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Giving Docs Free

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Clickminded Free SEO Checklist 2018

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Hi my name is Paul Therond and from one founder to another I know starting an online business is hard and not to mention costly. This is why I created this discounted apps marketplace.

The goal is simple: To empower fellow bootstrappers with the best apps at the best prices.

I have seen statistics that only 1% of online businesses become profitable! I know this is largely due to startup costs AND using the wrong technology and apps for your business. 

With that in mind it is our goal to highlight the best apps available now but ultimately you know your business best. So when you do decide to buy an app, make sure to check here first. Before you leave today, make sure to join Digital Boss Club (Members will receive $5000 in freebies this year alone.)

Paul Therond
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The largest collection of discounted marketing and business apps for startups.

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To empower fellow bootstrappers with the best apps at the best prices.

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