EasyVSL Review

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What is EasyVSL?

EasyVSL is easily one of the fastest and best up-and-coming video slide software programs available. Unlike the traditionally more difficult to use PowerPoint or other slide makers, EasyVSL was designed to make video slide presentations easy and simple. Whether it's conveniently synchronizing the audio for your slides, finding many different pictures or images from the database, or even making animated texts for your slide presentation, EasyVSL has a slew of features and options.

So what are some of the pros and cons to this up-and-coming tool?

EasyVSL Pros


One of the best pros is the fact that since it uses Adobe software, it is compatible with both Mac and PC. This is great for people who work between different computers, or who would like to give the slideshows to individuals who may run a different operating system. No matter what the reason, it is always a good feature when something is cross-compatible. Cross-compatibility ensures that not only will you be able to develop slideshows from any computer you may own, but you will also be able to share your slides with any computer you so choose.

Built-in training

One of the problems which plagues individuals who buy new software is often the fact that tutorials are clunky if they exist at all. It can sometimes be difficult to learn how to utilize a new software program but EasyVSL has dealt with this problem by including training tutorials on everything involved in the program as a part of the purchase package. So when you buy EasyVSL, which is already intuitive unto itself, you will be able to go through training which can help you learn and understand which aspects are still confusing to you.

Easy to add audio

A huge selling point for EasyVSL is the fact that they make the audio synchronization process simple. In previous slideshows or video sales letters, audio was notoriously difficult to sync up with the slides. This often took many hours to have it queued up properly and it led to huge amounts of frustration to the individuals preparing the slides. EasyVSL on the other hand has made adding audio a simple and integral part to your presentation so now you can simply upload an audio file and then decide where and when you would like it to play in your slides. This simple feature takes away a lot of the frustration from making these kinds of presentations.

EasyVSL Cons

Of course for every software out there, there are often at least a few cons and EasyVSL is no different. Although EasyVSL is easily one of the best video presentation softwares available on the market today, it does have a few small drawbacks.

Cannot duplicate slides

Depending on if you were using an earlier version of EasyVSL or bought an earlier version prior to 1.3, you will not be able to duplicate your slides. This can be frustrating if you are trying to create identical information on a slide and then simply add another bullet point underneath it. Although this issue has been fixed in later versions, it is still something worth bearing in mind in case you ended up with an earlier edition of EasyVSL.

Monthly subscription

This is probably by and large one of the largest drawbacks to utilizing EasyVSL and that is that unlike many other slide creators or presenters, EasyVSL 3.0 requires a monthly subscription in addition to an initial start-up fee. If you are a simple casual user, then the initial startup fee of $97 plus the $9.99 per month to continue to use the licensed software may be more than you are willing to pay. However, there are certainly some people for whom utilizing this type of advanced slide creator could be monetarily beneficial both as a time-saving mechanism and to be able to create and develop high-quality slide presentations which are then used to boost sales or promote products or services. That being said, it is still a hefty fee although you can simply pay $197 per year as a flat rate.

EasyVSL - The Bottom Line

In summary, EasyVSL is an exceptionally powerful and versatile tool. It is easy to learn and its features are more numerous than can be currently listed in a brief review. Apart from its few minor cons, which are always in a state of being constantly developed, EasyVSL is certainly a professional tool that businesses should own.

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