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ImDiscountCodes is a community of bootstrapping businesses. Our members get top rated apps at the best price plus legendary bonuses

To be a part of this community is easy. Claim any deal and get rewarded with the best price plus free WordPress plugin from the vault. (3,000+ to choose from)

The other key to this community working is to share app deals you know of and receive additional rewards. Learn more with our Community FAQ’s below.

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Community FAQ's

The best deal at ImDiscountCodes is the one you will see most called “Amazon Gift Card Offer“. The gift cards are typically for 10% of the purchase price for the app. The reason these deals are best is that the gift card you get is over and above any coupon codes for the app.

EXAMPLE: You find an app (retail price of $100) and click a link from this website to buy it with a coupon code you already have to save 50%. This brings your purchase price for the app down to $50. After purchase you come back to this website and fill out the bonus claim form. You now get a further 10% Amazon gift card which for this app is $5 ($50×10%) dropping your purchase price to $45.

Plus Bonus:

Not only this but you get to choose a bonus free WordPress plugin of your choice to the value of $100. So in effect you have made a profit of $55 in this case for buying an app. We call that the ultimate bootstrapped WIN-WIN.

Additional Sharing Bonus:

This example assumed you had a coupon code already not advertised on this website. If you share such a deal, you get a further bonus of another WordPress plugin. Submit deal here.

We have affiliate relationships with over 800 app developers who compensate us for driving traffic to their websites. It is this compensation that allows us to offer Amazon Gift Cards and bonuses to you.

We are constantly adding new app deals with our community who get rewards for submitting app promotions they know of.

If you don’t find the specific app, you are after you can submit a product request and we will negotiate a better deal on your behalf.

Submit a product request.

Yes, this is sometimes possible, but it depends on the app developer whether we can offer it. Cash-back rebates sometimes contravene our affiliate relationship terms and conditions. 

The best way to find out if rebates are available for your chosen app is to scroll to the bottom of the webpage for the app and ask in the comment box.

The easiest way to know is to ask yourself what type of apps, services and plugins apply to you as an online business owner or online marketing professionals?

Here are a few examples:

  • Domains and website hosting
  • Graphic and website design
  • SEO and content marketing apps
  • Social Media marketing
  • Conversion optimization apps
  • Email Marketing apps
  • Webmaster tools
  • All Content Management system plugins (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Training courses for business owners
  • Analytics tools
  • eCommerce apps
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Video Marketing

Do you know of any apps like these? Submit an app here.

If you submit a deal already listed on this website, it does not qualify for a reward.

To avoid this browse all available deals here.

Tip: (Click CTRL+F and type app name and you will see if it’s on the page)

Most of the information required is simple one line entries like:

Name of the app/software
Website Address 
Discount Amount: Either a percentage or dollar value 
Date of Expiry if relevant

The only area we ask you to be more detailed is the “Description field”.

For this if you could provide specific promotion details. This could be anything from how to claim a bonus offer or specific steps the user has to take to claim a discount. If all it requires is a coupon code at checkout then just type that.

Submit an app here.

  • Your first submission gets you the Divi Builder WordPress plugin by Elegant Themes ($89 Value). 
  • Your fifth submission you will receive a WordPress plugin to the value of $200 and $20 Amazon Gift Card on app purchases.
  • Your 10th submission gives you a $50 Amazon Gift Card on app purchases.

Every qualified app submission between your 1st and tenth ones will receive any WordPress plugin of your choice to the value of $100. You will receive full claim details by email.

Submit an app here.

Yes, we are strong advocates of using WordPress but if you use another platform, we have other rewards and Amazon Gift Cards for you to claim. 

Submit app here.

After submitting the form, we will process your submission within 3-5 business days and verify its accuracy and relevancy. Once done you will receive an email with your rewards download link. 

Submit app here.

Yes, there are rewards for submitting articles. We accept articles as long as they are of high quality and answer the question, “How I used app X to solve a specific problem“. 

You also get a link back to your website when submitting articles. Submit an article for review.