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Beaver Builder Review [2018 Update]

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Have you struggled on WordPress attempting to build sites from scratch? Have you languished through mediocre templates and had difficulty creating your ideal website? If you have, you are not alone. There are millions of web pages out there struggling between various levels of mediocrity and absolute horrid website design and a large part of this is simply due to the fact that many individuals lack the appropriate tools they need to make the website that they want to create. This is where Beaver Builder came in and changed everything. Beaver Builder works using the WordPress website templates and has created a whole library full of different templates for individuals to pick and utilize. Having a huge library with which to borrow from makes Beaver Builder an essential tool for professional website designers as well as individual business owners on the go. So what are some of the pros and cons of the incredible tool that is Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder Pros

Saves you time

Template library

Unsurprisingly one of their primary features is also one of their greatest pros and that is their template library. Having library templates of many different kinds of pages, landing pages, contact pages, and entirely built template websites makes website design a breeze. No longer do you have to find vague pages which might work, you can find much more specific styles and custom templates which can allow you to simply swap out the pictures and text, then launch your website. This makes website production quick and easy which is a huge boost to both website makers as well as businesses seeking to have sites done quickly. Professional website designers will be able to swiftly find templates which meet their clients’ individual needs while simultaneously making it faster and easier for them to produce these sites and adding any additional features the customer requires. This means that website builders can build faster than ever before with Beaver Builder.

Switch themes but save content

This is a huge benefit available through Beaver Builder and that is the ability to change themes on a website while maintaining the content. This is a huge improvement from the way things have been done previously. If for whatever reason after a website had launched or even right before its launch date, you realize that perhaps the website clashed with your marketing themes, you did not like its style or its look, or it was not doing the right work of funneling individuals into marketing or getting them to subscribe to email newsletters and it needed changed. Now with Beaver Builder, instead of having to scrap a website and start all over again, as was the traditional method, Beaver Builder allows you to port all of that over to a brand new website theme. Just think about that for a second, with a little bit of realignment and adjusting, you can take all of your text, links, sales pages, and pictures and move them all over to a brand new website theme without having to start from scratch. This is the power offered by Beaver Builder.

Beaver Builder Cons

Individual limits

While Beaver Builder itself offers infinite variety, infinite imagination, and infinite flexibility and a wide variety of design themes, templates, and programming, there is a huge limiting factor and that is the individual using it. Beaver Builder attempts to make website design simple. Building websites in a matter of minutes instead of a matter of days is very possible even for novice builders. However, people who are new to website building can have trouble understanding some of the finer points.

Perhaps they don't know that pages ought to share similar themes, or perhaps they have made and designed a very poor marketing funnel in their attempt to get users to buy into their products. No matter what the issue is, Beaver Builder is not the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to making your business a success. The success or failure of any given business lies not in the tools it uses but by those who use them. If you are somebody who struggles with either website design or finding ways to engage clients, then although Beaver Builder is an excellent tool and can help, your biggest help will come by finding people to teach you, or simply hiring an individual to utilize Beaver Builder on your behalf. Beaver Builder is an exceptional tool but it still needs someone who understands or is willing to learn online marketing, engaging designs, and successful marketing funnels for it to start paying dividends.

Beaver Builder Conclusion

In conclusion, Beaver Builder is one of the most exceptional tools to have ever come across the internet for website design. With its high functionality, its ability to create swift websites in minutes as opposed to days or weeks, the ability to port over all of your information into a brand new design theme without having to start from scratch each time, and its huge variety of templates and options all come together to make Beaver Builder an absolute must-have for every entrepreneur seeking to make a winning website that will engage clients and make money.

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Ytcockpit Review

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Getting noticed online is no small task. It can be incredibly difficult to get your message, or your service noticed with all the competing voices. Despite this difficulty, those businesses which can learn how to do it can become incredibly successful and one of the most important technologies for doing this today is video and specifically leveraging YouTube.

10 years ago, YouTube was not the powerhouse that it is today. It is almost unthinkable that any successful business no matter the size does not have a YouTube presence. This is because YouTube has an active user base of over a billion people across nearly every country of the world. It is also known as the 2nd largest search engine in the world and it wouldn’t be surprising in a few short years if it dethroned Google from position 1.

This just confirms what we all know deep down.

To compete online we have to be doing video and we have to be doing it on Youtube.

But how can you make sense of YouTube and turn it into a tool for success?

That is the promise of Ytcockpit and why we are doing this review today for you. Ytcockpit was designed to help assist you in making your videos easy to find, helping you to figure out winning keywords and combinations, while simultaneously helping to build up a reliable YouTube channel for your business.

So what exactly is Ytcockpit and what are some of the pros and cons of this tool?

Ytcockpit Pros

Keyword assistance

This is a huge one for an individual seeking to make their marketing in YouTube and that is having keyword assistance. The fact is no matter how interesting or innovative your video is, without the right keywords it will be almost impossible for individuals to find it. This is because keywords are the mechanism by which YouTube videos are found. Ytcockpit helps take this known entity and use it to your advantage by helping you identify keywords that are most likely to be searched, and the ones that are most likely to help improve your ranking. The more times people search for videos of yours or videos like yours, the higher in the search ranking you will rise. With Ytcockpit and its assistance in identifying successful YouTube keywords, your video also can slowly begin to rise to the top and collect a steady user base.

Real-time data analysis

Another issue which often plagues individuals seeking to better their own YouTube videos is the lack of usable data. Perhaps a competitor launched a video and you want to find out what

keywords were used, how successful was it, how its analytics are faring, amongst other questions. With Ytcockpit you have the ability to analyze hundreds of videos per minute. This means that it will easily be able to watch not just your primary competitors’ videos but hundreds of other videos for individuals selling similar products or using similar keywords. You can even begin to filter out these particular results so that Ytcockpit only does data analysis of specific kinds of videos that you select or specific keywords. This means that you will be able to develop for yourself a composite picture of how the competition is shaping up and how they are attempting gain viewership. With this information in mind, it is easier for you to then be able to create your own successful and dynamic videos.

Ytcockpit Cons

One of the potential cons to Ytcockpit is not so much what the program does or does not do but more about what people think it may do. Ytcockpit is not a video editing software. It was not made or designed to offer high-quality YouTube video or editing capabilities or to give you a huge amount of bells and whistles when it comes to your overall YouTube control. Ytcockpit was made as an exceptionally helpful data analytics tool. For individuals who think that having this product will instantly catapult them to number one are in for a rude awakening. This is a data analytics tool that can help assist you in propelling your YouTube viewership skyward but only if your videos still have a high level of quality, links, engagement, and are in the end something that people actually want to watch. If your videos are not interesting or engaging, then Ytcockpit will not be able to help you as much as you may wish it would.

Ytcockpit Conclusion

In closing though, Ytcockpit is one of the foremost data analytic programs when it comes to YouTube and having a powerful tool like this can help you figure out how other YouTubers are making it big so your subscribers’ numbers sky high.

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Rebrandapps Review

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There are only so many hours in a day and, despite our best efforts, it can be a time-consuming process to do the market research; create and write out specifications for a product that you want to make; monitor and manage the creation of all of those elements; find, vet, and get contract negotiations with your programmers; and then actually design, build, and market your application. With everything that goes into it, it is little wonder why making and selling applications can be incredibly time-consuming as well as prohibitively expensive. This is the reason Rebrandapps exists - to take away the time and money killing components so you can get right to making money. Rebrandapps allows you to sell applications which you have bought as though they were your applications, even to go so far as to put your brand name and logo on it to sell as your own. So what are some of the pros and cons of this unique program selling method?

Rebrandapps Pros

You don't have to build

This one was alluded to earlier but the fact remains it is also one of the best points and that is you do not have to do the building yourself. Building, maintaining apps, and going through the trial and error of ensuring their compatibility and workability all take time and if you are not a programmer, you will have to pay somebody to take that time. Already having prefabricated applications which you can simply sell under your name and with your logo gives you a huge amount of time freedom and monetary freedom. Instead of having to pay programmers hours to attempt to get a product which is sellable, you are able to purchase premade ones either at a monthly rate, a yearly rate, or for a one-time fee. With your purchase, you get already made products which have already been tested and that have a track record of being highly sellable.

You keep the profits

This is another innovative feature to Rebrandapps and that is that you are not working as a middleman sales associate, and you are not beholden to Rebrand to pay them a certain percentage of anything you make. Rather you are allowed to keep 100% of all sales you make. This gives you even greater incentive and greater freedom. You are not licensing the apps - you are truly able to resell them as if they were your own. And sell them you will!

These apps are fundamental apps for many businesses and industries and so they sell themselves easily. Individuals have made hundreds of thousands selling these very applications and you can, too. What's also a great feature is that you can either sell your Rebrandapps collectively for a singular price or you can sell them individually. Depending on your marketing strategy, you may decide to sell each app for a higher price individually or try and sell them as a collection for a lower rate. But no matter how you attempt to do it, the money that you make is all yours!

The applications

The applications available to you through your Rebrandapps are many and not only do they have great functionality, they're also incredibly useful. One app for instance is the SEO Snapshot. This app allows you to be able to do an SEO, or search engine optimization, analysis of your website or any other site. So any individuals you sell it to will be able to check out the reports from a website and look at it as though they were the search engine. This is a powerful tool as not only does it allow for users to get traffic estimations, see how many people have logged onto the page through mobile, and also check out the page speed and load times but it also includes things like a social page analysis.

This is important information for individuals who need to know how to optimize their conversion rates and get a better understanding of the kind of traffic flow their site or other websites like theirs are conducting. Although there are many other fantastic applications which cannot be gone into detail here, it is important to take note of a few of the minor cons.

Rebrandapps Cons

User complaints are yours

The first con is because you did not actually build the software, you likely are unaware of its inner workings or potential shortcomings. If there are any technical issues regarding the software, although Rebrandapps will have your back as their software is fully supported, issues between you and your clients are still going to be handled by you. Remember, when you sold it you claimed the software as your own and so you will be the first line of any complaints, misunderstandings, or misutilization of your software.

Initial costs

Although the price of $17 a month or $197, which is on sale, a year may not seem like too much, without a background in marketing these costs will add up quickly on the front end until you start making your first sales. Once you start generating profits, the programs will easily pay themselves back. But there will be a time on the front end where you are putting money out and not getting money in. The faster you can overcome your marketing learning curve, the faster you'll be able to turn Rebrandapps into profit.

Rebrandapps Conclusion

In conclusion, Rebrandapps is an overall fantastic application. Not only does it allow you the personalization and customization abilities to sell proven and tested software as your own, keep all the profits you make from any sales, and sell high-quality items which have a proven track record of success in the online marketplace, but Rebrandapps also gives technical support for all of their software. With this kind of support and freedom, Rebrandapps is an exceptional online selling tool that can save you time and make you money.

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Pressplay Review

Pressplay Review

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Have you ever been annoyed at the limitations of your video playing apps for your website? You have in your mind the kind of functionality that you want and you are just unable to find programs which will do it? Perhaps you would like your video to automatically stop playing when somebody scrolls past where video is, or give your users the ability to watch a video at twice the speed. Up until now, these features had been difficult to come by and never all in a single package. But what if you could get all of these and many more fantastic features to give you near infinite control of your video playing?

That is why Pressplay exists. Pressplay is a video control software program which allows you to modify your videos to work and function in any way that you want. You’ll get videos that play and operate just as you need without being stuck with the limitations that come with YouTube or other video hosting sites. So what are some of the pros and cons of this incredible tool?

Pressplay Pros

Start where you left off

This is an incredibly important pro and that is that if you are on the site and you start watching a video and leave, you can come back and with Pressplay you'll be able to start the video from where you left off instead of having to start all over again. This is a great feature particularly if your videos are instructional or training videos or even webinars, as people oftentimes have to leave for a variety of reasons. Perhaps their break is over or they have to excuse themselves for personal reasons, the ability to be able to come right back and start a video from where it left off is a fantastic feature and one that should be standard across the entire medium.

Change autoplay settings

Autoplay can sometimes become annoying especially when you've gotten onto a site for the fifth or sixth time and you keep on having to hear the movie play. Fortunately with Pressplay you can modify it so that users only will have videos autoplay on their second or third time and after that it will stop. So for long-time users or individuals who come back to your site regularly, they will not be inundated with having to hear the same few clips repeatedly. This makes it nicer for your clients in a big way as now they are no longer forced to scroll to where the video is and press stop; rather they can now utilize the site’s full functionality as often as they like without having to listen to the auto play clip. People who are first-timers to your site though will still be able to have the auto-play function the first couple times as they are being newly introduced to it.

Auto stop

Another great feature brought to you by Pressplay is the ability for a video to stop playing if a user has scrolled down beyond the place where they can view the video. Alternatively, you can also set it so that the video continues to play after they have scrolled out or even open up

another tab. This gives your video the freedom to do whatever you need. Is it primarily for listening to? If so, then having the ability to open up other tabs while the video still plays will be great as your users will continue to be able to work or read while they listen. Alternatively, if it is important for a video to be watched then making it so the video turns itself off whenever a user is not in a position to view the video will make sure that your clip is viewed in the way that you intended. Pressplay is all about giving you the kind of minute power over your videos that you need to achieve the specific goals that you desire.

Pressplay Cons

No matter how fantastic a piece of programming is, ultimately there are limitations either in the program itself or in the people who use it. So what are some of the cons for Pressplay?


One of the big things you should know about Pressplay is that Pressplay was designed for people who already know or have a good idea of how to conduct online video marketing. Although Pressplay can also be used for a slew of other features such as for webinars or things like that, it's primarily made for marketing and so if you do not know how to market your videos, no matter how good the software is, the biggest limiting factor will be you.

That is not to say that you will not be able to find ways of benefiting from the increased functionality of Pressplay but if you were expecting Pressplay to simply be installed and start making you money then you will be sorely disappointed. Learning how to market videos is an essential part of being able to use Pressplay to its full functionality.

PressPlay Conclusion

With all that being said, Pressplay is an exceptionally powerful tool with its slew of features from auto stop, to autoplay settings, to the ability to pick up where you left off, or even to watch things at twice the speed. Pressplay gives you huge amounts of freedom when it comes to your video editing software preferences. You can always make your videos do whatever you need them to in order to achieve the goals you desire with Pressplay. 

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Livereach Review

Livereach Review

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Posting videos on Facebook has up to now come in two separate styles - you could post videos that you have already pre-recorded by simply uploading them to your timeline or by posting a link to a YouTube channel, or alternatively you could live stream your video content for your viewing public to watch and enjoy. But what if you had more options? This is the whole premise behind Livereach. It has the unique ability for you to be able to utilize the broadcast live feature while at the same time utilizing it as if it was pre-recorded video footage. This allows you to be able to take the time to make a finely crafted video while the same time getting the boost to your profile that occurs with live footage. So what are some of the pros and cons of Livereach?


Livereach Pros

Pre-recorded videos

One of the biggest pros of Livereach is the ability to upload pre-recorded footage into your live stream feed. This is a huge boost as often times live footage is, of course, generally of a lesser quality, less professional, and potentially prone to mistakes of varying degrees of severity. Did you accidentally misquote someone or misspeak entirely? Did you accidentally say a swear word or give a wrong piece of information that now your user base is taking you to task on? All of these things can be avoided by selecting out the videos which do not meet your standard and instead select videos that meet your quality criteria for the live stream feed.

Greater exposure

A fun fact that many individuals do not know is that Facebook and YouTube both prioritize live content over pre-recorded video content. This means that if you were trying to get the notice of your client base or followers, it is important for you to have a regular stream of live content for these forums. However, with that greater exposure comes the aforementioned greater risk of mistake and alienating clientele. This is why Livereach and its ability to pre-record videos is so critical.

Viewer longevity

The fact is simple, people enjoy watching things live that they do not enjoy watching pre-recorded. This is just as true of events in the real world as it is in the digital one. With the live stream you are able to enhance your viewers’ watching engagement by up to 8 times as opposed to if you were simply utilizing an uploaded canned video. This gives you the chance to be able to not only produce the highest quality videos available to you but also ensure that those videos are engaging your viewers for longer periods of time.

Multiple platform utilization

One of the other big positives of Livereach is the fact that you are able to simultaneously broadcast it on multiple forums. Primarily these are YouTube and Facebook although it is also possible for you to do stream into webinars, blogs, and many other web hosting sites, forums, or mediums. This ability to do it all simultaneously enhances the appearance of its live look and will continue to increase your exposure factor.

Livereach Cons

It’s not actually live

No matter how great a piece of software is, there is always something somebody will critique. So what is the elephant in the room when it comes to Livereach? A potential negative factor is the fact that it's not actually live. Part of the reason, as stated before, why individuals enjoy watching the live content far more than pre-recorded content is because it is live. If you are pre-recording content and posting it to a live stream and your clients or potential clients discover that fact they may become jaded and be less interested in engaging with your content in the future. It is difficult to gain client trust but it is incredibly easy to lose it.

And you need not even be ratted out by a super hacker if you make a newbie mistake and simply had some bad editing. Perhaps you had a bit from one video take you liked but you would like the majority of another take as well. You try to combine these two and unless you are very good at your editing, your clients may realize that they are watching edited footage as opposed to live footage. If they realize it's been uploaded then their likelihood of engagement will drop off dramatically and you will lose many of the perks which come with the live feed forum.

That being said, if you were utilizing it simply for multiple takes just so you can get the best one which represents your business in the correct light, clients will probably not be taken aback by that.


The most important thing about this kind of software is to use it wisely in a way that respects your clients, respects the medium, and shows respect for your business. With all that in mind, Livereach is an exceptional tool and should be utilized by everyone who regularly broadcasts on live stream internet forums.

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Viddyoze 3 Review

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If you an internet marketer and you are seeking an application that you can use to create stunning videos for your brand, then this review is for you. There are plenty of options on the market to the extent that getting one that suits your business needs becomes a challenge. The intention of this Viddyoze 3 review is to help you make a buying decision whether or not it is worth the money.

Viddyoze 3.0 by creator Joey Xoto (and the Viddyoze team) is a high-quality video creator that internet marketers can use to render irresistible promo videos to increase sales or improve their presence online with a few clicks of the mouse. In order to shock the marketplace, Viddyoze has embedded several stunning templates for you to insert your brand into.

It really is best seen live here.

Viddyoze Main features
  • Studio-Quality Intros: When you use Viddyoze 3.0, you are more likely to create irresistible intro logo stings and animations that would make your viewers glued to your video.
    • Alpha Dynamic Intros: Viddyoze 3.0 comes with alpha dynamic intros that would enable you to create stunning and captivating videos that would be second to none in the marketplace
    • Stunning Social Actions: You can use Viddyoze 3.0’s stunning social actions to spread your business like wildfire. Some of the social networking platforms connected to this app are Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, G+, and Youtube, among others.
    • Floating Social Animation: When you use Viddyoze 3.0 to create videos, notifications from social networking sites will appear directly on your screen.
    • Professional Lower thirds: You can use this application’s lower third to make your video an authority in the marketplace.
    • Seamless transition: This feature will enable you to make your video flow smoothly, which will keep your viewers glued to your marketing message.
    • Move Filters: Viddyoze 3.0 is embedded with several effects that would make your video outstanding.
    • Attention-grabbing animations: Viddyoze’s transparency technology will enable you to overlay an animation at any point in your video.
    • Awesome Outros: This feature will enable you to conclude your marketing message in an appealing way to your viewers, prospects, and customers.
    • CTA Overlays: This feature will enable your buy button to appear even when your video is still streaming.
    • Compelling CTAs: Viddyoze 3.0 has some compelling CTA’s that would make your video outstanding among your competitors.
    • WaterMarks: Viddyoze 3.0 won’t allow your videos to be stolen.
    • Audio: The essence of a quality soundtrack in a video cannot be overemphasized. Hence, the reason why Viddyoze’s creators embedded custom-created audio tracks in their application to improve the sound quality.
    • Cloud-based: Viddyoze’s creators used the cloud technology to enable users to work from any location.
    • 100% Compatibility: All your animations will be Mp4 file format. This will give you confidence when using your videos in any video editor available.
    • Excellent Customer Service: Viddyoze has one of the best customer service approaches. They work 24/7 to ensure that all customers’ complaints are resolved within the shortest possible time.
    • Lifetime Support and Updates: There is always the continuous improvement of Viddyoze due to the wonderful work of the developers and designers.
    • Unlimited Usage Rights: All the animations on this application are not limited to time.

Viddyoze Pros

  • Huge variety of templates covering a wide range of niches
  • Save time, money and effort on video production
  • Nothing to download or install
  • Create stunning 3D motion effects that cannot be created this fast, anywhere else
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • No required any skills and experience
  • Full support and quick response from an author
  • No development costs
  • 30 day money back guarantee- no question asked

Viddyoze Cons

It’s not Adobe Premiere but that being said no one is asking it to be. If you are simply wanting to improve the quality of your videos you cant go wrong with Viddyoze 3.

Viddyoze - The Bottom Line

Viddyoze 3.0 is one of the best video apps on the market for internet marketers. This application is outstanding among its competitors in terms of pricing, user-friendliness, speed of video creation and performance.

One of the biggest reasons to consider Viddyoze 3.0 is the fact that you can create irresistible and stunning videos with just a few clicks. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at the demo for yourself. If you are an internet marketer seeking to create captivating videos to keep your viewers glued, then Viddyoze 3.0 will deliver for you.


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EasyWebinar Review

An Effective and Convenient Way of Reaching your Clients

The way we work and do business nowadays has been greatly affected by new technologies. Our products and services are now more than ever meant for a global audience and reaching your prospective and actual clients can be a bit of a challenge if they are located all over the world. This is true not only because you have to find a way to effectively communicate with them, but also because of the time differences and how expensive it would be to set up offices everywhere or to travel around the world to contact them.

Thankfully, we can count on programs like EasyWebinar, which can serve as a platform for your webinars, an effective marketing tool or a way to communicate with coworkers in remote areas. EasyWebinar can do all three remarkably well, providing low latency HD video streaming and 3D audio quality for your webinar or video meetings needs. It also has scheduling capabilities so you can reach your audience when it’s more convenient for everyone.

You can choose to broadcast a live webinar or to configure a prerecorded one to be played at certain times. Even if you use prerecorded material, your clients will feel as if they were participating in a live session. Is your webinar going to be attended by thousands of people at a time? Don’t worry, EasyWebinar has a YouTube Live integration you can use for these cases.

EasyWebinar Main features
  • Either you want to set up a live webinar or automatically replay a recorded session, EasyWebinar is for you.
  • Your attendees can also be presenters. You can let one of them participate and be part of the presentation. Once they’re done, they can go back to being part of the audience.
  • Live chat. Let your attendees ask questions and be part of the conversation. Make them feel appreciated by answering their questions in real time.
  • Use your sessions as a marketing tool. Push products and offers while broadcasting and invite your clients to take advantage of an offer or discount.
  • Do you have multiple presenters? Use the multi-camera feature to keep in touch with them throughout the event. This feature is also very useful if you need to conduct video meetings with coworkers in different locations.
  • Track your statistics with built-in analytics. Get to know who your attendees are and what they do: Did they attend? Did they stay for the entire session? Did they ask any questions? Detailed statistics can help you improve those details that still need a little work.
  • Master control. As the moderator of the event, you decide who will be presenting, which cameras and microphones will be on at any given time and much more.
  • Automatic email reminders. EasyWebinar sends automatic reminder emails so none of your registered users misses the date. They’ll also receive follow up messages after the webinar session is over.

EasyWebinar Pros

  • Unlike other similar programs, EasyWebinar comes with features that make it useful as a marketing tool as well.
  • Video quality is remarkable. You’ll get true HD video that plays without interruption. No buffering and no delays.
  • Is also available for mobile phones, so your attendees can join from wherever they are. There are iOS and Android apps available for download at no cost.
  • If you already have a sales funnel set up, you can use EasyWebinar content for your campaigns in other platforms like Drip or ActiveCampaign.
  • Large events are not an issue thanks to EasyWebinar’s integration with YouTube Live. If you have over 1000 attendees, you can broadcast your event through YouTube Live.
  • It’s completely web-based, you don’t need to install any programs or have a specific hardware configuration to use it.

EasyWebinar Cons

  • Since prices depend on the number of attendees, the monthly fees can increase quite a bit in no time.
  • It might take a little time for less experienced users to get to know all the features and start getting the results they want.

EasyWebinar - The Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for an effective way to reach your customers, a platform for hosting your educational material or just a tool for remote communication with your co-workers, EasyWebinar is for you. Since it’s cloud-based, there are no specific hardware requirements to meet or any software to install. You just register and start building your marketing strategy.

The content you create with EasyWebinar can be used on other platforms. If you already have a sales funnel set up or are planning on building one, this can be a good alternative when it comes to video content. Since it also has statistics and data analysis capabilities, you’ll know at all times if you’re getting the results that you wanted or not.

If you have never used a similar service before, you might find it a bit daunting at the beginning. There are so many features that it takes a while before you are completely familiar with all of them. Once you are, you’ll begin to realize all the marketing power you will be gaining with this wonderful tool.

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Reevio review

Reevio Review

Video is the main tool used today to get customer’s attention. It’s used in everything from portraying your products’ main features to showing your clients how they can improve their lives. The thing is that if you want high quality results, you’ll end up paying lots of money to get professionals to produce your videos.

Well, not anymore! Reevio Video Maker is a platform where you will find ready-to-use, royalty free content to produce HD quality videos using just a computer.  They include templates that make the whole process a no-brainer even for novice users. Each one comes with some video scenes associated, you just have to choose the ones that you want to include in your video, put them in the correct order, customize them and just sit back and see how your idea goes from a concept to a 1080p high definition video in no time.

You don’t have to use only the videos and templates provided by the platform, you can also include footage of your own. It’ll feel as if you have a video editing studio in your computer.

It’s really easy to use and there is almost no learning curve, but if you have any questions or need help with one of the features you can contact their user support. They’re available 24/7.

Reevio Main features
  • It comes with plenty of templates to choose from.
  • Thousands of video assets that, along with your own footage, will help you create killer videos.
  • Animated logo creation tools so your company’s image gets the attention it deserves.
  • Whiteboard and blackboard animations.
  • Everything is stored on Reevio’s servers so you don’t need to invest on expensive hardware. Since it is cloud based, it runs on any device.
  • The new HD cover videos will turn your Facebook page into a selling machine. Give it a more dynamic look and set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Multi-language support. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Reevio talks your language

Reevio Pricing

There are two plans to cater for two primary users, starting with a personal plan that goes for USD 67 all the way up to Premium that costs USD 97 (one-time fee). The premium plan is the one you need to create videos commercially for your clients.

With this lifetime subscription you can create an unlimited amount of videos with only one single payment. No monthly fees and no renewals. It comes with a 14-day money back guarantee

But as usual we have lined up a better deal for you.

Reevio Promotion

EverWebinar vs. WebinarJam – Which is Right for You?

In this article we compare two tools developed by Genesis Digital: WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Although they are both meant to help you broadcast engaging presentations to your users or prospective clients, there are some key differences between them. They are both excellent tools and deliver high quality, professional looking results but, how do you choose between them?

Do you need to get both apps to get the results you want or can you just get one of them? What are their main features?

After reading this article you’ll be able to answer all of those questions.

What exactly are Webinars?

Webinars are a great way to engage your audience and build loyalty.

It is highly unlikely that you are not already familiar with the term since nowadays there seems to be a webinar for pretty much anything. 

The simplest of definitions is “a seminar that takes place on the Internet (web)”, hence the name: a web seminar. In the beginning they started out as just another tool for educational purposes. You can now easily reach students, co-workers or clients who need a demo without the need for commuting or accommodation costs, just by scheduling a presentation over the Internet.

As it happens, pretty soon people all around the world realized the potential of this new tool and now it seems as if everyone has a webinar you can attend, especially for commercial purposes. It’s a common practice for companies to schedule webinars intended to present their clients (or potential clients) with their new products or new features included in their latest releases. You can learn almost anything from webinars, they have become a very effective and low-cost marketing and communication tool.

Now that we know more about webinars let’s Meet the Best Webinar App Contenders

As we said before, we will be evaluating two products from the same company: WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Normally, when you read a comparison article about two similar programs they are competitors, but this is not the case with these two. They are the work of Genesis Digital. They have some similarities but are meant for different purposes.

So, let’s get to know them a little better so you’ll be able to determine which one is right for you.


Like most things in life, WebinarJam was born to fill a gap its creators found in the webinar segment. It was originally released late 2013 and it has been a best-seller since then.

Its primary goal was to provide users with an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to create their own webinars. There have been numerous new releases over the years, the most recent being late 2017. Every one of them has included new features that have made it more powerful and user friendly.

WebinarJam is intended for live webinars. It includes templates and options that you can use to configure your presentation that are all accessible through an easy-to-use user interface. It only takes a few simple steps to create and configure your webinars, you’ll be ready to go live in no time!

After that, you just have to set the date and time and send out the invites. It includes automatic e-mail notifications so you can reach your audience, remind them of the time and date of your event and even do a follow up after the session finishes.

You’ll be able to create a customized registration page, include polls in your webinar, push products and use pre-recorded video as part of the presentation. You can even pre-record the entire presentation and then broadcast it at the selected time and date. Even more, you can stream your content to other services like Facebook live or YouTube live. All of that in the same package.

There are other cool features included in the latest release like JamSessions, which allows you to invite other presenters to join in. Attendees can also participate in the presentation. They can present their content or comment and then go back to be “attendees only”, you are in complete control.

As you can see, this is a very powerful and convenient tool for creating live webinars.

WebinarJam Pros

  • check
    It integrates very easily with other apps. You can even use a video hosted on other sites as the source for your webinar.
  • check
    It’s pretty easy to use and has a user friendly user interface
  • check
    You’ll have access to sufficient training material to help you along the way. Also, the support team is ready to answer any questions you may have.
  • check
    It’s affordable and it comes with a no-questions-asked 30-days money back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like the software, you’ll get a full refund.
  • check
    It’s not operating system specific, your attendees can join from almost any platform out there, like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android.

WebinarJam Cons

  • check
    You have to schedule a time for the presentation and it might not always be convenient for all the members of your target audience (they might be located in different time zones). You will most likely find yourself doing the same webinar over and over.

With that in mind lets look at the next product from Genesis Digital.

everwebinar-discount coupon code


EverWebinar was released after WebinarJam to address a very specific need: Creating automatic re-playable webinars, which play at the best time for your audience.

Instead of having to do live presentations all the time, you can now record them and have them broadcasted automatically. You don’t have to work round the clock to get to all of your clients, with EverWebinar you can schedule your sessions in a way that will fit yours and your client’s needs. It even comes with time zone detection, so your clients can access each webinar when it’s most convenient for them.

It also comes with an on-demand option. This means that your content will begin playing minutes after your client registers. That’s all they will have to do. No waiting and no scheduling, they just need to sign up when it’s convenient for them and they’ll immediately get the information that you prepared for them. 

If you’re worried about giving your participants a realistic feeling of being on a live webinar session, you’ll find that the live chat simulator can be very helpful. You can come up with your desired chat lines and set them to be displayed at the right moment throughout the session. Even better, if you have a pre-recorded chat session from a live webinar you can import it and make it part of your recorded webinar. It will feel just like a live session, it's pretty amazing the first time you see it.

But maybe you like to get feedback as people are viewing your webinar. No problem, you can answer questions in real time while your clients are viewing a pre-recorded webinar. That way, you’ll just have to pay attention to their questions or comments while your presentation is in autopilot.

As powerful and convenient as it is, it’s also very easy to use. The user interface is very user friendly and similar to that in WebinarJam. So, if you’re already familiar with that program, you’ll have no major issues using EverWebinar. Even if you did, the support team is there to help you by answering all of your questions. You’ll be able to realize the full potential of this product in no time and this is why many of the world's top marketers recommend EverWebinar.

EverWebinar Pros

  • check
    You can buy it with confidence, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not pleased, you’ll get a full refund.
  • check
    Get complimentary training. You’ll have access to free training and members only video course
  • check
    Its integration with WebinarJam, lets you turn past live webinars into evergreen webinars
  • check
    It comes with a set of ready-to-use templates that require no coding experience and will give an expert look to your webinar.
  • check
    It records statistics of your events. You’ll know exactly how many people subscribed, how many actually attended the event, how many follow your links or buy your products, everything you need to know just how effective your webinars are.
  • check
    You don’t have to make a big investment in hardware to host your content. Once you register, you have free unlimited cloud hosting.

EverWebinar Cons

  • check
    No support for live streaming to other platforms like YouTube live.

EverWebinar vs WebinarJam - The Bottom Line

Both webinar apps are great in their own right.

As you would have further realized, they are not exactly competitors. First, they were both developed by the same company (Genesis Digital); second, they are intended for different uses.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you build your own webinars and present them live to your clients, then you’ll like what WebinarJam has to offer.

But if what you are looking for is a way to automate your webinars and reach your audience even when you can’t be sitting in front of your computer, then EverWebinar is perfect for you.

You can use these products as an integrated kit or get just the one that better fits your needs.

If you’re new to webinars, you probably can start out with WebinarJam. You’ll get acquainted with the features, learn all of what it has to offer and get a feeling of how webinars can benefit your business. Get in touch with customers everywhere on the same session, answer their questions live and showcase your products. Also, you can use this time to get to know a little more about your audience by including polls as a way to collect relevant information.

After a while, you’ll find that you have a better understanding of the whole webinar mechanics. You will probably have done a few different sessions and will know by now which of them are more effective and need to be readily available for your customers. This is when EverWebinar comes into play. Get your previously recorded content, configure it and schedule it. It’s as simple as that.

So, if you’re looking for a tool to get into webinar marketing, give these two a try. They don’t require a big investment, they both offer a trial period and they both come with a money back guarantee. I'm pretty sure you wont be needing that when you try it for yourself.

What do you have to lose? Get started with our special offers below.

Try WebinarJam for $1

Time sensitive offer.

Demo of EverWebinar

See the features for yourself.


If you purchase WebinarJam or EverWebinar make sure to claim these special offers. Click here for WebinarJam or here for EverWebinar.


Instant Video Wizard Review and First look

I have a lot of respect for Jonathan Leger and what he is doing over at His Learn from Jon community. I first heard about Jon through his “The Best Spinner” product and could see he had a real focus on delivering high-quality products and training to his clients. So when I hear he is releasing a new toolInstant Video Wizard I naturally am interested to find out more.

So what is Instant Video Wizard?

This video will give you a good idea by showing you how to make money on Youtube using it.

The overall concept looks quite interesting to me and I can see a lot of Jon’s clients and I’m sure others have been looking for a tool that can do this.

I am guessing the PLR database of articles is the same as his other product Instant Article Wizard to some degree. The ability for the IVW software to automatically take that content and create slides including royalty free audio, video and other special effects could well be a winner for many folks.

I also recently received this email from Jon (with some added features included)

If you’re not already amazed at what IVW can do, I think you will be now. That’s because this past week we added:

485,000 more royalty-free images
115,000 more royalty-free video clips
100,000 more royalty-free music tracks

That’s right. We’ve partnered with, and to give you an unparalleled amount of content to use in user videos. All of that content costs $45,000 / year — but users get access to it all at no extra cost!

The incredible number of video clips, images and music tracks that are now included took IVW from awesome to absolutely amazing.

See the demo of Instant Video Wizard here.

Let’s be clear though, if you are wanting to have a rocking YouTube channel so you can be the next PewdiePie, this is not the tool you will be using. Adobe Premiere is your tool of choice for this.

If however you have a niche website and you are wanting to drive targeted traffic to it, then this could form an excellent part of your inbound strategy. Mainly because of how quick it is to whip out the PLR articles and convert them to semi-attractive video spokespersons for your site. You can also add your own voice if you prefer.

Let me be clear – when I say semi-attractive videos, I’m comparing it to the likes of Adobe Premiere and top YouTubers. Compared to other text to video converters, Instant Video Wizard is in a class above. I’m sure you will see that in the demo.

At this point, it looks like Instant Video Wizard will be priced at $497. But what I do know, is that his coaching club members will be getting special access to it or at the very least far reduced pricing.

If you are not a club member and you still want a better deal on Instant Video Wizard – contact us and we will be able to give you a better price as always.

PS: They are running a competition on September 28th during their webinar to win a free lifetime license of Instant Video Wizard. You can sign up here.