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This strategy works like gangbusters!
This strategy works like gangbusters!

Can you keep a secret?

Do you know the best way to grow your brand online?

If you guessed SEO, Facebook ads or some other hack - think again!

What we are talking about is something you can take action on below today and start enjoying results from tomorrow.

What exactly is it you ask?

Being a guest blogger (right here at the IMDC)

Not only will your article get published on our high traffic network of websites. It will also be featured to our email subscribers.

It's really easy to begin.

Guest Blogging Guide
Guest Blogging Guide
There are three main benefits 
  1. Free (do-follow) Backlink (worth its weight in gold).
  2. Traffic Increase - Our readers love our website and spend a large amount of time interacting with the content. (Potentially yours).
  3. Plus get email newsletter exposure for further promotion.


However, due to the level of exposure we are offering, we do have some requirements.

  1. Articles must be at least 750 words and have properly formatted headlines, sub headlines and paragraphs.
  2. The article must be relevant to eMarketing strategy and marketing hacks in general.
  3. Self-promotion is not allowed in the article - a link to your website in your bio is acceptable.
  4. We reserve the right to remove links in your article as we deem fit.
  5. You agree to monitor your article on our website for one week after publication to answer any comments.
  6. We require your email address to have a registered gravatar so that your picture shows up in your bio. See Gravatar
  7. You agree to share your completed article on at least THREE social networks.

Plus another bonus

For articles over 1500 words that are approved, you will also receive a $20 Amazon gift card to be used towards purchases made on the website. So in other words, if you were entitled to a $25 gift card with your purchase you would now receive $45 as a thank you for your article. 

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