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What is buildfire?

BuildFire is a drag-and-drop app builder that gets your app built AND submitted to the app store (both iOS and Android) in minutes!

BuildFire is awesome for a few reasons:

WordPress Integration: Simply sync it to your RSS feed and your app will always have your latest content live in the feed.

Accessibility: Stay top of mind with your best customers. What better way to become besties with your best customers than by living on their home screen? (Every time they unlock their phone, there you’ll be, just staring at them – don’t make it weird.)

Analytics: Find out what your customers are doing and where they are. You can also offer location-based coupons or incentives, or notify staff when a VIP customer enters your store! (It’s not stalking, it’s technology.)

Lifetime Access to BuildFire

  • Build an app in under 5 minutes without writing a single line of code
  • Get your app built, published, and submitted!
  • Publishes to both iOS and Android
  • Notifications are unfortunately not included cuz they cost moolah per month
  • Includes one iOS and one Android app store submission. You can make future edits in the online interface to make changes.
  • Apple Developer Account ($99/year) and Android Developer Account ($25 one time) needed to publish app live.
  • Limit: one per customer
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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