missinglettr review

MissingLettr Review

Driving traffic to your blog requires more than just writing quality content. As with any other business, you also need to get the word out there so people find out about your products. One of the most effective marketing tools these days is social media. Getting mentioned by the right people or creating the right hashtag can make a world of difference when it comes to increasing traffic to your blog.

MissingLettr is just the tool for that. You just have to focus on writing the content for your blog and let MissingLettr take care of the rest. It will automatically create media posts every time you publish something. Then, you just review and edit the posts and that’s it, your media campaign is ready to go.

It’s very user friendly and intuitive, but if you have any questions you can get help from their user support. Also, you can attend one of their webinars and find out how you can get started with this wonderful tool.

MissingLettr Main features
  • Automatically produces media posts for your blog. They will include quotes, hashtags and images. All that you have to do is review, change what you don’t like and you’re ready to go live.
  • Customize your posts. There are plenty of themes to choose from. You can customize them to give your posts an attractive and more personal look.
  • Easily schedule your posts and adapt each one of them depending on the platform where they are going to be published.
  • Get your content out there. Every time you create a campaign your articles will be published on Medium.
  • It supports languages other than English. So don’t worry if your blog is written in a different language, you can still use MissingLettr to automate your social media campaigns.
  • If you are an agency, you can have your clients approve the campaign before it rolls out. You only have to send them a link and they’ll see the content, approve it or request changes.

Missinglettr Pricing

They offer different paying plans that start at USD 180 a year, but you don’t have to pay full price. You can get Lifetime Access for only USD 49, that’s less than 30% of yearly. You’ll get access to a lot more features and won’t have to worry about monthly fees.

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