Kartra Review

Do you sell products online? Do you want to increase your sales? Of course, you do but one of the greatest challenges of internet marketing is the ability to determine the software right for your business. This is due to the fact that marketing is continually evolving and changing as we tilt towards the era of artificial intelligence. Most internet entrepreneurs find it difficult to make sales using the traditional marketing schemes, hence the need to leverage on hi-tech marketing and sales tools and this is what we will be looking at today with this Kartra review.

Kartra is an all-in-one e-commerce web app created by Andy Jenkins, Ron Marcus, Donna Fox and Mike Filsaime to cater for the need of internet entrepreneurs who want the ultimate all in one business tool.

If you are subscribed to Kartra, you will get all the necessary tools to successfully build your online business all from a single dashboard. In addition, Kartra will enable you to access understandable site analytics with a view to monitoring your marketing campaigns performance. Kartra will also track the movement of your customers and potential customers on your website. What’s more? You will also enjoy a greater range of resources such as helpdesk, shopping cart, email auto-responders and A/B testing throughout the full customer acquisition funnel.

Kartra Main features

  • It Has Mailing List Management Tools: A mailing list is still a vital asset for online businesses as it allows businesses to communicate with their prospects, members, and clients. When you use Kartra, creating an autoresponder or individual broadcast campaigns are easy with their pro templates included.
  • Kartra comes with a customer relationship management tool: The essence of a customer relationship management tool cannot be over-emphasized in view of the fact that it helps you maintain a long-term relationship with your clients and prospects, as well as, allows you monitor customer sentiment.
  • It offers a range of pre-built sales funnels: Buying a product or service online involves passing through a sales funnel. With Kartra, you get several sales channels designed by expert-level copywriters.
  • It features a great selection of design tools and templates for building landing pages: When you subscribe to the Kartra software, you are sure of designing a top-notch landing page that can be integrated into your website
  • There are membership sites services: Membership sites are dedicated and protected areas of a website where members get exclusive content. You can use Kartra to host your membership sites.
  • Full helpdesk system with live chat: With Kartra, your customers will get direct access to your customer service agents, as well as, get access to your FAQ page. In addition, your customers will be able to reach you via Skype, chat, and phone, among other options if you wish.
  • Built-in Video hosting: Kartra offers a video hosting service which will integrate with your membership sites, landing page, as well as, content pages. In addition, you can integrate your videos with external links to your website.
  • Kartra offers integration with services like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Digital Access Pass and Authorize.net to name a few.
  • Intelligent Split Testing: Optimization of your email campaigns with split testing is now possible with Kartra.
  • Detailed Analytics: You will have full information about any prospect that visits your funnels via the Kartra dashboard.
  • Email integration: Kartra permits full email integration. Adding prospects and customers to your list is now seamless with Kartra when you connect your email marketing service.
  • Flexible Shopping Carts: Managing coupons, upsell, down sell, subscription, and installment payments or lump sum becomes easy with conversion focused checkout pages.
  • Complete Affiliate Management: With Kartra, managing multiple affiliate accounts, payouts and marketing becomes so much easier than before.

Kartra Pros

  • Tracking your business performance and sales via a single dashboard
  • Full suite of pro tools including email, CRM, live chat, affiliate management, ecommerce and video.
  • Excellent performance analytics included
  • You can create fully functional client funnels for any business type
  • You can use “my video feature” to create flexible videos
  • 90 days money back guarantee

Kartra Cons

  • The only negative for some may be the price, but for what you are getting from $89 per month this is a push to call it a negative.

Kartra – The Bottom Line

Kartra is a powerful all-in-one digital business tool that any entrepreneur thinking about boosting sales should consider. All the features and benefit highlighted above can be achieved via a single dashboard. Every single step of your marketing campaign and overall online business can be seamlessly simplified with the Kartra app.

In a nutshell, all the technical stuff that typically wastes so much of your time can now be handled by Kartra. This will allow you to focus on the important areas in your business, which we business owners know will mean a substantial pay increase over time.