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This week's edition of the AppSumo roundup includes a total of five apps:  [Updated 07-18-18]

  • The Ultimate SEO training by Tommy Griffith (SEO for Airbnb) - Clickminded
  • Local lead finding tool - GoPinLeads
  • check
    Easy to use screenshots tool - Cloudapp
  • check
    Team productivity tool - Notejoy
  • check
    Password Manager - Roboform
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    Lead Followup tool - Adsoup

App Type: SEO training and tools 
Price: $149 lifetime (usually $1285)

Clickminded is back by popular demand on AppSumo.

You don't get much better than this course by Tommy Griffith if you are wanting to learn the art and science of ranking in search engines. This course is considered one of the most comprehensive you can get right now and is perfect for people who want to build a career out of SEO or just really impress the boss with your new found skills.

Your tutor Tommy is a legend of SEO and was responsible for the SEO strategy of the likes of Airbnb and PayPal so rest assured you are learning stuff that actually works. It really is worth a look below.

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App Type: Local lead finding tool
Price: $39 lifetime (usually $108)

Get business and employee details within minutes using GoPinLeads.

This lead generating tool is incredibly easy to use — you can search GoPinLeads's database with either their Chrome extension or by launching their web app. (If you know how to search for a restaurant on Google Maps, then you can use GoPinLeads.)

GoPinLeads is able to get you all of the contact info you want by searching millions of websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, corporate sites and databases in US, UK, NZ, AU, CA, and 245 other countries.

To gather leads, simply select the location you want to search, insert a keyword or two, and bam! GoPinLeads will fetch you venues (businesses) and their employees’ email addresses, phone numbers, social media, and more!

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App Type: Screenshot and gif maker
Price: $39 lifetime (usually $216)

CloudApp is an easy-to-use screen recorder that creates screenshots, gifs, and videos so you can communicate effectively.

CloudApp turns what would normally be a long and confusing email or phone call into a short and sweet visual explanation.

Through annotated screenshots, screen recordings, webcam videos, and gifs, CloudApp helps everyone get their point across with ease.

Your team will be able to share information in record time — developers can screenshot bugs or code changes, customer support can walk customers through problems with screen recordings, marketing can create eye-catching content gifs, and sales can webcam their way to closing deals.

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App Type: Team productivity and communication tool
Price: $39 lifetime (usually $1000)

Notejoy is a collaboration tool that helps organizations easily discover, capture, and share ideas.

As a true, real-time collaboration tool, Notejoy allows teams inside — and outside (lookin' at you, agencies and freelancers) — of your company to discuss projects and make decisions quickly.

All collaboration takes place on a stunning, distraction-free interface that is intuitive and easy to use (no YouTube tutorials necessary). Not only that, but it's accessible via web, desktop, and iOS!

There’s no limit to what Notejoy can help you tackle — product roadmaps, blog posts, onboarding materials, call scripts, OKRs (or as we like to call them OKURRRS), and anything else worth writing down.

And that's just on the inside. Don't forget about the outside collaboration opportunities like external client teams, copy and design projects, company policies, status updates, and wikis.

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App Type: Password Manager
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $150)

RoboForm is a secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use password automation and centralized management solution for businesses.

Roboform helps you create and store complex passwords so your business never has to sacrifice security or productivity.

That’s right. You won’t be wasting time guessing or resetting passwords because they’ll all be kept in RoboForm’s secure cloud. And you’ll be able to access logins from anywhere, at any time (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and all major browsers).

With RoboForm, businesses can easily onboard all employees, delegate permissions, deploy security policies, assign credentials, and view reports.

And when supplying those valuable logins with employees, you can give them access without sharing passwords. (You can never be too careful nowadays!)

RoboForm uses end-to-end AES256 bit encryption for secure password creation, storing, and sharing. Even though RoboForm is like Fort Knox, Master passwords are never stored on RoboForm servers and all data is decrypted locally.

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App Type: Lead Followup tool
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $300)

Adsoup is a powerful sales relationship management tool that brings all of your FB Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, email, Live Chat, and Twitter conversations directly into your sales CRM and business reporting.

Adsoup makes sure you never miss another message or potential lead by automatically funneling everything into your dashboard (even Facebook leads!) and alerting you with notifications in your dashboard, desktop, or phone. (Adsoup isn't a green bubble discriminator, it even has an Android app!)

On top bringing all of your messages into one platform, you can turn each conversation with a customer/client on multiple channels into one threaded conversation.

Changing which platform you use to respond just takes one click of your mouse!

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