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With Social Insider you can gain an inside view of your competitor's Facebook activity. Grab this lifetime deal before the clock hits zero.

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What is Social Insider?

Socialinsider is a social media analytics tool that serves up a full view of a competitor’s digital strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Through an incredibly user-friendly interface, you’ll see stats and metrics that will help improve your social media strategy.

Socialinsider shows you:

Profile growth over time. Track the competition’s activity over the past 6 months to see which campaigns helped them grow the most.

Content strategies. Discover what type of content competitors are posting, when they’re posting, and even what Instagram filters they’re using!


But this isn’t just about the other guys. Socialinsider also gives you data on your own pages.

And all of the data Socialinsider provides is customizable and downloadable as a .ppt or .pdf file, so you’ll save countless hours on reporting.

Use these in-depth reports to blow the socks off of clients and managers!

At the moment, Socialinsider is delivering quality insights to agencies, brands, and businesses.

This Socialinsider AppSumo Plan comes with:

  • Unlimited competitors' Facebook pages
  • 6 months of historical data (due to API changes, we can’t get unlimited data reliably without getting rate limited)
  • Own Facebook/Instagram pages monitoring
  • Competitors’ Twitter profiles monitoring(monitor any public twitter profile)

While you should definitely be forking over at least $700 a year for this plan, you can get lifetime access for just $49!

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