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What is RocketLink?

RocketLink helps you grow your audience by adding pixels to every link you share.


When you share links to engaging content, your URL drives traffic to third-party websites.

But RocketLink lets you capitalize on this traffic by recapturing those leads and reaching them with perfectly targeted ads.

You can even retarget users from places like Facebook Groups. Just share click-worthy content and you'll be able to retarget anyone who clicked on the link. (Normally, FB doesn’t allow you to target Group members, but RocketLink found a way to beat the system.)

You also can display ads only to users who clicked on your links in the past and increase CTR while lowering CPC.

The Galaxy Plan includes:

50 pixels of your choice

3000 links per month (can be shared an unlimited number of times)

Unlimited clicks per month

Unlimited brands (we’ve got your back, agencies)

Unlimited custom domains (add and use your own domains)

UTM builder to add UTM tags

Click analytics (info on audiences location, web browser type, and OS)

QR codes to retarget offline (e.g. posters, flyers, etc.)

What's better? With this exclusive deal

You can get lifetime access to RocketLink for only $49!

This would normally set you back $828.

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SEO Cheat Sheet

The Google Cheat Sheet

Usually reserved for members of Paul's Digital Boss Club, you can now get a FREE copy of this excellent resource. Learn exactly what Google wants and rank your website far above your competitors.

A Free Template of Your Choice

These are not your run of the mill WordPress templates. Included are over 60 to choose from. One is considered the most advanced WordPress template you can buy right now. Why? Because it has a built in page builder that you normally have to buy an extra plugin for. Yours free.

Legendary Bonus Packs

Again not your run of the mill bonuses. We have collected a massive database of niche specific bonuses for you to enjoy. So let's say you have bought a video marketing app, you can choose one of our video marketing resources to compliment it. Full details of bonuses are here.

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