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Latest AppSumo Deals

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Welcome Digital Bosses and Sumo-lings! 

This week's edition of the AppSumo roundup includes:

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    Affiliate Analytics Tool - TrackingDesk
  • check
    WordPress Project Management - Client Portal
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    NEW: Smart Video embeds  - vooPlayer
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    NEW: Compress all your website images automatically  - ShortPixel

App Type: Affiliate Marketing Analytics Tool
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $1200)

TrackingDesk is a universal translator and marketing hub for data generated during your visitors’ journey.

TrackingDesk is unique because it gives you the ability to track and attribute conversions across ad networks, landing pages, funnels, and affiliate networks. Regardless of where visitors engaged with your content first, TrackingDesk will tag each visitor and follow its journey through a successful checkout.

Let me repeat that: Regardless of where the visitor engaged with your content first, TrackingDesk will give you the capability to track conversions and revenues and attribute them to the initial engagement.

More than that, you have the capability to track conversions and revenues beyond the scope of your own site/blog.

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App Type: ​WordPress Project Management
Price: $39 lifetime (usually $378)

Client Portal is a beautiful dashboard that lives on your WordPress site and keeps all your projects assets in one place.

Thanks to a super simple and clean design, Client Portal is easily branded and fits seamlessly into any website so you can have the professional look and feel you deserve.

Clients (or whomever you give access to) can quickly locate files whenever they need them.

With all files residing in one dashboard, you eliminate people nagging you for files. (They need to revisit a certain document? All they have to do is log into the portal.)

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App Type: Smart Video Embeds 
Price: $79 lifetime (usually $228)

vooPlayer is a professional video hosting solution that offers a sophisticated suite of video marketing tools and analytics to help businesses grow with video.

Thanks to vooPlayer, you can host your videos on rock-solid, cloud-based servers or use any link from YouTube, Vimeo, AWS, Facebook and more.

vooPlayer’s video player is optimized for better playback and faster delivery on any device.

With a fully customizable interactive player, you can edit player colors, skin, and thumbnail so that it fits in with the design of your website and overall brand.

vooPlayer knows that your content is sacred, so it keeps thieves from stealing it.

Using advanced HLS encryption and domain and sharing restrictions, you membership sites can sleep easy knowing your content is secure.

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App Type: Website Image Compression
Price: $29 lifetime (usually $180)

ShortPixel is a high-powered compressor and optimizer that drastically reduces image file sizes to improve website performance and SEO ranking.

There's no way to sugar-coat this: Slow load times are disastrous for websites.

When visitors get to a slow-loading site, they bounce. But you aren't just losing that specific visitor, you’re also losing future visitors because of the SEO hit you take from them bouncing.

So say it with me: optimized images = faster load times and better SEO ranking.

We know what you're thinking, "compressing images with ShortPixel will hurt the quality of your images." But it won't.

ShortPixel compresses all your popular formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, WebP) by up to 90% without reducing quality.

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Current AppSumo Deals – 06/26/2018

These Appsumo deals are current as of today the 26th of June - but some deals have limited codes available. Use any of the links on this page and you also qualify for one of 10 bonus packs.

Welcome Digital Bosses and Sumo-lings! 

This week's edition of the AppSumo roundup includes a total of eight apps

  • Facebook Messenger Chat Bot - Mobile Monkey
  • The marketing AI known as Crystal
  • Retargeting URL tool - RocketLink
  • Easy to use booking app - Bookafy
  • Your accountant as an app - Fiskl
  • Sumo eCommerce Plan
  • An easy to use feedback tool for your clients - Feedier
  • The Ultimate SEO training by Tommy Griffith (SEO for Airbnb)

App Type: Facebook Messenger Bot
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $1500)

Note: Win a $100 gift card when signing up to the webinar

Mobile Monkey is a Facebook messenger chat bot that not only allows you to chat with customers but also automatically qualifies leads, send drip campaigns and here is the kicker uses AI to serve the content your audience is most likely to be interested in.


App Type: AI marketing assistant for digital entrepreneurs
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $1188)

Meet Crystal! The digital assistant that even puts Google Assistant to shame if you are a digital entrepreneur. Think Jarvis in Iron Man - you going to feel a bit like that when using this amazing little tool. In a nutshell, Crystal is an AI that takes web and social media data and turns it into actionable marketing data. 


App Type: URL retargeting tool 
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $828)

Rocketlink helps you grow your online audience by adding tracking pixels to every link you share. When you share links your URL drives traffic to third-party websites and Rocketlink lets you profit on this traffic with perfectly targeted ads.

You can even retarget users in Facebook Groups which is something Facebook themselves dont allow but Rocketlink found a way to beat the system.

There is a great video on the process at the link below too.

App Type: Booking app 
Price: $39 lifetime (usually $84)

Bookafy is an automated booking software for service appointments, demos, sales, and calls.

It allows you to automate the booking of calls, demos and appointments whilst syncing to your calendar and even adding contacts to Mailchimp. It is operating 24/7 as a way for clients to book time slots and sends custom confirmations and reminders to all parties.

It's time to get organized and at $39 this is a steal.

App Type: Financial Accounting app
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $360)

Fiskl is a simple, intuitive platform that makes it easy for anyone to manage finances, be more productive, and drive their business forward.

It allows you to create beautifully designed invoices within seconds from anywhere on any device. It gives you an overview report that tells you the health of your business finances in 30 seconds. Plus here is a biggie for all you small business owner/accountants it has expense scanning with intelligent data extraction.

Well worth a look at Fiskl to get your finances in order.  

App Type: eCommerce training and app 
Price: FREE

If you use either shopify or Woocommerce this deal is for you. Actually to be honest if you are using any form of ecommerce on your website this Sumo deal is for you.

Sumo’s Shopify + WooCommerce Business Growth Bundle is filled to the brim with marketing strategies, resources, and blueprints to increase conversions and sales.

There will also be an invite to a webinar happening on the 3rd of July which is going to be well worth your time.


App Type: Online Feedback tool 
Price: $49 lifetime (usually $960)

Feedier lets you easily collect valuable customer feedback through an intelligent and interactive platform.

It gives your customers an enjoyable and easy to use way to give you feedback and can also issue vouchers to people who complete the survey. It gives you real time insights and analytics all from one dashboard and most importantly builds loyalty and trust with your clients that you are taking their opinion seriously.

This little app is collecting raving reviews quick and is a must have for this lifetime price.


App Type: SEO training and tools 
Price: $149 lifetime (usually $1285)

Clickminded is back by popular demand on AppSumo.

You don't get much better than this course by Tommy Griffith if you are wanting to learn the art and science of ranking in search engines. This course is considered one of the most comprehensive you can get right now and is perfect for people who want to build a career out of SEO or just really impress the boss with your new found skills.

Your tutor Tommy is a legend of SEO and was responsible for the SEO strategy of the likes of Airbnb and PayPal so rest assured you are learning stuff that actually works. It really is worth a look below.

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