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The Kopywriting Checklist will show you how to write amazing copy to make more money.

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Cheat sheet to writing better copy

Copywriting is basically the science of putting words together in a way …that makes people buy stuff.

If you want to sit down and write copy that’s going to convert better NOW, I have something just for you … the Kopywriting Checklist, written by me 🙂

It’s a 17-page PDF file that takes all the principles of writing high-converting copy and packs it into one easy-to-read checklist.

I’ve spent years of my time experimenting and slowly learning how to write copy that sells. In the end, it has brought me and the businesses I’ve worked with (like AppSumo) tons of more money.

With the Kopywriting checklist, you can learn how to write better copy in one reading session. It’s like the Cliff’s Notes version of a copywriters education.

And we’re giving it to you … for only $10.

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