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3 Best Features of Visual Composer – REVIEW

Visual Composer Review

Visual Composer is a WordPress plugin to make editing WordPress websites easier and more visually appealing than the stock standard editor. But should you buy it? All is revealed below.

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Top 3 Features


Free to use

One of the biggest drawbacks to using WordPress is the editor which is cumbersome to use and has very limited design options. Visual Composer which is also often bundled with premium themes gives a major upgrade to this common issue with WordPress website maintenance. There is also a Pro version which unlocks more features and design templates through their Visual Composer Hub.


New Version: Easier to use

Visual Composer used to be a purely back-end  editor but after a much needed update they converted to a front end editor which means you can actually see what you are designing without needing to refresh the page every time you do something.


Extensions Galore!

When you purchase Visual Composer you also have access to over 200 premium addons that allow you to do a lot more design wise. It also has the ability to save these elements and templates for future use which dramatically speeds up page creation. That being said this pro also has a dark side – see below.


Before you buy...

There are far better editors available for cheaper. 

For example the base version of Visual Composer costs $59 which is not that bad but it doesn’t have all the features a professional website design will need and this is where you have to buy their add-ons and at $20-$50 a pop the costs quickly mount.

Compare this to an editor like Elementor which is also free and has a Pro version for $49 for all features and you quickly see the biggest drawback to purchasing Visual Composer.

Plus: Installing Visual Composer on your website slows it down significantly compared to other editors.

So for all these reasons it becomes apparent we can’t recommend Visual Composer but rather Elementor or Thrive Architect. 

ConnectSuite Review

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Making connections online can be difficult, especially for a new and enterprising business owner. However, there are ways of successfully leapfrogging your competition, tapping into unnoticed and new sources of information which can help give your business a huge advantage over the competition. With many different businesses all vying to try and convince you that they are the one, what can you do and what tools should you utilize to enhance your internet presence? Your connectability? And make a marketing funnel that can generate huge revenues for you?

That is the promise behind ConnectSuite. ConnectSuite is a suite of programs made of four primary ones – Connectexplore, Connectretarget, Connectaudience, and Connectleads. So what is all this connection about? And what are some of the pros and cons of the exceptional tool that is ConnectSuite?

ConnectSuite Pros


Connectexplore is a hugely innovative tool and is an essential part of the ConnectSuite of programs. Connectexplore at its base level is really a marketer’s dream by helping you learn how to leapfrog the competition and identify the absolute best potential interest targets. It is especially useful at helping identify these on social media platforms like Facebook where there are over a billion active users daily Facebook certainly has clients for your business; the key is how to identify them and attract them. The problem with traditional methods like the built-in Facebook Advertiser and things like that is they don’t show you everything. Not only that, but everyone else is also using the same tools and so you are all trying to fish from the same pond.

Connectexplore was designed to help take you to new places of untapped interest groups. For instance, with traditional Facebook advertising you are simply shown those individuals who like or supposedly have an interest in something as a potential person to advertise to. With Connectexplore though, you are helped in finding the subset of people who are not just interested but are truly dedicated and passionate. By helping you identify these individuals, you are able to find the big fish while simultaneously being able to ignore and not waste your advertising dollars on every other one who will simply pass you by. In addition to this, Connectexplore has measurable analytics for your Facebook campaign so you don’t have to wonder if the program is working, as you will be able to see exactly how it is working, what information, links, or services generated the most clicks, and get continual analysis on your behalf so you can know exactly what is connecting you and what is causing the disconnection between you and your clients.


Retargeting is essentially the mechanism by which an online algorithm attempts to retarget to what appear to be more profitable prospects. If somebody goes to your site, traditional targeting says that these people are the ones that you want to focus on. However, current retargeting methods on Facebook are highly inefficient and here is why: Facebook retargets the effort on anyone and everyone who came to your site, even if they were only on your site for a fraction of a second before leaving. Connectretarget is different. If you had three people who came to your site and left in under a second and one person who stayed for 20 or 30 minutes browsing the site before they, too, left without purchasing, who do you think is the best person to retarget? If you said person number four, then that is what the designers of Connectretarget thought. They want to pursue the person who showed actual engagement with the site instead of wasting their time, effort, and money on targeting disinterested individuals.

To sum, the built-in Facebook retargeting targets everyone whereas Connectretarget targets those who have shown the most engagement or interest in your product or site. This is hugely important as many studies show that people need to see a message three to seven times before they will take action on something. If they were interested enough to browse your services, check your pricing, and review other pages, these are the individuals who you most need to focus on to get back. This is exactly what Connectretarget was designed to do. Connectretarget helps maximize your advertising dollars by focusing on just those people who showed the most interest and are thus the most likely to be converted. Individuals using Connectretarget have seen conversion rates at over 300% increases since its use. It is an exceptionally dialed-in tool that help makes online selling and converting far easier.


Are you finding it difficult to develop leads online? Do you struggle with adding in people to mailing lists or subscriber lists while simultaneously having to upload different CSV files or send out mass emails for people who showed interest in your product or services? Then fear not, because the team that has brought you the other exceptional tools in the ConnectSuite have you covered with Connectleads. Connectleads was designed to help automatically create subscriber lists for you using Facebook algorithms and client interactions. Here’s how it works: a person on Facebook who likes your service, your product, or your message, can simply click subscribe and without them having to do anything further, no add to email, no username, no passwords, they are now subscribed to your product and Connectleads will then automatically add them to your mailing list.

Not only that but Connectleads also has an auto response that you can utilize as well. Is an individual interested in your product and they click a link on it? With Connectleads, this person can receive an automatic email or message concerning the product, any deals or sales you’re offering, and a whole host of other information that can help increase your conversion rate. Additionally, with all the information being stored in the cloud, Connectleads makes it easy for you to keep all of your auto responses stored, help you create automated responses, and generate automatic lists for your clients. Connectleads is an essential must-have part of the ConnectSuite.


Learning how to successfully email retarget is an important part of business. As mentioned earlier, individuals need to see or be reminded of a product or service three to seven times before they will begin to take action on it. This is why retargeting is so powerful, like the retargeting method for Facebook explained earlier. But there are other important ways of retargeting and Connectaudience helps cover it by assisting you in learning how to retarget your emails. Sound crazy? How can you possibly retarget emails? That is exactly what Connectaudience was designed to do.

When you use Connectaudience and send out an email to individuals in your subscriber list, it is able to know who opened the emails even if they did not click or follow any of the links inside. What makes it great is not only does it know but by linking it to your Facebook page, it is then also able to push Facebook ads directly to those individuals who actually opened up your email. People who open up your email are far more likely to be individuals who actually want what you are selling but sometimes need gentle reminders. With Connectaudience helping push ads for individuals who already showed interest and ignoring those who don’t, not only do you save huge amounts on your Facebook advertising by not attempting to advertise to those who showed no interest, but you also can increase your conversion rates by focusing on the most important people who spent time reading your email or looking at your products. Connectaudience is a great way to connect your email and Facebook audiences together and help increase your conversion rates.

ConnectSuite Cons

There is not a single con to any of these products in and of themselves, but rather the con lies in the individuals using the products. These four products as shown can have a huge net benefit to any business which utilizes them, whether large or small. The only thing is, it will take time to learn and dial them in properly. Businesses are like snowflakes and no two are alike. So when utilizing the host of tools that is ConnectSuite, it will take time to get it optimized specifically for your business. This can sometimes be a stressful time for individuals as they begin to make the learning curve but once made, ConnectSuite can help your business become incredibly lucrative.

ConnectSuite Conclusion

n closing, ConnectSuite with its host of tools is an absolute must-have for any and every entrepreneur. With its powerful retargeting abilities, its ability to help increase your conversion rate, push specific messages to specific individuals, track and analyze these trends in real time and a slew of other powerful capabilities, ConnectSuite is the must-have way for you to connect with your social media audience. Don’t let your business fall behind by attempting to fish from the same used ponds and using the same old tools that every other new business is trying to use, rather use the exceptional tools offered through ConnectSuite to help enhance your

business and boost your conversion rate sky high. Let ConnectSuite help make your business a success.

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Magnetic Marketing Review

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Attracting new clients is one of the most difficult aspects for any business. Finding ways of sending out your message, pushing advertising campaigns, investing in social media, and performing a whole host of other tasks that go with launching a successful advertising campaign can take a lot of your time.

In addition to the time, the energy, and the money spent, one of the big drawbacks is that you are having to find every single person that you hope will one day become a client for your business. But what if there were another way? What if there was a method by which your clients help you find more clients? Where you did not actively pursue individuals to partake of your services or products but rather you engaged them with meaningful information and content that made them want to share it with others? This is the promise behind Magnetic Marketing. Magnetic Marketing is a style of marketing by which you attract clients as opposed to pursuing them. So what are some of the methods and the pros and cons of this exceptional training?

Magnetic Marketing Pros

Turn clients into agents

One of the most powerful and important parts of Magnetic Marketing is the idea of how it attracts people. One of the methods of attraction is to find and utilize methods which turn clients into advertising agents for you. These individuals then in turn tell their friends, family, acquaintances, and social media contacts. One great way of doing this is to offer discounts, services, or products to individuals who help share your information with others. This is your end of the magnet for Magnetic Marketing. It is a pull which makes others want to engage with you. That pull can look like any number of things but the result is always the same and that is that individuals who previously may have just been disinterested browsers are now people who will share your product, your services, and your links with others. This provides a powerful push as when your clients help advertise your business it is some of the strongest form of advertising as people naturally gravitate towards the things that others in their social group like as well.

Real engagement

One of the primary hallmarks of Magnetic Marketing is the idea that you lure in clients – this is the magnetic part of Magnetic Marketing. One of the single biggest methods of doing this, and the most common in the realm of Magnetic Marketing, is to offer truly engaging and useful materials. People are not foolish; they will love, like, share, and subscribe to things which they benefit from. Not only that, but they will also try to send on that benefit to their friends, family, co-workers, and social-media contacts. It is so simple as it is done by just offering actual legitimately useful content. Engaging content can look like any number of things but primarily it is something which is useful or highly informational that clients or potential clients may want to know. This helps them feel that they are getting real value from engaging with you and that there is real value in continuing to engage with you and your business. Just as when one piece

of metal links on to a magnet, so too it is when you offer real value when you engage with clients, they will share with others and those people will in turn share with others still, creating a cascade effect where your marketing output is minimal but your lure strength is very high.

Magnetic Marketing Cons

One of the primary cons or pitfalls which is likely to occur to a person attempting to engage using Magnetic Marketing, especially for the first time, is to simply give away too much. Your lure needs to be good and it certainly needs to provide engaging content and material that will make others want to share but not sell the farm, too. Your content should be informational and engaging while simultaneously making them want more of it. If you give away too much of your content, or trade secrets, they will not need to engage further and the magnetic appeal of the marketing is lost.

Magnetic Marketing Conclusion

When done correctly, Magnetic Marketing is a powerful force for attracting new clients, turning those clients into advertising agents, helping individuals feel they are receiving real value from you, and helping your business thrive with a minimal effort of advertising or financial dollars.

This is the basic idea behind Magnetic Marketing but it is so much more when you hear it from the legend himself Dan Kennedy. The best part is that you can get the basic principles of Magnetic Marketing for your business for free when using the link below.

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Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Review

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Finding the right add-ons for your websites can be difficult. In the past, finding good add-ons has always taken lots of time, research, and a huge amount of finessing energy to make sure that not only was the add-on good but that it also did not clash with your site and that it maintained the integrity of your webpage. All this is now a thing of the past as Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder has done away with all the hassle and struggle needed to make websites that could engage clients. So what is Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder all about and what are some of the pros and cons of this technology?

Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Pros

Build websites faster

One of the most labor-intensive things a beginning business can do is design their own website. This can take hundreds or potentially even thousands of man hours to do correctly but Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder can allow you to do it in a fraction of the time by having some of the most important and time-consuming elements already prefabricated and ready for use. For instance, they have over a hundred different page templates. Are you needing an about page right now? Are you realizing that the site you’re just about to launch is missing an important page or feature?

Fortunately, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder happens to have a huge library of different builder supplies for you to pick from. This can enable you to be able to finish a website quickly – even one that needs some specialty pages. With a quick look through Beaver Builders library, you will easily be able to find a beautifully-designed template page that will work great for your site. Alternatively, you can modify and work on the template page and make it into the page of your dreams. This customization as well as the large library makes Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder an essential element for website creation.

Doesn’t slow down your site

One of the problems many other add-ons have, especially when working with WordPress, is the fact that they slow down the sites of their users. Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder was designed differently, though. It was made to be quick, streamlined, and highly efficient; this means that Beaver Builder’s add-ons will not have a large negative effect on the speed at which your page loads or operates. This is because Beaver Builder was not about flashy gimmicks, Beaver Builder is about helping individuals make efficient and successful websites. This particular feature with its lightweight processing needs mean that you can have confidence that whether an individual is opening your site up on their phone with throttled internet or is using their high-speed bandwidth at home, your potential clients will always be able to view your site as intended and with the maximum functionality. Meshing beauty with functionality, it is the reason why Beaver Builder works so hard to make sure that their pages and applications mesh seamlessly within the WordPress builder.

Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Cons

Learning to use the tool

There really is not much negative to say about Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder. Between its highly efficient operations, its huge library of resources, and its ability to help individuals build beautiful successful websites quickly, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder is a great tool. The real weak link with Beaver Builder lies not in the tool itself but in those who wield it. Like with any tool, there is a learning curve and people who think that simply getting this program or access to the libraries will suddenly make them successful are in for a shock. Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder can only assist and help you with what you already have. As the old saying goes, you can’t make bricks without straw and Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder helps give you a wide supply, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can’t make bricks either. As you utilize Beaver Builder and learn how to make the marketing funnels, create connections with clients, and improve your website into one which is engaging to your clientele, you will start to reap the benefits from Beaver Builder and its ultimate add-on.

Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Conclusion

In closing, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder is one of the absolute best must-have new tools for 2018. With its vast library of pages, add-ons, and other features, it was built and designed to be a thoroughbred when it comes to online website design. Coupled with their tech support and assistance hotline, you not only have access to some of the best tools but can always reach out if something does not seem to be working as you intend it to. With all this in mind, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder is sure to be one of the greatest new tools you can get for designing your perfect WordPress site.

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Landingi Review

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Making an engaging landing page is an essential element of success when it comes to the online world of business, or even just trying to get your message across. It doesn’t matter how needed or important the information you are giving is if your landing page is boring, confusing, unengaging, and uninspiring to your user base. Having a landing page which is able to meet the needs of the 21st century internet browser is a crucial part of ensuring your continued success. This is exactly what Landingi was designed to do. Landingi is a multifunctional tool box for creating the ideal landing pages for your sites with a huge library and a multitude of build options. Landingi was designed to cover all the necessary facets. So what are some of the pros and cons of this landing page development tool?

Landingi Pros

Template library

One of the best parts of Landingi is its large template library. With hundreds of different pages available to you, it is a great way to start, especially if you are an individual who does not currently have a large background in programming or website design. With hundreds of templates to choose from, you will have the programming abilities you need to make a fully functioning and beautiful landing page for your website. With template pages spanning hundreds of different styles, concepts, and artwork for a myriad of businesses, nonprofits, political campaigns, or simple awareness programs, Landingi has a template that is sure to work for your needs. In addition to having a huge variety of templates, they are also infinitely customizable by adding your own pictures, text, links, buttons, bells, and whistles so you can make even a template page feel like a unique piece of art and an extension of your message when using Landingi.

Easy lead generation

One of the big problems that often afflicts early website designers or individuals using these programs for the first time is not knowing exactly how to turn their perfect page into a user interface that people utilize, that generate leads for you, and that the public want to interact with. Fortunately, with Landingi lead generation is a built-in future with many different ways to do it. Perhaps you want a pop-up offer for discounts or free services if an individual subscribes and gives you their email address? Additionally, you could also have exit detection interface for an individual who appears to be exiting who instead is offered a chance to be further engaged with offers or assistance. Creating engaging content is an essential element of having successful leads. Having a website which will help generate leads for you automatically even while you sleep or work on other projects can help ensure that your website is continuing to work even without you having to actively manage it. This gives you a huge amount of freedom when it comes to working on other projects like crunching the data analysis for your site that conveniently Landingi also gathers for you.

Landingi Cons

One of the potential cons for Landingi is people assuming that by simply building a website individuals will come and utilize it. There is a larger amount of marketing required than simply building the website. Landingi can help facilitate this with lead generation allowing you to manage different campaigns and helping you see who paid via your social media site. These are all important facets of that. But at the end of the day, Landingi is a tool to help facilitate your vision and if you do not know what you were doing or the goals that you intend to achieve, then Landingi may not be as successful a product for you as you may hope. If, however, you have a good idea of the direction you want to go, or the things you want to achieve then Landingi will certainly be able to help you make those into reality. Landingi is just a tool and as a tool it is only as successful as those who utilize it properly.

Landingi Conclusion

In conclusion, Landingi is an exceptional tool when it comes to online entrepreneurship and creating stunning landing pages for your base to interact with, engage with, and enjoy. With a myriad of templates to pick from, infinite customization, data analytics, and a whole host of other helpful tools, Landingi is a must-have for an internet entrepreneur looking to make a landing page that his or her customers will engage with and can build their business into the future.

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UpViral Review

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One thing that many business owners struggle with is engaging their clients in such a way that brings in new individuals into the business. Recommendations of a friend or a family member are by far some of the strongest methods of successful selling but how can you get your clients to sell your business on your behalf? That is exactly what Upviral was designed to do. Upviral was made to make it easy for you the run social media campaigns, do viral giveaways, and gain a whole host of other benefits for your clients who share your information and products. So what are some of the pros and cons of this exceptionally powerful marketing tool?

UpViral Pros

Giveaways for invites

One thing that people love is always the thought of a good deal. People love being able to get freebies and people love being able to get neat stuff, especially when the price to them is so low. At Upviral, they have taken this human condition and learned how to make it a marketing powerhouse by allowing you the simple ability to give away services, products, or discounts to individuals who share your business or links with friends. It can even be designed in such a way that the more people they send it to, the more they unlock incentives to share far and wide with as many people as possible. This is a powerful marketing tool as you have turned a client into a distributor. People who get invited by their friends, especially friends with influence over them, are people who are far more likely to look at and be interested in what you are selling.

Run a contest

Depending on who your clientele is, this may be an even better method of viral marketing and that is to run a contest. When you do giveaways for individuals who invite people, the giveaways are typically smaller because the goal is that many individuals will invite their friends and family to look at your product but with a contest, the prize can be much larger as instead of many winners there is likely to be only a few or just one. This can provide additional incentive if the prize is large enough or intriguing enough for people to really want to share your product, business, or services. What is fantastic is that Upviral can be designed to run across multiple social media sites without annoying banner ads. As individuals share links and pages across various social media platforms, your business will grow with every click.

Easy integration

One of the other great features is that Upviral is designed to not be a standalone tool but to work perfectly and seamlessly with your other marketing funnels. This is an essential element because Upviral can easily work in conjunction with other marketing campaigns or other marketing strategies. With Upviral, you do not need to replace your current methods as it can be added in at almost any level of the marketing funnel and see improvements in your marketing campaign. This is important because it allows you to simply work with what you have and not have to redesign your entire marketing funnel to accommodate a single tool. This gives you greater freedom in the kinds of marketing you do, when and where you would like to market,

and, with the infinite potential power of Upviral, you can make it do the marketing funnel work while you sleep or work on other important business projects.

UpViral Cons

One of the potential cons if the tool is used wrong is it can cause contest fatigue. The reason that Upviral needs to be used in conjunction with other tools is simply because people can eventually become tired of sharing contests or products with their friends. Even if these individuals do not become tired of sharing, their friends on social media certainly will and will likely block or censor them. This is what happens when the product is overused and abused. If you run a different contest every week or provide new incentives for people to keep on sharing the same content, services, or products with people with whom they already share, they are going to become tired of it.

UpViral Conclusion

When done right, though, Upviral is a powerful product in the hands of even a novice marketer and can help grow your business by leaps and bounds with its powerful viral marketing strategies, ability to turn clients into advertisers, and help your business thrive as you build it into the future. Do not build without Upviral as this is a foundational tool necessary for any successful entrepreneur who desires to integrate it into their existing marketing funnels. Let Upviral make your business a success.

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Bluchic Themes Review

Bluchic Themes Review

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Throughout the past, women have often struggled to find success or help in male-dominated arenas. But with the rise of the modern woman and the opportunities afforded by 20th and 21st century opportunities, women have now gained access to every sphere of life and business. However, in many cases, the tools required to help assist them have still remained predominantly masculine. This is also true when it comes to website design templates.

Good news ladies!

Bluchic Themes was designed to address this imbalance between male-centered or male-designed website themes by providing a counterbalance of beautiful website themes designed for feminine clients and women-owned businesses. Bluchic Themes is really about helping women entrepreneurs be successful by providing them the tools needed for success and there is no greater tool needed for success in the 21st century than a beautiful and engaging website design. So what are some of the pros and cons of the exceptional themes that come with Bluchic?

Bluchic Themes Pros

Female-oriented website themes

One of the biggest single pros is that there is a huge library available through Bluchic of different website themes that can be utilized for various businesses. By creating themes and templates which can be utilized by a wide variety of businesses which have been traditionally female-dominated, women now have some options when it comes to their design schemes. These themes are easy to setup, and there is a wide access to website templates. A template website is a great way for a beginner business to start. While women entrepreneurs often faced many challenges on the road to financial success, finding a suitable website template should not be one of those barriers and that is why Bluchic offers such a wide variety of themes and templates for their female base.

Landing pages

One thing that all young entrepreneurs struggle with is finding ways to engage clients, and truly one of the hardest things to do is to get that client name on the email list. An email list is marketing gold if you can manage to secure it but getting somebody’s email can be difficult. Fortunately, Bluchic Themes has designed engaging landing pages made to help entrepreneurs get email addresses and build email lists directly from the landing page. As soon as an individual comes onto the page, being able to help funnel them into your email marketing lists can potentially pay huge dividends. This is because with an email list, if utilized properly, you can turn one time browsers into repeat customers with special deals, discounts, and information that they need to know. Bluchic Themes has taken something which traditionally has been very difficult to do and turned it into a built-in feature of landing pages. This can help to ensure that your customers are properly engaged and that you can start building the all essential email list page at once.

Bluchic Themes Cons


So what could possibly be the con of something like this? Well one potentially huge con is the actual integration of various themes. This is not a dig at the tool itself but more about how individuals may misuse it. Since Bluchic offers you the ability to be able to have stunning graphics for your social media and create themes for your blogs and websites, one potentially huge pitfall individuals may run into is making these various themes clash with each other instead of complement.

Do you have one theme which is totally unrelated to your website? Individuals who seek to go to your website from the blog or from your social media accounts may be surprised to find it totally different or may feel like they have gone to the wrong location. This sense of bewilderment immediately loses some goodwill with clients. It is important at all stages of the marketing funnel for goodwill and positive relations to be maintained and one part of that is with a coherent, consistent system of theme integration so that even if things are different they should still complement each other in subtle stylistic ways. Building this can be difficult for some individuals who have not had the practice or simply struggle with stylistic integration.

Bluchic Themes Conclusion

In conclusion, Bluchic is an absolute must-have for the woman entrepreneur on the go. Having themes with the easy ability to integrate different blogs and social media advertising in such a way that complement your overall website, as well as help build marketing email lists, having huge access to different templates, and a whole host of other features that have not even been mentioned help to make Bluchic one of the absolute most outstanding products available to female business leaders.

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Authority Spy Review

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Building a reputation for yourself and making your name online can be an incredibly hard thing to achieve. Part of the big problem is unless you were already well-known, you will have to be starting this process from scratch. But what if they were a better way? What if there was a way for you to be able to utilize the knowledge of others and use their authority on topics to benefit your thriving growing business? That is the promise of Authority Spy. Authority Spy is made with the intention of helping you seek out highly qualified authorities on your given topics and learning how to utilize and integrate those authorities into your marketing campaign. So what are some of the pros and cons of this elegant tool?


Authority Spy Pros

Easy to find authorities

One of the first great pros is how easy it is to find the exact authorities you need. With Authority Spy, all you have to do is type in a couple of keywords and Authority Spy will find you the best writers and research that already has a proven track record online of being well respected and well followed. This means that you are instantly going to gain access to the best that the internet has to offer. This is far superior to simply trying to identify the sources yourself or the hours that it could take to find reputable individuals online through mere Google searches. With Authority Spy, you are able to swiftly find quality authority sources which takes a lot of the pain and many hours out of the research.

Show you their influence

Say you wanted to find an ideal authority for a Facebook promotional campaign or maybe one on Twitter? Well fortunately for you, Authority Spy not only can find you the individuals but can also give you an analytical breakdown of how many followers they have and on what social media platforms. This is a huge boost to your ability to utilize the sources to further your marketing or message as now you will be able to find the individuals who have the strongest voices inside the spheres you are trying to reach. Finding somebody with the most overall followers but who has almost no representation on Facebook would not be ideal if you are attempting to launch a Facebook campaign. This analytical software is so powerful because it tells you minute specific information about the breakdown of where these followers are and how many. With this information, it is easy for you to utilize their authority to achieve your specific goals.

Share results

Authority Spy is not just useful if you are attempting to find individuals and quality sources within your sphere for you to build upon and utilize their knowledge from, it is also a fantastic research and analytical tool overall. Finding these kinds of sources can be a researcher’s dream come true, especially if you are attempting to chart the rise and influence of different individuals on

certain topics online. But what good is all of this gathered data if you are unable to share it? Fortunately, Authority Spy has also thought of this and makes it easy for you to export any of the data information which you have gathered on individuals online into an easy Excel sheet. This ability to share results and information is an essential element of why Authority Spy is so useful across so many different forums and mediums

Authority Spy Cons

All software has a drawback, whether it is in the limitations of its own power, or limitations of what its users thinks it can accomplish. This is no different with Authority Spy, so what are some of the cons for this fantastic program?

Be wary how you utilize

This one may seem like common sense but common sense is too often lacking. Being wary how you utilize it does not mean that you should be fearful of using this exceptionally powerful and useful tool; rather when you are attempting to leverage the authority of individuals on topics or resources to support or bolster your arguments, thoughts, or product lines, it is essential that you do not accidentally give the misinterpretation that they have specifically endorsed your brand. The last thing your thriving business needs is allegations of false advertising. Leveraging and utilizing authoritative sources to support your argument is all well and good but if you accidentally cross a line and either explicitly or implicitly imply that those authoritative sources support your brand, product, or service specifically, you can find yourself in some serious legal issues.


All that being said, if you can use Authority Spy responsibly you will be able to have easy access to the metrics of authorities throughout the internet; easily be able to identify the most followed, liked, and well-respected individuals within their fields; and be able to utilize and share that information for any projects or research that you need. Overall, Authority Spy is an exceptional tool and one that is incredibly useful for online marketing research. If you would like to find out more information you can always visit

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WebinarIgnition Review

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Converting followers, getting regular streams of revenue, and marketing are all important pillars in building success. However, it has always been difficult to learn how to work in tandem and there are far more people who fail than succeed at doing them. It has always been a struggle to have your voice heard among the myriad of choruses on the internet and even more so to create reliable streams of revenue and marketing simultaneously. But what if there were a way to do all three? What if there was way to help convert individuals to your cause or product while simultaneously being able to speak in an open and honest fashion that people most respond to and market? Well that is the promise of Webinarignition. Webinarignition was made with the purpose of making web seminars simple, convenient, and effective. Webinarignition has a variety of features all designed to help enhance your marketing strategies, your appeal, your reach, and your revenue generation. So what are some of the pros and cons program?

Webinarignition Pros

Engage with webinars

The best potential marketing strategy available online is the webinar. These web seminars can be filled with any kind of information, tools, tips, or advice that you so choose and the higher their quality and content, the higher the chances are of successfully converting individuals to buy in and follow your webinar series. Webinars can offer so much value to a client. What you know, your years of experience, the mistakes you have made, and your triumphs all are things which are potentially valuable to your clients.

A webinar is designed to convert your knowledge, experience, and advice into cash revenue. It is important to make sure that your customers are getting, or feel like they are getting, this value because customers or clients who feel that your webinar is overpriced but not filled with value for their money are customers who will drive away business from you. Online webinars can also easily be used as a form of marketing for your products or business in addition to being utilized for sale directly. Webinars can be made to help convert clients, give a unique perspective on work or business, and provide a host of other benefits to your clients.

Automated webinars

Webinarignition gives multiple different options for the kinds of webinars that you can run utilizing the software. Of course there is the live webinar where you present your information conveniently, factually, and live for paying clients or customers to view, and then there is also the pre-recorded or automated system. Both have pros and cons. The live system is convenient because you may decide to add in a Q and A section so individuals can have their questions answered at the end of your webinar and it gives you a chance to engage in a more direct and unscripted way.

Or there is the automated route where you can create high-quality edited webinars that feature exactly the information you want and with the quality you desire for your business. These automated webinars can also conveniently and easily be accessed by your clients 24/7. Unlike a live webinar where you would likely be asleep in the middle of the night, the automated ones allow an individual around the world or simply a late night owl to watch one of your automated webinars and you can be receiving money and generating revenue around the clock. However, the automated webinar takes a little bit of the scarcity out of the equation as now individuals know it will always be there when they want it as opposed to a live webinar which certainly has an expiration date.

Webinarignition Cons

One of the potential cons for this particular tool is the fact that to be most effective, a webinar must be engaging. Learning to be engaging through a video medium is something that many people take time to learn. It can take practice to be confident in front of a camera and to speak clearly, thoughtfully, and coherently, while simultaneously engaging the individuals who watch the webinar without putting them to sleep. Your information can be accurate, helpful, and hugely valuable but if you are putting a client to sleep as they watch it will not be hugely valuable to them. When you do a webinar, you are part teacher and part entertainer and both are necessary to have successful continuation at this craft.


If you are an individual who either has the ability or desire to learn to create engaging webinar videos, who can think fast on their feet, who enjoy the editing process, who want to reach clients in a unique way while simultaneously marketing your product, then Webinarignition is the product for you. Webinarignition can help create reliable streams of revenue, can help expand your reach and message across the internet, and can help your clients connect with you and your business in a new and innovative way. If you would like to find out more, check out

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Voice Stak Review

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Connecting with clients or potential clients online has always been a difficult challenge with many methods utilized to try to achieve success. One of the most frustrating things though is when a customer interaction online goes wrong, so rarely does the online business even know or have any idea what caused it or how to fix it. People often don’t respond to phone calls, text, or email surveys about their experiences and so you are always left wondering why a customer was dissatisfied. Although you may wonder, they have often written reviews explaining exactly why on online review boards which can seriously hurt your business as others are concerned they will experience the same issues. So what is a business to do? This is where Voice Stak comes to the rescue. Voice Stak is a new and innovative method for allowing your customers to have their voices heard by leaving a voice or video message for your website. So what are some of the pros and cons of this interesting tool?

Voice Stak Pros

Easy website integration

Since there is nothing to install or download, this is a very easy widget to integrate directly into your website. Not only is it convenient due to the fact that there is no installation process, merely just selecting the widget, the other big plus is that it is also infinitely customizable with different coloring to ensure that Voice Stak always matches your website branding. This is important because resource tools, no matter how exceptional, should always match the overall color themes and schemes of your website. Tools which look like they are made from a variety of different sources give your website a Frankenstein-like look that is very off-putting. If your goal is to have customer interaction using Voice Stak, then its ability to blend in with the rest of your site is an essential element.


This is another huge benefit and that is its cross-compatibility. Many times software programs only work for tablets or phones, but not always for computers or vice versa. This cross-compatibility also occurs between different websites or different web builders and so while something may be available on Wix it would not be able to be used on WordPress. This is not true for Voice Stak. Voice Stak is designed to have huge amounts of compatibility between different online website builders as well as between different products and devices. This is a very important feature as it gives both you and your clients huge amounts of freedom. It gives you the freedom to use whatever web building services you desire and it gives your clients huge freedoms to be able to utilize any device and still have it be Voice Stak compatible.

Voice and video messages

Saving the best for last, the thing that really sets Voice Stak apart is its ability for your clients to leave voice and video messages. These are important because so often clients will not fill out

surveys, answer your phone calls, or respond to emails or texts but many clients would feel better about their interaction, the experience, or their complaints knowing that a business genuinely cared and that their voice was genuinely heard. This is what makes Voice Stak so special; it helps your clients have that peace of mind to know that their voices are heard and that their voice matters. Being able to listen to or see your clients can also help you interact at a higher level and know how to adjust and fix your site so your customers’ needs are met.

Voice Stak Cons

One of the potential cons to utilizing this is we live in a day and age where online privacy and security are at a premium. Every interaction we do seems to be at the cost of giving up some of our privacy. Speaking and video calling are sometimes some of the most intimate actions a person may do and it will be important for you to let your clients and customers know that their responses and reviews are safe, secure, and confidential. Some individuals may be uneasy with the prospect of using Voice Stak but you can help alleviate those fears by helping them know their privacy is your primary concern.


This innovative tool with its ability to be embedded anywhere, used across any site or any device, and to let your customers be seen and heard makes it an exceptionally powerful interactive tool for helping ensure that you are always able to hear your customers’ needs before that bad experience loses you a valuable customer. If you would like to find out more, check out

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