3 Best Features of Visual Composer – REVIEW

Visual Composer Review

Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin to make editing WordPress websites easier and more visually appealing than the stock standard editor. But should you buy it? All is revealed below.

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Top 3 Features


Free to use

One of the biggest drawbacks to using WordPress is the editor which is cumbersome to use and has very limited design options. Visual Composer which is also often bundled with premium themes gives a major upgrade to this common issue with WordPress website maintenance. There is also a Pro version which unlocks more features and design templates through their Visual Composer Hub.


New Version: Easier to use

Visual Composer used to be a purely back-end  editor but after a much needed update they converted to a front end editor which means you can actually see what you are designing without needing to refresh the page every time you do something.


Extensions Galore!

When you purchase Visual Composer you also have access to over 200 premium addons that allow you to do a lot more design wise. It also has the ability to save these elements and templates for future use which dramatically speeds up page creation. That being said this pro also has a dark side – see below.


Before you buy...

There are far better editors available for cheaper. 

For example the base version of Visual Composer costs $59 which is not that bad but it doesn’t have all the features a professional website design will need and this is where you have to buy their add-ons and at $20-$50 a pop the costs quickly mount.

Compare this to an editor like Elementor which is also free and has a Pro version for $49 for all features and you quickly see the biggest drawback to purchasing Visual Composer.

Plus: Installing Visual Composer on your website slows it down significantly compared to other editors.

So for all these reasons it becomes apparent we can’t recommend Visual Composer but rather Elementor or Thrive Architect. 

Best Ways to Modernize, Rebrand or Relaunch Your Startup

As any struggling business knows, or startups who are in the process of getting going, it is hard to get a business off the ground. This difficulty is due to a variety of factors that can be anything from marketing, to location, visibility, or even simply lack of client engagement. However, there are numerous tools, tips, and tricks that can help you learn how to successfully relaunch your business or launch it correctly the first time. Many of the tips and tricks for relaunching are the same ones that startups themselves need to be aware of and by covering them together the relaunched business can learn how to do it correctly and the startup business can avoid costly mistakes. So what are some of the best tips and tricks for relaunching, rebranding, retooling, or starting your enterprising business?

Learn from mistakes

If you are relaunching your business, it is most likely because in some way it previously failed or did not meet your expectations. This is not actually a true failure as the only true failure is when we do not learn from the mistakes of our past. Finding out what went wrong, how it went wrong, and finding ways to fix it in the future to avoid those pitfalls are all ways of turning your failure into success. This is just as true for startups as well as startups have the benefit of the hindsight of hundreds of different failed or struggling businesses that they can learn from. With research tools, numerous classes online or classes at local community colleges, or information from government agencies, startups and relaunches alike can learn the best ways of modernizing their business to reach the clientele of the 21st century.

Don’t be old school

Of course one of the most important things for any business to remember is to simply not look old. This has nothing to do with the character of the individuals involved in running the store and neither does it mean that you should not specialize in a kind of vintage feel for your store.  However, there are some things where old has a negative connotation and learning how to be aware of what is cool old versus not cool old is an important part of successfully relaunching or starting your business.

For instance, suppose you are a business or service who desires to give a kind of vintage feel to your business; regardless of how you attempt to achieve that, is important to not look run-down or trashy. You may feel you’re getting a great deal by buying a lot of your business items or decorations at local yard sales or thrift stores. The problem is too much of that and it does become apparent what you have done and your business looks less vintage and more dilapidated. The same is true of your online presence as well and this topic will be discussed later in this article, but in short getting an old-style website or failing to utilize modern advertising and social media is a big knock against your credibility with modern customers.

Even if you are going for an old-fashioned or vintage feel and your business even specializes in those kinds of things you still need to be accessible in modern ways and successfully convey the wow factor to a modern audience. The truth is, by and large you are not selling to people in 1960 even if you are selling 1960s themes or services. You need to find a way of selling the 1960s to the modern audience in a way that they will receive.

High quality visuals

This is most important for those relaunching but it is also an incredibly important facet for those who are simply starting up and don’t want to lose all of their money on costly mistakes and that is to ensure that you have high quality visuals. High quality visuals can include any number of things such as the flyers that you put out on local cork boards to let people know about a grand opening or things you hand out to people at your store, but also includes things like your trademark, iconography, logo and truly anything else which is designed to set your business apart and make it unique from others. Many businesses fail to take this step and instead opted for more utilitarian symbols, text, or pictures which are readily available online.  Although this can be a good option in the very earliest stages or to use as placeholders, the fact is if you got it for free it is fairly apparent.

Worse still is seeking to have something uniquely designed but you still want it done for free so you do it yourself or have unqualified family like Aunt Sally make your visuals. Unless Aunt Sally happens to be a graphics art major, you are taking a big risk, at offending her if you don’t like it, and worse at using symbols, pictures, or business logos that look like they were designed using Microsoft Paint. To engage and reach modern audiences you have to look like quality and effort were put into the final product. If something looks cheap or feels cheap people will assume that your services and products are cheap as well and not in the affordability sense. High quality logos, high quality pictures, and high-quality text are all essential elements for both your in-person solicitations and your online advertising, and they are the very foundation of what begins to give your business its unique character. Overlooking this stage can be a huge mistake as dull, uninteresting, or un-engaging businesses are the very ones which clients easily forget or refuse to patronize.

Utilize social media effectively

Social media has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years. 10 years ago places like YouTube and Facebook were virtual ghost towns and things like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others barely existed if they existed at all.

Nowadays, though, these platforms have billions of users. If you could even get a fraction of those people to even take a look at your product or peruse your store you would be one of the most successful businesses on earth. The potential is truly limitless in a way that past business models simply cannot account for or understand. However, the competition is fierce for getting noticed on social media but there are new programs, new tools, and new tips for being able to successfully reach and engage this limitless audience with your message in a way that they will respond.

One key strategy as before is to make use of high quality images n your social media and tools like PromoRepublic are excellent for this purpose.

another way is to simply utilize programs which help to target advertising. Facebook has some built-in programs which allow you to target your advertising to people who are most likely to engage with your product. Say you are looking to open up a dog grooming service in your area, by utilizing advertising on Facebook, whether with Facebook or with a third-party system, you will easily be able to access the publicly posted social data of millions of people in your area or state and begin to whittle down your advertising to specific groups of people. For instance, you can filter your advertising to aim directly towards people with dogs, or you can filter your advertising to reach specific age demographics whom you may feel are more likely to need your pet grooming services.  You can even narrow your field to include specific religions, political ideologies and even lifestyle choices. If the data is available online it is possible for you to utilize it as a filter.

Targeting this kind of advertising in a very narrow band helps increase your business conversion rates. Some programs are even more intelligent and are able to filter the targeting band to an even higher level. For instance, if somebody were to click on your advertisement but then immediately clicked away in less than a second that is unlikely to be a potential client and is more likely an accidental click. Whereas somebody who clicked on your link and read it and spent some time on your website is the kind of person who is interested potentially in your services and there are many programs online that can help you to target these individuals who actually show engagement with your products. Regardless of how you choose to do it, having a social media presence, keeping it up-to-date, and utilizing its far-reaching abilities to precisely target your specific clientele are all important ways of successfully utilizing this new medium for your business launch or relaunch.

Website modernization

Website modernization is beyond important. Thousands of businesses all over the world have very poor quality websites and the truth is people who see a poor quality website will also assume that your services or products are equally poor. People who won’t take the time and effort to make a quality site which is likely the first interaction a customer may ever have with your business are unlikely to believe that you will show quality in other areas of your business as well. Bad quality websites do not necessarily start off as bad quality websites either. If you are a business which began your work and launched your website five or six years ago and paid a top-of-the-line internet designer to help create a high-quality and engaging website, you may be sad to see it go and may be disbelieving that your website has simply fallen out of fashion and it is time to build a new one. However, if you are utilizing older website styles, templates, fonts, and even color schemes it is very evident to your clients especially to the younger generation who spend a lot of time surfing websites. What was trendy 5 years ago and modern then is not modern now. Even the very richness of the colors has changed.

Just as old computers used to have 16 default colors and nowadays have innumerable permutations, older web design programs also have limitations with colors, style, symbols, pictures, and borders that make them look primitive even if they were well designed for their time. If you are just beginning your startup you might think that you can avoid this pitfall but don’t be too quick to assume that! The fact is there are still many of these outdated programs online available and for free right now.

There are many good high quality programs that can assist you in doing it for free but your best bet if you are truly looking to have your website done correctly in a way that is modern and keeps the needs of the modern audience first is to either consult a web designer or simply hire a website designer outright. Website designers will not only know how to assemble these things together but also keep their fingers on the pulse of modern website trends and features and can help your site be one that truly stands out from the websites which do not update regularly or modernize their information.

Build for the present, leave space for the future

One of the things which may have killed your previous business or potentially could be a death sentence to your brand new startup is the failure to see emerging trends. Even if your business model is sound for the moment, always leave room for future kinds of growth and even spend small portions of your business finance and planning time developing those future strategies. By planning for the future even while you live in the present, you can help your business succeed when technology, culture, or the industry changes and you will not be scrambling to make up for lost opportunities while everybody else is seizing them.

A perfect example of living in the present while keeping an eye towards the future could look something like delivery services. If your service or product can be delivered still in the next 10 to 15 years, automated drones will very likely be doing the delivery. Automated drones are already being tested in a variety of delivery capacities and not only can they deliver faster, they also have a lower carbon footprint than a delivery car or van does for each delivery as they are able to fly direct and oftentimes use batteries as opposed to gas engines. Does this mean that your delivery service should buy a thousand drones right now? Of course not. The technology has not reached that level yet and having delivery drivers or delivery services take your goods to individuals is where we live now but investing too heavily in those areas could be a potential money loser for you in the near future as the technology is already changing before our eyes.

This was seen most notably with the failure of Blockbuster. Once a blockbuster business, it continued to utilize old methods and styles of DVD and VHS rentals even though the industry had changed to allow for streaming services. Failure to see this trend while it was emerging and failure to get ahead of it destroyed a multimillion-dollar business and if it can do it to a multimillion-dollar business it can certainly do it for your relaunch or startup if you do not keep one eye on the future.


There are far more tips and wisdom for starting up your business or relaunching and rebranding your old business that can be covered in a textbook worth of articles. To distill the information down to a simpler form it can be looked at like this: respect the past, live and cater to the present, and prepare for the future. Respecting the past not only because there are many people alive today who could still be potential clients who you could attract with older vintage methods but remembering that we do live in the modern era and catering to your modern audience and culture is paramount to your business success.

Catering to your modern audience means having high quality pictures, high quality websites, high quality social media interaction, and other modern methods and ways of communicating with the audience of the 21st century. Bearing all that in mind, though, it is also important to keep apprised of emerging trends, technologies, and even cultural views and shifts which can potentially affect your business. By having one eye on the future and preparing for it, your business can make these shifts seamlessly and cater to the needs of your future clients and personnel as well. Set up your business for success and that success is found by meeting the needs of your clients where they are at, and helping them with your products or services in such a way that you stand out among businesses. If you can follow these simple tips and tricks for rebranding, retooling, relaunching, or starting up your business, yours will be a business which lasts.

Top 10 Tips Every Startup Should Know

Many individuals dream of owning their own business but few actually successfully achieve that goal. In fact recent statistics show that only 3% of small businesses make it to the fifth year of operation. (Source Smallbiztrends)

There are a myriad of forces which conspire against your enterprising startup, both outside and inside forces. In this list of the “Top ten tips every startup should know”, we are going to look at these forces in more detail and arm you with the knowledge that can power your startup to the levels of success you desire.

As the age old saying goes “Knowledge is Power!”

Don't be afraid to fail

Now this may seem like a strange startup tip but let’s examine this: the truth is there are many individuals for whom the possible fear of failure stops them from a starting a business; don’t be one of those people! Statistically speaking, the biggest single hurdle every startup will face is not the outside forces such as taxes, laws, or regulations but rather it is the internal forces, your own self, your fear of failure, your concern about the future, and any excuse or reason you give yourself for not starting is going to be the single biggest hindrance to your success as a business.

Although many startups do fail, those individuals who keep at it and learn from their failures become more business savvy. The truly great startups and entrepreneurs learn from their failure and persist so that the next startup works even better. Here is the real kicker – although many startups fail, with each new attempt, your odds get significantly higher that your next idea will be more successful than your last. So don’t be afraid of failure and instead always take it as an opportunity to learn. The biggest hindrance to your startup really is your own self. If you can overcome yourself or your fears and be willing, ready, and able to learn from failure, then your chances of having a successful startup go up astronomically.

Make sure your idea is uniquely yours

Another great tip for startups to remember, especially before they begin investing significant money, is to do a little bit of market research first and one of the most important parts of that is to make sure that the idea is really uniquely yours. You might think you have the next great idea for a product or service and indeed you may. Individuals do come up with unique ideas for products and services all the time; however, doing a little bit of research first can also make sure that you actually are the first person. Many businesses have been started which designed, created, and sold a product only to find that somebody else held the patent on it or have already started selling it before them. Doing a little bit of research first can help save you a lot of wasted effort – and money.

If you do find yourself in the position of finding another company that holds a patent ask yourself the question, “What can I do differently or better than company X?” If you can differentiate your product/service enough your idea could still be a go. However the best advice that can me given in this scenario is to seek legal advice before pulling the trigger.

Be unique

This builds a little bit out of that last point, making sure that your idea is really yours, and that is if whatever you are selling or the service you are offering is similar to the items or services provided by many others, make sure that yours stands out from the crowd by being unique.

There are a variety of ways to accomplish that; many businesses do it with mascots, while others will entirely design their store or even their labeling so that it is instantly recognizable through icons, specialized fonts or colors; even gimmicks are all utilized by a wide variety of companies to help differentiate themselves from their competitors. Do you want to set up a grocery store in a town that already has two or three? Then bringing in new products or more specialized products can be a great way to help you break into the market. Either by bringing in or being able to get those products that people most want or simply have a hard time getting, especially for truly authentic foreign foods or items, is a good way to help differentiate yourself from a standard store which may serve primarily American items or clientele.

Location, Location, Location

Probably the second biggest hurdle for a business to overcome is a good location. Location really cannot be understated as one of the most important facets of a new startup. You could be the next Steve Jobs and even be holding the next Apple in your hand but if your business is difficult to find, especially as a brand new business, people will simply give up. Visibility is absolutely essential to the success of any new startup and that visibility is not just your physical location nowadays it is even more about online visibility. Although physical location visibility off the main street or in a busy area is a huge leg up to your business success. When people see words like grand opening or opening sales or other promotions, they are far more likely to take a peek inside even if they previously never considered getting that product or service. Use that grand opening goodwill and a solid location to help immediately begin winning new clientele.

Embrace your social media

Nowadays it is a good idea to start embracing a social media campaign from the beginning, even before your physical location opens, to begin building reputation, giving consumer knowledge, and helping to spread the word about your coming products or services. Just as your physical store needs a good physical location for success, the location, location, location mantra just as strongly applies to your digital location and your visibility there. High visibility online is just as important as high visibility in person and maybe even more so because although not everyone will drive by your store, or even notice if they do, people will notice if they are seeing recurring ads for the brand new opening and they are near the location of your store. Keeping ads or information before your clients through the use of social media and internet advertising is a huge way that businesses in this modern day help increase their visibility.

Always be learning

This may seem like a strange tip for a startup but the fact is even if your idea is truly unique, many people have plowed the business grounds before and there are tons of strategies, approaches, and insider information which can be incredibly useful to you. Learning from and talking with other entrepreneurs or other people in your field that you are thinking of going into is a great way to learn some important aspects of the market. If you happen to have friends or family who are already in that market you’re looking to enter, then it would be a good idea to talk with them and find out from people in the know about some of the tips and tricks for that particular field. Of course there’s always general business knowledge like that presented in this article which is good for every business regardless of your industry or service, but there are definitely some niche tricks for each and every industry and learning some of those tips early can help save you from making mistakes.

Learning should be done long before you start putting out monetary investments. You don’t want to start your learning process after you have already got your business started. There will be plenty for you to learn once you really start and you do not need to compound that with trying to repair your business on the fly when a little bit of studying could have saved you a lot of time, effort, trouble, or money and save you from potential failure. Learning and studying can look like any number of things from simply getting books on the topic or subject written by people who have worked in those fields to talking with individuals, going to classes, and even viewing online seminars for your industry or to learn more about your own idea. Having an idea is just the first step; conducting the proper research so you can know how to execute your dream and vision will give you a huge boost and will significantly increase your chances at success.


This is a huge tip for every startup to know even before you begin and that is to count the costs. Most startup businesses are not profitable in their first year and there are a huge number of reasons why. One of the big reasons of course is you’re having to put out capital both into getting your proper licensing, staff training, buying your inventory, leasing your space, and even doing the education as mentioned earlier. All of these are your initial outputs and depending on the kind of business you have, you may have recurring outputs as well. If you have a physical location as opposed to an online storefront then you are going to be paying a regular lease. Even if you are just “online” there will be costs such as having to pay your webhost regular fees to maintain your domain and other technology and developer costs. Counting up these expenses is going to be important as the vast majority of businesses lose money in their first year of operation.

Those who can make it through the first year might break even in their second year. If you can manage to lose in your first year and break even the second year, the goal is to be able to grow it to the point where it makes you some money in the third year. Most small business start-ups fail after 5 years simply because they did not have the capital to be able to continue into profitability. Many of these same businesses could have been profitable had they been able to last long enough to build up a successful client base. This is why it is important to count your own costs and expenses and determine whether you can afford to basically make no money, or in fact lose money in your business for at least the short term.

This is not to dissuade anyone from starting a business as these short-term losses will get made up with long-term success. There is also the possibility that your business may buck the trend and become profitable within the first year. However, you should never assume that yours is one of those and it is a good rule of thumb to expect about a two to three year monetary drought when it comes to your business and even be putting your own money into it. This is why even if you are starting up your own business you should continue to have another revenue source which will help support you and your business until it reaches viability.

Be an answer to a problem

One of the single best pieces of advice for any startup is to not necessarily follow your passion but to be a problem solver. People all over the world have a myriad of problems whether they are social or physical and offering services or products to meet those needs is the pathway to success. Your passion may be pressing flowers and cataloging it. Creating an entire product line designed around this passion of yours is not likely to be one that is particularly viable as the market is simply too small for others who are looking for those exact products or that exact solution. Rather, be looking more at broader problems which affect large groups of people not particular niche markets. Niche businesses are struggling and this is why places like shoe repair shops, scrapbooking stores, and even physical bookstores are largely going by the wayside except in a couple of select areas because the fact is, society and technology have moved forwards.

Finding these new problems and new solutions is a great way for your business to thrive. This is why companies like Google succeeded because instead of trying to solve a problem nobody wanted an answer to, they saw a problem, online organization which was a brand new field at the time, and sought to solve the problems in that brand new field. So either finding innovative solutions to current problems or developing solutions or services to meet the demands of new problems is a huge insider tip for any startup.

Know your legal requirements

This is one area of startups which often people struggle to remember in their zeal and excitement for starting up a new business or service and that is to make sure that they know the legal environment they are stepping into. For instance, if you even want to do something as simple as arrange flowers, certain states do require you to have a license to be a florist. You may feel that your business is something so simple surely there must be no regulations regarding it but that can be a costly oversight as even things as simple as lemonade stands have certain health and safety standards that are required to be met along with getting the business license itself.

Getting the business license, ensuring that your workplace meets the federal and state standards, ensuring that you’re following the regulations required for your work as well as other legal obligations like setting aside money for any employee costs, making sure the appropriate payroll amount is paid for federal and state taxes, ensuring that you keep your business taxes in order and file them regularly, and a whole host of other rules and statutes to follow can feel daunting. However, do not let the size of your requirements keep you from doing what you love or keep you from founding your startup. Many of these requirements only have to be done once and those that are recurring often times have people, programs, or services dedicated to assisting you with those recurring costs or rules.

Don't get ahead of yourself

As we have seen, there are certain steps to take for your startup such as doing your research first, learning from people in the market, learning the right rules and regulations, getting your business license, etc. Doing these in the right order and following the right procedures will help ensure that you have learned each step before you go on to the next. It can be very exciting to build, design, and develop a web page or start moving items into your storefront but if you start doing that before you have completed some of these other ones then it can be a costly mistake as at some point you will have to do your learning and get your business licensing and it is far better to do that tedious stuff while you are not paying rent or employees.


With all that being said, if you follow these simple tips and tricks you will be well on your way to having an incredibly successful startup. Remembering to do stuff in the right order, making sure that you count the costs of operations and that you have a source of income or savings to cover it all, making sure that your physical and digital locations are set up well and not allowing apathy or fear to keep you from pressing forwards will be more helpful than you can realize right now. Keeping these tips in mind can help your business be one of the ones which succeeds where others failed.


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There’s no way to sugar-coat this: Slow load times are disastrous for websites.

When visitors get to a slow-loading site, they bounce. But you aren’t just losing that specific visitor, you’re also losing future visitors because of the SEO hit you take from them bouncing.

So say it with me: optimized images = faster load times and better SEO ranking.

We know what you’re thinking, “compressing images with ShortPixel will hurt the quality of your images.” But it won’t.

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The Ultimate Bootstrappers Hack to Building Your Own Platform

An important decision when first setting up your online business is the platform choice you make. Think of your platform as they did back in the day with the classic soapbox.

Throughout the 19th Century and into the 20th, prior to the invention of corrugated fiberboard, manufacturers used wooden crates for the shipment of wholesale merchandise to retail establishments. Discarded containers of every size, well-constructed and sturdy, were readily available in most towns. These “soapboxes” made free and easily portable temporary platforms for street corner speakers attempting to be seen and heard at improvised “outdoor meetings,” to which passersby would gather to hear often provocative speeches on religious or political themes. Source Wikipedia

We live in a very different age today but this soapbox principle is still very relevant to us as the soapbox platform is the Internet and the message declared being your mission statementSpecifically the “This is what we do and why you should care?” message to stop passerby traffic to take a moment and listen.

We live in this age of attention deficit which is why the first step to success online is having a terrific message (mission) and the 2nd step is having that good ole soapbox platform.

Now you know that you need to be on the Internet (platform) but you also know simply relying on Other People’s Platforms (I will call this OPP from now on) like Facebook, Instagram and even Google is unwise. 

You need Your Own Platform (YOP) to grow and build relationships online and OPP simply compliments it.

But how do you choose YOP?

I would like to answer this question today with one filter – the bootstrapped startup.

This is a startup that has a message and product the world needs to hear and see but are building their business with very little capital. Think the $100 startup book by Chris Guillebeau.

And today I’m going to answer the question of “Can I really get started with $100?”

And using the platform hack I am about to share I can confidently tell you, yes you can!

The Startup Nemesis

To show you exactly how the $100 startup can be achieved it will serve us well to first look at the enemy of this goal.

Specifically technology and development costs to building your startup.

Statistics show us that only 3% of small businesses make it to the fifth year and for the failed businesses the most common reason (82%) is cash flow problems. (Source This is a jaw dropping realization if you are just about to press the launch button on your business.

But there is hope when you – “Know thy startup enemies”

There are two:

  1.  Cash flow: Cited as the reason for 82% of firms surveyed
  2. Technology – Platform: A costly exercise in wasted time & money

The cash flow issue is why we are focusing on the best way to bootstrap your startup. And when it comes to technology it really is everything, especially when you are bootstrapping.

You need the right technology to host your platform and get your product/service into the hands of would-be customers and fans. You need the right technology to support your customers and encourage them to share your brand with their friends and family. You also need the right technology to ensure you get paid the dues you deserve.

The wrong technology increases costs and wastes your time to such a degree that your clients lose out and ultimately lose trust in your brand.

The result inevitably is startup failure.

So it makes sense that if we can solve the technology conundrum we can solve one of the biggest bottlenecks to your startup success and if we can bootstrap it, we are catching two birds with one stone. (Catch and release of course and certainly no killing of two birds with one stone.)

So let’s have a look at the secret platform hack.

Hack #1 - WordPress and...

Did you just seriously mention WordPress – that thing people publish blogs on?

Yes I did and there are a few key reasons  why

  • WordPress was built from the ground up to spread messages and build community online
  • WordPress is free to use (open source)
  • If you can dream it, WordPress has a plugin for it

So as you can see, this is a bootstrapped startups dream as it allows you to do whatever you want and do it essentially for free, especially if one of your founders is a tech guy – developer.

Wait a minute…

Oh I can hear you buzzing now because as with all good things in life there are compromises and WordPress is no different.

It’s not the easiest platform to use compared to some others like Wix, Shopify and Squarespace.

And it’s not exactly free either as you do need a domain name and hosting to really get the most out of it but you have to do this for any other platform anyway so we are not counting that against WordPress -what we are though is that ease of use is an issue.

I won’t butter this up – WordPress can be an absolute nightmare to a first time user.

The template design system is clunky and don’t even get me started on the WordPress editor!

But remember what I said about the “If you can dream it, there is a plugin for it”? Well come to the rescue it does because the easiest way to turn WordPress from a nightmare to an absolute dream is with a free plugin called Elementor

Introduced in 2016, this plugin is a game changer for the WordPress community and in two years it’s now installed on over a million websites! (How’s that for startup success!)

The reason it’s so successful is because it addressed this major pain point for WordPress users who knew they had something special but also couldn’t stand the built in page editor they were using.

See demo below:

Hack #2 - GNU/GPL

We have all heard the saying “There is no such thing as a free lunch!”

And yes when it comes to WordPress there are times when free will only get you so far.

Maybe you have some specific eCommerce requirements or some custom coding for your members area – in these cases it’s time to put some money up and get what is called Premium plugins (in other words paid ones).

This can be a frustrating time especially when you have been so happy with all the free stuff you have been getting with WordPress. But there can be a more frustrating issue and that has to do with compatibility when the plugin you just paid for actually breaks another part of your website.

This has happened to me on more than one occassion, which is why I want to share hack #2 with you right now.

Try before you buy!

Yes, there are a number of companies that offer a FREE trial but most WordPress premium plugins do require you to buy first. By the time you have had a chance to test it, your money back guarantee expires!

So there is a clever way to get around this and it has to do with the fact that WordPress is open source software and plugins released under the GNU/GPL license agreement.

Basically, if you have a developer friend you can get access to the product for free to test first.

Now I know many of you reading this will have developer friends but said friend may not have the specific plugin you are wanting and there are two ways around this.

Method 1: Fiverr

Search FIVERR for plugin you want. Here is an example of Thrive Leads – another great plugin that costs  between $67-$147.

Link to FIVERR page.

See that gig for $5 – he is giving you the plugin as part of this deal!

He is allowed to do this because as a developer he is allowed to give you the plugin as part of his service which in this case is designing an opt in form for your website.

$5 is certainly a lot better than $67 and once you are 100% certain the plugin is right for you, then you can go buy the plugin direct from Thrive so that you can get access to that all so important product support.

We use Thrive products ourselves and when you are in a growth phase it really does pay to have support from the plugin creators to reduce web development fees.

Method #2 – Digital Boss Club

I will keep this one short.

Think of Digital Boss Club (DBC) and specifically DBC Pro as your developer friend, where you get access to your choice of premium WordPress plugins. You just need to be part of the club.

Final Thoughts

Well done on reading all the way to the end…

You understand that relying on OPP is not going to cut it – you need YOP

Did that sound like gobbledygook? Aha, I caught you skipping to the end! Seriously, go back and read the introduction. 🙂

And one of the best ways of developing YOP is using WordPress because it is free open source technology that was built from the ground up to help people spread a message.

And when using Hacks #1 and #2 you are able to achieve this more cost effectively than any other solution on the market today. Dare I say $100 startup… 

I do hope this little piece has helped you in choosing your platform today. If you enjoyed this post I would so love it if you could share using any of the social media buttons.


Beaver Builder Review [2018 Update]

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Have you struggled on WordPress attempting to build sites from scratch? Have you languished through mediocre templates and had difficulty creating your ideal website? If you have, you are not alone. There are millions of web pages out there struggling between various levels of mediocrity and absolute horrid website design and a large part of this is simply due to the fact that many individuals lack the appropriate tools they need to make the website that they want to create. This is where Beaver Builder came in and changed everything. Beaver Builder works using the WordPress website templates and has created a whole library full of different templates for individuals to pick and utilize. Having a huge library with which to borrow from makes Beaver Builder an essential tool for professional website designers as well as individual business owners on the go. So what are some of the pros and cons of the incredible tool that is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder Pros

Saves you time

Template library

Unsurprisingly one of their primary features is also one of their greatest pros and that is their template library. Having library templates of many different kinds of pages, landing pages, contact pages, and entirely built template websites makes website design a breeze. No longer do you have to find vague pages which might work, you can find much more specific styles and custom templates which can allow you to simply swap out the pictures and text, then launch your website. This makes website production quick and easy which is a huge boost to both website makers as well as businesses seeking to have sites done quickly. Professional website designers will be able to swiftly find templates which meet their clients’ individual needs while simultaneously making it faster and easier for them to produce these sites and adding any additional features the customer requires. This means that website builders can build faster than ever before with Beaver Builder.

Switch themes but save content

This is a huge benefit available through Beaver Builder and that is the ability to change themes on a website while maintaining the content. This is a huge improvement from the way things have been done previously. If for whatever reason after a website had launched or even right before its launch date, you realize that perhaps the website clashed with your marketing themes, you did not like its style or its look, or it was not doing the right work of funneling individuals into marketing or getting them to subscribe to email newsletters and it needed changed. Now with Beaver Builder, instead of having to scrap a website and start all over again, as was the traditional method, Beaver Builder allows you to port all of that over to a brand new website theme. Just think about that for a second, with a little bit of realignment and adjusting, you can take all of your text, links, sales pages, and pictures and move them all over to a brand new website theme without having to start from scratch. This is the power offered by Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder Cons

Individual limits

While Beaver Builder itself offers infinite variety, infinite imagination, and infinite flexibility and a wide variety of design themes, templates, and programming, there is a huge limiting factor and that is the individual using it. Beaver Builder attempts to make website design simple. Building websites in a matter of minutes instead of a matter of days is very possible even for novice builders. However, people who are new to website building can have trouble understanding some of the finer points.

Perhaps they don’t know that pages ought to share similar themes, or perhaps they have made and designed a very poor marketing funnel in their attempt to get users to buy into their products. No matter what the issue is, Beaver Builder is not the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to making your business a success. The success or failure of any given business lies not in the tools it uses but by those who use them. If you are somebody who struggles with either website design or finding ways to engage clients, then although Beaver Builder is an excellent tool and can help, your biggest help will come by finding people to teach you, or simply hiring an individual to utilize Beaver Builder on your behalf. Beaver Builder is an exceptional tool but it still needs someone who understands or is willing to learn online marketing, engaging designs, and successful marketing funnels for it to start paying dividends.

Beaver Builder Conclusion

In conclusion, Beaver Builder is one of the most exceptional tools to have ever come across the internet for website design. With its high functionality, its ability to create swift websites in minutes as opposed to days or weeks, the ability to port over all of your information into a brand new design theme without having to start from scratch each time, and its huge variety of templates and options all come together to make Beaver Builder an absolute must-have for every entrepreneur seeking to make a winning website that will engage clients and make money.

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ConnectSuite Review

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Making connections online can be difficult, especially for a new and enterprising business owner. However, there are ways of successfully leapfrogging your competition, tapping into unnoticed and new sources of information which can help give your business a huge advantage over the competition. With many different businesses all vying to try and convince you that they are the one, what can you do and what tools should you utilize to enhance your internet presence? Your connectability? And make a marketing funnel that can generate huge revenues for you?

That is the promise behind ConnectSuite. ConnectSuite is a suite of programs made of four primary ones – Connectexplore, Connectretarget, Connectaudience, and Connectleads. So what is all this connection about? And what are some of the pros and cons of the exceptional tool that is ConnectSuite?

ConnectSuite Pros


Connectexplore is a hugely innovative tool and is an essential part of the ConnectSuite of programs. Connectexplore at its base level is really a marketer’s dream by helping you learn how to leapfrog the competition and identify the absolute best potential interest targets. It is especially useful at helping identify these on social media platforms like Facebook where there are over a billion active users daily Facebook certainly has clients for your business; the key is how to identify them and attract them. The problem with traditional methods like the built-in Facebook Advertiser and things like that is they don’t show you everything. Not only that, but everyone else is also using the same tools and so you are all trying to fish from the same pond.

Connectexplore was designed to help take you to new places of untapped interest groups. For instance, with traditional Facebook advertising you are simply shown those individuals who like or supposedly have an interest in something as a potential person to advertise to. With Connectexplore though, you are helped in finding the subset of people who are not just interested but are truly dedicated and passionate. By helping you identify these individuals, you are able to find the big fish while simultaneously being able to ignore and not waste your advertising dollars on every other one who will simply pass you by. In addition to this, Connectexplore has measurable analytics for your Facebook campaign so you don’t have to wonder if the program is working, as you will be able to see exactly how it is working, what information, links, or services generated the most clicks, and get continual analysis on your behalf so you can know exactly what is connecting you and what is causing the disconnection between you and your clients.


Retargeting is essentially the mechanism by which an online algorithm attempts to retarget to what appear to be more profitable prospects. If somebody goes to your site, traditional targeting says that these people are the ones that you want to focus on. However, current retargeting methods on Facebook are highly inefficient and here is why: Facebook retargets the effort on anyone and everyone who came to your site, even if they were only on your site for a fraction of a second before leaving. Connectretarget is different. If you had three people who came to your site and left in under a second and one person who stayed for 20 or 30 minutes browsing the site before they, too, left without purchasing, who do you think is the best person to retarget? If you said person number four, then that is what the designers of Connectretarget thought. They want to pursue the person who showed actual engagement with the site instead of wasting their time, effort, and money on targeting disinterested individuals.

To sum, the built-in Facebook retargeting targets everyone whereas Connectretarget targets those who have shown the most engagement or interest in your product or site. This is hugely important as many studies show that people need to see a message three to seven times before they will take action on something. If they were interested enough to browse your services, check your pricing, and review other pages, these are the individuals who you most need to focus on to get back. This is exactly what Connectretarget was designed to do. Connectretarget helps maximize your advertising dollars by focusing on just those people who showed the most interest and are thus the most likely to be converted. Individuals using Connectretarget have seen conversion rates at over 300% increases since its use. It is an exceptionally dialed-in tool that help makes online selling and converting far easier.


Are you finding it difficult to develop leads online? Do you struggle with adding in people to mailing lists or subscriber lists while simultaneously having to upload different CSV files or send out mass emails for people who showed interest in your product or services? Then fear not, because the team that has brought you the other exceptional tools in the ConnectSuite have you covered with Connectleads. Connectleads was designed to help automatically create subscriber lists for you using Facebook algorithms and client interactions. Here’s how it works: a person on Facebook who likes your service, your product, or your message, can simply click subscribe and without them having to do anything further, no add to email, no username, no passwords, they are now subscribed to your product and Connectleads will then automatically add them to your mailing list.

Not only that but Connectleads also has an auto response that you can utilize as well. Is an individual interested in your product and they click a link on it? With Connectleads, this person can receive an automatic email or message concerning the product, any deals or sales you’re offering, and a whole host of other information that can help increase your conversion rate. Additionally, with all the information being stored in the cloud, Connectleads makes it easy for you to keep all of your auto responses stored, help you create automated responses, and generate automatic lists for your clients. Connectleads is an essential must-have part of the ConnectSuite.


Learning how to successfully email retarget is an important part of business. As mentioned earlier, individuals need to see or be reminded of a product or service three to seven times before they will begin to take action on it. This is why retargeting is so powerful, like the retargeting method for Facebook explained earlier. But there are other important ways of retargeting and Connectaudience helps cover it by assisting you in learning how to retarget your emails. Sound crazy? How can you possibly retarget emails? That is exactly what Connectaudience was designed to do.

When you use Connectaudience and send out an email to individuals in your subscriber list, it is able to know who opened the emails even if they did not click or follow any of the links inside. What makes it great is not only does it know but by linking it to your Facebook page, it is then also able to push Facebook ads directly to those individuals who actually opened up your email. People who open up your email are far more likely to be individuals who actually want what you are selling but sometimes need gentle reminders. With Connectaudience helping push ads for individuals who already showed interest and ignoring those who don’t, not only do you save huge amounts on your Facebook advertising by not attempting to advertise to those who showed no interest, but you also can increase your conversion rates by focusing on the most important people who spent time reading your email or looking at your products. Connectaudience is a great way to connect your email and Facebook audiences together and help increase your conversion rates.

ConnectSuite Cons

There is not a single con to any of these products in and of themselves, but rather the con lies in the individuals using the products. These four products as shown can have a huge net benefit to any business which utilizes them, whether large or small. The only thing is, it will take time to learn and dial them in properly. Businesses are like snowflakes and no two are alike. So when utilizing the host of tools that is ConnectSuite, it will take time to get it optimized specifically for your business. This can sometimes be a stressful time for individuals as they begin to make the learning curve but once made, ConnectSuite can help your business become incredibly lucrative.

ConnectSuite Conclusion

n closing, ConnectSuite with its host of tools is an absolute must-have for any and every entrepreneur. With its powerful retargeting abilities, its ability to help increase your conversion rate, push specific messages to specific individuals, track and analyze these trends in real time and a slew of other powerful capabilities, ConnectSuite is the must-have way for you to connect with your social media audience. Don’t let your business fall behind by attempting to fish from the same used ponds and using the same old tools that every other new business is trying to use, rather use the exceptional tools offered through ConnectSuite to help enhance your

business and boost your conversion rate sky high. Let ConnectSuite help make your business a success.

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Magnetic Marketing Review

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Attracting new clients is one of the most difficult aspects for any business. Finding ways of sending out your message, pushing advertising campaigns, investing in social media, and performing a whole host of other tasks that go with launching a successful advertising campaign can take a lot of your time.

In addition to the time, the energy, and the money spent, one of the big drawbacks is that you are having to find every single person that you hope will one day become a client for your business. But what if there were another way? What if there was a method by which your clients help you find more clients? Where you did not actively pursue individuals to partake of your services or products but rather you engaged them with meaningful information and content that made them want to share it with others? This is the promise behind Magnetic Marketing. Magnetic Marketing is a style of marketing by which you attract clients as opposed to pursuing them. So what are some of the methods and the pros and cons of this exceptional training?

Magnetic Marketing Pros

Turn clients into agents

One of the most powerful and important parts of Magnetic Marketing is the idea of how it attracts people. One of the methods of attraction is to find and utilize methods which turn clients into advertising agents for you. These individuals then in turn tell their friends, family, acquaintances, and social media contacts. One great way of doing this is to offer discounts, services, or products to individuals who help share your information with others. This is your end of the magnet for Magnetic Marketing. It is a pull which makes others want to engage with you. That pull can look like any number of things but the result is always the same and that is that individuals who previously may have just been disinterested browsers are now people who will share your product, your services, and your links with others. This provides a powerful push as when your clients help advertise your business it is some of the strongest form of advertising as people naturally gravitate towards the things that others in their social group like as well.

Real engagement

One of the primary hallmarks of Magnetic Marketing is the idea that you lure in clients – this is the magnetic part of Magnetic Marketing. One of the single biggest methods of doing this, and the most common in the realm of Magnetic Marketing, is to offer truly engaging and useful materials. People are not foolish; they will love, like, share, and subscribe to things which they benefit from. Not only that, but they will also try to send on that benefit to their friends, family, co-workers, and social-media contacts. It is so simple as it is done by just offering actual legitimately useful content. Engaging content can look like any number of things but primarily it is something which is useful or highly informational that clients or potential clients may want to know. This helps them feel that they are getting real value from engaging with you and that there is real value in continuing to engage with you and your business. Just as when one piece

of metal links on to a magnet, so too it is when you offer real value when you engage with clients, they will share with others and those people will in turn share with others still, creating a cascade effect where your marketing output is minimal but your lure strength is very high.

Magnetic Marketing Cons

One of the primary cons or pitfalls which is likely to occur to a person attempting to engage using Magnetic Marketing, especially for the first time, is to simply give away too much. Your lure needs to be good and it certainly needs to provide engaging content and material that will make others want to share but not sell the farm, too. Your content should be informational and engaging while simultaneously making them want more of it. If you give away too much of your content, or trade secrets, they will not need to engage further and the magnetic appeal of the marketing is lost.

Magnetic Marketing Conclusion

When done correctly, Magnetic Marketing is a powerful force for attracting new clients, turning those clients into advertising agents, helping individuals feel they are receiving real value from you, and helping your business thrive with a minimal effort of advertising or financial dollars.

This is the basic idea behind Magnetic Marketing but it is so much more when you hear it from the legend himself Dan Kennedy. The best part is that you can get the basic principles of Magnetic Marketing for your business for free when using the link below.

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Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Review

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Finding the right add-ons for your websites can be difficult. In the past, finding good add-ons has always taken lots of time, research, and a huge amount of finessing energy to make sure that not only was the add-on good but that it also did not clash with your site and that it maintained the integrity of your webpage. All this is now a thing of the past as Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder has done away with all the hassle and struggle needed to make websites that could engage clients. So what is Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder all about and what are some of the pros and cons of this technology?

Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Pros

Build websites faster

One of the most labor-intensive things a beginning business can do is design their own website. This can take hundreds or potentially even thousands of man hours to do correctly but Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder can allow you to do it in a fraction of the time by having some of the most important and time-consuming elements already prefabricated and ready for use. For instance, they have over a hundred different page templates. Are you needing an about page right now? Are you realizing that the site you’re just about to launch is missing an important page or feature?

Fortunately, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder happens to have a huge library of different builder supplies for you to pick from. This can enable you to be able to finish a website quickly – even one that needs some specialty pages. With a quick look through Beaver Builders library, you will easily be able to find a beautifully-designed template page that will work great for your site. Alternatively, you can modify and work on the template page and make it into the page of your dreams. This customization as well as the large library makes Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder an essential element for website creation.

Doesn’t slow down your site

One of the problems many other add-ons have, especially when working with WordPress, is the fact that they slow down the sites of their users. Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder was designed differently, though. It was made to be quick, streamlined, and highly efficient; this means that Beaver Builder’s add-ons will not have a large negative effect on the speed at which your page loads or operates. This is because Beaver Builder was not about flashy gimmicks, Beaver Builder is about helping individuals make efficient and successful websites. This particular feature with its lightweight processing needs mean that you can have confidence that whether an individual is opening your site up on their phone with throttled internet or is using their high-speed bandwidth at home, your potential clients will always be able to view your site as intended and with the maximum functionality. Meshing beauty with functionality, it is the reason why Beaver Builder works so hard to make sure that their pages and applications mesh seamlessly within the WordPress builder.

Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Cons

Learning to use the tool

There really is not much negative to say about Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder. Between its highly efficient operations, its huge library of resources, and its ability to help individuals build beautiful successful websites quickly, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder is a great tool. The real weak link with Beaver Builder lies not in the tool itself but in those who wield it. Like with any tool, there is a learning curve and people who think that simply getting this program or access to the libraries will suddenly make them successful are in for a shock. Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder can only assist and help you with what you already have. As the old saying goes, you can’t make bricks without straw and Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder helps give you a wide supply, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can’t make bricks either. As you utilize Beaver Builder and learn how to make the marketing funnels, create connections with clients, and improve your website into one which is engaging to your clientele, you will start to reap the benefits from Beaver Builder and its ultimate add-on.

Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Conclusion

In closing, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder is one of the absolute best must-have new tools for 2018. With its vast library of pages, add-ons, and other features, it was built and designed to be a thoroughbred when it comes to online website design. Coupled with their tech support and assistance hotline, you not only have access to some of the best tools but can always reach out if something does not seem to be working as you intend it to. With all this in mind, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder is sure to be one of the greatest new tools you can get for designing your perfect WordPress site.

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How to get an .edu email address?

Having an .edu email address is truly a great thing! For all intensive purposes having one means you are a student and being a student brings so many benefits.

Companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Dell and many others including food companies, travel, online shopping and even school supply areas often will give discounts to individuals who are students. As most students have an .edu email account, many businesses simply take this email as a shorthand for whether or not you are a student. 

A few examples of benefits include:

  • Free Amazon Prime Student Account for 6 months: Usually costs $119 per year and gives you a whole host of benefits including free two day shipping, kindle books, movies, music and more.
  • Large tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Dell and HP all have student deals. Apple is notorious for never discounting but with a .edu email you can get up to $200 off select Apple devices.
  •  Adobe (makers of Photoshop and Premiere) offer deep savings up to 60% off to students

These are just three that stood out to us but in all honesty there are so many other companies it would be too numerous to list in this blog post. The best strategy would be to type in the name of the company followed by student discount so for example “Best Buy student discount” and see what results. And yes I use that example because there is a valid option for Best Buy student customers to save.  

So with all the benefits available for individuals with an edu email address, what are the top ways of getting it?

Create a dummy student account

Let’s start with the shadiest and most morally questionable answer first and that is to simply create an email address that has a edu in it without actually ever being a student. There are some programs online which can help you do that and there are also several colleges such as the University of California which allow you to create a school email address even if you are not a student. 

Using certain loopholes and workarounds in automated school systems can sometimes allow you to do this. A very common one is to register as a student at the school filing all your paperwork but then never actually taking any of the classes. You will appear on paper and to the internet to be a student at the school yet never taking any classes and never having any desire to. Eventually the school will weed you out though and either compel you to take a class or simply drop you from the school rosters and your email address with it.

So with all that said there is an easier way.

And that is to use FIVERR – and specifically people on FIVERR who are able to get you a legitimate working edu email address. 

Here is a link to someone providing this service right now.

It’s not free ($10) but if you are in the market for a new laptop you could easily be saving $100+ immediately and $1000’s of dollars as you keep using it.

If you don’t want to pay $10 then the following two options are really your best bet.

Be a student…

Of course the simplest way of getting an edu email address to be able to use for your discounts is to simply be a student at an accredited college or university. Many different colleges, universities, private organizations or other groups have official edu addresses for their students. 

If you are not a student yet, you don’t need to sign up for more expensive college or university but your local institute (teaching video editing for the next  4 weeks) could do the trick too. Just make sure to ask some questions before joining though. Not only do you get the .edu email but you are investing in yourself and your skills.

College and higher learning is expensive and so getting every deal that is due you is a great way to help offset some of those expenses. One important tip is to make sure that you keep your student roster up to date. Many colleges require that you take a certain amount of classes to avoid being dropped from the school. Helping make sure that you have the minimum class requirements to be able to keep your edu email address is an important part of being able to not only continue your academic career but secure those future deals and discounts.

Be an alumni

One of the best kept secrets is that you do not need to be a current student to be able to possibly get an edu email address, as it is also often times available for alumni who graduated from their universities. 

Alumni are often able to receive these kinds of email addresses which helps keep them in the loop about different college programs and activities while simultaneously allowing the college to solicit donations or try to keep alumni involved in the college. 

This little perk can mean that you can potentially have a legitimate edu address for utilizing access to discounts permanently. It will still not successfully beat those third-party groups which check to make sure you are an active student but for the less inquisitive and more passive businesses you will easily be able to use this legitimate edu email address indefinitely to secure deals and discounts. 

Contact your alumni office for full details on whether you qualify for this benefit.

In Conclusion

The single best way to have an edu address is to simply be or have been a legitimate student. So if you want to be able to utilize the benefits of having an edu email address then stick to the old adage: be cool and stay in school.

But if you ain’t – check out FIVERR.