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Paul Therond

Have you ever read the $100 Startup? It's a great book but you may have wondered if the principles work? Can you really get started building the lifestyle business of your dreams with $100? If that is your question, I encourage you to read my short letter below and also visit our "New Here" page.

Paul Therond

Founder IMDC

Have you built a digital business and found that the startup costs start to mount?

Maybe you signed up to a "build an online business" training and the first thing you see are there recommended resources (always costing $$$). Between website hosting, design, SEO, Facebook ads and WordPress plugins it can be costly.

It all just makes you think that the $100 startup book you read is just a pipe dream.

Sound familiar?

Well it's good you are reading this, because I have a simple goal for this website.

Put startup money back into your pocket!

So that you can invest the resources you need to grow your business - I have heard some figures that suggest only 1% of digital business owners succeed in becoming full time Digital Bosses!

If this really is the case, I have no doubt it is largely due to the startup costs AND buying this and that widget for your business. You see a slick sales page for "insert business building app here" and you think "I gotta have it!" 

And you know what you might just be right, it could be the golden ticket. I'm not here to say it isn't - you know your business best. So if you do decide to buy that app make sure to check this website first because I guarantee you will save money and claim some great bonuses too.

How do you save?


We have a business and affiliate relationship with over 700 of the top digital companies (specifically focused on digital entrepreneurs like you) around the world. 

Through this partnership we offer you three ways to reduce your cost, which include:

  • Coupon Codes
  • Cashback Rebates 
  • Amazon Gift Cards

We also offer high quality bonuses to sweeten the deal even further.

So welcome again and feel free to contact us if you don't find the app you are looking for. We always aim to please.

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