ConnectSuite Review

ConnectSuite Review

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Making connections online can be difficult, especially for a new and enterprising business owner. However, there are ways of successfully leapfrogging your competition, tapping into unnoticed and new sources of information which can help give your business a huge advantage over the competition. With many different businesses all vying to try and convince you that they are the one, what can you do and what tools should you utilize to enhance your internet presence? Your connectability? And make a marketing funnel that can generate huge revenues for you?

That is the promise behind ConnectSuite. ConnectSuite is a suite of programs made of four primary ones - Connectexplore, Connectretarget, Connectaudience, and Connectleads. So what is all this connection about? And what are some of the pros and cons of the exceptional tool that is ConnectSuite?

ConnectSuite Pros


Connectexplore is a hugely innovative tool and is an essential part of the ConnectSuite of programs. Connectexplore at its base level is really a marketer's dream by helping you learn how to leapfrog the competition and identify the absolute best potential interest targets. It is especially useful at helping identify these on social media platforms like Facebook where there are over a billion active users daily Facebook certainly has clients for your business; the key is how to identify them and attract them. The problem with traditional methods like the built-in Facebook Advertiser and things like that is they don't show you everything. Not only that, but everyone else is also using the same tools and so you are all trying to fish from the same pond.

Connectexplore was designed to help take you to new places of untapped interest groups. For instance, with traditional Facebook advertising you are simply shown those individuals who like or supposedly have an interest in something as a potential person to advertise to. With Connectexplore though, you are helped in finding the subset of people who are not just interested but are truly dedicated and passionate. By helping you identify these individuals, you are able to find the big fish while simultaneously being able to ignore and not waste your advertising dollars on every other one who will simply pass you by. In addition to this, Connectexplore has measurable analytics for your Facebook campaign so you don't have to wonder if the program is working, as you will be able to see exactly how it is working, what information, links, or services generated the most clicks, and get continual analysis on your behalf so you can know exactly what is connecting you and what is causing the disconnection between you and your clients.


Retargeting is essentially the mechanism by which an online algorithm attempts to retarget to what appear to be more profitable prospects. If somebody goes to your site, traditional targeting says that these people are the ones that you want to focus on. However, current retargeting methods on Facebook are highly inefficient and here is why: Facebook retargets the effort on anyone and everyone who came to your site, even if they were only on your site for a fraction of a second before leaving. Connectretarget is different. If you had three people who came to your site and left in under a second and one person who stayed for 20 or 30 minutes browsing the site before they, too, left without purchasing, who do you think is the best person to retarget? If you said person number four, then that is what the designers of Connectretarget thought. They want to pursue the person who showed actual engagement with the site instead of wasting their time, effort, and money on targeting disinterested individuals.

To sum, the built-in Facebook retargeting targets everyone whereas Connectretarget targets those who have shown the most engagement or interest in your product or site. This is hugely important as many studies show that people need to see a message three to seven times before they will take action on something. If they were interested enough to browse your services, check your pricing, and review other pages, these are the individuals who you most need to focus on to get back. This is exactly what Connectretarget was designed to do. Connectretarget helps maximize your advertising dollars by focusing on just those people who showed the most interest and are thus the most likely to be converted. Individuals using Connectretarget have seen conversion rates at over 300% increases since its use. It is an exceptionally dialed-in tool that help makes online selling and converting far easier.


Are you finding it difficult to develop leads online? Do you struggle with adding in people to mailing lists or subscriber lists while simultaneously having to upload different CSV files or send out mass emails for people who showed interest in your product or services? Then fear not, because the team that has brought you the other exceptional tools in the ConnectSuite have you covered with Connectleads. Connectleads was designed to help automatically create subscriber lists for you using Facebook algorithms and client interactions. Here's how it works: a person on Facebook who likes your service, your product, or your message, can simply click subscribe and without them having to do anything further, no add to email, no username, no passwords, they are now subscribed to your product and Connectleads will then automatically add them to your mailing list.

Not only that but Connectleads also has an auto response that you can utilize as well. Is an individual interested in your product and they click a link on it? With Connectleads, this person can receive an automatic email or message concerning the product, any deals or sales you're offering, and a whole host of other information that can help increase your conversion rate. Additionally, with all the information being stored in the cloud, Connectleads makes it easy for you to keep all of your auto responses stored, help you create automated responses, and generate automatic lists for your clients. Connectleads is an essential must-have part of the ConnectSuite.


Learning how to successfully email retarget is an important part of business. As mentioned earlier, individuals need to see or be reminded of a product or service three to seven times before they will begin to take action on it. This is why retargeting is so powerful, like the retargeting method for Facebook explained earlier. But there are other important ways of retargeting and Connectaudience helps cover it by assisting you in learning how to retarget your emails. Sound crazy? How can you possibly retarget emails? That is exactly what Connectaudience was designed to do.

When you use Connectaudience and send out an email to individuals in your subscriber list, it is able to know who opened the emails even if they did not click or follow any of the links inside. What makes it great is not only does it know but by linking it to your Facebook page, it is then also able to push Facebook ads directly to those individuals who actually opened up your email. People who open up your email are far more likely to be individuals who actually want what you are selling but sometimes need gentle reminders. With Connectaudience helping push ads for individuals who already showed interest and ignoring those who don't, not only do you save huge amounts on your Facebook advertising by not attempting to advertise to those who showed no interest, but you also can increase your conversion rates by focusing on the most important people who spent time reading your email or looking at your products. Connectaudience is a great way to connect your email and Facebook audiences together and help increase your conversion rates.

ConnectSuite Cons

There is not a single con to any of these products in and of themselves, but rather the con lies in the individuals using the products. These four products as shown can have a huge net benefit to any business which utilizes them, whether large or small. The only thing is, it will take time to learn and dial them in properly. Businesses are like snowflakes and no two are alike. So when utilizing the host of tools that is ConnectSuite, it will take time to get it optimized specifically for your business. This can sometimes be a stressful time for individuals as they begin to make the learning curve but once made, ConnectSuite can help your business become incredibly lucrative.

ConnectSuite Conclusion

n closing, ConnectSuite with its host of tools is an absolute must-have for any and every entrepreneur. With its powerful retargeting abilities, its ability to help increase your conversion rate, push specific messages to specific individuals, track and analyze these trends in real time and a slew of other powerful capabilities, ConnectSuite is the must-have way for you to connect with your social media audience. Don't let your business fall behind by attempting to fish from the same used ponds and using the same old tools that every other new business is trying to use, rather use the exceptional tools offered through ConnectSuite to help enhance your

business and boost your conversion rate sky high. Let ConnectSuite help make your business a success.

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