The Ultimate Review of Sumo Pro Apps

So today I would like to talk about Sumo Pro Apps (formerly SumoMe)…


Well three reasons really

  1. They have a new pricing model (including unlimited visits at the base level pricing)
  2. Noah Kagan and the Sumo team are the real deal!
  3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up and they tell me they are doing a deal.

I don’t yet know what the Sumo Black Friday deal is, but one thing I do know is that you won’t want to miss it.

My Digital Marketers Black Friday MEGA list has that covered for you here.

Ok now that we have established the timing of this post let’s dive straight into what you can expect from Sumo Apps.

First off what is Sumo Apps?

Sumo Apps are a range of tools designed to help you get more from your website. Specifically help you to get more traffic, build your fans and improve your conversions, which is really just a fancy way of saying – make cash money. The Sumos as they call themselves have used these tools to grow their followers to over a million strong. One thing they quickly became aware of was that other website owners struggled to collect emails due to using the wrong tools or the right tools being too expensive.

List Builder the first Sumo App was born out of this.

Sumo has really grown from those early days and includes a number of other apps designed to increase online success. Now to achieve this Sumo have a total of 12 apps which you can access and have installed on your website in 37 seconds. I haven’t timed this myself but I do remember it was quick and the easiest website tool to add to my website I ever used. So kudos to Sumo for making it easy for non-techies and did I mention yet it is actually free to get started.

You can start here.

And once you start you will be presented with the full range of apps to begin dominating the online – these apps include

  1. Sumo List Builder (You really want this one ASAP) start with it
  2. Sumo Welcome Mat
  3. Sumo Scroll Box
  4. Sumo Smart Bar
  5. Sumo Share Buttons
  6. Sumo Live Chat (Only available on paid plans)
  7. Sumo Contact Form
  8. Sumo Content Analytics
  9. Sumo Google Analytics
  10. Sumo Heat Maps
  11. Sumo Highlighter
  12. Sumo Image Sharer

As you can see from the above it is quite a wide range of apps for you to use as a webmaster.

Now the next question you may have is who are these Sumos?

I think this little picture may help paint the picture.

But let me give you some of the highlights of this team.

First off the man who started Sumo is Noah Kagan. Some of you may know that name from his personal blog OKDORK but most of you will know it from AppSumo.

And yes you better believe he is using Sumo List Builder on his personal blog.

Before AppSumo he worked at Intel and as he likes to say he was employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint. Most of us know him as Mr. AppSumo though and this business is now an 8-figure business. A lot of the fine-tuning of the Sumo apps comes from the internal testing they did with it at AppSumo.

The result is some of the easiest and most feature filled professional level webmaster tools you will see.

The rest of the Sumos as they call themselves are some top talent having been hand picked from notable companies like Google, Facebook, Mint and others. Rest assured when you choose a Sumo App you have a well designed and coded app that will not slow down your website like so many do.

Where and how to use Sumo Apps?

This is one of the best features – you can use Sumo on any website platform today. All you need is to copy some code and paste it on the pages you want the app to show. Remember this only takes 37 seconds and you will be live and ready.

So many tech companies today limit themselves to one platform like WordPress or Joomla but I guess this is one of the reasons that Sumo is now installed on over 500 000 website including some really big players like

  • Tony Robbins
  • airbnb
  • Entrepreneur
  • theCHIVE
  • Beach Body
  • 4 hour work week

You will be in good company so if you haven’t already- you can sign up for FREE to Sumo.


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