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What is MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey is a chatbot for Facebook. Chatbots used to be just a tool to talk to customers. But MobileMonkey ain’t your grandpa’s chatbot. This marketing marvel is changing the way we look at—and use—chatbots.

MobileMonkey‘s Facebook Messenger marketing chatbots get:

✓ Higher open rate than email — Think 20% open rate in email vs. 80% open rate in Messenger
✓ Higher click-through rate than email — Used to 1-2% CTR in email? Expect 10-20% CTR in Messenger
✓ Higher ROAS on Facebook ads — Where traffic ads get you anonymous traffic, Messenger ads get you traffic + instant lead capture for follow-up messaging

And MobileMonkey gives you seven different ways to grow your audiences:

  1. Customer chat widget — as soon as your website visitors send you a chat, they are opted in
  2. Facebook comment guard — possibly the most exciting organic engagement hack on Facebook today, create a Facebook post and anyone who comments on the post gets an instant chat and is added to your list
  3. Messenger landing page — no-fuss, fool-proof mobile-friendly landing page that sends people straight to your chatbot funnel
  4. Messenger check box – next to every email capture on site
  5. Link to Messenger — create a custom link that sends people directly to Messenger
  6. Button that links to Messenger — like the link, but an embeddable button you can paste anywhere, real slick-like
  7. Facebook click-to-Messenger ads — build Messenger funnels (an alternative to landing pages) that instantly opt people into audiences when they click on the ad.
  8. Once you collect these valuable leads, you can segment your audience by using automated questions as filters, tagging people, and adding them to interest-based chat-blasting lists. (You can also search and filter contacts by questions in your audience tab.)

And after that? You guessed it.

You can chat blast audiences with messages proven to see significantly higher open rates than your traditional email messages.

And you can program chatbots to make appointments, answer FAQs, track purchases, and use A.I. to match content to intent via keywords and interactions.

You can also jump into a conversation and override your chatbot — this is known as a “live operator takeover” (and it’s just as cool as it sounds).

Make sure you see the demo of MobileMonkey today.

How to claim this MobileMonkey Discount?

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