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Mobilize Revolution Review

Mobilize Revolution Review

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Creating successful mobile web pages or mobile apps is a huge struggle but one which needs to be met given today's current mobile primacy culture. Many studies show that in markets all over the world, smartphones are being utilized as the primary medium for accessing the internet, or if they are not number one they are quickly racing towards the number one slot. This means that web pages which are designed to work optimally with mobile devices are ones that are going to be more user-friendly, attract more individuals, and have greater marketing success. One of the great new tools which has come about in recent years is Mobilize Revolution. Mobilize Revolution was designed with the intention of making mobile web pages quick and easy as well as any other associated mobile apps. So what are some of the pros and cons of this new product?


Mobilize Revolution Pros


There are many applications out there, some of which are free, which allow you to build mobile web pages. One of the big things lacking in all of them, though, is that they do not have the extensive or exhaustive training that Mobilize Revolution has developed as a part of their core strategies. They not only teach you how to design and develop beautiful websites which you can either utilize for yourself or sell to other individuals, but they also include a comprehensive sales training packet as well to teach you how to sell these services and websites to businesses in your community. This is a huge step up from the mere create and forget style of website building used in the past. With Mobilize Revolution, you have active support and assistance in learning how to not just make them but also make them profitable. The training itself is a huge value added to the membership.


As mentioned before, there are many places which allow you to develop or create mobile websites but Mobilize Revolution is one of an exceedingly few which also gives you the opportunity to learn how to create applications for the website as well. Creating mobile applications is an essential element of continued customer engagement, meeting your client needs, and creating a successful product which your users will want to buy. It is not enough to merely have a website as nowadays users are used to a wide variety of interactions which are only available through the use of various applications. Knowing how to create, design, and develop these applications is an essential element to your future success in selling or developing client websites.

Lead generating software

Finding leads can be exceptionally difficult but with Mobilize Revolution they take even this notoriously difficult process and make it an efficient and streamlined one with lead generating

software. The generating software is designed to help you find identify potential leads for you to pursue. This means you spend less time looking for individuals and more time selling to them. This increases your profits exponentially as you might imagine. Anything that businesses can do that improves efficiencies helps improve the bottom line. This huge time-saver is a unique and innovative feature available only in Mobilize Revolution.

Mobilize Revolution Cons


There are far more tools, trainings, tool kits, and other substantial features that come with Mobilize Revolution which there is not enough space to mention here. However, one thing which all of this value content can cause in some people is a feeling of being overwhelmed with all of that information or tools. It can take time to go through the training process and it can also take time to learn to be confident when utilizing the different tools and applications that Mobilize Revolution gives you. It's important that if you buy the product you are there to learn as well as utilize. The product is simple to use but there are many bells and whistles which can significantly enhance its service to you that may at first glance be daunting.

Mobilize Revolution Conclusion

Mobilize Revolution turns out to be an exceptionally useful tool for helping develop online websites specifically geared towards mobile devices. As the world becomes more connected through mobile devices, having a website that can handle the task is more important than ever before. With its huge variety of tools and analytical capabilities, its lead generation software, and its extensive teaching courses, Mobilize Revolution will truly revolutionize your marketing abilities. 

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Text Deliver Review

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In modern marketing, finding new ways of reaching and connecting with your subscribers is a must. Emails are often ignored or can be automatically rejected while phone calls are often considered too intrusive and difficult to time correctly if your clientele are spread out over a large series of time zones. This leaves one of the most effective methods for reaching your subscriber list and that is texting. But having a reliable methodology of texting, especially large numbers of subscribers, auto sends has heretofore been a highly difficult process to set up and actualize. However, that is no longer the case with Text Deliver. Text Deliver was created and designed with the express purpose of reaching your subscribers by text simple, convenient, and efficient. So what are some of the pros and cons of this fantastic texting tool?


Text Deliver Pros

Unlimited subscribers

This is a huge benefit because the fact is most of the other texting assistant programs which you can find on the internet will limit how many texts you can send or how many you can send in a given time frame. What this is really doing is putting a cap on your growth. The rate at which you can connect with customers is the rate at which you will be able to grow. With Text Deliver, you no longer have to worry about reaching that cap as it’s not there. You can text an unlimited amount of subscribers which means that your business is not limited by your number of texts but only limited by how much you can grow.

Reach customers effectively

Texting is one of the most effective methodologies of being able to reach your client base. The fact is, if they have given you their phone number then they like what you are selling. By utilizing Text Deliver you are able to give these subscribers special deals before you put them up online or you can even give these subscribers unique deals, promo codes, or links to products before they become generally available. This gives a significant value added which is an essential part of ensuring that your clients feel they're getting the best bang for their buck. Individuals want to feel like their willingness to subscribe to you is being rewarded not penalized.

By using Text Deliver, you are able to give them the deals they want in the timely fashion they deserve. Emails can often take hours to be checked, whereas simply waiting for them to login to the website and see that there is a deal is an absolute non-starter. By reaching them with text, you ensure that they have the information they need now as most texts are checked within a few moments after they have arrived.

Centralized control

When managing multiple marketing campaigns, especially multiple marketing campaigns that include various different subscriber lists, the ability to manage them all from a singular console

is a must. You will not have to open up one list of subscribers, send them a marketing notification, and then proceed to open up another and another. This is slow, time-consuming, and highly inefficient. Text Deliver has all of this information centralized in one place, your command console. This command console gives you the unique ability to be able to manage an unlimited number of marketing campaigns while simultaneously being able to keep it all perfectly organized.

Text Deliver Cons

One of the potential cons of utilizing this type of tool is the potential for misuse. There's nothing wrong with the programming itself but the methodology which you choose to utilize it can potentially be harmful to your business. The fact is, your customers want to feel like they are valued, not that they are spammed. Ideally you should try to limit yourself to a text every other day or even once a week. You will quickly be able to find the right balance for what your customers need and desire. Too many texting notifications will get you blocked or have them remove themselves from your subscriber list. Too few and your clients will not feel there is much value to being on your subscriber list, either. Text Deliver is about utilizing the right balance and if you cannot find that balance quickly it can be a potential negative to your business.

TextDeliver Conclusion

All that being said, as long as you can use the tool responsibly, then its ability to mass market, swiftly reach your clients, and manage all of your marketing campaigns from a singular location make Text Deliver an exceptionally powerful marketing tool that every entrepreneur should own. 

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adoptimizer review

AdOptimizer Review

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Adverts that won’t tear your pocket!

You can greatly reduce the amount you spend advertising your brand by using adOptimizer, the artificial intelligence powered advertising tool.

As humans, the most basic things that we spend money on are rent, food and if you are a business owner - ultimately advertisements. While there is really no way of controlling the amount you spend on rent and food (unless you just eat beans), the case is different with advertising. With software, there are great ways to effectively manage your advertisement on Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

One such tool is the adOptimizer.

What adOptimizer will do for you?

  • With adoptimizer, you will be able to do the following;
  • Create various advertisement variations within seconds
  • Improve your ROI using the adOptimizer’s algorithms
  • Obtain real-time analytics with a few clicks
  • Use the best advert to target your audience

Here is how adOptimizer works;

  • You provide adOptimizer with 5 different ad creatives
  • They create 50 variations of those ads and set them live
  • After running that ad for a day, they take the ad info and run it through A.I algorithms to optimize your ad for your audience
  • It then sets the best performing ads to continue for the rest of your campaign

For instance, when running an ad on Facebook, it becomes practically impossible without figuring out the best targeting parameters to deploy. But adOptimizer will select the best ad, creative, audiences and then copy information relying on Google and Facebook’s API – you will feel comfortable knowing that your ROI result will be far better than just winging it.

Immediately variations are tested, this tool will then use another algorithm with a view to enabling continuous use of the best selected ads until such a time that the highest performing ad is sustained. This will honestly save you some money because the optimization will continue throughout the entire campaign.

adOptimizer is designed to test over hundreds of variations per day and this will continue until only the best ads that are suitable to your audience is sustained. As of now, several brands and businesses are making use of adOptimizer to reduce the cost of advertisement on social media. This tool works like magic.

adOptimizer has a business plan that is valued for over $1,680 annually.

This plan includes the following;

  • The ability to link your Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Display ad accounts
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • All trackable goals
  • Up to $5,000 a month in ad spend
  • Use your own Ad Accounts
  • Online support
  • AI automatic optimization
  • Report builder
  • AdAnalyzer
  • Access to training

At this juncture, we know that you are already thinking if you can afford this tool. But here is the shocker; you can actually enjoy all these benefit by grabbing a lifetime access to this powerful tool with just $49. Isn’t it cool?

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It is important to mention here that a minimum of $300 needs to be spent for the machine algorithms to collect enough data to optimize. With adOptimizer algorithm tests, you will be able to gain insightful data on your advertisement campaigns.

One interesting feature of adOptimizer is that the real-time analytics is simple to understand even to a novice and also accessible on any device.

An advertisement is a key ingredient when it comes to marketing your brand. No matter the position of your startup, we are here to help you get started. Therefore, instead of spending thousands of dollars targeting your audience, you can get lifetime access to adOptimizer with just $49.

When you have a lifetime access to adOptimizer, you stand to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Link all your social media ad accounts
  • All trackable goals
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • AdAnalyzer
  • Report builder
  • Increase ad spend by stacking 2 codes
  • Access to training
  • AI automatic optimization
  • Online support
  • No processing fee
  • Use your own ad account
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

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Autoklose Review

Are you in an online business? Do you want to improve your online presence with a view to making more sales? Then this review is for you. So many online entrepreneurs such as bloggers, affiliate marketer, and web designers find it difficult to manage their sales funnels. Autoklose was designed and developed in order to provide businesses with the ability to automate the sales process. Entrepreneurs and business owners alike would enjoy the features of Autoklose because it allows them to generate their target leads, as well as, monitor their email outreach.

What is Autoklose?

Autoklose is an all-in-one sales platform that automates repetitive sales tasks, generate target leads, and monitor your email outreach. Autoklose will save you time and time is money. If your business relies on generating leads, then Autoklose is right for you. You need a sale automation tool that streamlines the process so that you can focus on close-indoor sales, not on sending emails.

Autoklose is built to equip all players in the sales process, such as SDR managers, account executives, sales development reps, and sales leaders, with software that enhances sales teams’ efficiency, productivity, and performance.

It comes with automated lead generation capability as well as a throng of email drip campaign management tools with Salesforce integration. It takes care of sales prospects generation by configuring a customer profile and scheduling an email campaign. Autoklose not only automates all sales processes but also keeps everyone on the same page, which also improves communication, collaboration, and results. You can take advantage of the time limited deal to grab a lifetime access to this app for just $49, instead of paying a huge sum of $1,080 per year.

What will Autoklose do for you?

  • When you don’t have enough people on the sales team, Autoklose fills the void. It is like hiring a smart assistant who does the boring work for you
  • Autoklose is guaranteed to accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Autoklose is integrated with a 3rd party data provider, which means you never have to worry about where to get your leads from.
  • With Autoklose, you will be able to download new data through segmentation based on the niche, company size, location, role, etc.
  • Autoklose offers a selection sales sequence templates.

Autoklose integrates with the following business systems and applications:

  • Salesforce
  • Gmail
  • Office 365
  • Yahoo
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Nouvell Groupwise

Features of Autoklose

Autoklose comes with several features, some of which are;

  • Automate tedious tasks: The Autoklose app completely automates all tedious task process. So when you are using Autoklose, you can go to bed and be rest assured that all the sales processes would be done on autopilot
  • Generate qualified leads: Generating qualified leads is a herculean to sales managers. They have to spend so much time trying to generate leads. But with Autoklose, within few minutes, generation of qualified leads are done seamlessly
  • Shorten the sales cycle: The sales cycle no doubt is a cumbersome process, but with Autoklose, the process will be shortened.
  • Reach the right audience: Autoklose will enable you to reach out to your targeted audience with just a few clicks.
  • Autoklose will boost your sales team’s productivity and performance
  • Integration with major platforms: Autoklose is integrated with major platforms such as Salesforce, Gmail, office 365, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, and Nouvell Groupwise

Autoklose Pros

Autoklose comes with the following benefits;

  • Autoklose gives you a sales automation solution that handles all the grunt work of your sales processes and helps you manage your sales funnels, campaigns, and prospects, resulting to more closed deals and tons of profits.
  • With Autoklose, generating and targeting high-quality leads are no longer a time-intensive, laborious effort. The software is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Salesforce account and import all your contacts’ details and information that your sales teams can access and use.
  • Autoklose allows you to upload CSV files, or pick high quality and validated leads from a large database of contacts from reliable third-party providers. You basically don’t have to spend huge amounts of time gathering and verifying leads. Autoklose does all that for you.
  • Creating a custom email campaign from scratch can be quite an endeavor. Autoklose provides you with a selection of customizable, high converting email sequence templates to choose from based on your business event. You can then make the necessary configurations and inject your branded elements.
  • You no longer have to build your email campaigns from the ground up. Autoklose lets you make the tweaks you need on their pre-built templates and then lets you reach out to your prospects through personalized messages and pitches.
  • The best part is that once you reeled your prospects in, they can easily book appointments or subscribe to your service with just a click of a button.

Autoklose Cons

The only drawback of this software is that it has a limited number of integrations

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a sales platform, then Autoklose offer a good option to automate your sales process, & boasts to be the future of the sales automation. Basically, Autoklose is a company that specializes in the development of the sales automation platform which tackles the common problems that most salespeople face & offers a solution to these problems. This software is a must-have due to its benefit of automating repetitive sales tasks, generating target leads, and monitoring your email outreach with just a few clicks. Once you purchase Autoklose, you guaranteed of getting value for your money.


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ContentStudio Review

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If your blog is not grabbing enough traffic, chances are that you are not publishing quality and trending articles that your intended audience loves to read. Fill your social media channels with attractive and quality contents in any niche. Let the trending articles be published on your blog first before trending in the public domain.

Most people have more than one social media channel and it requires logging in to these channels before posting contents. Won’t it be great if you could manage all your social media channels from just a single platform? – This is exactly where the ContentStudio app comes in. The ContentStudio app is a dream come true because it would allow you to setup and automate your campaign with a view to publishing trending content automatically on your social media channels.

The intention of this review is to explore ContentStudio’s features, pros, cons, as well as, provide a final verdict whether the app is actually worth investing in or not.


ContentStudio is an app geared towards the digital marketing space with a view to providing an excellent platform for content marketing, as well as, managing social media sites under one roof. The ContentStudio app offers unique features that make it easy for users to manage different social media channels at one click with engaging contents.

This app can be deployed to track, share, and discover trending and engaging contents in any niche. ContentStudio has strived to provide a platform that doesn’t need users to be technically inclined in order to manage the account. With just one click, users are ready to go.

In addition, this tool is designed with cutting-edge products such as Curation, Discovery, Planner, Automation, and Publisher. All that you need to automatically manage your social media sites is right here!

ContentStudio Main features

There is no iota of doubt about the cutting-edge features of Contentstudio. The features are regularly updated to meet the ever-increasing need of the marketing space. The following are some of the major features of ContentStudio;

  • Easiest multi-social medial management: One challenge that most bloggers face is that they waste so much time logging into their various social media channels and blog. But with ContentStudio, you will be able to make engaging contents that your audience would love to read and share. You will also be able to trend content before it trends anywhere, as well as, publish quality images and videos on all your social media channels and blogs on a single platform.
  • Discover inspiring contents with a click: ContentStudio comes with intuitive search design that will enable you to track any trending topic irrespective of the niche. The trending topics would then be published on your social media channels and blog with just a single click.
  • Powerful automation & planner: This tool is not just limited to content alone, users can use it to search topics that trended some days ago with a view to using it to engage their audience. Contentstudio can search across over 9 sources like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Giphy, Imgur, Dailymotion, Flickr, and Pixabay.
  • Multiple Language support: if you are not a native English speaker fret not, ContentStudio is designed to support multiple languages. Your contents will be translated into the native language of your audience.
  • Craft new contents with the composer: ContentStudio is designed with Composer module so that you can create fresh contents without taking much time. Also, this tool will suggest articles or posts that can drive traffic to your blog.
  • SEO optimized contents forever: ContentStudio is designed to allow the curation of SEO optimized articles of a blog post. You can schedule a post for it to repeat on your social media channels.
  • Integrate third-party extensions with a click: Some great third-party tools like SpinRewriter, ChimpRewriter, and WordAi has been integrated with ContentStudio in order to spin your content quickly. Also, platforms like WordPress, Medium, and Tumblr have been integrated for blog curation. This integration makes it possible for contents to be published on different social media channels and blogging platforms effortlessly.
  • One dashboard for everything: Sharing trending topics on your blog and social media channels is a herculean task because you have to start logging into each of the social channels. But with ContentStudio, you can achieve this on a single platform.
  • Complete Automation: This tool will enable you to automatically update your blog and social media channels with trending topics that your audience wants to read.
  • Works with the collaboration of numerous online apps: ContentStudio integrates with numerous online apps such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Tumblr, Pocket, YouTube, Pixabay, Adobe Creative,, Replug, WordAi, SpinRewriter, and ChimpRewriter, among others.

ContentStudio Pros

ContentStudio comes with a lot of benefits, some of which are;

  • Integration with some of the best tools to enable you to schedule your post
  • Managing all your social media channels on a single dashboard
  • Automatic tracking and publishing trending topics on your blog
  • ContentStudio gives your audience what they want to read
  • Your content can be translated into the native languages of your audience

ContentStudio Cons

Despite its numerous benefits, ContentStudio has its own drawbacks, some of which are;

ContentStudio - The Bottom Line

ContentStudio is a great app for website owners, bloggers, content marketers, and other professional companies that are looking to seamlessly find and share trending content on their blogs and social media channels.

This tool comes handy when you want to find trending contents to grow your own online audience.  In addition, ContentStudio is designed with cutting-edge products such as Curation, Discovery, Planner, Automation, and Publisher in order to help you publish and schedule your posts on autopilot.

ContentStudio Lifetime Deal

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awario review

Awario Review

Building a brand takes time and effort. You have to watch out not only for the quality of your products or services but also for keeping a quality relationship with your customers.

This means that you’ll have to answer their questions, hear their complaints and offer solutions when needed. Part of that communication will come through your website, but in other cases your clients will go directly to social media.

In an ideal setting, all the mentions you’ll get in social media will be to praise your brand and the work your company is doing. But that is not always the case, there are always some unhappy customers in the mix. They will run directly to social media and do their best to get their negative comments to go viral. Before you know it, everything has been blown out of proportion and you’re in the middle of a PR nightmare.

This is where Awario comes in. This monitoring app will notify you the minute someone talks about your brand on social media. Not only that, you’ll be able to join in on the conversation and handle everything promptly, whether it is to answer questions about your products or to deal with that unhappy customer directly.

Awario Main features
  • Succeed where others have failed. Monitor people’s complaints about your competitors’ companies or products. Be there for unhappy customers and offer them a solution. You’ll feed from your competition’s unsatisfied customers and grow your business.
  • All in one place. The Awario dashboard will show you what you need to know about who’s talking about you, what are the influencers doing and who they are.
  • No third-party web crawler. Awario comes with one of its own and it can search for your keywords on billions of pages and social media apps all at once.
  • Boolean search takes your configuration to another level. You’ll not only look for specific keywords but also a combination of them using Boolean operators.
  • Go local. You can set it up to be language or location specific. Monitor just your market and get exactly the data that you need.
  • Top company - Awario is made by the sample people who brought you SEO Powersuite

Awario Pricing

All the power of this monitoring app doesn’t come cheap, they have different plans but they all go for thousands of dollars a year. For instance, their Premium plan costs USD 1,788 a year. 

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LeadPages vs Clickfunnels – REVIEW

If you are familiar with running an online business or have tried and failed to market a product/service on the web you will know that a well-designed site is not always a guarantee for success. Neither is tons of traffic if you’re not able to turn those visitors into paying customers. This is what eMarketers call conversion and it really is the secret to moving into the big leagues online.

The problem with most websites and even some of the popular website builders out there is that they are focused simply on creating "pretty websites" without any idea about what leads to conversion. To address this issue there is a whole category of apps called landing page and funnel builders and as part of this app showdown we are going to look at two of the best.

Funnel builders

Sales funnels are a key to making good money online.

The two apps are LeadPages and Clickfunnels, which can help you design attractive landing pages yes but more importantly focus on converting web traffic into money in the bank whilst also increasing your email contact list.

I'm sure you will agree making money and building your audience are the two keys to online success, so lets see how well each platform does, starting first with Clickfunnels.

clickfunnels review


Anyone who has started a new business can tell you that it’s not an easy task. There are hundreds of thousands ecommerce entrepreneurs out there trying to make it and the truth is that it doesn’t matter how professional their web site looks, this doesn’t always translate into sales.

Even more, sometimes the difference between being successful or not doesn’t have to do with how good your product is, instead it can all come down to if you’re able to reach your target audience or not.

This is where ClickFunnels comes into play. A nicely designed site can deliver the message that you are running a legitimate business, but paying lots of money to get a professional to do the job can be deadly to your budget.

What's worse is that many designers are not conversion specialists so you could end up paying a lump of cash for a website that doesn't make one sale.

Introducing Clickfunnels:

With ClickFunnels you can design a professional-looking site with just a few clicks. What sets Clickfunnels apart from other platforms that offer similar services? In a nutshell you’ll build your site inside of a sales funnel guaranteed to put you in contact with a client base that is actually interested in products similar to yours. Russell Brunson the founder of Clickfunnels is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs the keys he has used to make millions online. Clickfunnels is the tool he developed and uses to fulfill his business model.

It’s not only about selling; you can also set up follow up emails to your clients or subscribers on autopilot, which is normally an extra cost. Also, you’ll have analytic tools that will show you just how well your sites are doing. You’ll see real time statistics so you can adjust your commercial strategy to make your site more profitable or get more subscribers for your content.

How it works

It just takes a few steps to set up your site and start reaching your customers. It’s as easy as selecting a sales funnel, setting up your site and going public.

The sales funnels have been created to fit different types of products, so you’ll have to browse through them and select the one that best fits your needs. This takes away the burden of finding your clients on your own and almost guarantees that you will start seeing results right away.


Clickfunnels make it easy to create the sales process you need.

Designing your site is also an easy task. There are pre-designed elements ready for you to select and just add to your site with a simple drag-and-drop action. After your site is ready, you can change anything or add new elements. You’ll get the hang of it in no time.

They say that it will take you ten minutes to set up your site, well, not exactly. Most people will tinker which is only natural but it shouldn’t take weeks either. If you are new to the whole website design concept, it will take some time to get your bearings but it’s not hard to do. It will get easier as you become familiar with the user interface, the tools and design elements.

Although this platform comes with its own shopping cart, auto responder and other tools to run your online business, it also comes with third party integrations with popular tools already in the market. If you have your favorite email service, such as Mailchimp for example, you don’t have to stop using it just because you joined ClickFunnels. You have a lot of control and versatility to run your online business the way you are most comfortable with.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • check
    Setting up your site is an easy and very straightforward process that takes only a few minutes.
  • check
    There is a 14-days trial period you can use to test it out without spending any money. After that, if you’re not pleased, you can just leave. There are no penalties or fees.
  • check
    You’ll get access to a series of tools that will make your ecommerce operations easier since you’ll control everything (email, shopping cart, automatic responses) from one place.
  • check
    Although it's a paid service, the fees aren’t that high. If you’re serious about running a business you shouldn’t mind making a small investment to get started.
  • check
    ​Besides using the custom templates, you can add your own images and content to really personalize your site and adapt it to your corporate image
  • check
    It includes free training from their passionate CEO - Russel Brunson
  • check
    You won’t have to pay for app updates since all of them are included in your membership fee.
  • check
    You can use it on a month to month basis; there are no long term contracts. Instead of cancelling your account, you can just “pause” your subscription. This way your data will be stored when you decide to activate your account again.
  • check
    No need to invest on expensive hardware or a tech department, everything is cloud based and requires no installation.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • check
    It could take a while to get to know all the tools and features available to you.
  • check
    It costs more than LeadPages and some other landing page builders.

Now that we have looked at Clickfunnels let's look at one of its main competitors.

leadpages review


As you may have guessed by its name, this platform can generate leads for your business using different methods. One of them is giving you the tools to create attractive landing pages that will help you increase your conversion rate.

Also, you could design an engaging ad to lead your clients right to your landing page, increasing traffic and opportunities to make a sell.

It comes with ready-to-use templates that are mobile compatible, so your landing page looks sharp no matter how your clients get to it. It will also help you collect information from your users via social media, SMS, email and more. Get in touch with your clients and see how your contact list grows as you get them to sign up by sending emails with links that facilitate the whole process.

LeadPages can also work as a webinar email capture tool. It comes with a webinar template you can use to post your content and even add a chat box to interact with your audience.

There are different versions depending on your needs; features are different between the standard and professional memberships. You should check out this information before signing up so you select the one that’s right for you. You will also find below a comparison chart of the 3 main versions of LeadPages.


Click image to zoom

How it works

LeadPages offers a user-friendly interface where you will be designing landing pages in no time. It doesn’t take much to get started since it comes with pre-designed objects that you can use to give your page a professional look and feel even if you don’t have previous coding experience.

A recent addition to LeadPages is their block builder which gives you a lot more control of the look and feel now. This was one of the major drawbacks to LeadPages in the past because you couldn't edit certain elements that were part of the template. 

After you’re done, you just publish your pages on LeadPages server and start seeing how traffic to your site increases. You can use LeadPages platform or publish the pages to an existing site you may already have, it’s up to you.

It’s a great tool for collecting relevant data about your visitors. You can add surveys, special fields or even hidden fields to record the information that you need to grow your business. Your email list will immediately start growing.

You can also use forms that pop-up at a predefined time or as your user is getting ready to leave the site. Don’t risk losing opportunities by letting your prospective clients leave without collecting their relevant information.

LeadPages Pros

  • check
    No coding necessary. It has an easy-to-use graphic interface where all that you have to do is click a few times to add the elements that you want. There are a lot of pre-designed elements to choose from.
  • check
    New page block builder tool is a great addition for designing custom pages
  • check
    It comes with analytic tools that will make the whole A-B testing process an easy task. You’ll know exactly how well each of your pages is doing.
  • check
    Its integration with other tools makes it easy to use the leads generated on other services you might already be using.
  • check
    User support is at your fingertips and comes in many ways. There are tutorials you can browse through or, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can chat with experts that will gladly guide you.
  • check
    You can opt for the custom elements or add some of your own, like videos or images to really personalize your page.

LeadPages Cons

  • check
    It’s not an all-in-one tool like Clickfunnels, you’ll need to use the integration with other products if you want to really take advantage of the leads that you build using it.
  • check
    The trial period only starts after you’ve subscribed to any of the paid plans. You’ll have 14 days to decide if you like LeadPages or not. After that, you will not get a refund.

LeadPages vs Clickfunnels - The Bottom Line

Although they both can help you increase traffic to your site and grow your mailing list, they are not exactly the same type of platform.

ClickFunnels is a lot broader in what it has to offer while LeadPages focuses more on giving you a design tool to build landing pages, funnels and pop-ups. If you want to take a step beyond that, you will have to use the integrations with other products. It has several, so you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for. However adding these integrations may make it more costly than Clickfunnels which has it built in. At this point it becomes a matter of preference for which platform you find easier to use.

In terms of cost, LeadPages is more affordable, but there is a catch. While you can try out ClickFunnels for free, LeadPages trial period only begins after you have already subscribed to a plan. Also, you can use ClickFunnels on a month to month basis. There are no contract and no long term deals.

They both have user support and learning tools to get you started but, since there is so many more features in ClickFunnels, the learning curve can be steeper when compared to LeadPages.

To sum up, they are both very useful tools, both quite popular also. Choosing between them will come down to what your specific needs are. If you already have a working site, mail services and a shopping cart platform and all that you need is increasing your traffic, growing your email list and increasing your conversion rate, then LeadPages can help you with that. But if you need a more comprehensive platform that includes all the mentioned services and can also put you in contact with a viable client base, then you should check out ClickFunnels.

What do you have to lose? Get started with our special offers below.


If you purchase LeadPages or ClickFunnels make sure to claim these special offers. Click here for LeadPages or here for ClickFunnels.


Prospectrr Review + Coupon

Let’s look at Prospectrr 

The Video Leads Generator

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What is Prospectrr?


Basically, a software tool that searches the Internet for “leads” who may be interested in video marketing services for their business. It does kind of rely on the fact that you have the tools to create professional videos which are a natural cross-sell of Joey Xoto’s other product – Viddyoze.

All in all some clever marketing from a top Internet marketer who has a history of making quality tools. Well done Joey Xoto!

How to use Prospectrr?

The software is priding itself on an easy 3 step process.

  1. Enter keyword and location – You can find leads in any niche or area just by entering your search terms.
  2. Click begin – As they say, Prospectrr will hunt through the top pages of Google search faster than a rocket-powered bloodhound.
  3. Choose leads – Prospectrr delivers all the key data in a simple table, letting you see the best prospects instantly. It’ll even pull out their contact info, giving you a prime list of e-mails.

Some of the other things I saw with this software which I thought was very good was how the software tells you if the lead has a low-quality video uploaded. This is then a perfect opportunity for you to offer video marketing services using the likes of Explaindio and Viddyoze.

They claim businesses are willing to spend upwards of $100 per hour on this, which may be true but it really depends on your locale naturally. However as you get better with the video tools you could be popping out videos in half an hour which would then be an easy $50 which most businesses would be more than happy to pay all day, every day.

So I guess $100 per hour is realistic.


Pros and Cons

There are more pros than cons with this one, which is what I would expect from Joey and the team.


  • Very easy 3 button click process
  • Low Cost
  • High profitability when combined with your video skills
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Focused on video leads primarily


Not much else I can fault this software on and even that one minor fault is not really a fault at all as it does what it is designed to do well.


Is Prospectrr Worthwhile?

I wholeheartedly recommend you at least try Prospectrr for yourself and if you don’t like it you get your money back.

The only recommendation I would have is not to get sucked into this if video marketing doesn’t form a key basis of your online business strategy.

If video marketing is a good fit for your business then definitely have a look at Prospectrr below.

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TextDeliver Review + Coupon

Today we bring you an introductory review of TextDeliver

The TextDeliver coupon code you are looking for is below this review. Make sure to also claim our great bonuses when you purchase using any of the links on this website.

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TextDeliver Break Down

There are a lot of different ways to promote products and services online. But what you’re going to find is that many people don’t answer the call to action that you may place on the internet. A lot of people are going to answer a different approach. That’s what Text Deliver is all about. This solution is about SMS text messaging, and how to harness that to make money with promoting just about anything. You’ll be surprised why this works. You see, emails get lost in the shuffle. They hit spam folders, they get ignored, and overall aren’t that great at delivering a personalized message. People have moved on. A SMS Text message, however, not only gets opened, it gets answered within seconds. That’s the goal of Text Deliver and it can show you how to ensure that you are getting leads, and sales with relative ease.

About and the Creator/team behind Text Deliver

Text Deliver is being promoted by Mark Thompson and Cindy Donovan and their team. This has been in development for some time, and has been tested quite well. Instead of having to deal with the waiting game that comes with email responses, you’ll be able to harness the power of text. Texts hit home fast. They reach people where they are, and they create a visceral response. A simple call to action could lead someone to checking out your products, services, and affiliate links, often times without a pop up blocker. Imagine hitting 100,000 hits and getting a 99% response rate, with high conversions coming through.

How to use TextDeliver?

When you purchase Text Deliver, you’re going to be shown how to create compelling pages that send your messages to text. That means that you can connect with your audience through their smartphone, rather than risk your message getting thrown into a spam folder, or forgotten along the way. Email integration ensure that your next text is on par with whatever it is you’re promoting with relative ease. You can embed this, you can build SMS sequences to go out at different times, and you can see whether or not your message is getting click throughs in real time. Analyze, test, and create messages that become easy to follow, and convert for your offers easily. All of this is possible with the custom dashboard that you will be entering with Text Deliver.

Pros and Cons

Before you invest in this solution, consider a few pros and cons that come with it.


  • Easy To Setup
  • Works With Email Services
  • Helps Capture Leads Fast
  • Full Analytics


  • Must Use SMS Text
  • Must Have Something to Promote

Is Text Deliver Worthwhile?

It’s easy to look at Text Deliver and think it’s complex or expensive. That’s not the case at all. This is a platform that is going to replace email in no time. At $97, you’re going to be expanding the reach of any email campaign and turn it into a simple solution that will guarantee the message gets seen. No more lost emails, no more lost calls to action, this gets results, and it does it with simplicity. Reach people where they are with this solution that is revolutionizing marketing right now. It’s well worth exploring, that’s for sure.

Click the button below for our coupon deal.

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Keyword Canine Update


We have just received this email update from Jonathan Leger in regards to Keyword Canine 3. We think it’s important to share as this was one of the only niggles we had against his excellent tool. This is now no longer the case as you will see.


Keyword Canine’s value just TRIPLED!

The subject of this email is not an exaggeration – we tripled the value of Keyword Canine for you. How did we do that? Let me explain…

Short on time? Become an Annual Keyword Canine member and get private access to my upcoming “Success in 2016” webinar Saturday, December 12th at 2p.m. EST. Just reply to this email with your purchase receipt.

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You see, Keyword Canine works off of “credits”. Each time you use one of the tools in the system, it costs a certain number of credits. We handle it that way so everybody gets their fair share of what Keyword Canine can handle, and no single user overloads the system and prevents other people from being able to use it to its full potential.

When we first launched Keyword Canine 3 (by far the most powerful SEO tool suite on the market), we were somewhat conservative with the number of credits we gave each user. We made that decision to ensure that the system wasn’t overloaded by the flood of new users (and there were a lot of them).

Two months later, we’ve looked back and analyzed the way people are using Keyword Canine, and we realized that it was safe to give each user more credits.

Now, instead of just 5,000 credits a month, each Keyword Canine user gets 15,000!

That means you can run more keyword analysis, backlink analysis, track more keyword rankings and keep up with the health of even more domains — all for the same price.

If you haven’t seen Keyword Canine in action yet, there’s no better time than right now. KC3 has the tools you need to get your online business positioned in Google for 2016.

On top of that, if you purchase the Annual membership before midnight EST Friday, not only will we give you $50 off, but you’ll also be able to attend an exclusive webinar hosted by me. I’ll talk about how to use Keyword Canine, give details of how I got my #1 ranking for one of my case study sites (, and answer any questions you have about how to run your business online.

The webinar is entitled:

“Success In 2016: SEO and Business Advice From Jonathan Leger”

It takes place Saturday, December 12th at 2p.m. EST — and only Keyword Canine annual (or lifetime) license holders are allowed to attend.

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To get the webinar access link, just reply to this email with your receipt. If you already have an annual or lifetime KC license, reply with your receipt as well.

Here’s to your success!

Jonathan Leger