How do you save 99% on business software & apps?

These five money saving tips will do the trick

Paul Therond

By Paul Therond

First I would like to acknowledge that you have the hallmarks of what I like to call Digital Bosses.

You realize that there are smarter ways of launching an online business that won’t cost you an arm and a leg or your mortgage…

Far too many people are attracted to the idea of starting an online business only to be stumped by the myriad of tools, processes and red tape involved. All of this gets in between the dream you have in your head and the actual reality of achieving it.

Let’s be honest for a moment.

Deep down you know something is blocking your online business.

And this is why I am writing to you today. (stick with me – it will be worth it)

Two Roadblocks to
Startup Success

Technical Knowledge

Knowing which technology your business needs to deliver on the promises you have made to your clients


As a bootstrapped startup finding affordable implementations for the technology you need is paramount to success.

I know your

You cannot justify paying 10000’s of dollars on website development, CRM and other “tools” when those funds would be far better spent on research and marketing. 

Research is an important one because wouldn’t you like to know at the beginning whether your concept is a dud before spending years and dollars on it for little reward. 

Gurus like Tim Ferriss and Chris Guillebeau of the $100 startup recommend using Google Adwords for this research phase before expanding. This will save you a lot of headaches and if you find you have a winner, you are now in a position that might justify more investment into custom technology.

You will notice I said “might be able to justify” this investment and the reason is for most startups the five strategies I am about to share should prove more than adequate to setting up your online platform.

The five strategies cover these key growth areas

  1. Branding and Design
  2. Website maintenance
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Conversion and Analytics
  5. Video Marketing
  6. Search Engine Marketing
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. eCommerce
  9. Marketing and PR
  10. Productivity


Ok, time for the famous five!

The Five Strategies


If you haven’t heard of AppSumo and you are part of a startup – I would like to introduce you to what will be the start of a beautiful business relationship. AppSumo work with some of the best in the digital field to offer you time sensitive discounts on top business apps. Typically these promotions offer you up to 99% off the retail price of the software.

The only catch is the deals don’t last very long – typically about 10 days or until all codes have run out. So you have to be quick. 

You may also be thinking to yourself that you will be getting some watered down version of the app that only allows you to use the service in a limited way and honestly nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that the companies offer special versions of their software for AppSumo clients which are usually one step up from the basic version of the app. For most startups this is more than adequate and if need be they often offer one time upgrades to enterprise level features if you deem the app to be vital to your business workflow. 

I personally have AppSumo bookmarked and check daily to see what they are featuring. The only disadvantage to AppSumo apart from how time limited the deals are is that they might not always have the app or service you want. For example you might be looking for a graphic design tool like I use (Get Stencil) but for weeks all they have is social media or email marketing tools. There is not too much you can do apart from maybe beg your favorite app to be featured on AppSumo AND method #3 – so keep reading.

From one founder to another I highly recommend you check out AppSumo here.

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Another reliable way to save is through the featured deals on this website. 

The savings on offer typically range from 10-70% but the key difference between us and AppSumo is that our promotions are ongoing. So these savings have been negotiated direct with the companies themselves (which is why it is not 99%) or it is coming out of our affiliate commissions so that you get a reduced rate.

It’s also worth noting that our bonuses make purchasing from this website (whether AppSumo or other deals) very worthwhile. 

Read more about bonuses.

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Briefcase by AppSumo

Briefcase is another initiative by AppSumo where they have negotiated a subscription model with a number of top companies and all you have to do is pay the small monthly fee to get access to all the tools.  

The reason this is so good is because it addresses the main issue I had with the AppSumo model of not being able to get the exact deal I was after when I needed it. 

Many of the top AppSumo deals which are currently sold out are available for you within Briefcase.

With Briefcase as soon as you sign up (free trial here) you get access to these top apps. I am talking about apps like MissingLettr, Get Stencil, Salesflare, ContentStudio, Billy, Customer Guru, Call Page and many more.

The last I recall the value of this offer was about $2000 per month for just $49 per month. Plus they keep adding new companies so the value proposition keeps on getting better.

It really is worth a look at their free trial here.

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WordPress Hack

WordPress is a great tool for content marketing and building marketing and conversion focused websites. But there is another somewhat unknown perk to using this platform that if you know where to look can really save you a lot of money. 

The real power in WordPress doesn’t so much come from the basic free version that we all have access to. The power comes when you start adding all the extra functionality that is provided through the WordPress plugin and theme system. Your next million dollar idea can be powered by WordPress as long as you have the right features installed.

Now there are a number of excellent free WordPress plugins but when you are ready to step up your game there are some plugins that do require an investment. 

However with this little known secret you will not have to pay full price. Why? Because of three little letters – GPL.

GPL stands for General Public License and it allows certain people to offer you access to these premium tools, themes and plugins for a small fee. This person could be your web developer, friend or anyone else you can find who has purchased a developer/agency license for the plugin/theme you are after. 

This license allows your friend to give you the plugin for a small fee. (They are not legally allowed to give it away for free).

The obvious advantage here is savings where you could get anything from 80-99% off the retail price. However there is one disadvantage, you won’t get updates and product support from the creator of the plugin. The only way you would keep getting updates is if you asked your friend to send you the file every time – but that could wear thin as many plugins update weekly. 

One area this model is particularly useful is when you are planning a new feature for your website and you are unsure whether a particular plugin is the best option. You could try this GPL model and try before you buy the full version for yourself.

Very useful – but I can literally hear you screaming at me.

What if I don’t have a web developer friend? Well I’m so glad you asked because that leads me to my last money saving strategy.  

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I’m sure you have heard about FIVERR for getting simple tasks like a brochure design done.

But did you know you can also use it for method #4 above to get access to reduced price software. There are many people on FIVERR who will send you the WordPress plugin/theme you are after for a small fee (typically $5) –

All you have to do is go to FIVERR and in the search bar type the name of the plugin you are interested in. Try variations like “I will give you plugin name here”.

This works like a treat for many of the top plugins – but as always with FIVERR make sure to check the reviews that the person you are dealing with is legitimate. 

The only other disadvantage as with method #4 is that you won’t have access to support and updates from the product creator. You could always pay the FIVERR person every time a new update comes out but depending on the frequency of updates it would be worthwhile just buying the plugin direct once you know it is working well for you.

And remember every time you do decide to buy direct to check first because we will be able to offer you that 10%-50% further discount plus our legendary bonuses. If you don’t find the product you are looking for, give us a contact and we will assist.

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