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33 Email Templates every Small Business Needs

How did we curate the most effective emails for your business?

  1. We’ve tested a TON of emails at AppSumo (we send 20 million a month).
  2. I included emails that helped me sell over $18 million dollars in 1 year.
  3. A few of our expert friends shared emails that have worked for getting press and more. They were reluctant to share BUT after some Taco Deli tacos all hell breaks loose.

Here are the 33 emails you’ll receive:


  • How to figure out the perfect gift for a client
  • Cold intro using a common acquaintance
  • Ask for intro approval
  • Introducing two people
  • Email someone you met at an event


  • The lunch meeting email (aka cold email)
  • Cold email to prospect
  • Cold email (no response)
  • Get a contract back ASAP
  • The $500,000 email
  • Reply to a deal being accepted
  • Reply to being turned down
  • How to get a Biz-Dev deal

Get Press

  • Get on TechCrunch
  • Get on Lifehacker
  • Get a connection to tweet for you
  • How to guest post by Laura Roeder
  • How to guest post by Laura Roeder v2
  • Email for a guest blog post

Company Updates

  • Company newsletter update


  • Keep in touch with existing clients
  • Tell your customer NO to a discount (politely)
  • Ask for a referral from a customer
  • Get feedback from unhappy customers
  • Welcome email for a new customer
  • Ask for a testimonial


  • Recruit for a job through LinkedIn
  • Request a LinkedIn contact
  • Hunting for prospects on LinkedIn


  • Reject a phone call or meeting
  • Get someone to stop writing long emails
  • Bargain with a service provider
  • Saying no to giving an opinion

Bonus Material

  • Chief Sumo’s Secret Inbox Strategies
  • 50% off a year of service with
  • How To: Gmail Canned Response
  • Email tear down
  • Download all templates in text format

One included email template is how to negotiate lower rates with a service provider. Once you use it, this product pays for itself.

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