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Membership sites have always been particularly difficult to create and maintain. Between searching for individuals to become paying members of your site, maintaining the site, ensuring that your members enjoy the best access available and a huge amount of other bits and pieces which have to fall into place, building a successful membership site can be difficult. Membership sites also oftentimes require some good security so only those authorized to take advantage of your product or services are allowed to.

This puts membership sites in the unique position of being highly enviable and beneficial for businesses as well as profitable for those who own them and yet also making them fickle to manage, sometimes difficult to oversee, and important to protect. Fortunately it is for these reasons that Fresh Member was built. Fresh Member is a simple to use, one stop shop membership site builder. As membership sites oftentimes generate large revenues, it is important to have a membership site builder which functions optimally and serves the needs of your membership base. So what are some of the reasons for and against having Fresh Member?

Fresh Member Pros

Simple to use

As we’ve seen, membership site management can be a particularly cumbersome task. These can usually include things like generating or allowing for the inputting of passwords for your users, maintaining security of the information on the website, potentially even having and maintaining user rosters for authorized users on the site, and even monitoring their level of authorization. For instance, if you have a membership site which has a multi-tier option then it will be important for you to make sure that only those who have paid for the top tier are the ones accessing it. Creating this type of utilization though, as well as building, maintaining, and securing the site is all made superiorly easy with Fresh Member. Fresh Member took what used to be a complicated process involving hundreds of man-hours to build a reliable membership site and made it an operation which can be done with one individual. This helps to make Fresh Member easy to use, streamlined, and highly efficient.

Flexible / multiple administrators

One of the other critical things facing many membership sites is that as the memberships grow it can be increasingly difficult to handle the workload. While a single person may be able to handle the membership of a hundred different people or more, once it starts getting beyond that threshold it becomes increasingly difficult to assist and manage these members. As the numbers go up, typically the quality of the services will go down as will your response time, ability to meet changing needs, and ability to meet your client demands. But this is, again, where Fresh Member distinguishes itself as a top-tier program for creating membership sites and that is with the ability to have multiple administrators or even different levels of

administrative access. If you have an individual who you want working on your roster list and answering Q&A from the clients but not having access to the programming or services themselves you can easily restrict or increase that access. This allows you to bring on exactly the right kind of people and give them access to the right parts. This helps ensure that not only does your workload stay balanced and easy to manage but it also helps ensure greater site security by not having a one-size-fits-all password for your membership site.

Engaging features

One of the other great things about Fresh Member is its ability to have multiple things to help engage users. This is all thanks to an easy integration with an online shopping cart; email marketing; built-in forum where members can discuss issues and participate with each other and the business; and a whole host of other incredibly appealing materials which will help ensure the membership site continues to build and grow.

Fresh Member Cons

One thing which may plague individuals who have gotten Fresh Member is the naive belief that the simple utilization of this program will make them wealthy. The fact still remains that there is no software which can just make you money out of thin air. It will still require important investigative research into the right kind of marketing to reach the potential clients who will pay for your membership site. This takes learning how you can utilize Fresh Member to reach them, engage them, and keep them. Growing a membership site is far more than just owning the product. There is a level of marketing intelligence which is required to make it a successful venture.

If you are that type of person who is capable and willing to learn about how to use online marketing to grow your membership reels or an old veteran who is looking for an easy to use out of the box product then Fresh Member is your one-stop-shop for easy online membership site setups.


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