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The Ultimate Bootstrappers Hack to Building Your Own Platform

An important decision when first setting up your online business is the platform choice you make. Think of your platform as they did back in the day with the classic soapbox.

Throughout the 19th Century and into the 20th, prior to the invention of corrugated fiberboard, manufacturers used wooden crates for the shipment of wholesale merchandise to retail establishments. Discarded containers of every size, well-constructed and sturdy, were readily available in most towns. These “soapboxes” made free and easily portable temporary platforms for street corner speakers attempting to be seen and heard at improvised “outdoor meetings,” to which passersby would gather to hear often provocative speeches on religious or political themes. Source Wikipedia

We live in a very different age today but this soapbox principle is still very relevant to us as the soapbox platform is the Internet and the message declared being your mission statementSpecifically the “This is what we do and why you should care?” message to stop passerby traffic to take a moment and listen.

We live in this age of attention deficit which is why the first step to success online is having a terrific message (mission) and the 2nd step is having that good ole soapbox platform.

Now you know that you need to be on the Internet (platform) but you also know simply relying on Other People’s Platforms (I will call this OPP from now on) like Facebook, Instagram and even Google is unwise. 

You need Your Own Platform (YOP) to grow and build relationships online and OPP simply compliments it.

But how do you choose YOP?

I would like to answer this question today with one filter – the bootstrapped startup.

This is a startup that has a message and product the world needs to hear and see but are building their business with very little capital. Think the $100 startup book by Chris Guillebeau.

And today I’m going to answer the question of “Can I really get started with $100?”

And using the platform hack I am about to share I can confidently tell you, yes you can!

The Startup Nemesis

To show you exactly how the $100 startup can be achieved it will serve us well to first look at the enemy of this goal.

Specifically technology and development costs to building your startup.

Statistics show us that only 3% of small businesses make it to the fifth year and for the failed businesses the most common reason (82%) is cash flow problems. (Source This is a jaw dropping realization if you are just about to press the launch button on your business.

But there is hope when you – “Know thy startup enemies”

There are two:

  1.  Cash flow: Cited as the reason for 82% of firms surveyed
  2. Technology – Platform: A costly exercise in wasted time & money

The cash flow issue is why we are focusing on the best way to bootstrap your startup. And when it comes to technology it really is everything, especially when you are bootstrapping.

You need the right technology to host your platform and get your product/service into the hands of would-be customers and fans. You need the right technology to support your customers and encourage them to share your brand with their friends and family. You also need the right technology to ensure you get paid the dues you deserve.

The wrong technology increases costs and wastes your time to such a degree that your clients lose out and ultimately lose trust in your brand.

The result inevitably is startup failure.

So it makes sense that if we can solve the technology conundrum we can solve one of the biggest bottlenecks to your startup success and if we can bootstrap it, we are catching two birds with one stone. (Catch and release of course and certainly no killing of two birds with one stone.)

So let’s have a look at the secret platform hack.

Hack #1 - WordPress and...

Did you just seriously mention WordPress – that thing people publish blogs on?

Yes I did and there are a few key reasons  why

  • WordPress was built from the ground up to spread messages and build community online
  • WordPress is free to use (open source)
  • If you can dream it, WordPress has a plugin for it

So as you can see, this is a bootstrapped startups dream as it allows you to do whatever you want and do it essentially for free, especially if one of your founders is a tech guy – developer.

Wait a minute…

Oh I can hear you buzzing now because as with all good things in life there are compromises and WordPress is no different.

It’s not the easiest platform to use compared to some others like Wix, Shopify and Squarespace.

And it’s not exactly free either as you do need a domain name and hosting to really get the most out of it but you have to do this for any other platform anyway so we are not counting that against WordPress -what we are though is that ease of use is an issue.

I won’t butter this up – WordPress can be an absolute nightmare to a first time user.

The template design system is clunky and don’t even get me started on the WordPress editor!

But remember what I said about the “If you can dream it, there is a plugin for it”? Well come to the rescue it does because the easiest way to turn WordPress from a nightmare to an absolute dream is with a free plugin called Elementor

Introduced in 2016, this plugin is a game changer for the WordPress community and in two years it’s now installed on over a million websites! (How’s that for startup success!)

The reason it’s so successful is because it addressed this major pain point for WordPress users who knew they had something special but also couldn’t stand the built in page editor they were using.

See demo below:

Hack #2 - GNU/GPL

We have all heard the saying “There is no such thing as a free lunch!”

And yes when it comes to WordPress there are times when free will only get you so far.

Maybe you have some specific eCommerce requirements or some custom coding for your members area – in these cases it’s time to put some money up and get what is called Premium plugins (in other words paid ones).

This can be a frustrating time especially when you have been so happy with all the free stuff you have been getting with WordPress. But there can be a more frustrating issue and that has to do with compatibility when the plugin you just paid for actually breaks another part of your website.

This has happened to me on more than one occassion, which is why I want to share hack #2 with you right now.

Try before you buy!

Yes, there are a number of companies that offer a FREE trial but most WordPress premium plugins do require you to buy first. By the time you have had a chance to test it, your money back guarantee expires!

So there is a clever way to get around this and it has to do with the fact that WordPress is open source software and plugins released under the GNU/GPL license agreement.

Basically, if you have a developer friend you can get access to the product for free to test first.

Now I know many of you reading this will have developer friends but said friend may not have the specific plugin you are wanting and there are two ways around this.

Method 1: Fiverr

Search FIVERR for plugin you want. Here is an example of Thrive Leads – another great plugin that costs  between $67-$147.

Link to FIVERR page.

See that gig for $5 – he is giving you the plugin as part of this deal!

He is allowed to do this because as a developer he is allowed to give you the plugin as part of his service which in this case is designing an opt in form for your website.

$5 is certainly a lot better than $67 and once you are 100% certain the plugin is right for you, then you can go buy the plugin direct from Thrive so that you can get access to that all so important product support.

We use Thrive products ourselves and when you are in a growth phase it really does pay to have support from the plugin creators to reduce web development fees.

Method #2 – Digital Boss Club

I will keep this one short.

Think of Digital Boss Club (DBC) and specifically DBC Pro as your developer friend, where you get access to your choice of premium WordPress plugins. You just need to be part of the club.

Final Thoughts

Well done on reading all the way to the end…

You understand that relying on OPP is not going to cut it – you need YOP

Did that sound like gobbledygook? Aha, I caught you skipping to the end! Seriously, go back and read the introduction. 🙂

And one of the best ways of developing YOP is using WordPress because it is free open source technology that was built from the ground up to help people spread a message.

And when using Hacks #1 and #2 you are able to achieve this more cost effectively than any other solution on the market today. Dare I say $100 startup… 

I do hope this little piece has helped you in choosing your platform today. If you enjoyed this post I would so love it if you could share using any of the social media buttons.


Current AppSumo Deals – 06/26/2018

These Appsumo deals are current as of today the 26th of June – but some deals have limited codes available. Use any of the links on this page and you also qualify for one of 10 bonus packs.

Welcome Digital Bosses and Sumo-lings! 

This week’s edition of the AppSumo roundup includes a total of eight apps

  • Facebook Messenger Chat Bot – Mobile Monkey

  • The marketing AI known as Crystal

  • Retargeting URL tool – RocketLink

  • Easy to use booking app – Bookafy

  • Your accountant as an app – Fiskl

  • Sumo eCommerce Plan

  • An easy to use feedback tool for your clients – Feedier

  • The Ultimate SEO training by Tommy Griffith (SEO for Airbnb)

App Type: Facebook Messenger Bot
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $1500)

Note: Win a $100 gift card when signing up to the webinar

Mobile Monkey is a Facebook messenger chat bot that not only allows you to chat with customers but also automatically qualifies leads, send drip campaigns and here is the kicker uses AI to serve the content your audience is most likely to be interested in.


App Type: AI marketing assistant for digital entrepreneurs
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $1188)

Meet Crystal! The digital assistant that even puts Google Assistant to shame if you are a digital entrepreneur. Think Jarvis in Iron Man – you going to feel a bit like that when using this amazing little tool. In a nutshell, Crystal is an AI that takes web and social media data and turns it into actionable marketing data. 


App Type: URL retargeting tool 
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $828)

Rocketlink helps you grow your online audience by adding tracking pixels to every link you share. When you share links your URL drives traffic to third-party websites and Rocketlink lets you profit on this traffic with perfectly targeted ads.

You can even retarget users in Facebook Groups which is something Facebook themselves dont allow but Rocketlink found a way to beat the system.

There is a great video on the process at the link below too.

App Type: Booking app 
Price: $39 lifetime (usually $84)

Bookafy is an automated booking software for service appointments, demos, sales, and calls.

It allows you to automate the booking of calls, demos and appointments whilst syncing to your calendar and even adding contacts to Mailchimp. It is operating 24/7 as a way for clients to book time slots and sends custom confirmations and reminders to all parties.

It’s time to get organized and at $39 this is a steal.

App Type: Financial Accounting app
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $360)

Fiskl is a simple, intuitive platform that makes it easy for anyone to manage finances, be more productive, and drive their business forward.

It allows you to create beautifully designed invoices within seconds from anywhere on any device. It gives you an overview report that tells you the health of your business finances in 30 seconds. Plus here is a biggie for all you small business owner/accountants it has expense scanning with intelligent data extraction.

Well worth a look at Fiskl to get your finances in order.  

App Type: eCommerce training and app 
Price: FREE

If you use either shopify or Woocommerce this deal is for you. Actually to be honest if you are using any form of ecommerce on your website this Sumo deal is for you.

Sumo’s Shopify + WooCommerce Business Growth Bundle is filled to the brim with marketing strategies, resources, and blueprints to increase conversions and sales.

There will also be an invite to a webinar happening on the 3rd of July which is going to be well worth your time.


App Type: Online Feedback tool 
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $960)

Feedier lets you easily collect valuable customer feedback through an intelligent and interactive platform.

It gives your customers an enjoyable and easy to use way to give you feedback and can also issue vouchers to people who complete the survey. It gives you real time insights and analytics all from one dashboard and most importantly builds loyalty and trust with your clients that you are taking their opinion seriously.

This little app is collecting raving reviews quick and is a must have for this lifetime price.


App Type: SEO training and tools 
Price: $149 lifetime (usually $1285)

Clickminded is back by popular demand on AppSumo.

You don’t get much better than this course by Tommy Griffith if you are wanting to learn the art and science of ranking in search engines. This course is considered one of the most comprehensive you can get right now and is perfect for people who want to build a career out of SEO or just really impress the boss with your new found skills.

Your tutor Tommy is a legend of SEO and was responsible for the SEO strategy of the likes of Airbnb and PayPal so rest assured you are learning stuff that actually works. It really is worth a look below.

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Sucuri Review

Have you seen our coupon & bonuses for this app?

Few things are more important than the sanctity of your home, but if you are an enterprising business or a person who uses the internet for your work, your voice, your way to motivate and organize with others, or for your nonprofit? If so, then the sanctity of your website is right up there. Website breaches cost millions of dollars in physical damages to the site or to lost revenue but the much greater loss is the loss of trust that a client can feel if a site that was not properly secured ends up leaking their personal information that they trusted you with. There are programs out there to help defend your website but few of them are as comprehensive or successful as Sucuri. Sucuri was designed with your website’s protection and customer sucurity first. So what are some of the pros and cons of this particular internet defender?

Sucuri Pros

Stopping attacks

First and foremost, and unsurprisingly, Sucuri is an excellent program when it comes to stopping various kinds of internet hacks that can afflict your website or attempt to attack your customers. There are many different kinds of internet web attacks; some are denial-of-service where millions of bots will suddenly flood your website slowing it down and making it impossible for other real users to be able to utilize your services, products, or view your website properly. These denial-of-service attacks are virulent and have even struck government computers slowing them to a crawl. Fortunately, Sucuri is a powerful defender when it comes to protecting against denial-of-service attacks. Sucuri blocks layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks, helping to mitigate any denial-of-service and ensure that your website continues to run properly even during the siege.

Another common kind of attack is the simple brute force attack, where an automated computer algorithm may work tirelessly attempting to guess your password or login credentials. If they are able to get them, then not only is your website at risk but all the private information, credit card information, or customer information is also potentially at risk. Fortunately Sucuri was designed specifically to help mitigate and stop these brute force attacks.

Intelligent algorithms

One of the other great facts about Sucuri is simply that not every attack is known yet but that does not stop Sucuri from defending you. Many new attacks are being designed and developed by hackers all over the world daily; some seek to exploit weaknesses in code, troll new operating software, attack new patches to a program, etc. The list is truly endless to the ways in which determined hackers can seek to gain access to your site or private information. Fortunately though, Sucuri uses an intelligent algorithm to monitor apparently suspicious behavior even if it is not yet recognized as an attack. It looks at programs that are looking at your website’s coding and interactions which look suspicious. For instance, perhaps it notices a program is looking into your base code of your website or attempting to find a bypass into your site, so the sucurity program will automatically work to help protect against these new and innovative attacks. This adaptive programming is a huge boost to your sucurity and your peace of mind.

Sucuri Cons

One of the huge cons which afflicts many individuals who purchase sucurity software is not that the software itself malfunctions but that they can be lulled into a false sense of complacency. In the end, Sucuri is just a tool, and it will not stop hackers if you yourself are careless. If you make your password 1 2 3 4 5 6, then despite how good Sucuri is, it will likely not be able to keep out a hacker as this is the most common password in the world, along with the word ‘password’ itself. If you are complacent with your own sucurity for your website then even the most advanced sucurity software will not be able to assist you. Making easy login credentials, using third-party apps which maybe do not have the highest level of sucurity protection and integrating them into your website, or any number of other simple detrimental mistakes can cost you and your clients.

Sucuri Conclusion

Despite all of that, Sucuri is an excellent program and as long as you are wise in its use, thoughtful, and take a mind to your own sucurity, this tool will be an exceptional help in assisting you in maintaining your website’s integrity, the integrity of your clients’ information, and the integrity of the relationship that you and your clients share. Nobody who visits your website should even be wondering about whether it is safe, and with Sucuri you will always know that it is.

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PublishVault Review

Have you seen our coupon & bonuses for this app?

No matter how big or small your online content marketing is, it is still likely one of the biggest factors eating up your time. If you have multiple sites, then you are probably spending huge amounts of your time and resources logging into them, making a marketing or content change, logging out and logging into another one, all the while having perhaps dozens and dozens of open tabs as you work to optimize each and every website or marketing campaign. This is a time-consuming and tedious process. It’s made worse if your work is so sprawling you have other individuals that you need to collaborate with.

What if there was a way to make it easy to update your sites? And what if it also helped you collaborate better with your marketing and content teams? Well that is the promise of Publish Vault. Publish Vault is a unique software designed to make content and marketing implementation and integration to your various sites easy and vastly improve the access ability and collaboration between yourself and your other authorized admins. This not only saves you time, but it can also save you money. So what are some of the big pros and cons to Publish Vault?

PublishVault Pros

One content platform dashboard

This is a huge one that cannot be understated both in its importance and its innovation. If you are an individual who enjoys using the creative freedom offered to you by WordPress but hate having to log in to half a dozen or more sites to make a specific marketing change, then Publish Vault was designed for you. Publish Vault allows you to utilize its unique software to simultaneously update and publish content across every single one of your different WordPress sites. The benefits of this are immediately apparent to people who have gone through the process of the update tediously one by one. Being able to simultaneously update websites is a huge time saver for you and will help ensure a greater uniformity among your content marketing. All you have to do is sync up your sites to the Publish Vault platform and then you will be able to monitor and adjust right from the Publish Vault control panel. This makes any work which you have to do across multiple sites significantly faster.

Superior collaboration

Of course having multiple different sites oftentimes meant having different teams of individuals who worked in each of the different businesses working on content, marketing, or other administrative details. Reaching out to them and keeping everything straight also meant logging in to your site where you could then review their work before publishing or approving content to go online. With Publish Vault, though, even this is made simpler by the fact that you can now collaboratively work with those individuals and approve posts without having to manually log into each site. This ability to work with them from your common dashboard removes the need of having to visit each and every one of your sites individually to make these types of adjustments.

This lends itself not just to a greater speed in collaboration, but fosters greater creativity amongst your staff and yourself as you are able to work faster and more collaboratively together.

Built-in calendar

This does not mean that when you use Publish Vault you have a calendar so you can see what day it is, but rather this calendar is an integral part of your marketing strategy as you can decide what content, deals, and information you want to go up onto which of your sites and when. Perhaps you want to run a special on some content on one site on a specific day. Now instead of having to wait for that day and add it in or telling one of your admins to add it on a specific day at a specific time, you’re able to turn those man-hours into something more profitable by utilizing the automated system which will sync your calendar with the WordPress site to add the updates you want and the content you want on the days you want. This feature allows you to set it and forget it when it comes to your content publishing.

PublishVault Cons

Automated mistakes

There are a few potential hiccups that users may experience when utilizing this software. It is not the fault of the design of Publish Vault but the truth is its ease of automation could also automate the speed at which you accidentally make mistakes. Perhaps you set your sale date for the wrong day, or instead of a 10% off on your promotional items you accidentally tapped another zero right before you published a 100% off across all of your sites. The thing with this kind of automation is that it requires the user to be even more careful as now your mistakes can also be synchronized across all of your platforms.

PublishVault Conclusion

Of course that being said, Publish Vault is an exceptional piece of integrated technology which can save you a huge amount of time and effort, as well as enhance your tone and reach across your websites. If you are willing and able to ensure that you will go over your post with a fine-toothed comb before publishing, then Publish Vault is the software for you. 

Make sure to view our PublishVault promotion below.

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Kickstart Vault Review

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Getting access to large amounts of quality software has all often too been a struggle. Finding high powered software tools compiled into volumes is almost as unheard of as the companies who own them seeking to generate maximum profits by charging you full prices for each and every piece of software. Then once you bought it, you alone are allowed to use it and make your investment back through utilization of the software as opposed to being able to buy and resell it as you see fit. However, it is this unique and innovative capability that has made Kickstarter Vault a potential game-changer in the realm of online program marketing. So what are some of the pros and cons of Kickstarter Vault?

Kickstart Vault Pros

Multiple volumes

One fantastic pro about Kickstarter Vault is the fact that even though they combine dozens of software programs that you can buy at the same time, they do not put them all in a single unpurchaseable package. By breaking it up into four smaller volumes, this has a myriad of positive trickle-down benefits to clients.

One of the best is that people can purchase the software they specifically want. Perhaps you only needed 10 or 12 programs and not all four volumes. By selecting the volume which has the elements that you desire, you are able to save money as well as still benefit from the combined package deals. These program libraries have a huge variety in the types of programs offered from instant mobile web pages to Facebook survey software, ultimate sales pages, and even video game quizzes. With such a wide variety of programs to choose from, utilize, and play around with, this is a lot less like a product that you simply purchase and more like a box of treasure for you to unpack.

Selling the software

Yes that’s right! When you buy this software you also gain the right to resell it! This means that not only is the software beneficial and useful for you and all the work you may be doing but you can also sell the software itself as a product. This can be done in a variety of different ways such as selling each element individually for a recommended price of about $10 a piece, to posting it on paid membership sites where it is sold there. You can even customize it so you have your own branding and you can sell it from your own sites.

Perhaps you even decide to utilize the tools to create different interactive demos on your own website illustrating the different functional elements of each of the softwares with buy options available for people who like the elements they see. This ability to sell software that you have bought as well as utilize it for your own personal use makes Kickstarter Vault an unheard-of treasure trove and potentially hugely lucrative. You can even use them as incentives when people buy a program or product of your own and you include it as a bonus, as long as the

product you are selling is still over the minimum purchase price for the Kickstarter Vault software.

Kickstarter Vault Cons

All excellent programs have limitations and Kickstarter Vault is at least forthright and open about the purposeful limitations which they set upon those who desire to utilize their programming. This upfront nature about what you can and cannot do is an excellent departure from previous software or program developers who are not as upfront about it. So what are some of the limits?

Cannot be free

Perhaps you were planning to be generous with your programming software to colleagues or friends but that would be a huge no! Kickstarter Vault’s software cannot be given away for free. No matter how altruistic your motives may be, this is paid software and the right you are given upon your purchase is the right to utilize it, to sell on its own, or to sell the programs in conjunction with your own products, and you agree to sell it for a minimum price. If you are going to sell it or transfer it to other individuals, it has to be done as a monetary transaction and cannot simply be given away for free. If you believe that you’ll be able to get around this by simply posting the software downloads on a free membership site, you would again be wrong as this is specifically prohibited by Kickstarter Vault. Posting it for free download on a free site is the same as giving it away for free and is in violation of Kickstarter Vault’s software rights.

Cannot sell rights

It may not come as a total shock but you can also not sell the rights to the products. You can sell the products but not the rights to them. This means that you cannot transfer the Facebook survey tools and the rights will legally become the individuals who bought them. Kickstarter Vault owns the rights to the software and you have the right to sell that software. Think of it this way, you can sell your computer to another individual, but they do not suddenly own the rights to your Windows operating software. By thinking of the software as a physical product, that can help you understand the kind of rights that are involved. Your client will own the product but they will not own the rights to it in a legal sense.

Bearing all this in mind, though, Kickstarter Vault is an excellent choice for individuals who need a library of high-powered, high-quality software. It comes with the added bonus of being able to resell it and recoup some revenue. Kickstarter Vault is definitely a professional tool for professional web developers.

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Kickstarter Vault Coupon Code at the link below.


WP Buffs and WordPress Security Hacks

So the other day I was browsing around the web and visited one of our partner company’s website – WP Buffs and noticed something interesting.

WP Buffs by the way are a team of WordPress techies who provide support services for people running WordPress websites. That is nothing new as quite a few of these companies have been popping up recently but it was specifically this screenshot below that got me interested because I have not seen other companies in the space do this before.

Two things I noticed

  1. First it is very rare to get access to plugins that would normally cost you a yearly fee.
  2. One of the plugins they give you is iThemes Security Pro

That second point got me interested because WordPress and the security around it has been such a contentious issue for so long.

The amount of websites that have been hacked (primarily because of bad plugin management) is astronomical and embarrassing to say the least.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see WP Buffs giving this plugin for free to their clients when signing up. They also include the excellent WP Rocket and WP Smush Pro for improving WordPress page load times.

But for this article I want to focus on iThemes Security and what it means for you.

Let’s talk about iThemes Security Pro

When you first install iThemes Security you are presented with a wizard that runs a number of best practice settings for your site security. You literally press a button and 10 seconds later your WordPress site has become a whole lot more secure. 

It really was that easy – 

After you have done that this is the dashboard you see. Click image for larger version.

And here are the pro options (You get Pro from WP Buffs)

One thing I like about the pro options of this plugin is 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) – when you have this enabled it literally does make your WordPress website like Fort Knox as the WP Buffs say. You will need an app like Google Authenticator or LastPass Authenticator (what I use) for this to work.

And when it detects something abnormal like logging in from a different location you will get an email looking like this.


Bear in mind every time you give access to your website to someone else like a Web developer etc they will have to go through this process – If you have a permanent member of staff who needs access to your website it makes more sense for them to have their own login email where they would get this verification email sent to.

I only say this as I am currently testing out new employees and it can be a little frustrating to have to give them the code every time they want to do some work. But that will soon change if they get the job right.

But for me the most amazing thing about having this plugin happened soon after installing.

Literally within hours I had my first security incident!

I kid you not!

I received an email address to the admin email of my WordPress website which had the following subject line.

[] Site Lockout Notification

This immediately got me worried, wondering what the heck just happened and if I had lost access to my own website. Turns out it may have been more sinister and encouraging at the same time – somebody I don’t know being locked out.

This is what the message looked like.


That IP address – someone in Paris!!! Or more likely someone pretending to be in Paris with IP manipulation. 

Not long after this warning (a day) I got another warning where someone had been locked out.

Safe to say I was very happy that somebody who kept trying to login to my website (maybe with some password cracker) was eventually locked out!

I am sitting on about day two now after the last site lockout so rest assured I’m not getting these messages everyday, which would be very concerning. 

These are just my initial thoughts after a few days of using iThemes Security but I will definitely update this post if anything else suspicious starts to happen.

Do you use iThemes Security? What has your experience been like?

And if you are interested in having this for your own website I would recommend using the WP Buffs service to get you started. We have some great bonuses for you if you do decide to sign up.

WP Buffs


Isn’t it time your WordPress website was managed by true WordPress experts?

From as little as $40 per month you can get started with WP Buffs + make sure to claim one of our exclusive bonus packs if you do. Find out more about this WP Buffs Promotion.

Scarcity Builder Review

WAIT: Before signing up for Scarcity Builder check out this promotion here.

People are strange and nothing seems to compel us to action quite so much as a deadline. Most people finish their work right before deadlines, many people shop in the final hours of a promotional offer or sale, or people buy things which they did not want simply because they were on sale for a great deal. But the thing about sales and what makes them different than a standard price is that ultimately the sale will end. This creates a scarcity mindset which drives people to buy. What if there was a way for you to use this same scarcity sales tactic to buy your products at much higher rates than are yielded by a simple promotion? That is the promise of Scarcity Builder. Scarcity Builder was created and designed with the express purpose of being able to create a countdown timer which gives a sense of impending scarcity to your potential clients. So what are some of the pros and cons of this fantastic feature?

Scarcity Builder Pros

Build scarcity

As mentioned before, one of the biggest driving factors which will cause someone to buy is the threat that the deal will not be there. People who are on the fence or unsure about a product are far more likely to buy it if there is a time constraint on the deal than if it will be that same price later. Items which always stay the same price, or are likely to stay the same price for several weeks, give a user time to shop, browse, check reviews, or any number of things. But if your user feels that they are up against the clock with only a day or even a few hours left in the promotion before they have to pay full price for something they might want, the clock is likely to push them over the fence and cause them to instinctually buy. This knee jerk reaction to buy because an item is about to become more expensive is a powerful sales tactic and one that Scarcity Builder helps you to exploit. With the ability to set up any promotion for any level of deal to last for any period of time that you want, Scarcity Builder has brought scarcity building down to a science.

Variable scarcity

One of the great tools about Scarcity Builder is the huge variety of ways in which you can utilize this tool. For instance, you can design it so that the clock will automatically reset after it runs out causing there to be a permanent countdown clock and give the illusion of coming price increase. However, since the price increase never actually occurs, you continue to reap the rewards. It will not take long before savvy customers realize this trick, which is why Scarcity Builder also gives you other variable settings as well.

One of the other fantastic settings given to you by Scarcity Builder is the ability to utilize an individual’s cookies to create a personalized countdown timer for them. A user in Rocky Mountain Time may come on to your site and see that they have a few hours left in the promotion whereas users in the Eastern Standard Time have less. This personalized level of countdown timer means that you can utilize time zones or individualized cookies to create

individualized countdown results. This means that somebody simply restarting their computer is not going to be enough for them to re-hack your time clock. This creates true scarcity as individuals will actually have to buy before a deal runs out for them.

Scarcity Builder Cons

Artificial scarcity

This was somewhat alluded to under the variable scarcity header but it bears greater explanation and that is that scarcity only works either as long as it is true, or your users believe it is true. If somebody bought your product believing they only had a few moments left in the sale and then less than an hour later your sales clock is counting down again, these individuals may feel that they were misled or falsely advertised to. After all, there was no real scarcity as the clock was going to re-hack. It also can cause a sense of embarrassment or even disdain towards you or your product for what makes them feel like they were compelled to buy by believing that there was a time constraint when in fact that time constraint was a lie. Using Scarcity Builder responsibly in a way that does not upset or alienate clients is an essential element for continued success using this marketing tactic.


If you are able to use this tool responsibly then it can produce exceptionally high yields. Tapping into the human psyche to achieve a deal before the time constraints are over as well as the ability to track and analyze how successful various scarcity campaigns have been and create customized scarcity for different users based on location are all fantastic tools which savvy marketers can use to exponentially grow their sales and profits. 

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Leadgrab Review

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It has been a long time coming to have a piece of software which is capable of helping you generate superior conversion rates by combining value plus advertising together in a symbiotic circle which will help boost traffic to your sites as well as conversion rates for your products or services, and still do so seamlessly. This is what Leadgrab is all about. Leadgrab allows you to overlay banners onto any part of your web content but without the hassle of you having to design them yourself. The internet is filled with tons of engaging materials and Leadgrab has compiled those materials for you so all you have to do is decide what level of engagement and what kind of engagement you would like to use. So what are some of the features both pro and con of Leadgrab?

Leadgrab Pros

Time saving

As alluded to earlier, Leadgrab takes away a lot of the time and hassle from having to develop your own interactive banners, buttons, or other engaging materials to overlay onto various sites and internet content by providing you with a host of ready-to-use out of the box items. This means that you will be spending less time designing and more time converting clicks into cash. These banners can be modified to say anything that you want and can include things like buttons, notices for a deal, or perhaps even links to further reading on the topic which they have been studying.

For instance, if somebody is reading an article of yours on a nutrition blog or other similar sites, you can add a banner which would describe the benefits of utilizing your product in relation to the information that they were reading. This kind of association style of marketing is highly effective because the individuals who are reading the articles are already those who are most likely to want your product and so convenient product placement in conjunction with the placement of the article helps ensure a significantly higher conversion rate than is traditionally seen.

Exit interface technology

This is a new and up-and-coming feature which heretofore has not been widely available to the public and that is exit interfacing technologies. Exit interface is a huge boon to modern advertising because few people like to be inundated with ads, no matter how engaging, before they have finished reading an article or while they’re in the middle of it. Exit interfacing allows your content to be brought up just as an individual is about to exit the site. This is a big win both for client satisfaction and your advertising. An individual who has just finished reading up on the benefits of a product or services is at their peak likelihood to be interested in being directed to a site which will cater to those needs.

But of course many individuals before they even begin a second search result will go back to the main search results to see if there is already a front-page website offering the kind of products or services which they were just reading about. By having your exit interface set up so that as individuals are about to leave the website your engaging material appears, you are then able to snag large swaths of these potential clientele by offering them exactly what they need and what they are looking for right before they begin looking elsewhere. This puts you at the forefront of their minds both as someone with clever advertising and marketing as well as meeting their needs where they are.

Leadgrab Cons

There are of course far more features and pros than are able to be listed here such as different templates, ability to monitor how your engagement material is progressing, and how high the conversion rates are, along with a huge host of other program features too numerous to list. That being said, what are some of the cons to this type of software?

Learning curve

The learning curve is not a learning curve because the product is too difficult to figure out, the big learning curve is in identifying the proper utilization of the powerful tool you have got. For instance, you might be able to get an exceptionally high quality excavator which is exactly what you need, but if you don’t have the skills or the understanding of how to utilize it properly, it will not be particularly useful to you. The same is true of Leadgrab. Leadgrab works best for those who already understand a bit about marketing, the power of engaging material, and what it takes to catch a customer’s attention. Now these are certainly things that you can learn to do and Leadgrab makes that easy by being able to track your success rates, but if you were expecting the software to do all of the work for you and you just sit back and make money, you will not succeed.

Leadgrab Conclusion

The fact is that Leadgrab as a tool is only as effective as the one who uses it. That being said, if you are one who has a good head on your shoulders for marketing and/or you are interested in learning how to use Leadgrab to boost your conversion rates, this is an exceptional tool to have! You’ll save time, you’ll see a marked increase in sales due to improved conversion rates, and you will be able to target your customers at just the right time and place, and who doesn’t want that for their business?

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2Captcha Review

For Captchas That Require the Human Touch

Do you have a captcha that needs solving? No problem, the people at 2Captcha can help you out. They are a web-based service that takes your unsolved captchas and assigns them to their human workers. It’s as simple as that. If you have ever tried to automatically sort out a captcha you should know that it is not always possible. That is why assigning this task to actual human beings is the most reliable way of getting the job done.

You can use this service in one of two ways: As an individual or business that needs to have a group of captchas solved; or as a person looking for a way to make some extra money working online. This is how 2Captcha can guarantee that your captchas will be solved by a human being; they hire people to do exactly that.

Businesses that use this service pay for a determined number of captchas to be solved; the fees are calculated based on thousands and depend on the total amount of captchas. As for workers, they just have to register on the site, go through a short practice period (they have to solve 39 captchas just to familiarize themselves with the job) and they’re ready to start making money. To get started it doesn’t require them to download or install anything, as it’s all web based.

2Captcha Main features

  • It works on two levels: as a captcha solving site for businesses that need this service and as a way to make some extra money for people who solve those captchas.
  • They guarantee that your captchas will be solved by human beings.
  • Both as a client and as a worker, the fees depend on the total number of captchas. Prices are calculated on a per 1000 basis.
  • There is a rating system for people solving captchas. Your rating depends on how accurate your answers are. The more captchas you solve successfully the better your reputation will be. Making mistakes will only hurt your ratings and thus earnings.

2Captcha Pros

  • 2Captcha doesn’t charge any fees when their workers withdraw what they have earned. There is a minimal withdraw limit of USD 0.5, but they guarantee that you’ll get all your money. They also pay in Bitcoin if you like.
  • As a client, you have a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with their service you’ll get a refund.
  • Workers can make more money by telling their friends about 2Captcha. If you want to make money faster, use the referrals program, you’ll earn a percentage of what your referrals make.
  • It really doesn’t take much to start earning money with 2Captcha. All you need is a working computer and Internet access. No downloads and no software installation is required.

2Captcha Cons

  • For workers, captcha solving can be a boring, repetitive job that doesn’t really pay that much. If you are looking for a significant income, this might not be it.
  • The services they use to withdraw money from the site don’t include some big names like PayPal.
  • One of the main complaints about this site is how long the captchas take to load. This can affect the rate at which you make money.

2Captcha – The Bottom Line

This is not the first site of its kind, in fact, there are many like it. The premise is really simple: a business needs some captchas solved and they hire a service to do the job. In this case, 2Captcha provides human solved captchas by “hiring” people to do just that. People who are interested in making money online without any investment and just using their computer and free time can find this offer appealing.

Is it a scam? Not really. They deliver what they offer and they’re very clear about how the site works and what their fees are. Can you make tons of money working on it? Not likely. Chances are you’re going to get frustrated long before that happens. Although it’s true that you can actually withdraw your earned money from the site, the rate at which you can make money by working on it is really slow.

They say that you can get between USD 0.5 and USD 1.00 for solving 1000 captchas, but you have to read the small print. The price depends on how many people are on the platform at any given time and the amount of captchas available. So it’s kind of tricky knowing how much money you are really going to make.

Other than that, this is a legit site that delivers what it advertises. As a worker, it might not be the reason to quit your day job, but if you want to try it and you complete the required tasks, you will make some extra money. As a business using this service you’ll get exactly what they offer: your captchas will be solved by human beings. If that is what you need, you won’t be disappointed.

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LessChurn Review

If you’re running a digital business (or any kind of business, for that matter) you’ll know that reaching potential clients and actually getting them to commit to your products is fundamental for your success. The last thing you want is people signing out from your sites, but it happens, for many different reasons. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a second chance with them? To be able to change people’s minds before they leave?

LessChurn is here to help. Instead of just seeing how your users hit the “Delete my Account” button, meet them with an attractive offer that will make them think again and – hopefully – change their minds.

With LessChurn you can present your users with an additional discount or an extended trial period all through a customizable form that will show up when they hit the “Leave” button. You’ll be able to offer them different options designed to make them reconsider and stay. If all of this fails and they actually decide to leave, you’ll know why, through the feedback they’ll leave using the same opt-out form. 

The only downside to this app is that it requires a working Stripe account. If you have it, don’t give it a second thought. Get LessChurn and see how many clients you can save.

LessChurn Main features

  • Fully customizable forms that you can place anywhere in your site. Include an offer your clients can’t refuse and change their minds about leaving.
  • In the event that your users finally decide to leave, find out why. LessChurn lets you collect data that will come in handy when taking corrective actions to improve your site and reduce sign-out rates.
  • It doesn’t only work for sign-out buttons. You can insert a form in any other object where you may need to find out why your visitors are not taking the action you want them to.
  • It’s easy to use, you’ll be customizing forms in no time.

LessChurn Pricing

You can get lifetime access to LessChurn Business plan for a little over 10% of its yearly cost. Think of all the money you will be saving in the long run. It’s just a single payment of USD 49. That’s it, no yearly renewals and no extra charge.

As if this offer wasn’t attractive enough, people at LessChurn are including two webinars so you’ll learn how to make the best use out of their app.

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