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Landingi Review

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Making an engaging landing page is an essential element of success when it comes to the online world of business, or even just trying to get your message across. It doesn't matter how needed or important the information you are giving is if your landing page is boring, confusing, unengaging, and uninspiring to your user base. Having a landing page which is able to meet the needs of the 21st century internet browser is a crucial part of ensuring your continued success. This is exactly what Landingi was designed to do. Landingi is a multifunctional tool box for creating the ideal landing pages for your sites with a huge library and a multitude of build options. Landingi was designed to cover all the necessary facets. So what are some of the pros and cons of this landing page development tool?

Landingi Pros

Template library

One of the best parts of Landingi is its large template library. With hundreds of different pages available to you, it is a great way to start, especially if you are an individual who does not currently have a large background in programming or website design. With hundreds of templates to choose from, you will have the programming abilities you need to make a fully functioning and beautiful landing page for your website. With template pages spanning hundreds of different styles, concepts, and artwork for a myriad of businesses, nonprofits, political campaigns, or simple awareness programs, Landingi has a template that is sure to work for your needs. In addition to having a huge variety of templates, they are also infinitely customizable by adding your own pictures, text, links, buttons, bells, and whistles so you can make even a template page feel like a unique piece of art and an extension of your message when using Landingi.

Easy lead generation

One of the big problems that often afflicts early website designers or individuals using these programs for the first time is not knowing exactly how to turn their perfect page into a user interface that people utilize, that generate leads for you, and that the public want to interact with. Fortunately, with Landingi lead generation is a built-in future with many different ways to do it. Perhaps you want a pop-up offer for discounts or free services if an individual subscribes and gives you their email address? Additionally, you could also have exit detection interface for an individual who appears to be exiting who instead is offered a chance to be further engaged with offers or assistance. Creating engaging content is an essential element of having successful leads. Having a website which will help generate leads for you automatically even while you sleep or work on other projects can help ensure that your website is continuing to work even without you having to actively manage it. This gives you a huge amount of freedom when it comes to working on other projects like crunching the data analysis for your site that conveniently Landingi also gathers for you.

Landingi Cons

One of the potential cons for Landingi is people assuming that by simply building a website individuals will come and utilize it. There is a larger amount of marketing required than simply building the website. Landingi can help facilitate this with lead generation allowing you to manage different campaigns and helping you see who paid via your social media site. These are all important facets of that. But at the end of the day, Landingi is a tool to help facilitate your vision and if you do not know what you were doing or the goals that you intend to achieve, then Landingi may not be as successful a product for you as you may hope. If, however, you have a good idea of the direction you want to go, or the things you want to achieve then Landingi will certainly be able to help you make those into reality. Landingi is just a tool and as a tool it is only as successful as those who utilize it properly.

Landingi Conclusion

In conclusion, Landingi is an exceptional tool when it comes to online entrepreneurship and creating stunning landing pages for your base to interact with, engage with, and enjoy. With a myriad of templates to pick from, infinite customization, data analytics, and a whole host of other helpful tools, Landingi is a must-have for an internet entrepreneur looking to make a landing page that his or her customers will engage with and can build their business into the future.

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UpViral Review

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One thing that many business owners struggle with is engaging their clients in such a way that brings in new individuals into the business. Recommendations of a friend or a family member are by far some of the strongest methods of successful selling but how can you get your clients to sell your business on your behalf? That is exactly what Upviral was designed to do. Upviral was made to make it easy for you the run social media campaigns, do viral giveaways, and gain a whole host of other benefits for your clients who share your information and products. So what are some of the pros and cons of this exceptionally powerful marketing tool?

UpViral Pros

Giveaways for invites

One thing that people love is always the thought of a good deal. People love being able to get freebies and people love being able to get neat stuff, especially when the price to them is so low. At Upviral, they have taken this human condition and learned how to make it a marketing powerhouse by allowing you the simple ability to give away services, products, or discounts to individuals who share your business or links with friends. It can even be designed in such a way that the more people they send it to, the more they unlock incentives to share far and wide with as many people as possible. This is a powerful marketing tool as you have turned a client into a distributor. People who get invited by their friends, especially friends with influence over them, are people who are far more likely to look at and be interested in what you are selling.

Run a contest

Depending on who your clientele is, this may be an even better method of viral marketing and that is to run a contest. When you do giveaways for individuals who invite people, the giveaways are typically smaller because the goal is that many individuals will invite their friends and family to look at your product but with a contest, the prize can be much larger as instead of many winners there is likely to be only a few or just one. This can provide additional incentive if the prize is large enough or intriguing enough for people to really want to share your product, business, or services. What is fantastic is that Upviral can be designed to run across multiple social media sites without annoying banner ads. As individuals share links and pages across various social media platforms, your business will grow with every click.

Easy integration

One of the other great features is that Upviral is designed to not be a standalone tool but to work perfectly and seamlessly with your other marketing funnels. This is an essential element because Upviral can easily work in conjunction with other marketing campaigns or other marketing strategies. With Upviral, you do not need to replace your current methods as it can be added in at almost any level of the marketing funnel and see improvements in your marketing campaign. This is important because it allows you to simply work with what you have and not have to redesign your entire marketing funnel to accommodate a single tool. This gives you greater freedom in the kinds of marketing you do, when and where you would like to market,

and, with the infinite potential power of Upviral, you can make it do the marketing funnel work while you sleep or work on other important business projects.

UpViral Cons

One of the potential cons if the tool is used wrong is it can cause contest fatigue. The reason that Upviral needs to be used in conjunction with other tools is simply because people can eventually become tired of sharing contests or products with their friends. Even if these individuals do not become tired of sharing, their friends on social media certainly will and will likely block or censor them. This is what happens when the product is overused and abused. If you run a different contest every week or provide new incentives for people to keep on sharing the same content, services, or products with people with whom they already share, they are going to become tired of it.

UpViral Conclusion

When done right, though, Upviral is a powerful product in the hands of even a novice marketer and can help grow your business by leaps and bounds with its powerful viral marketing strategies, ability to turn clients into advertisers, and help your business thrive as you build it into the future. Do not build without Upviral as this is a foundational tool necessary for any successful entrepreneur who desires to integrate it into their existing marketing funnels. Let Upviral make your business a success.

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Seosnapshot Review

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Have you been working on or redesigning your website and been wondering how is this being perceived by the internet? Is Google really showing the changes that I'm making? How is it affecting my traffic flow? Are more people noticing? Or less people becoming engaged? If these are questions you would like answers to, then there is a solution. And what if that solution could not only answer all those questions but also make you money as well? The answer to all of those questions is Seosnapshot. Seosnapshot, or search engine optimization, is designed to give you huge amounts of information which until now has only been available to the big search engines like Google. So what are some of the features including pros and cons of this exceptional and innovative tool?

Seosnapshot Pros

SEO score

One of the fantastic pros about Seosnapshot is that it allows you to have information at your fingertips like your SEO score which previously was information which may have been difficult for you to find or access. Your SEO score is an incredibly important metric because the score lets you know the degree to which your webpage has been search engine optimized. For instance, if you sell light bulbs but none of your SEO keywords include the words like light bulbs, electricity, fixtures, halogen, or other lightbulb related terms, your score is going to be very low. What this indicates is that people searching for you online will have trouble finding you due to the way your site is set up. The higher your SEO score is, the more relevant your content is to the ways in which people will search for you.

Social signal impact

If you are utilizing Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites, another metric which you will want to gauge is how effective these sites are for transmitting your message; helping you convert looks into clicks; and the amount of traffic that is being directed to you through the sites, links, and promotions you post. These are all really important things for you to measure and have reports on. You may find what works well as an advertisement on Facebook totally flopped when utilized on Twitter and vice versa. With the ability to gauge success rates, check to see overtime how promotions have done through your social media platforms, get a good estimation of the amount of traffic being directed to you, and how well people are interacting with your social media sites you will have some solid indicators helping you determine how to move forward and how to best reach your audience.

Make money

It may seem odd when talking about utilizing a piece of software to say that it can make you money. But the fact is Seosnapshot is able to not just be utilized, it can also be sold. Seosnapshot is a part of a group of several programs which you can not only buy and use but

also sell as if they were your own. With the power of being able to not just use but also make money off of the product you are using directly, as well as the indirect monetary benefits of enhancing your website, improving your SEO, understanding the traffic patterns, and how to market better, Seosnapshot helps pay for itself in a variety of ways.

One of the other great features about being able to sell it is that you keep 100% of the money. You do not have to pay a commission and you are not required to send invoices or sign documentation. You are for all intents and purposes an independent business person selling a product in any way that you see fit under any label that you choose. If you'd like to find out more about this particular feature for Seosnapshot, check out rebrandapps.

Seosnapshot Cons

No matter how great a piece of software is, there always cons and there are two small cons with Seosnapshot.


One very small con is that it has traffic estimation. This is important as it lets you know roughly how many people are engaged with your site. But perhaps you want to know specific hard numbers. That is a minor let down and a small limitation of the programming. It cannot give you hard and fast numbers but rather gives you estimations and views of trends. This should not be seen truly as a strike against it, as that information is still incredibly valuable but if you were looking to be able to chart hard numbers, then Seosnapshot will not be able to meet that need.


Although the product is absolutely fantastic and people like to say it sells itself, the truth is at a fundamental level you still have to sell it. If you are not very good at selling, you have trouble with online marketing, or you struggle with engaging clients, then this may become a bit of a drag to you as you seek to make inroads in your marketing and fail to achieve those goals. This is not a shortcoming of the program but it is easy to lay blame at the feet of a program than it is to accept responsibility that we have something to learn.

Seosnapshot Conclusion

That being said, this is a fantastic program and once you get into your niche you will easily be able to make your money back in spades through selling it, as well as through using it to get traffic estimations, improve your SEO scores, find out how well people are interacting with you on social media, and a host of other reporting options too numerous to mention. In all, Seosnapshot is a fantastic product that every professional should own.

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Ytcockpit Review

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Getting noticed online is no small task. It can be incredibly difficult to get your message, or your service noticed with all the competing voices. Despite this difficulty, those businesses which can learn how to do it can become incredibly successful and one of the most important technologies for doing this today is video and specifically leveraging YouTube.

10 years ago, YouTube was not the powerhouse that it is today. It is almost unthinkable that any successful business no matter the size does not have a YouTube presence. This is because YouTube has an active user base of over a billion people across nearly every country of the world. It is also known as the 2nd largest search engine in the world and it wouldn’t be surprising in a few short years if it dethroned Google from position 1.

This just confirms what we all know deep down.

To compete online we have to be doing video and we have to be doing it on Youtube.

But how can you make sense of YouTube and turn it into a tool for success?

That is the promise of Ytcockpit and why we are doing this review today for you. Ytcockpit was designed to help assist you in making your videos easy to find, helping you to figure out winning keywords and combinations, while simultaneously helping to build up a reliable YouTube channel for your business.

So what exactly is Ytcockpit and what are some of the pros and cons of this tool?

Ytcockpit Pros

Keyword assistance

This is a huge one for an individual seeking to make their marketing in YouTube and that is having keyword assistance. The fact is no matter how interesting or innovative your video is, without the right keywords it will be almost impossible for individuals to find it. This is because keywords are the mechanism by which YouTube videos are found. Ytcockpit helps take this known entity and use it to your advantage by helping you identify keywords that are most likely to be searched, and the ones that are most likely to help improve your ranking. The more times people search for videos of yours or videos like yours, the higher in the search ranking you will rise. With Ytcockpit and its assistance in identifying successful YouTube keywords, your video also can slowly begin to rise to the top and collect a steady user base.

Real-time data analysis

Another issue which often plagues individuals seeking to better their own YouTube videos is the lack of usable data. Perhaps a competitor launched a video and you want to find out what

keywords were used, how successful was it, how its analytics are faring, amongst other questions. With Ytcockpit you have the ability to analyze hundreds of videos per minute. This means that it will easily be able to watch not just your primary competitors’ videos but hundreds of other videos for individuals selling similar products or using similar keywords. You can even begin to filter out these particular results so that Ytcockpit only does data analysis of specific kinds of videos that you select or specific keywords. This means that you will be able to develop for yourself a composite picture of how the competition is shaping up and how they are attempting gain viewership. With this information in mind, it is easier for you to then be able to create your own successful and dynamic videos.

Ytcockpit Cons

One of the potential cons to Ytcockpit is not so much what the program does or does not do but more about what people think it may do. Ytcockpit is not a video editing software. It was not made or designed to offer high-quality YouTube video or editing capabilities or to give you a huge amount of bells and whistles when it comes to your overall YouTube control. Ytcockpit was made as an exceptionally helpful data analytics tool. For individuals who think that having this product will instantly catapult them to number one are in for a rude awakening. This is a data analytics tool that can help assist you in propelling your YouTube viewership skyward but only if your videos still have a high level of quality, links, engagement, and are in the end something that people actually want to watch. If your videos are not interesting or engaging, then Ytcockpit will not be able to help you as much as you may wish it would.

Ytcockpit Conclusion

In closing though, Ytcockpit is one of the foremost data analytic programs when it comes to YouTube and having a powerful tool like this can help you figure out how other YouTubers are making it big so your subscribers’ numbers sky high.

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Rebrandapps Review

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There are only so many hours in a day and, despite our best efforts, it can be a time-consuming process to do the market research; create and write out specifications for a product that you want to make; monitor and manage the creation of all of those elements; find, vet, and get contract negotiations with your programmers; and then actually design, build, and market your application. With everything that goes into it, it is little wonder why making and selling applications can be incredibly time-consuming as well as prohibitively expensive. This is the reason Rebrandapps exists - to take away the time and money killing components so you can get right to making money. Rebrandapps allows you to sell applications which you have bought as though they were your applications, even to go so far as to put your brand name and logo on it to sell as your own. So what are some of the pros and cons of this unique program selling method?

Rebrandapps Pros

You don't have to build

This one was alluded to earlier but the fact remains it is also one of the best points and that is you do not have to do the building yourself. Building, maintaining apps, and going through the trial and error of ensuring their compatibility and workability all take time and if you are not a programmer, you will have to pay somebody to take that time. Already having prefabricated applications which you can simply sell under your name and with your logo gives you a huge amount of time freedom and monetary freedom. Instead of having to pay programmers hours to attempt to get a product which is sellable, you are able to purchase premade ones either at a monthly rate, a yearly rate, or for a one-time fee. With your purchase, you get already made products which have already been tested and that have a track record of being highly sellable.

You keep the profits

This is another innovative feature to Rebrandapps and that is that you are not working as a middleman sales associate, and you are not beholden to Rebrand to pay them a certain percentage of anything you make. Rather you are allowed to keep 100% of all sales you make. This gives you even greater incentive and greater freedom. You are not licensing the apps - you are truly able to resell them as if they were your own. And sell them you will!

These apps are fundamental apps for many businesses and industries and so they sell themselves easily. Individuals have made hundreds of thousands selling these very applications and you can, too. What's also a great feature is that you can either sell your Rebrandapps collectively for a singular price or you can sell them individually. Depending on your marketing strategy, you may decide to sell each app for a higher price individually or try and sell them as a collection for a lower rate. But no matter how you attempt to do it, the money that you make is all yours!

The applications

The applications available to you through your Rebrandapps are many and not only do they have great functionality, they're also incredibly useful. One app for instance is the SEO Snapshot. This app allows you to be able to do an SEO, or search engine optimization, analysis of your website or any other site. So any individuals you sell it to will be able to check out the reports from a website and look at it as though they were the search engine. This is a powerful tool as not only does it allow for users to get traffic estimations, see how many people have logged onto the page through mobile, and also check out the page speed and load times but it also includes things like a social page analysis.

This is important information for individuals who need to know how to optimize their conversion rates and get a better understanding of the kind of traffic flow their site or other websites like theirs are conducting. Although there are many other fantastic applications which cannot be gone into detail here, it is important to take note of a few of the minor cons.

Rebrandapps Cons

User complaints are yours

The first con is because you did not actually build the software, you likely are unaware of its inner workings or potential shortcomings. If there are any technical issues regarding the software, although Rebrandapps will have your back as their software is fully supported, issues between you and your clients are still going to be handled by you. Remember, when you sold it you claimed the software as your own and so you will be the first line of any complaints, misunderstandings, or misutilization of your software.

Initial costs

Although the price of $17 a month or $197, which is on sale, a year may not seem like too much, without a background in marketing these costs will add up quickly on the front end until you start making your first sales. Once you start generating profits, the programs will easily pay themselves back. But there will be a time on the front end where you are putting money out and not getting money in. The faster you can overcome your marketing learning curve, the faster you'll be able to turn Rebrandapps into profit.

Rebrandapps Conclusion

In conclusion, Rebrandapps is an overall fantastic application. Not only does it allow you the personalization and customization abilities to sell proven and tested software as your own, keep all the profits you make from any sales, and sell high-quality items which have a proven track record of success in the online marketplace, but Rebrandapps also gives technical support for all of their software. With this kind of support and freedom, Rebrandapps is an exceptional online selling tool that can save you time and make you money.

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Bluchic Themes Review

Bluchic Themes Review

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Throughout the past, women have often struggled to find success or help in male-dominated arenas. But with the rise of the modern woman and the opportunities afforded by 20th and 21st century opportunities, women have now gained access to every sphere of life and business. However, in many cases, the tools required to help assist them have still remained predominantly masculine. This is also true when it comes to website design templates.

Good news ladies!

Bluchic Themes was designed to address this imbalance between male-centered or male-designed website themes by providing a counterbalance of beautiful website themes designed for feminine clients and women-owned businesses. Bluchic Themes is really about helping women entrepreneurs be successful by providing them the tools needed for success and there is no greater tool needed for success in the 21st century than a beautiful and engaging website design. So what are some of the pros and cons of the exceptional themes that come with Bluchic?

Bluchic Themes Pros

Female-oriented website themes

One of the biggest single pros is that there is a huge library available through Bluchic of different website themes that can be utilized for various businesses. By creating themes and templates which can be utilized by a wide variety of businesses which have been traditionally female-dominated, women now have some options when it comes to their design schemes. These themes are easy to setup, and there is a wide access to website templates. A template website is a great way for a beginner business to start. While women entrepreneurs often faced many challenges on the road to financial success, finding a suitable website template should not be one of those barriers and that is why Bluchic offers such a wide variety of themes and templates for their female base.

Landing pages

One thing that all young entrepreneurs struggle with is finding ways to engage clients, and truly one of the hardest things to do is to get that client name on the email list. An email list is marketing gold if you can manage to secure it but getting somebody's email can be difficult. Fortunately, Bluchic Themes has designed engaging landing pages made to help entrepreneurs get email addresses and build email lists directly from the landing page. As soon as an individual comes onto the page, being able to help funnel them into your email marketing lists can potentially pay huge dividends. This is because with an email list, if utilized properly, you can turn one time browsers into repeat customers with special deals, discounts, and information that they need to know. Bluchic Themes has taken something which traditionally has been very difficult to do and turned it into a built-in feature of landing pages. This can help to ensure that your customers are properly engaged and that you can start building the all essential email list page at once.

Bluchic Themes Cons


So what could possibly be the con of something like this? Well one potentially huge con is the actual integration of various themes. This is not a dig at the tool itself but more about how individuals may misuse it. Since Bluchic offers you the ability to be able to have stunning graphics for your social media and create themes for your blogs and websites, one potentially huge pitfall individuals may run into is making these various themes clash with each other instead of complement.

Do you have one theme which is totally unrelated to your website? Individuals who seek to go to your website from the blog or from your social media accounts may be surprised to find it totally different or may feel like they have gone to the wrong location. This sense of bewilderment immediately loses some goodwill with clients. It is important at all stages of the marketing funnel for goodwill and positive relations to be maintained and one part of that is with a coherent, consistent system of theme integration so that even if things are different they should still complement each other in subtle stylistic ways. Building this can be difficult for some individuals who have not had the practice or simply struggle with stylistic integration.

Bluchic Themes Conclusion

In conclusion, Bluchic is an absolute must-have for the woman entrepreneur on the go. Having themes with the easy ability to integrate different blogs and social media advertising in such a way that complement your overall website, as well as help build marketing email lists, having huge access to different templates, and a whole host of other features that have not even been mentioned help to make Bluchic one of the absolute most outstanding products available to female business leaders.

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Sucuri Review

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Few things are more important than the sanctity of your home, but if you are an enterprising business or a person who uses the internet for your work, your voice, your way to motivate and organize with others, or for your nonprofit? If so, then the sanctity of your website is right up there. Website breaches cost millions of dollars in physical damages to the site or to lost revenue but the much greater loss is the loss of trust that a client can feel if a site that was not properly secured ends up leaking their personal information that they trusted you with. There are programs out there to help defend your website but few of them are as comprehensive or successful as Sucuri. Sucuri was designed with your website’s protection and customer sucurity first. So what are some of the pros and cons of this particular internet defender?

Sucuri Pros

Stopping attacks

First and foremost, and unsurprisingly, Sucuri is an excellent program when it comes to stopping various kinds of internet hacks that can afflict your website or attempt to attack your customers. There are many different kinds of internet web attacks; some are denial-of-service where millions of bots will suddenly flood your website slowing it down and making it impossible for other real users to be able to utilize your services, products, or view your website properly. These denial-of-service attacks are virulent and have even struck government computers slowing them to a crawl. Fortunately, Sucuri is a powerful defender when it comes to protecting against denial-of-service attacks. Sucuri blocks layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks, helping to mitigate any denial-of-service and ensure that your website continues to run properly even during the siege.

Another common kind of attack is the simple brute force attack, where an automated computer algorithm may work tirelessly attempting to guess your password or login credentials. If they are able to get them, then not only is your website at risk but all the private information, credit card information, or customer information is also potentially at risk. Fortunately Sucuri was designed specifically to help mitigate and stop these brute force attacks.

Intelligent algorithms

One of the other great facts about Sucuri is simply that not every attack is known yet but that does not stop Sucuri from defending you. Many new attacks are being designed and developed by hackers all over the world daily; some seek to exploit weaknesses in code, troll new operating software, attack new patches to a program, etc. The list is truly endless to the ways in which determined hackers can seek to gain access to your site or private information. Fortunately though, Sucuri uses an intelligent algorithm to monitor apparently suspicious behavior even if it is not yet recognized as an attack. It looks at programs that are looking at your website’s coding and interactions which look suspicious. For instance, perhaps it notices a program is looking into your base code of your website or attempting to find a bypass into your site, so the sucurity program will automatically work to help protect against these new and innovative attacks. This adaptive programming is a huge boost to your sucurity and your peace of mind.

Sucuri Cons

One of the huge cons which afflicts many individuals who purchase sucurity software is not that the software itself malfunctions but that they can be lulled into a false sense of complacency. In the end, Sucuri is just a tool, and it will not stop hackers if you yourself are careless. If you make your password 1 2 3 4 5 6, then despite how good Sucuri is, it will likely not be able to keep out a hacker as this is the most common password in the world, along with the word ‘password’ itself. If you are complacent with your own sucurity for your website then even the most advanced sucurity software will not be able to assist you. Making easy login credentials, using third-party apps which maybe do not have the highest level of sucurity protection and integrating them into your website, or any number of other simple detrimental mistakes can cost you and your clients.

Sucuri Conclusion

Despite all of that, Sucuri is an excellent program and as long as you are wise in its use, thoughtful, and take a mind to your own sucurity, this tool will be an exceptional help in assisting you in maintaining your website’s integrity, the integrity of your clients’ information, and the integrity of the relationship that you and your clients share. Nobody who visits your website should even be wondering about whether it is safe, and with Sucuri you will always know that it is.

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The Outsource Project Review

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Many individuals find they spend hundreds or even thousands of hours building their business and working in their business. It can be challenging trying to meet customer demands, trying to meet the needs of your growing organization, and most of all trying to keep your head above water to successfully please your clients while simultaneously attempting to find new ways of growth. But the fact is, there is simply not enough time for you to work on your business while you are working in your business. If you are your business’ full time employee doing the brunt of the grunt work then you do not have enough time to be the boss and make the decisions which is going to lead your business forward and achieve new growth levels. This is the conundrum that the Outsource Project was designed to fix. The Outsource Project was designed to help entrepreneurial businessmen and -women learn how to successfully and gainfully outsource their work so you can spend more time working on your business and less time working in it. So what are some of the pros and cons of this tool?

The Outsource Project Pros

Proven training

One of the fantastic benefits of the Outsource Project is that it is not merely nebulous advice which worked for one person one time and an entire program was built around it. The Outsource Project is filled with proven methods of successfully outsourcing your business work. Outsourcing can sometimes be a frightening prospect for small businesses that are trying to make the leap to become larger ones. It can be difficult to find reliable and trustworthy individuals to run your business on your behalf but that is exactly what the Outsource Project is designed to fix. The Outsource Project is made to help you learn the tips and tricks of outsourcing as well as learning how to find the best outsourcers for your thriving company. These are proven methods which have helped dozens of internet and in-person businesses successfully make the leap.

Talk with experts

One of the unique innovative features of the Outsourcing Project is that unlike other ones that are merely made by successful individuals and with pre-recorded classrooms for you to learn from, the Outsource Project also includes the ability to actually talk with real experts in the industry. This is a huge benefit for you as not only do you get to gain the pre-recorded knowledge and experience but after you have watch those you will also have the opportunity to talk with real leaders in the field who made these transitions themselves. Talking with them personally about what worked and what didn't as well as any other questions that you believe are lacking is a huge benefit to you because you can gain from personal first-hand experience in the outsource scene.

Learn the systems

One of the other great things about the Outsourcing Project is it does not merely teach you at the personal level but also teaches you how to utilize managerial and outsourcing tools to augment your control and manpower. Learning how to use tools designed to help facilitate outsourcing will help ensure that you are still able to maintain the kind of control level that you want over your business even while the work is being outsourced.

The Outsource Project Cons

Learning curve

The fact is for you to be able to successfully outsource your business is more than just training, it's application. At some point you need to be able to trust individuals with your baby and trust them to be able to do their work and ensure that your goals for your company are still met. This growth process can sometimes be frightening because it means you are going to have to learn to let go of the reins to be able to work on other projects. There is a learning curve involved in learning what tasks to outsource and what tasks are best kept to yourself. But this is exactly why the Outsource Project is designed to not only teach you the pros of outsourcing but also to help give you that edge when it comes to making the transition a reality. But in the end it is still up to you to turn this knowledge into practical value through application.


The Outsource Project is an absolute must have for individuals who need to bring their business up to the next level. Without outsourcing, your business will only ever be as big as you can personally make it. Learning how to successfully outsource allows you to leverage the manpower and talents of other individuals so your business growth has no cap. 

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Social Kickstart Review

Have you seen our coupon & bonuses for this app?

Are you tired of having to micromanage every one of your social media sites, groups, fan pages and subpages all one at a time? Is it frustrating having to take your time finding each of those pages and then determining what would be the best marketing strategy? Do you struggle with attempting to find or develop viral content for each of the different forums or subgroups? Well if these things annoy you, eat your time, or even upset you, there is finally a tool to the rescue and that tool is Social Kickstart. Social Kickstart was made with the sole design of making social media content marketing simple, quick, and effective. So what are some of the pros and cons of this innovative tool?

Social Kickstart Pros

Social media integration

One of the big problems which has been plaguing individuals attempting to market through social media is there is no convenient way or tool which allows you to unilaterally link all of them and consolidate your work. Many people end up solving this by opening up a dozen different tabs, but that can be a hassle. If you only spend 20 minutes working on the five or six most popular social media sites along with your fan groups and sub-groups and find postings for each of them, you will be spending hours and hours each day.

Fortunately, with Social Kickstart there is finally a consolidated control panel where you manage every one of your social media sites and sub link sites from a singular location. This gives you an incredible ability to not only save time, but also to ensure that your promotional material is all synonymous. It can be sent out simultaneously, and also allows you to quickly fix any things that may have gone out. The fact is having a consolidated toolbar for every one of your social media feeds is a huge boon to the social media marketing industry.

Auto posting

Are you wanting to let people know about a sale or a deal but are tired of having to post them manually and post them on the day of your deals? If you were planning to have a May 1st sale or promotion, traditionally you would have to wait until May 1st to be able to post your content. But with Social Kickstart you can take this monotonous waiting out of the equation. With Social Kickstart, you can conveniently and automatically set up which promotions, information, or even posts that you want launched, when you want them launched, and on what social media sites. This means less time for you having to micromanage while simultaneously giving you more time to work on and develop your thriving business. This is just another little way that Social Kickstart helps make things simple.

Viral content assistance

Finding content which is going to maximize your online presence as well as boost your page metrics can be difficult. It is often times hard to tell which things are going to be viral and help grow your fan base versus those things which will not. Fortunately, with Social Kickstart they have gotten this down to an exact science by helping you locate content that is likely to be viral or go viral. This means that as you post or repost viral content that is correlated with your business, your fan base will continue to grow as you engage with your growing user numbers. This assistance in finding high quality viral content is an essential element of what makes Social Kickstart so special.

Social Kickstart Cons

All programming software, even the best, has some cons; either its own limitations, or a misunderstanding from an individual about what the programs are capable of doing. Because Social Kickstart is so effective at so many things you may think that this will be the exception but the truth is there are a couple small cons.

Initial setup

Social Kickstart is a fantastic tool but it is one of those tools which will only work for you once you already have social media sites in place. This means that you still have to manually go through and setup each of your pages, subpages, and fan pages for each of your social media sites before Social Kickstart can be effective. This can be a laborious and time-consuming process especially if you are doing it across multiple social media sites.

Using the tool

Like with any tool, it is just a tool and it is most effective in the hands of an individual who understands how to utilize it. If you are new to social media marketing or new to social media in general, then Social Kickstart will still be incredibly helpful to you but perhaps not as helpful as it would be if you had an understanding of the underlying marketing potential of social media and how to exploit it. Like with any tool, the biggest limiting factor is the person using it. As you learn to use Social Kickstart, it will be able to serve your needs better but there will be a learning curve involved.

Social Kickstart Conclusion

That being said, with the ability to manage all your social media sites from a single hub, chart the growth and metrics of your social media platforms, automatically post different deals and promotions, and use a whole host of other features, Social Kickstart is an essential element for your online marketing platform.

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Have you seen our coupon & bonuses for this app?

Seller Kickstart Review

Have you seen our coupon & bonuses for this app?

Have you ever wondered how the millionaires of the internet manage to move and sell their products? What makes them different than you? How are they able to connect with clients in a real and meaningful way that produces repeat steady business and guaranteed income? There are many different programs which try to teach you these kinds of life skills but few are as extensive, proven, or exceptional as Seller Kickstart. Seller Kickstart is a web seminar designed to teach you all of the selling skills you need to know to become a successful internet entrepreneur. The rewards are vast for learning how to sell online successfully but it is also exceptionally difficult for individuals who are uninitiated into the ebb and flow of online commerce. This is the promise of Seller Kickstarter. So what are some of the pros and cons of this exceptional teaching tool?

Seller Kickstart Pros

Talking with an expert

So often online seminars are nothing more than attempts to teach widely-available public knowledge about how to buy and sell and oftentimes it is done by people who do not have much more skill than you but have a better marketing campaign to convince you they are an expert. However, when it comes to Seller Kickstart you are actually able to not just learn from the experts but talk directly with them as well.

Mark Thompson is an accepted and well-known expert when it comes to online marketing, having created over 40 different internet programs and apps as well as selling millions of dollars’ worth of memberships, programming, and teaching tools. When you sign up for Seller Kickstart, you don't just get to learn from a pre-recorded video, you are also guaranteed an hour to talk with this titan of the web selling industry. This is an unprecedented opportunity to actually talk directly and ask specific questions that you need answered on the topics of website selling, linking up with customers, and successful entrepreneurship. Remember that Mark was once like you, and although he has since learned many of the secrets, his heart and his passion are still helping others to become successful entrepreneurs in their own right.

Streamlined teaching

The streamlined teaching is also a massive bonus especially for those who are tight on time. The teaching sessions are six weeks long which means that within six weeks you will have learned all the skills necessary to become a successful web entrepreneur. You'll learn the skills of communicating with customers; utilizing advanced tools and internet applications to be able to increase your turnover rates; successfully building, growing, and utilizing email marketing strategies and techniques; as well as a whole host of other training programs. There are many places that will teach you one or two of the skills but the fact is it is when all of these skills are utilized in conjunction with one another, the exceptional power of online marketing begins to reveal itself and you can go from piecemeal sales to steady reliable income.

Seller Kickstart Cons

Serious learners only

This is not so much a con as it is a simple piece of advice and that is Seller Kickstart is a fantastic tool and an essential element for your further education, but only for those who can take their education seriously. The fact is the tools, programs, applications, education, and advice that will be available to you through this program can radically change the way your business operates. If you are an individual who does not like to change and is fairly set in your ways, then this program will not be as useful to you as it is designed for individuals who have a more dynamic attitude towards furthering their online education as well as their business.

Also, if you are somebody who is simply not highly motivated then despite the wealth of information you will learn that could make you millions of dollars, you are not likely to see it come to fruition. It's the difference between watching an exercise video and gaining all the knowledge you need to be fit and healthy and then actually going out and doing it. At some point, you have to act upon the knowledge which you have learned or it will never be useful to you.

Seller Kickstart Conclusion

All that being said, with the exceptional training that is offered, the chance to talk with an expert within the industry itself, and all the different tools and tips which you will learn how to utilize and connect with customers, Seller Kickstart is an exceptional way of being able to bring your online marketing up to the next level. If you're serious about wanting the best internet commerce training available, then Seller Kickstart is for you.

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