Valid Freelancer.Com Discount Coupon Code below this review. (Or click here) is among the biggest online job marketplaces with opportunities for freelancers around the world. Freelancer makes it possible for employers to post projects and hire a freelancer to do the job. The website currently has more than 15 million active users and features jobs like copywriting, translation, web development, web design, ghostwriting, virtual assistant and much more.

Freelancer has transformed the freelancing ecosystem by opening several skilled and unskilled job opportunities to both newbies and experienced freelancers. The site is invaluable to employers in search of quality freelancers who can complete a project on time at an affordable cost.

Although has become increasingly popular for both employers and freelancers, it will interest you that it has some disadvantages and may not be acceptable by all.

The intention of this review is to explore the features, pros, and cons of this freelance website and then conclude whether or not Freelancer is really worth the hype.

Freelancer.Com Main features

  • Contests: With the ability to host a contest, the website lets you state your job preference while they submit completed projects like short articles, fully designed logos, book covers, T-shirt graphics and many more. The winner will be paid the prize tagged for the project.
  • Local Jobs: The local jobs feature was launched in 2015; which allows freelancers to meet with clients within the same locality. With this feature, employers can post for local assistants like cooks, cleaners, technicians and more.
  • Dual Membership: Users of this website can function as both employer and freelancer with the same account. This implies that you can post a job and can bid for jobs with one account.
  • Bid Allotments: gives a certain number of bids to its users based on their membership level. About 8 bids per month are allotted to free members; while paid membership attracts higher number bids based on its price.
  • Bid Renewal: Freelancers have the opportunity of getting bids refreshed after a particular period of time
  • Mobile Apps: With the Freelancer mobile app you can bid and post jobs and live chat.
  • Freelancer Desktop App: This app allows freelancers to monitor their hourly projects and communicate with clients by uploading snapshots of job progress.
  • Funds deposit: accepts your deposit in several fiat-based currencies such as USD, SGD, Yuan, Pounds, and CAD, among other currencies.
  • Funds Withdrawal: With, you can seamlessly withdraw your earnings from your wallet.

Freelancer.Com Pros

As one of the biggest outsourcing platform, this site offers numerous benefits to its users.

  • Lots of Projects: there are numerous projects on various skills available for members of this website. Apart from projects on writing skills, Freelancer has jobs on Mathematical calculations, Architecture and media designs. In fact, there is a job for you if you can read or write.
  • Reliability: the risk of not getting paid after delivering the project is greatly minimized with the website. Freelancer allows for milestone payment that ensures employers deposits into the system which the freelancer can be paid after the completion of the project.
  • Paid skill test: there are specialized skills areas where you can pay to take tests. These exams are at levels and those who pass are given badges that indicate their level of competency. These tests help boost client’s confidence in freelancers.
  • Contest: in the contest, clients are showcased with fully completed projects where they can make payments for the one they choose.
  • The support service is great and easy to use.
  • makes it easy to post jobs and hire freelancers within a short time.

Freelancer.Com Cons

  • Arbitration fee: freelancers and clients are required to pay fees for settling of disputes. After the review of the case, the arbitration fee will be returned to the winner.
  • Membership fee: charges a monthly membership. The amount charged will depend on your membership plan. You must, as a matter of fact, pay the fees, whether you earn or not.

Freelancer.Com - The Bottom Line offers huge opportunities for freelancers with good skill sets and determination. The certifications assist the employers in identifying Freelancers with skills that match their job requirements.

It’s necessary to study the site to understand the membership plans before making any upgrades. Freelancer makes this process easier by giving you FREE access to the most common user requirements of posting and bidding on jobs.

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