Internet marketing tools roundup

Weekly Product Roundup 12/06/16

Every day eMarketing apps are released – some are literal game-changers, others not so much.

In this week’s roundup, we will look at 6 tools making waves and one honourable mention of an app you will see on many “guru sites”, but what you may not know is that it’s free.

Without further ado let’s look at the mover and shakers this first week of December.

Honourable Mention – Push Crew

The honourable mention this week goes to Push Crew who many of you may be familiar with especially if you follow the likes of Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer.

Just this morning I was browsing in Chrome and a Chrome notification pops up from Digital Marketer telling me about their latest AppSumo deal. I immediately clicked to have a look… so to say this can work for driving engagement with your followers is an understatement!

I am now using it on this website and it works great and is very simple to use. Plus the big bonus is that it’s free for the first 500 subscribers

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Prospectrr by Joey Xoto

This was one of the better product launches this last week by Joey Xoto and the team (creators of Viddyoze).

I was quite impressed with this tool as it allows you to use what is effectively a “local leads scorer” to find businesses who may need video services. It does this by showing you a) Does the business actually have a video on their website and social profiles and b) are they low quality? When you find businesses who may need your services, it has a built in messaging app to contact them using the email it finds. Quite nifty! 

Prospectrr estimates that you can charge about $100 per hour to do this for businesses, which I don’t think is too far away from the truth. When you have the right video tools you could be producing these videos in half an hour.

That is our only slight objection to Prospectrr – you need the right tools and you need to actually want to offer video services in the first place. On the right tools issue, Joey and the team have got you covered as that is what their other product Viddyoze is for. So just remember to budget for that or something similar when buying Prosepctrr.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, but just make sure you have the right tools to offer this service to businesses.

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WP Social Traffic by Ankur Shukla

The launch of WP Social Traffic is a partnership between veteran Internet Marketer Ankur Shukla and Dan Green. 

The basic concept is that it allows you to drive traffic from FaceBook completely for free by posting in relevant groups on autopilot. Before you dismiss this as marketing gimmicks I must admit sometimes this type of automated traffic does work, I currently use it from Pinterest (using Social multiplier 2 by Jon Leger) and it works like gangbusters. 

So don’t immediately dismiss “push-button” traffic being impossible to get, it does exist and it will be interesting to see if this software lives up to the hype in the long term (when Facebook makes API changes etc).

The sales page of WP Social Traffic makes a compelling argument for how effective this can be – even showing one brand new website getting over 3900 visitors over four days. Incredible! However note that this was done using the Pro version, more on that below…

Do I recommend this?

Yes, I have bought it and am doing full testing now and as I said earlier as long as the API keeps working as it does now it’s a must have. 

My only objection to WP Social Traffic is the upsells, to really get the full power you will need to buy the Pro version (OTO1). It only costs $37 extra, bringing your total investment to $64. After the first upsell there will be another 4 OTOS! A little bit too much for my liking, but each to their own.

My suggestion, try this out, see the results and get your money back if it doesn’t work out. You are covered for the first 30 days and I would encourage you to test their support service to see if Dan Green and the team are on par with this product.

See the demo video of WP Social Traffic

Internet Selling for Newbies by Omar Martin

The dynamic duo of Omar and Melinda Martin combine again to bring us this excellent training designed for new internet marketers taking their first steps in this exciting thing we call eMarketing.

When you visit the sales page you can see it is targeted more at the lifestyle buyer with all their photos of them “living the dream”. Which is all fine and well but more experienced Internet marketers might start asking, “Hey Omar what is this about?”

One thing they make very clear is that this is not!

  • Amazon selling
  • SEO
  • eCommerce
  • And certainly not MLM

They then go on to tell their story of how they were homeless to then being Internet millionaires and living it up in Orlando, Florida. Good on them and I must say the sales page does a good job for being inspirational and motivating, which is great.

But I hear you still saying what is Internet Selling for Newbies?

Well it is a training broken up into 9 modules:

  1. Digital Web Business Basics
  2. Marketing vs Selling
  3. Branding & List Building
  4. Expert affiliate marketing
  5. Vendor marketing methods
  6. Traffic Driving Secrets
  7. Funnels made Easy
  8. Product Launch Perfection
  9. Putting it all Together

So quite a lot there for the small $24.95 fee, however as always expect upsells and in this case it includes; a $37 per month membership site and a $297 premium upsell.


Do I recommend it – Yes, especially if you are new to all this Internet marketing stuff? However as you will be able to see in the course contents, even if you are more experienced you will definitely be able to learn something from Omar and Melinda’s experiences. Sometimes we just need to hear something we already know again to take action and there is nothing wrong with that.

And if $24.95 for Internet Selling for Newbies gets that for you, it will be the best $24.95 you ever spend. That is guaranteed!

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Rapid Traffic Masterclass by Stefan Ciancio

This product makes a bold claim!

FINALLY – A REAL Step-By-Step System On How To Get Your First 70,000+ Visitors And $60 Per Day PER Site You Set Up…


I know I am, so what is Stefan on about with this training?

Specifically, he is talking about his “unique” method to drive viral traffic to your offers, whilst not paying a single cent for the click. Plus you can have unlimited numbers of these rapid traffic sites to significantly increase your earning potential.

All in all quite intriguing and Stefan is giving very little away to what exactly you are going to learn when buying Rapid Traffic Masterclass.

Do I recommend it? 

Well personally I’m not a huge fan of this approach of being quite vague on sales pages, but any risk is eliminated through their 30-day money back guarantee. So yes you could sign-up and if you don’t get what you are looking for, get your money back – the risk is on them.

Also if you do buy make sure to use the coupon code “5OFF” at checkout.

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Group Traffic Profits by Brett Rutecky

Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine have partnered up on this new Facebook groups training and software. 

The sales letter tells you a story of how Brett has been testing various traffic methods including paid advertising to promote his products and the affiliate reviews he does.

He talks about how he has been finding it more and more difficult to use paid advertising profitably and how using Facebook groups is the way to go because its free and most importantly the traffic is highly targeted.

Now this is something I can definitely believe as Brett is not the only top marketer I have heard talking about Facebook groups. Veteran IMer Jonathan Leger has been talking about this for years which is why he has his tool called Instant Face Traffic, yours when you are a member of his “Learn from Jon” programme.

So I would say I believe Brett’s sales letter vouching for the effectiveness of FB groups.

So when you buy Group Traffic Profits you are going to get the video training from Brett on how to best use FB groups and you are going to get their image editing tool and Link Post plugin for Facebook. The link tool makes your whole image clickable in Facebook  and not just the small text link. This should result in a lot more traffic coming to your site. So all in all quite a good deal for only $67 for the full working version (without having to buy upsells).

Do I recommend it?

Yes, I do, Brett is known for being one of the “honest guys” out there and with his developer background, his tools are always well coded, easy to use and highly functional. 

The only thing I’m not sure about is how necessary the image editor tool is when you have great free options like Canva. But I’m sure Brett would have a few words to say on the topic, to convince us all. 

All in all the training by itself justifies the $67 investment, the extra image editor and link post plugin is an added bonus.

See a demo of Group Traffic Profits


Rebake by Jai Sharma

This product is a partnership between respected marketer Jai Sharma and Camelius Chukwubuikem Ubah. To say it’s powerful is a huge understatement. It really is amazing what we can do with technology nowadays.

How does Rebake work?

You can simply type in a URL and Rebake will load the entire website for you to “rebake” and make your own with your pictures and text. So if you see a landing page or opt in offer etc you like you can now have it for your business.

This is kind of like a LeadPages 2.0 but I think the biggest issue I have is that it will be used ethically. It could create a headache for us webmasters who spend countless hours split testing our offers to only have it copied at the click of a button. Then having to file a copyright claim. However, as long as it is still somewhat different to our designs I guess we will have to deal with it.

So as I say an interesting one, I see the power, but I also see copyright infringement claims headaches!

Another thing I am wondering about Rebake is that they say they are able to “rebake” the website into a 1kb file, which seems astonishing! However on their sales page they show them doing a website speed test on Pingdom and the file size is 6.4MB – but and it’s a big but, it loaded in under 900ms! That is incredibly fast, especially for a 6.4mb file.

However on their sales page they show them doing a website speed test on Pingdom and the file size is 6.4MB – but and it’s a big but, it loaded in under 900ms! That is incredibly fast, especially for a 6.4mb file.

My guess is the 1kb file is just the basic bare bones version but once you add the images, scripts etc for your own website it adds up to a normal web page file size.

Have any of you tried it? What HTML file compressions have you got and what page loading times are you seeing? I would be very interested in hearing before giving this final approval.

Do I recommend it?

A tentative yes – I would like to verify the speed claims first, but all in all it does look good. 

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What are your thoughts? Have you tried any of these apps yourself?