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Sucuri Review

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Few things are more important than the sanctity of your home, but if you are an enterprising business or a person who uses the internet for your work, your voice, your way to motivate and organize with others, or for your nonprofit? If so, then the sanctity of your website is right up there. Website breaches cost millions of dollars in physical damages to the site or to lost revenue but the much greater loss is the loss of trust that a client can feel if a site that was not properly secured ends up leaking their personal information that they trusted you with. There are programs out there to help defend your website but few of them are as comprehensive or successful as Sucuri. Sucuri was designed with your website’s protection and customer sucurity first. So what are some of the pros and cons of this particular internet defender?

Sucuri Pros

Stopping attacks

First and foremost, and unsurprisingly, Sucuri is an excellent program when it comes to stopping various kinds of internet hacks that can afflict your website or attempt to attack your customers. There are many different kinds of internet web attacks; some are denial-of-service where millions of bots will suddenly flood your website slowing it down and making it impossible for other real users to be able to utilize your services, products, or view your website properly. These denial-of-service attacks are virulent and have even struck government computers slowing them to a crawl. Fortunately, Sucuri is a powerful defender when it comes to protecting against denial-of-service attacks. Sucuri blocks layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks, helping to mitigate any denial-of-service and ensure that your website continues to run properly even during the siege.

Another common kind of attack is the simple brute force attack, where an automated computer algorithm may work tirelessly attempting to guess your password or login credentials. If they are able to get them, then not only is your website at risk but all the private information, credit card information, or customer information is also potentially at risk. Fortunately Sucuri was designed specifically to help mitigate and stop these brute force attacks.

Intelligent algorithms

One of the other great facts about Sucuri is simply that not every attack is known yet but that does not stop Sucuri from defending you. Many new attacks are being designed and developed by hackers all over the world daily; some seek to exploit weaknesses in code, troll new operating software, attack new patches to a program, etc. The list is truly endless to the ways in which determined hackers can seek to gain access to your site or private information. Fortunately though, Sucuri uses an intelligent algorithm to monitor apparently suspicious behavior even if it is not yet recognized as an attack. It looks at programs that are looking at your website’s coding and interactions which look suspicious. For instance, perhaps it notices a program is looking into your base code of your website or attempting to find a bypass into your site, so the sucurity program will automatically work to help protect against these new and innovative attacks. This adaptive programming is a huge boost to your sucurity and your peace of mind.

Sucuri Cons

One of the huge cons which afflicts many individuals who purchase sucurity software is not that the software itself malfunctions but that they can be lulled into a false sense of complacency. In the end, Sucuri is just a tool, and it will not stop hackers if you yourself are careless. If you make your password 1 2 3 4 5 6, then despite how good Sucuri is, it will likely not be able to keep out a hacker as this is the most common password in the world, along with the word ‘password’ itself. If you are complacent with your own sucurity for your website then even the most advanced sucurity software will not be able to assist you. Making easy login credentials, using third-party apps which maybe do not have the highest level of sucurity protection and integrating them into your website, or any number of other simple detrimental mistakes can cost you and your clients.

Sucuri Conclusion

Despite all of that, Sucuri is an excellent program and as long as you are wise in its use, thoughtful, and take a mind to your own sucurity, this tool will be an exceptional help in assisting you in maintaining your website’s integrity, the integrity of your clients’ information, and the integrity of the relationship that you and your clients share. Nobody who visits your website should even be wondering about whether it is safe, and with Sucuri you will always know that it is.

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Social Kickstart Review

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Are you tired of having to micromanage every one of your social media sites, groups, fan pages and subpages all one at a time? Is it frustrating having to take your time finding each of those pages and then determining what would be the best marketing strategy? Do you struggle with attempting to find or develop viral content for each of the different forums or subgroups? Well if these things annoy you, eat your time, or even upset you, there is finally a tool to the rescue and that tool is Social Kickstart. Social Kickstart was made with the sole design of making social media content marketing simple, quick, and effective. So what are some of the pros and cons of this innovative tool?

Social Kickstart Pros

Social media integration

One of the big problems which has been plaguing individuals attempting to market through social media is there is no convenient way or tool which allows you to unilaterally link all of them and consolidate your work. Many people end up solving this by opening up a dozen different tabs, but that can be a hassle. If you only spend 20 minutes working on the five or six most popular social media sites along with your fan groups and sub-groups and find postings for each of them, you will be spending hours and hours each day.

Fortunately, with Social Kickstart there is finally a consolidated control panel where you manage every one of your social media sites and sub link sites from a singular location. This gives you an incredible ability to not only save time, but also to ensure that your promotional material is all synonymous. It can be sent out simultaneously, and also allows you to quickly fix any things that may have gone out. The fact is having a consolidated toolbar for every one of your social media feeds is a huge boon to the social media marketing industry.

Auto posting

Are you wanting to let people know about a sale or a deal but are tired of having to post them manually and post them on the day of your deals? If you were planning to have a May 1st sale or promotion, traditionally you would have to wait until May 1st to be able to post your content. But with Social Kickstart you can take this monotonous waiting out of the equation. With Social Kickstart, you can conveniently and automatically set up which promotions, information, or even posts that you want launched, when you want them launched, and on what social media sites. This means less time for you having to micromanage while simultaneously giving you more time to work on and develop your thriving business. This is just another little way that Social Kickstart helps make things simple.

Viral content assistance

Finding content which is going to maximize your online presence as well as boost your page metrics can be difficult. It is often times hard to tell which things are going to be viral and help grow your fan base versus those things which will not. Fortunately, with Social Kickstart they have gotten this down to an exact science by helping you locate content that is likely to be viral or go viral. This means that as you post or repost viral content that is correlated with your business, your fan base will continue to grow as you engage with your growing user numbers. This assistance in finding high quality viral content is an essential element of what makes Social Kickstart so special.

Social Kickstart Cons

All programming software, even the best, has some cons; either its own limitations, or a misunderstanding from an individual about what the programs are capable of doing. Because Social Kickstart is so effective at so many things you may think that this will be the exception but the truth is there are a couple small cons.

Initial setup

Social Kickstart is a fantastic tool but it is one of those tools which will only work for you once you already have social media sites in place. This means that you still have to manually go through and setup each of your pages, subpages, and fan pages for each of your social media sites before Social Kickstart can be effective. This can be a laborious and time-consuming process especially if you are doing it across multiple social media sites.

Using the tool

Like with any tool, it is just a tool and it is most effective in the hands of an individual who understands how to utilize it. If you are new to social media marketing or new to social media in general, then Social Kickstart will still be incredibly helpful to you but perhaps not as helpful as it would be if you had an understanding of the underlying marketing potential of social media and how to exploit it. Like with any tool, the biggest limiting factor is the person using it. As you learn to use Social Kickstart, it will be able to serve your needs better but there will be a learning curve involved.

Social Kickstart Conclusion

That being said, with the ability to manage all your social media sites from a single hub, chart the growth and metrics of your social media platforms, automatically post different deals and promotions, and use a whole host of other features, Social Kickstart is an essential element for your online marketing platform.

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PublishVault Review

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No matter how big or small your online content marketing is, it is still likely one of the biggest factors eating up your time. If you have multiple sites, then you are probably spending huge amounts of your time and resources logging into them, making a marketing or content change, logging out and logging into another one, all the while having perhaps dozens and dozens of open tabs as you work to optimize each and every website or marketing campaign. This is a time-consuming and tedious process. It’s made worse if your work is so sprawling you have other individuals that you need to collaborate with.

What if there was a way to make it easy to update your sites? And what if it also helped you collaborate better with your marketing and content teams? Well that is the promise of Publish Vault. Publish Vault is a unique software designed to make content and marketing implementation and integration to your various sites easy and vastly improve the access ability and collaboration between yourself and your other authorized admins. This not only saves you time, but it can also save you money. So what are some of the big pros and cons to Publish Vault?

PublishVault Pros

One content platform dashboard

This is a huge one that cannot be understated both in its importance and its innovation. If you are an individual who enjoys using the creative freedom offered to you by WordPress but hate having to log in to half a dozen or more sites to make a specific marketing change, then Publish Vault was designed for you. Publish Vault allows you to utilize its unique software to simultaneously update and publish content across every single one of your different WordPress sites. The benefits of this are immediately apparent to people who have gone through the process of the update tediously one by one. Being able to simultaneously update websites is a huge time saver for you and will help ensure a greater uniformity among your content marketing. All you have to do is sync up your sites to the Publish Vault platform and then you will be able to monitor and adjust right from the Publish Vault control panel. This makes any work which you have to do across multiple sites significantly faster.

Superior collaboration

Of course having multiple different sites oftentimes meant having different teams of individuals who worked in each of the different businesses working on content, marketing, or other administrative details. Reaching out to them and keeping everything straight also meant logging in to your site where you could then review their work before publishing or approving content to go online. With Publish Vault, though, even this is made simpler by the fact that you can now collaboratively work with those individuals and approve posts without having to manually log into each site. This ability to work with them from your common dashboard removes the need of having to visit each and every one of your sites individually to make these types of adjustments.

This lends itself not just to a greater speed in collaboration, but fosters greater creativity amongst your staff and yourself as you are able to work faster and more collaboratively together.

Built-in calendar

This does not mean that when you use Publish Vault you have a calendar so you can see what day it is, but rather this calendar is an integral part of your marketing strategy as you can decide what content, deals, and information you want to go up onto which of your sites and when. Perhaps you want to run a special on some content on one site on a specific day. Now instead of having to wait for that day and add it in or telling one of your admins to add it on a specific day at a specific time, you're able to turn those man-hours into something more profitable by utilizing the automated system which will sync your calendar with the WordPress site to add the updates you want and the content you want on the days you want. This feature allows you to set it and forget it when it comes to your content publishing.

PublishVault Cons

Automated mistakes

There are a few potential hiccups that users may experience when utilizing this software. It is not the fault of the design of Publish Vault but the truth is its ease of automation could also automate the speed at which you accidentally make mistakes. Perhaps you set your sale date for the wrong day, or instead of a 10% off on your promotional items you accidentally tapped another zero right before you published a 100% off across all of your sites. The thing with this kind of automation is that it requires the user to be even more careful as now your mistakes can also be synchronized across all of your platforms.

PublishVault Conclusion

Of course that being said, Publish Vault is an exceptional piece of integrated technology which can save you a huge amount of time and effort, as well as enhance your tone and reach across your websites. If you are willing and able to ensure that you will go over your post with a fine-toothed comb before publishing, then Publish Vault is the software for you. 

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Pressplay Review

Pressplay Review

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Have you ever been annoyed at the limitations of your video playing apps for your website? You have in your mind the kind of functionality that you want and you are just unable to find programs which will do it? Perhaps you would like your video to automatically stop playing when somebody scrolls past where video is, or give your users the ability to watch a video at twice the speed. Up until now, these features had been difficult to come by and never all in a single package. But what if you could get all of these and many more fantastic features to give you near infinite control of your video playing?

That is why Pressplay exists. Pressplay is a video control software program which allows you to modify your videos to work and function in any way that you want. You’ll get videos that play and operate just as you need without being stuck with the limitations that come with YouTube or other video hosting sites. So what are some of the pros and cons of this incredible tool?

Pressplay Pros

Start where you left off

This is an incredibly important pro and that is that if you are on the site and you start watching a video and leave, you can come back and with Pressplay you'll be able to start the video from where you left off instead of having to start all over again. This is a great feature particularly if your videos are instructional or training videos or even webinars, as people oftentimes have to leave for a variety of reasons. Perhaps their break is over or they have to excuse themselves for personal reasons, the ability to be able to come right back and start a video from where it left off is a fantastic feature and one that should be standard across the entire medium.

Change autoplay settings

Autoplay can sometimes become annoying especially when you've gotten onto a site for the fifth or sixth time and you keep on having to hear the movie play. Fortunately with Pressplay you can modify it so that users only will have videos autoplay on their second or third time and after that it will stop. So for long-time users or individuals who come back to your site regularly, they will not be inundated with having to hear the same few clips repeatedly. This makes it nicer for your clients in a big way as now they are no longer forced to scroll to where the video is and press stop; rather they can now utilize the site’s full functionality as often as they like without having to listen to the auto play clip. People who are first-timers to your site though will still be able to have the auto-play function the first couple times as they are being newly introduced to it.

Auto stop

Another great feature brought to you by Pressplay is the ability for a video to stop playing if a user has scrolled down beyond the place where they can view the video. Alternatively, you can also set it so that the video continues to play after they have scrolled out or even open up

another tab. This gives your video the freedom to do whatever you need. Is it primarily for listening to? If so, then having the ability to open up other tabs while the video still plays will be great as your users will continue to be able to work or read while they listen. Alternatively, if it is important for a video to be watched then making it so the video turns itself off whenever a user is not in a position to view the video will make sure that your clip is viewed in the way that you intended. Pressplay is all about giving you the kind of minute power over your videos that you need to achieve the specific goals that you desire.

Pressplay Cons

No matter how fantastic a piece of programming is, ultimately there are limitations either in the program itself or in the people who use it. So what are some of the cons for Pressplay?


One of the big things you should know about Pressplay is that Pressplay was designed for people who already know or have a good idea of how to conduct online video marketing. Although Pressplay can also be used for a slew of other features such as for webinars or things like that, it's primarily made for marketing and so if you do not know how to market your videos, no matter how good the software is, the biggest limiting factor will be you.

That is not to say that you will not be able to find ways of benefiting from the increased functionality of Pressplay but if you were expecting Pressplay to simply be installed and start making you money then you will be sorely disappointed. Learning how to market videos is an essential part of being able to use Pressplay to its full functionality.

PressPlay Conclusion

With all that being said, Pressplay is an exceptionally powerful tool with its slew of features from auto stop, to autoplay settings, to the ability to pick up where you left off, or even to watch things at twice the speed. Pressplay gives you huge amounts of freedom when it comes to your video editing software preferences. You can always make your videos do whatever you need them to in order to achieve the goals you desire with Pressplay. 

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Optin Architect Review

Optin Architect Review

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Many individuals struggle with creating solid, reliable leads online and converting individuals who visit a site into people whom you can email and reach at a later date. Finding ways of successfully converting and capturing individuals’ information and making them regular subscribers are all tricky marketing facets which must be learned. Fortunately, there is a new tool on the block to help you do just that and that is Optin Architect. Optin Architect was designed for the explicit purpose of helping create captivating online opt-in forms that will help turn users on your site into individuals who want to learn more about your service or product. Creating engaging materials that successfully gain a user's trust and have them put in their email address and other personal information is a tricky process, so what are some of the pros and cons of this new tool?

Optin Architect

Optin Architect Pros

Track your forms

This is a great feature of Optin Architect and that is the simple ability to be able to track your forms and their success rates. Being able to find out how many people have looked at your opt-in forms, clicked on your opt-in forms, or in any other way interacted with them can give you a good idea of whether your opt-in forms are having the desired effect. Additionally, finding out the ways that people interact with them can also help you design them better, make it so people are more likely to click on them, interact with them, and ultimately use them in the future. The more people you can get on board and using them, the greater your subscriber list, email lists, and ultimately your marketing funnel will be.

Exit detection opt-in

Most people by nature take the path of least resistance and this is also true when it comes to your average internet user. They may be interested in your product, your service, or your message, but actually having them navigate and go find the opt-in form may be more than they are willing to do at a casual glance. But this is where Optin Architect can really help to shine as it has exit detection software which allows you to create an opt-in form with pops up as a user is about to leave your site.

This is a huge boost to potential conversion rates as now individuals who are about to leave but are still interested will easily have the forms presented to them for them to fill out. This is a great way of capturing and converting individuals on the back end of your website. Some individuals who were initially not even planning to may simply decide to take the opportunity when it is presented to them anyway. Presenting this kind of self-evident and easy opportunity makes for easy conversions.

Free trial

Unlike so many other software programs available online, Optin Architect offers a free trial. The creators of Optin Architect know that they have created a marketing winner; one that will help

you enhance your reach, spread your message, and gain more individuals into your subscribers list. With all that in mind, it is little wonder that the creators feel confident enough to offer a free trial during which you can experience for yourself the effectiveness of this incredible marketing tool. With easy customization, ability to create your own opt-in pages and place them anywhere within your site, it is little wonder that the makers of Optin Architect feel that you will not be able to stop with a free trial.

Optin Architect Cons

One of the potential cons of this tool is not so much due to the tool itself but due to the person using it and that is that this product is most effective for individuals who either know or have the desire to learn online marketing. Learning how to use an opt-in creator effectively can be a little bit of a learning curve as you figure out which words, images, texts, and placements all serve to reach the maximum amount of people. Figuring this out can be a little bit of trial and error and may be difficult for some users who think this is as simple as plug-and-play.

Optin Architect Conclusion

You should not let that dissuade to you, however, as this is an exceptionally well-made tool and with its multiple capabilities such as tracking where your opt-in forms have been interacted with, exit protection, customization, and even a free trial, this is a fantastic tool for every online marketer desiring to grow their subscriber lists.

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Funnelspy Review

FunnelSpy Review

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Market research can be a tricky topic. The fact is, your most successful competitors are unlikely to share what is making them successful and it can be difficult as you learn strategies and techniques yourself on the pathway to success. But what if they were a way to benefit from the mechanisms used by other leaders in your field or industry while simultaneously being able to turn those to your advantage? That is the promise of Funnelspy.

All marketing operates as a funnel where first the attention of an individual is gained, then information is presented, views are converted into clicks, clicks are converted into a sales pitch, sales pitches are converted into purchases, and purchases convert to repeat clients. Sales funnels are the essential element of every successful business and only succeeding at one or two will not be enough. Funnelspy was designed for you to easily, and legally, be able to look at the mechanisms that your opponents or other websites use for their sales funnels. This insider information can help you craft and build a winning strategy or modify your current marketing or sales techniques. So what are some of the pros and cons of Funnelspy?


Funnelspy Pros

Saves you money

One of the huge drawbacks of doing any kind of in-depth marketing research, particularly on a competitor, usually means that to find out certain price points or sales information on your competitor sales pages that you will have to first be a client to be able to look at that information. This potentially can cost you money or the very least put you on their subscribers’ list when all you want to do is find out certain sales points they are attempting or different promotions they are offering. With Funnelspy, you save money because now you do not need to log in and go through the hassle of going through their sales pitch; instead all is laid bare for you so you can simply analyze and extrapolate from the data presented. You will be able to look at information like up sales, down sales, one time offers, and a huge variety of other sales information without yourself having to become a client. This saves you huge amounts of money especially if you need to do it across several different websites.

Saves time

In addition to saving you money, Funnelspy also saves you a huge amount of research hours. Doing slow page-by-page crawling and research, taking notes and attempting to identify the different marketing funnels they utilize can be a slow and tedious process. However, Funnelspy has found a way to make this slow process a streamlined and efficient research project. With a simple click of a button you are able to get all the analytical information you need for a page without having to go through the slow research process yourself. This saves you a huge amount of time and now instead of only being able to successfully manually analyze each competitor’s page over the course of several hours, you could review dozens of different competitors websites and start to spot the different trends or promotions which are helping lead them to success.

Gain inside information

Another one of the huge positives of Funnelspy is being able to gain inside information that is not likely to be shared with the simple curious mind. For instance, you will be able to use Funnelspy to identify different aspects about a webinar which they host on their site without actually having to take it or become a client yourself. You'll be able to identify the thank you pages or encore pages as well as any lead generation pages and where they go to. In addition to this, you will also be able to see the kind of webinar software they are running and utilizing. Finding out what other successful businesses are doing is a fantastic advantage for you as now you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Funnelspy Cons

Accidental copyright infringement

This is not really a strike against Funnelspy itself as Funnelspy is totally legal. However, it is something which a user may possibly cause themselves to do after having utilized this software and that is copying an opponent's site too closely. This can lead to allegations of copyright infringement, false advertising, or other potentially harmful legal complications. Funnelspy is a fantastic tool but you have to be shrewd in the way that you use it and not simply make a knock-off site of one of your competitors.

FunnelSpy Conclusion

With its swift analytical abilities to look at your opponents pages, it's ease with which you are able to do complex market research, and the amount of time and money you will save by not having to go through pages manually or pay to see certain pages and their analogical information, Funnelspy is an exceptional tool for those who can use it responsibly. Funnelspy makes market research easy. 

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Bonuspress Review

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As anyone in marketing knows, the key to financial success is to turn a mailing list into a list of regular clients who steadily buy your products or services. However, it can sometimes be difficult to ensure their longevity and help your email base feel they are getting a true value out of being a subscriber to your company.

So what is the solution? The answer is Bonuspress.

Why? People absolutely love freebies! That point literally can’t be emphasized enough and it is the number one marketing tactic to get people to buy more from you than your competitors.

Bonuspress was made to help your users who subscribed to your pages or services increase their conversion and purchase rates by helping you produce and deliver these bonuses. You should be rewarding your most loyal customers and subscribers and with Bonuspress you can not only help ensure their continued revenues but can help grow your user base through the clever use of promotions and bonus page offers. So what are some of the pros and cons to this fantastic tool?


Bonuspress Pros

Professional designs

We have all heard to never judge a book by its cover, but the fact is people do judge you, your business, your services, and yes, even your promotions, by how well designed they are. Having professional designs and themes which come stock with Bonuspress will help ensure a level of quality and support that your clients expect from you and can significantly increase your conversion rates. The fact is, a professional design is the mark of an individual who respects him or herself, respects the business, and shows the proper due respect to their client base.

Countdown timers

The human mind is an interesting thing and even if somebody is on the fence about buying a product or service, the idea that the deal would not be there forever is often a huge incentive to getting them to come on board.

This is the idea behind the countdown timers which you can utilize as part of Bonuspress. These countdown timers relay several important pieces of information, not the least of which being how long it will be until this deal is no longer available. This creates a scarcity mindset where people who are on the fence are more likely to buy before the time runs out so as to save that significant percentage. If you just told them that it was going to end in 24 hours as opposed to having a built-in countdown clock showing them exactly how much time they had left, they’re far less likely to engage. The actual movement and countdown of a clock triggers a human

instinct to do something quickly and to act on instincts. This can also significantly help increase your conversion rates with your clients.

Sharing links

Do you want to grow your client base and help spread your influence further through the internet? With sharing links as an option through Bonuspress, you can use your deals and bonus features to be able to go viral through the social media platforms. For instance, you may decide to run a promotion where individuals who share your links with friends or family can get a special significant discount rate. This helps your users feel valued and perceive that there is value to being on your subscriber list. This also helps you by getting the word out there to potential new clients and customers through social media. This ability to share social media links on your bonus pages is an essential element of continued success for your services.

Bonuspress Cons

Bonuspress is nearly a one stop shop for helping you create a successful marketing campaign. So what are some of the potential cons or drawbacks of this tool?

Learning curve

All tools have their own learning curve. Although the learning curve for Bonuspress is shallow because the tools and features are so innately accessible and make sense, the biggest learning curve will be in learning how to utilize it the most successfully for online marketing.

Many individuals can struggle with online marketing as there is no single one-size-fits-all pathway to success. The biggest limiting factor in your ability to use this tool is your personal skills in online marketing, your knowledge of how to successfully convert individuals and then capitalizing on your momentum. The fact is it takes time to build momentum and no tool can instantly make you a millionaire overnight. This is a tool designed to complement skills you already have, or to give you a powerful tool kit in helping develop new skills which you need to learn.

BonusPress Conclusion

All that being said, Bonuspress is a fantastic tool for those who either have the skills already or are willing to learn them. With the ability to have built-in countdown timers, immediate stats, a significant increase in your conversion rates, help with making your content go viral, and a whole slew of other bonus features, Bonuspress is an essential tool for all online marketers to have. Don't let your subscriber list languish and waste away when Bonuspress can turn those subscribers into steady revenue.

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Followadder Review

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Running and operating your Instagram profile has up to now likely been a time-consuming process if done correctly. The fact is it takes time to find individuals, add individuals, respond to those who have liked or commented on your pictures or posts, all the while trying to find and reach new individuals and people to follow you back and thus increase your reach and sway. All this was a time-consuming process that became ever more time-consuming the larger and more expansive your reach became. But this is where Followadder comes into play. Followadder was designed with the intention of making a streamlined methodology of being able to quickly and easily handle all of these time-consuming tasks. So what are some of the pros and cons of this tool?


Followadder Pros

Search by hashtag

This is a huge pro as now you are able to create customized searches based on specific hashtags. You can also alternatively search by specific likes, specific posts, or other search criteria. This is an important step forward as now you do not have to try and find these individuals manually one search at a time or by following the links through friend lists or requests. This will help connect you with individuals who are most likely to follow you and therefore you will follow back. Finding people who already share common interests, who share common hashtags, or who liked common photos, is all a huge step up from trying to find these individuals manually and now you are able to friend these individuals en masse and try and get them to follow you back.

Whitelist and blacklist

As your Instagram following grows, it can be increasingly difficult to make sure you purge the right people - those who are not following you back - while simultaneously ensuring that you maintain certain followers that you never wish to lose. Fortunately the enhanced abilities offered you by Followader allow you to do just this. For instance, when utilizing Followadder you can create a whitelist which is a list of individuals or accounts that you never want the automated system to unfollow for you. This is an important step as now you never need to worry about accidentally unfollowing an important person to your Instagram.

While Followadder is working to help find new followers for you and new people that you may want to connect with, you can also utilize a blacklisting method which ensures that you will never follow certain profiles. They could perhaps be the profile of a user with whom you do not wish to have dealings, a competitor in a business, or a profile that you believe will reflect poorly upon yourself and your Instagram account. No matter what the reason is, being able to have an automatic whitelist and blacklist is a huge enhancement to the current Instagram methods of friending and following.

Automated following

As mentioned before, finding new followers can sometimes be difficult but with the automated following feature, you can automatically follow individuals with a host of different options for how you would like to do this. For instance, you can follow individuals by keywords, you can follow popular photo commenters, or you can follow likes. This gives you huge versatility in your personal ability to follow huge groups of people. The more people you can follow, the more likely you are to get certain followers back and that will help enhance your reach and your message on Instagram.

Followadder Cons

There are far more features and pros to Followadder than are currently here mentioned. Enhanced search abilities, advanced customer service, and many other options are available through Followadder, but no matter how perfect a piece of software is, there will be shortcomings either in design or in execution by the user, so what are some of the cons to Followadder?

Automation amok

One of the potential pitfalls in Followadder is since it can allow for automatically finding friends and followers, you may end up following individuals or pages or profiles that you do not want to associate with. For instance, an individual profile may have many of the same hashtags, likes, or comments that you have specified for somebody that you want following your profile and so Followadder automatically follows them. The only problem is, this person may also hold political views that are controversial, or worse. These are the types of people that the blacklisting was made for as it's never your intention to follow unsavory characters but with such high levels of automation, the onus is on you to ensure that the people that you follow are people you actually want to be publicly associated with on social media.


In closing, Followadder is an exceptional tool when used responsibly. If you can successfully manage to utilize the automation in a responsible manner, then Followadder can enhance your Instagram reach exponentially and as your following grows, your message will, too.

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