to being utilized for sale directly. Webinars can be made to help convert clients, give a unique perspective on work or business, and provide a host of other benefits to your clients.

Automated webinars

Webinarignition gives multiple different options for the kinds of webinars that you can run utilizing the software. Of course there is the live webinar where you present your information conveniently, factually, and live for paying clients or customers to view, and then there is also the pre-recorded or automated system. Both have pros and cons. The live system is convenient because you may decide to add in a Q and A section so individuals can have their questions answered at the end of your webinar and it gives you a chance to engage in a more direct and unscripted way.

Or there is the automated route where you can create high-quality edited webinars that feature exactly the information you want and with the quality you desire for your business. These automated webinars can also conveniently and easily be accessed by your clients 24/7. Unlike a live webinar where you would likely be asleep in the middle of the night, the automated ones allow an individual around the world or simply a late night owl to watch one of your automated webinars and you can be receiving money and generating revenue around the clock. However, the automated webinar takes a little bit of the scarcity out of the equation as now individuals know it will always be there when they want it as opposed to a live webinar which certainly has an expiration date.

Webinarignition Cons

One of the potential cons for this particular tool is the fact that to be most effective, a webinar must be engaging. Learning to be engaging through a video medium is something that many people take time to learn. It can take practice to be confident in front of a camera and to speak clearly, thoughtfully, and coherently, while simultaneously engaging the individuals who watch the webinar without putting them to sleep. Your information can be accurate, helpful, and hugely valuable but if you are putting a client to sleep as they watch it will not be hugely valuable to them. When you do a webinar, you are part teacher and part entertainer and both are necessary to have successful continuation at this craft.


If you are an individual who either has the ability or desire to learn to create engaging webinar videos, who can think fast on their feet, who enjoy the editing process, who want to reach clients in a unique way while simultaneously marketing your product, then Webinarignition is the product for you. Webinarignition can help create reliable streams of revenue, can help expand your reach and message across the internet, and can help your clients connect with you and your business in a new and innovative way. If you would like to find out more, check out

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Voice Stak Review

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Connecting with clients or potential clients online has always been a difficult challenge with many methods utilized to try to achieve success. One of the most frustrating things though is when a customer interaction online goes wrong, so rarely does the online business even know or have any idea what caused it or how to fix it. People often don't respond to phone calls, text, or email surveys about their experiences and so you are always left wondering why a customer was dissatisfied. Although you may wonder, they have often written reviews explaining exactly why on online review boards which can seriously hurt your business as others are concerned they will experience the same issues. So what is a business to do? This is where Voice Stak comes to the rescue. Voice Stak is a new and innovative method for allowing your customers to have their voices heard by leaving a voice or video message for your website. So what are some of the pros and cons of this interesting tool?

Voice Stak Pros

Easy website integration

Since there is nothing to install or download, this is a very easy widget to integrate directly into your website. Not only is it convenient due to the fact that there is no installation process, merely just selecting the widget, the other big plus is that it is also infinitely customizable with different coloring to ensure that Voice Stak always matches your website branding. This is important because resource tools, no matter how exceptional, should always match the overall color themes and schemes of your website. Tools which look like they are made from a variety of different sources give your website a Frankenstein-like look that is very off-putting. If your goal is to have customer interaction using Voice Stak, then its ability to blend in with the rest of your site is an essential element.


This is another huge benefit and that is its cross-compatibility. Many times software programs only work for tablets or phones, but not always for computers or vice versa. This cross-compatibility also occurs between different websites or different web builders and so while something may be available on Wix it would not be able to be used on WordPress. This is not true for Voice Stak. Voice Stak is designed to have huge amounts of compatibility between different online website builders as well as between different products and devices. This is a very important feature as it gives both you and your clients huge amounts of freedom. It gives you the freedom to use whatever web building services you desire and it gives your clients huge freedoms to be able to utilize any device and still have it be Voice Stak compatible.

Voice and video messages

Saving the best for last, the thing that really sets Voice Stak apart is its ability for your clients to leave voice and video messages. These are important because so often clients will not fill out

surveys, answer your phone calls, or respond to emails or texts but many clients would feel better about their interaction, the experience, or their complaints knowing that a business genuinely cared and that their voice was genuinely heard. This is what makes Voice Stak so special; it helps your clients have that peace of mind to know that their voices are heard and that their voice matters. Being able to listen to or see your clients can also help you interact at a higher level and know how to adjust and fix your site so your customers’ needs are met.

Voice Stak Cons

One of the potential cons to utilizing this is we live in a day and age where online privacy and security are at a premium. Every interaction we do seems to be at the cost of giving up some of our privacy. Speaking and video calling are sometimes some of the most intimate actions a person may do and it will be important for you to let your clients and customers know that their responses and reviews are safe, secure, and confidential. Some individuals may be uneasy with the prospect of using Voice Stak but you can help alleviate those fears by helping them know their privacy is your primary concern.


This innovative tool with its ability to be embedded anywhere, used across any site or any device, and to let your customers be seen and heard makes it an exceptionally powerful interactive tool for helping ensure that you are always able to hear your customers’ needs before that bad experience loses you a valuable customer. If you would like to find out more, check out

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PayKickstart Review

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Having the right payment program is one of the single most important parts of any business. It is not simply enough to have a good website, a good marketing funnel, a great campaign, lots of people on Facebook or Twitter who follow you or like your posts, or even customers ready to buy your products if at the end of it all your payment system is a wreck. This is the point of sale and the most important part to get right because all of your work has culminated in this singular part of the marketing - a business process.

But what if you want to have variety in the kinds of abilities you can have with your payments? What if you need to be able to make a subscriber list where regular payments are withdrawn? What if you want to make different levels of subscribers? What if you want to offer a free trial? What if you simply need more versatility than most payment programs on the market today can offer you? That is where PayKickstart comes in. Paykickstart was designed not just to give you the ability to sell anything and everything but to be able to sell it in the way that you want. So what are some of the pros and cons of this program?

PayKickstart Pros

Easy to upgrade and downgrade membership

If the product or service which you are selling includes a membership package then this is a very important ability for you to have and that is the ability to upgrade and downgrade your membership packages. In traditional payment methods, this would mean that the onus would be upon your subscriber to leave their current subscription package and then do a separate purchase for a lower-level package. Not only is this an additional complication on behalf of your client but during that changeover they may simply decide to cease payments entirely and so instead of just downgrading a client, you have lost them.

The same is possible when they consider upgrading if they decide to scout around and find that somebody else can offer an upgrade better than yours. But this is where PayKickstart can help save you from losing clients, take away hassle from your clients, and help ensure steady revenue and that is by giving you the ability to upgrade or downgrade a client's membership fees. This takes away the complication from the customer and helps ensure steady revenue for you.

Enhanced commission capabilities

If your product or service is one where you have other individuals helping sell on your behalf then it is likely they are getting a commission for that work. With Paykickstart this gives you huge variety in how you would like to manage those commissions. For instance, you can set it up so that individuals get a certain percentage of the commission for selling during one marketing or campaign only and get a different level of commission for other items or other periods. Alternatively, you can set it up so that those individuals can get their payment instantly

from the sale or you can make it so the commission is delayed for a given period if for whatever reason you need to double-check and help protect yourself from scam or fraud. No matter what the reason, the enhanced capabilities offered through PayKickstart are fantastic for any business which utilizes a commission style of sales.

PayKickstart Cons

Although there are many other features and upsides for Paykickstart, let's spend a moment and focus on a potential con. One potential downside lies not so much in the software as in the operator and that is with so many different monetary capabilities at your fingertips, it can sometimes be confusing which product or which payment options you want to go with for your items or your services. There is a learning curve in determining whether customers are most likely to be converted and buy your product if the price is expensive but a one-time offer, or if it is cheap but has payment plans. Perhaps to get access they must be a subscriber and so the payment is regular? There is a whole litany of options available for you to choose from and learning what works best can be a bit of a learning curve.


You should not let that learning curve stop you, though, as the options available far exceed most every other payment style plan on the market, and with its automated helpers, the ability to remind customers about unfinished payments or when things are coming due, help with enhancing and tracking commissions, automatically being able to upgrade or downgrade your clients, and a host of other features and options, Paykickstart is a must-have for any entrepreneur. 

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Elegant Themes Review

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Whether you are into blogging for fun or you run a small business, the need to invest in design to make your website outstanding cannot be overemphasized. One of the fundamental things that would make your website visitors stick to your website is the design.

No matter how captivating your products and content is, no one will even consider buying your products if your design is ugly. Therefore, you need to invest funds on design in order to make your website appear stunning and to convert. This is where Elegant themes comes handy. You just have to pay a one-time fee of $89 for a years access and you get to enjoy their entire collection of 87 themes. There is an even a lifetime license, which really is the best value for money as updates are regular.

When it comes to theme and plugin shopping, Elegant Themes certainly deserve a place on your shortlist. However, are their themes and plugins really what your website need? Should you subscribe to Elegant Themes or continue your search? At the end of this review, hopefully, all your doubts will be cleared for you to make an informed decision.

Let’s get started


Elegant Themes was launched 8 years ago and has currently served over 400,000 users. Since the establishment of Elegant Themes at the founder’s college apartment, their workforce has increased to over 40 employees spread across several countries. The philosophy behind Elegant Themes is that all their themes are properly designed, as well as, easy to use. In addition, their themes are usually backed up by a frequent update and speedy support. One good thing about Elegant Themes is that they are always improving.

All 87 of their themes are best suited for blogs in every niche which include:

  • Themes for apps sites,
  • Business blog themes,
  • Premium and stylish personal blogs,
  • Portfolio themes for writers and designers,
  • Conversion optimized e-commerce themes,
  • Best elegant themes for Tumblr blogs and also
  • Ravishing magazine blog themes that focus on content optimization.

Elegant Themes Main features

Elegant Themes has several features to make your website stunning. Some of its features are;

  • The Ultimate Toolkit: When you are subscribed to Elegant Themes, it gives you access to all the 87 amazing themes, as well as, three amazing plugins such as Visual page builder, Divi, and the ultimate WordPress theme.
  • Unlimited Use: Unlike other theme providers that charge all manners of sundry charges, with Elegant Themes you are guaranteed of enjoying unlimited use simply by paying a one-time fee.
  • Custom SEO titles: In case you want to add a different title for your website’s homepage, Elegant Themes support custom titles changes.
  • Custom Meta description: In order to generate more clicks from Google SERPS, this feature will enable your themes to be properly optimized.
  • Canonical URLs: This feature will prevent your blog or website from being penalized by Google for a content duplicate.
  • Ad Management; With Elegant Themes, your banner ads will seamlessly be placed all over your WordPress sites.
  • Integrated Lab; This feature will enable you to add third-party scripts like Google Analytics, Yoast code, and Alexa code, among others.
  • Contact form: The framework of Elegant Themes comes with a built-in contact form, which will seamlessly integrate with your WordPress sites.
  • Member Login: With this feature, you will be able to add registration and login forms on your websites.
  • Fast loading: Elegant Themes makes your WordPress sites load faster.

Elegant Themes Pros

  • Simple and easy way to create stunning websites
  • You do not need to be a coding expert to use Elegant Themes
  • Elegant Themes offers design consistency, thereby allowing you to create pages and templates
  • The themes are highly optimized; hence the load time of your website will be 3 seconds

Elegant Themes Cons

Despite its numerous benefits, there are still some drawbacks when you buy this product, some of which are;

  • You may likely experience compatibility problem with some WordPress plugins.
  • It is a bit difficult migrating to other WordPress themes

Elegant Themes - The Bottom Line

As a blogger, you already know that your website design is the key to attracting a potential audience. Google has also decided to give top priority to websites with stunning design elements which will make your site loading time faster. The only way to get a good design is either you hire an expert designer or

you invest funds in getting a design that is developed by a reputable team in the world just like Elegant Themes.

Elegant Themes is a dream for internet marketers and bloggers seeking to create stunning websites no matter the niche. These WordPress themes are a must-have for your collection and you are guaranteed of getting value for your money when using Elegant Themes. If for some reason you are not happy they also offer a money back guarantee – so there is no risk when joining.

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Graphics Kickstart Review

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Finding the right graphics for your business can sometimes be difficult. Thousands of man hours are wasted each year in the search for good high quality graphics that can be used for presentations, slideshows, or even just for that office birthday card.

However, this is where Graphics Kickstart has come in to save the day. Just like in olden days of the computer where we used to get programs that had huge collections of different styles of graphics and clipart, we could simply cut and paste into whatever we wanted, Graphics Kickstart has brought that concept into the 21st century. So what is Graphics Kickstart and why is it an essential thing for an enterprising business to own?

Huge library

Of course the most important thing about Graphics Kickstart is the graphics library itself. Graphics Kickstart holds in its library over 10,000 different images. These images are made by skilled graphic design artists at the highest quality which ensures that you are not getting some low-grade gif image or something done as a freshman project from the kid at the local art school. Rather you are getting the professional style and level of work that businesses in the 21st century demand and expect from their graphic designs. This brings a level of professionalism to any graphic design project which you may need.

This level of professionalism is further enhanced by the simply huge variety that is available. Finding so many stock images all in one place can be a difficult thing especially with the vastness of the internet. But this is why Graphics Kickstarter hosts this immense library which is continually being added to. With this vast library, it helps increase the chances that you will be able to find the professional quality imagery that you need.


Have you found almost the right image that you want? Well then look no further because again Graphics Kickstart has found a way to be able to give its power back to the users and that is through the ability to modify and change any of the graphics within the library. This is a huge boon as so often it's the little details which take forever to find if you are looking for a prefab one. Or if you decide to have one designed, it is often times the small things which take the most money. With Graphics Kickstart, though, you are able to legally edit and adjust any of the graphic images within the library to suit your needs - and Graphics Kickstart even encourages you to do so.

This ability to utilize the vast image library and adjust or change anything to suit the needs of a dynamic company helps ensure that you're not wasting hours looking for the right image when you can simply adjust the images which are already there. Perhaps you wanted a purple background instead of a green, perhaps you want to change the font on the text - no matter

what change it is, the easy access to editing the image while still maintaining your rights to utilize it is an essential element of what makes Graphics Kickstart so special.

Freedom of use

In addition to the freedom given to you to edit images, Graphics Kickstart also gives you the freedom of use, which means you are able to use these images not only for your own personal projects but also for your business project or the projects of clients as well without the fear of negative legal ramifications for the utilization of that work. This is important especially as the internet makes it easy to identify which images have been used before and for what. This freedom of use helps protect Graphic Kickstart’s online community.

Graphics Kickstart Cons

Like with any exceptional program, though, there are always cons and one that Graphics Kickstart has is this: although its library is vast and there are huge variations within the library elements, no library can have everything everyone wants. There may be images that you desperately need and which even variations are simply not available in the Graphics Kickstart library. You can, however, request Graphics Kickstart find specific images that they can then potentially add in future additions of the product.

So if you have the time to wait then this can still work out for you. If, however, you are on a huge time crunch, waiting for images to be developed would be prohibitive. This is just something to bear in mind as some people may buy it thinking that it will simply have everything when in fact the library is still limited although vast.

That being said, with the ability to edit variations of images stored within the library and the free access to use Graphics Kickstart for any project, it is a fantastic product for a professional business to own.

Graphics Kickstart Lifetime Deal

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Heatmap Tracker Review

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One of the issues which has been plaguing online site developers since the dawn of the internet is figuring out how to better engage with their potential clients. This can be especially difficult given the fact that clients oftentimes do not respond to surveys, emails, or questionnaires about their experiences. It could take months and months of gathering data and simply tinkering with different bits of the website at random to try and identify the parts that were most engaging and least engaging as you make overall improvements to the website.

This process is slow and laborious and costing the owners of the website a lot of lost money. Wouldn’t it be simpler if you could just know, even without your potential clients having to tell you, what turns them on and what turns them off your webpage? That is exactly what Heatmap Tracker was designed to do.

So, with that in mind let’s look at some of the features, pros and cons of Heatmap Tracker.

Heatmap Tracker Pros

See how clients actually use your website

The biggest selling feature of Heatmap Tracker is the fact that you are able to track people on your website in real time. This is 100% legal and is not an invasion of their personal privacy as you are simply monitoring the clicks and hits on your own web page. Heatmap Tracker makes it easy for you to tell what parts of the webpage are getting the most engagement by creating a heat map (red/orange) over those areas that receive the most engagement and a cooler area for those areas that receive less or none. By being able to take a simple look at the Heatmap Tracker, you will be able to swiftly identify which parts of your site are engaging your clientele and which parts are turning them off. This is a huge boost over the fix and wait, fix and wait approach of previous website designs. Now you can make changes by the day and even by the minute to enhance your web page. The heat map makes it simple for you to know what works and what doesn't.

Watch LIVE

This is another big one for the ever-changing 21st century website and that is the ability to make live time changes on the fly as needed. With Heatmap Tracker, because you can see instantly which parts of your website are engaging to your potential clients and which are causing them to go back and try another Google search, you gain an advantage over your competitors. This power is critically important as it allows you to know instantly what is happening and why it is happening. If you make a change on your site, you don't want to wait weeks or even months and lose out on potential revenue when you can keep your clients engaged by changing things after just a few minutes of gauging whether it is working or not. This helps you increase your conversion rates, improve client satisfaction and make you money. The live time tracking is an important feature in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Global compatibility

As many people know, mobile devices are some of the biggest methods that people search and browse the internet. A Heatmap Tracker that only would work with the old desktop platform and mouse click would not be as efficient. Fortunately Heatmap Tracker does not just work on desktops but is 100% mobile compatible. This mobile compatibility ensures that no matter how your clients are viewing your page, you will be able to track and adjust. You may even find things on the mobile page that need adjusting which don’t work as well on the desktop page allowing you to more specifically customize it for your different viewing audiences.

Heatmap Tracker Cons

Privacy concerns

Even fantastic software has its limitations and in this day and age, one of the biggest concerns is that many clients may be personally unnerved or uncomfortable with their online browsing habits being observed. Privacy, especially after multiple social media leaks or credit card breaches, is becoming more important to the general public than the benefit which comes from sharing their online information. With recent privacy scandals from mega-corporations currently dominating the headlines, people may be loath to utilize a site which they believe will track their every click. Keeping it a secret could be an option, although if the cat gets out of the bag, your clients may feel they have been spied on or even betrayed. Keeping this in mind will help you ensure that your customers know that their privacy is of the utmost importance to you and to your business. A small disclaimer in your privacy policy letting them know about the Heat mapping technology should be sufficient.

In summary

Heatmap Tracker is a powerful tool that can give you fantastic insights on all of your customers almost instantly. You will then be empowered to make changes to your website based on customer feedback to generate more revenue.

At the end of the day who doesn’t like that? Get started below to see a demo of HeatMap Tracker and to find the best possible price right now.

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Kartra Review

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Do you sell products online? Do you want to increase your sales? Of course, you do but one of the greatest challenges of internet marketing is the ability to determine the software right for your business. This is due to the fact that marketing is continually evolving and changing as we tilt towards the era of artificial intelligence. Most internet entrepreneurs find it difficult to make sales using the traditional marketing schemes, hence the need to leverage on hi-tech marketing and sales tools and this is what we will be looking at today with this Kartra review.

Kartra is an all-in-one e-commerce web app created by Andy Jenkins, Ron Marcus, Donna Fox and Mike Filsaime to cater for the need of internet entrepreneurs who want the ultimate all in one business tool.

If you are subscribed to Kartra, you will get all the necessary tools to successfully build your online business all from a single dashboard. In addition, Kartra will enable you to access understandable site analytics with a view to monitoring your marketing campaigns performance. Kartra will also track the movement of your customers and potential customers on your website. What’s more? You will also enjoy a greater range of resources such as helpdesk, shopping cart, email auto-responders and A/B testing throughout the full customer acquisition funnel.

Kartra Main features

  • It Has Mailing List Management Tools: A mailing list is still a vital asset for online businesses as it allows businesses to communicate with their prospects, members, and clients. When you use Kartra, creating an autoresponder or individual broadcast campaigns are easy with their pro templates included.
  • Kartra comes with a customer relationship management tool: The essence of a customer relationship management tool cannot be over-emphasized in view of the fact that it helps you maintain a long-term relationship with your clients and prospects, as well as, allows you monitor customer sentiment.
  • It offers a range of pre-built sales funnels: Buying a product or service online involves passing through a sales funnel. With Kartra, you get several sales channels designed by expert-level copywriters.
  • It features a great selection of design tools and templates for building landing pages: When you subscribe to the Kartra software, you are sure of designing a top-notch landing page that can be integrated into your website
  • There are membership sites services: Membership sites are dedicated and protected areas of a website where members get exclusive content. You can use Kartra to host your membership sites.
  • Full helpdesk system with live chat: With Kartra, your customers will get direct access to your customer service agents, as well as, get access to your FAQ page. In addition, your customers will be able to reach you via Skype, chat, and phone, among other options if you wish.
  • Built-in Video hosting: Kartra offers a video hosting service which will integrate with your membership sites, landing page, as well as, content pages. In addition, you can integrate your videos with external links to your website.
  • Kartra offers integration with services like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Digital Access Pass and to name a few.
  • Intelligent Split Testing: Optimization of your email campaigns with split testing is now possible with Kartra.
  • Detailed Analytics: You will have full information about any prospect that visits your funnels via the Kartra dashboard.
  • Email integration: Kartra permits full email integration. Adding prospects and customers to your list is now seamless with Kartra when you connect your email marketing service.
  • Flexible Shopping Carts: Managing coupons, upsell, down sell, subscription, and installment payments or lump sum becomes easy with conversion focused checkout pages.
  • Complete Affiliate Management: With Kartra, managing multiple affiliate accounts, payouts and marketing becomes so much easier than before.

Kartra Pros

  • Tracking your business performance and sales via a single dashboard
  • Full suite of pro tools including email, CRM, live chat, affiliate management, ecommerce and video.
  • Excellent performance analytics included
  • You can create fully functional client funnels for any business type
  • You can use “my video feature” to create flexible videos
  • 90 days money back guarantee

Kartra Cons

  • The only negative for some may be the price, but for what you are getting from $89 per month this is a push to call it a negative.

Kartra - The Bottom Line

Kartra is a powerful all-in-one digital business tool that any entrepreneur thinking about boosting sales should consider. All the features and benefit highlighted above can be achieved via a single dashboard. Every single step of your marketing campaign and overall online business can be seamlessly simplified with the Kartra app.

In a nutshell, all the technical stuff that typically wastes so much of your time can now be handled by Kartra. This will allow you to focus on the important areas in your business, which we business owners know will mean a substantial pay increase over time.

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WP Affiliate Platform Review

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It is a known fact that running an affiliate program is one of the most powerful ways to advertise your products or services online. If you own a WordPress site or blog and your response to the following questions is yes, then you need a WordPress Affiliate plugin;

  • Do you sell products or services online from your WordPress site or blog?
  • Do you want to increase your sales and profits via an affiliate program?
  • Do you want to run an affiliate program so that you can cut the influence of middlemen?

If your answer is yes, WP affiliate certainly deserves to be on your shortlist of options. WP Affiliate is an easy to use plugin for affiliate recruitment, tracking, and management on any WordPress site or blog. WP affiliate will enable you to run your own affiliate program, as well as, reward your affiliates for referring sales. In addition, users can configure links, banners, and creatives which affiliates can use on their sites in order to drive traffic. All the leads, clicks and sales are all tracked by this plugin.

You can use WP affiliate to measure the true conversion rate of each of your campaigns in order to find out the most profitable ones. This will allow you to discard the non-profitable campaigns which will eventually save you money.

Furthermore, WP affiliate can integrate with some of the best e-commerce platforms, some of which are;

  • WooCommerce
  • Simple Shopping Cart
  • WP eCommerce
  • JigoShop
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • iThemes Exchange
  • WP eStore
  • Sell Digital Downloads
  • Paid Membership Pro
  • S2Member
  • Simple Membership
  • Stripe Payments

The WP affiliate will help you achieve the following in a nutshell;

  • Launch your affiliate campaign in a short time.
  • Monitor clicks and conversions of visitors sent by your affiliates.
  • Maintain your brand with your own product Ad Banners, Links, and Creatives.
  • Drive more traffic to your landing/sales page from your Affiliate’s site.
  • Significantly BOOST revenue with more sales.
WP Affiliate Platform Main features

WP affiliate comes with a lot of unique features some of which are;

  • Easy Installation: Just like other WordPress plugins, this tool is simple to install. It will also integrate seamlessly with the look and feel of your website.
  • Accurate Commission Calculation: With WP affiliate, your affiliate commissions will be calculated accurately.
  • Easy affiliate management: This tool will enable you to view your affiliate details, account status, and commission levels. You can easily edit affiliates, change commissions and view affiliate referrals.
  • Self-Managed Affiliate area: This plugin will enable your affiliate to create an account, view referrals, log into their affiliate account and get ad banner codes.
  • Affiliate Ad Code: With this plugin, you will be able to offer image and text ads to your affiliates.
  • Offer Creatives: WP affiliate will give you the ability to offer creative to your affiliates. With creatives, your affiliates can promote your product easily.
  • Referral Link Generator: WP affiliate comes with a built-in link generation tool. Your affiliates can use this tool to generate referral links in order to share with their family and friends on social media.
  • Offer Sign up Bonus: This plugin will enable you to offer your affiliates a one-time signup bonus.
  • Autoresponder Integration: WP affiliate is integrated with autoresponders like Madmimi, AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, and Mailpoet.
  • Unlimited Affiliates: With WP affiliate, there is no limit to the number of affiliates you can run.
  • Fully integrates with WP eStore: This tool fully integrates with WP eStore so that you can easily sell your digital products.
  • PayPal button Integration: This plugin easily integrates with PayPal buttons to ensure seamless opening of PayPal account.

WP Affiliate Platform Pros

WP affiliate has a lot of benefits, some of which are;

  • Real-time reporting: All your affiliate sales and traffic will be tracked, recorded, and displayed immediately when it happens
  • You can use this plugin to run more than one affiliate program
  • You have the ability to decide how you want to reward your affiliates
  • Each of your affiliates can be set to their own payout amount
  • You can manually adjust your payouts
  • With WP affiliate, you can easily use PayPal to pay your affiliate their commission
  • You will be able to add images and text to your affiliate ads
  • You can easily activate and deactivate creatives as the need arises.

Wp Affiliate Platform Cons

  • After an extensive review, we couldn’t track any drawbacks using WP affiliate

Wp Affiliate Platform - The Bottom Line

WP Affiliate is one of the best tools to consider when it comes to management of your affiliates. It gives you total control over your affiliate promotion. WP Affiliate has a lot of great add-ons features that would enable you to create good-looking affiliate links. In addition, its integration with PayPal and other top-rated payment gateways will enable you to seamlessly pay your affiliates their commission. As a blogger with the intention of making money with relative ease and transparency; WP Affiliate is one of the most powerful affiliate management tools for WordPress.


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