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Awario Appsumo Discount

Picture this: It’s 4 PM and your day is going great, when all of a sudden, you go on Twitter and see a whole day’s worth of threads dragging your product through the mud.

Not only are you getting roasted, you see competitors interacting with customers in the threads trying to steal your clients!

This whole situation could’ve been prevented if you would’ve just responded as soon as that first tweet was sent.

Well, lucky for you, you still have 48 hours to get Awario—a powerful monitoring app that will bring mentions to you.

Awario crawls social media platforms and over 13 billion web pages daily so that you’re always the first to know when people are talking about your brand, product, or service.


Currently, there are two awesome Awario deals in our store right now.

Option #1: Awario Standard—best for individuals and small business—includes:

  • 15 alerts (keywords that Awario will monitor for you; e.g., your brand name)
  • 100,000 new mentions per month (a result from your alert; e.g. when someone mentions your brand)
  • 10,000 historical mentions per alert
  • 50 social media accounts
  • In-app analytics

This plan is valued at $456 a year, but you can get lifetime access for just $49!

And you can stack up to 4 codes!

Be in the know with Awario Standard for just $49!


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