Athemes Review

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If you a blogger or an internet marketer and you are seeking for a WordPress themes provider to give you that edge over your peers, then this review of ATHEMES is for you. There are plenty of themes providers out there to the extent that it is challenging locating the one that would be perfect for your blogging needs.

In addition, getting themes that would make your website visitors want to do business with you is also a herculean task. Hence, this is exactly where aThemes comes in.

aThemes is a WordPress plugin and a theme provider that has been in the business of providing themes since 2013. The “a” stands for awesome, just in case you were wondering. And when you have a look at their demo page you will see why.

The philosophy behind aThemes is that all their themes are properly coded and designed, as well as, easy to use. In addition, their themes are usually backed up by a frequent update and speedy support. One good thing about aThemes is that they are always improving on their themes with regular updates.

As at November 2015, most of the themes of aThemes have been downloaded over 600,000 times. Also, Sydney, a popular aTheme has been occupying the first position out of 20 themes on since 2015. In addition to its first position, it has also earned over 67 - 5star reviews.

In 2013 when aThemes started, only one man (Charlie Livingston) was piloting the affairs of the platform, but the situation is no longer the same right now. Vlad, joined the platform as their lead developer, Awan and Marko joined the support team, and David joined as a designer.

aThemes has 32 themes to its credit. Some of its leading themes are;

  • Leta (free theme)
  • Sydney
  • Ignls (free theme)
  • Greatmag pro
  • Greatmag (Free theme)
  • Talon pro
  • Talon (free theme
  • Astrid (free theme)
  • West Pro
  • West (free theme)
  • Rocked Pro
  • The shop (free theme)
  • Rocked (free theme)
  • Perth Pro
  • Perth (free theme)
  • Bistro (Free theme)

This review well explores this product’s features, pros, cons, and then draws a conclusion whether or not it is worth investing in aThemes.

Athemes Main features

 aThemes has some unique features, some of which are:

  • Fast and friendly support: aThemes has a second to none customer support desk. Their support team would leave no stone unturned to ensure you get the best WordPress experience.
  • Easy and simple setup process: With aThemes, you will set up their themes within seconds.
  • Regular update: When you use aThemes’, you are guaranteed of getting regular updates.
  • Modern design: In order not to allow its users' website’s to fall behind the times, aThemes makes sure its themes have a lot of modern designs, styles, and professional layout.
  • Transition ready: aThemes leverages on international best practice to provide users with language translation services built in.
  • Mobile friendly: aThemes is not only compatible with desktop and laptop; it is also compatible with mobile phones.

Athemes Pros

This product has several benefits which its users stand to enjoy. The                 following are some of its benefits;

  • aThemes comes with plenty of features and customization options to create stunning web pages.
  • You will get to enjoy tools such as drag and drop builders, multiple layouts, shortcodes, templates, and unlimited color choices.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee: When you subscribe to any of aThemes’ options and you are not satisfied with its performance, the 30 day money-back guarantee has got you covered.
  • User-friendly: This theme provider is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Plenty of modern designs to choose from: aThemes comes with modern designs that you can use to create stunning pages

Athemes Cons

Despite its numerous benefits, there are still some drawbacks when you               buy this product, some of which are;

  • Compatibility: Some aThemes may not be compatible with certain plugins. Best to check first.
  • Too Many features: Too many features on a theme can make your website slow.

Athemes - The Bottom Line

aThemes is a dream theme provider for internet marketers and bloggers seeking to create stunning website pages. This WordPress provider is a must-see due to its numerous benefits, as well as, unique templating features.
One of the most important checks with any company is their support desk especially when building a new website and aThemes won’t let you down.They have a robust customer service that ensures that all customers’ complaints are resolved within the shortest possible time.
Once you purchase and install any aTheme, you guaranteed of getting value for your money.

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