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What is Viral Loops?

Viral Loops is a template-based viral and referral marketing platform that helps businesses acquire more customers through word-of-mouth sales.

After studying some of the most effective viral marketing campaigns, Viral Loops reverse-engineered their successes to create easy-to-use customizable templates.

Not to name drop, but we're talking programs used by Dropbox, Gilt, and Airbnb.

Here are just a few of the viral and referral marketing campaigns that Viral Loops can help you set up in minutes:

  • Pre-launch campaigns similar to the one Robinhood used that garnered them a million people on their waitlist. The “waitlist” model is simple: the more friends people refer, the higher they move up on the waitlist and the quicker they get access.
  • Traditional eCommerce referral program where your company gives customers a shareable link that they can use to get prizes.
  • Viral sweepstakes and competitions to engage customers and maximize social media reach.
  • Campaigns to grow email lists by giving away company swag. Viral Loops is directly integrated with merchandise services, so you don't have to do the fulfillment manually.

Whether you're a brand, eCommerce store, or tech startup, Viral Loops can help your business get the exposure and virality it needs to grow.

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