S2Member Review

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Controlling access to the content on your WordPress website cannot be overemphasized, hence the need to use a suitable membership plugin. The obvious main feature of a membership plugin is its ability to restrict your website content (not just pages!) so only your registered members have access to it. As always when it comes to WordPress, the challenge is identifying a suitable membership plugin that won’t break your website or slow it down.

Most membership plugins have common features and functionality, however; they also differ in their way of operation and individual characteristics. The intention of this article is to review S2member and whether or not it is really worth investing in it.

S2member is touted to be one of the best WordPress membership plugins as it can handle the whole operation in terms of website community management. When S2member was launched, it began as a free plugin, currently, it has upgraded to two more categories - Pro Version (single-site license $89 USD) and Pro Version (unlimited-site pro license $189 USD).

S2Member Main features

S2member is embedded with a lot of captivating features, some of which are;

  •  PayPal standard button integration: With S2member Pro, your users can complete registration and checkout in a single step at your website. In addition, S2member will enable you to accept any payment supported by PayPal.
  •  Authorize.Net Pro Form Integration: This feature will allow your user carry out onsite credit card processing. This feature also integrates seamlessly with WordPress short codes. In addition, any type of credit or debit card will be acceptable on your website.
  •  Google Wallet Integration: S2member will allow your website integrate seamlessly with Google Wallet. Your users will be able to send and receive payment with just a few clicks.
  •  Clickbank integration: You can use S2member to checkout occurrence at www.clickbank.com. In addition, this feature will enable your site to accept any type of credit or debit card.
  •  WordPress roles or capabilities: With S2member, you will seamlessly integrate with an existing WordPress concept that allows some levels of permission across the different portion of a site.
  •  Mass User/ Member import/export capabilities: When you subscribe to s2member Pro, you will be able to import or export members or users in mass
  •  WordPress Hooks/Filters: With S2member hooks or filers, you will be able to add custom processing routines, as well as, modify the default behavior of an existing processing routine.
  •  Anti-spam security measure: When you subscribe to the S2member Pro version, you are guaranteed of enjoying maximum security against spambots.
  •  Simultaneous Login Monitoring: This feature will prevent your users from sharing their login details.
  •  Unlimited paid membership levels: When you subscribe to the S2member Pro, you can create an unlimited membership level.
  •  Operations API: with S2member Pro version, you will be able to create users or members’ account via custom scripts of their own.
  •  Pro login widget or summary; with this feature, your users will be able to login to your website and be redirected to a predetermine pages, post, or URLs.

S2Member Pros

S2member comes with a lot of benefits, some of which are;

  •  S2member will protect your WordPress post, categories, tags, pages, files and URLs
  •  S2member is easily configurable and extremely extensible
  •  You can use S2member to protect downloaded files and streaming videos or audios
  •  Since S2member is powered by WordPress short codes, complex integration becomes easy and quick
  •  You will be able to sell recurring or non-recurring subscriptions with ease
  •  S2member integrates with ease with WordPress roles or capabilities.
  •  S2member has one of the best content presentations compared to its competitors

S2Member Cons

  •  Despite the fact that S2member’s features and great and unique, it can pose a lot of challenge to beginners especially because the help documentation is geared towards technical users.

S2Member - The Bottom Line

S2member is one of the best WordPress membership plugins and is a must-have due to its numerous benefits, as well as, its unique features. Ultimately, the software has all it takes to protect the content of your WordPress post, categories, tags, files, pages, and URLs. Once you purchase and install the S2member Pro version, you are guaranteed of getting value for your money.


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