The Definitive Market Samurai Review


Is Market Samurai Worth the Money?

Whenever I review a digital product, my one and only criteria is whether or not it is worth the money. Today I am turning my attention to Market Samurai, a research tool that helps you find the best keywords to include on your web pages so that they can get ranked at or near the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the niche your product is in.

Before I get into the product, let me just touch upon why anybody with a blog, website or web pages would need something like this.

It’s a fact that practically everybody uses Google (in the US) or other search engines to find the products and services they want online. It’s also a fact that people rarely (if ever) will wander past the first SERP.

It’s even more established that the great majority of people (some put the figure at 70%) will always click on the very first non-advertisement link that appears on the page.

So if you want to capture 70% of the market for your product, it’s essential that you land in that number one spot. Products like Market Samurai and many others out there are designed to help you do that.

Market Samurai’s Creators

Market Samurai was created by a group called Nobel Samurai. I’ve heard of them because their main goal is to develop and improve elements of market research. While I’ve never actually bought one of their products before buying Market Samurai, some of my colleagues have told me that they make great apps that make market research fast and easy.

Noble Samurai is known as a second generation Internet company, meaning they develop apps and products that are used by other website owners and blog writers to maximize the success of their online marketing. Another way of looking at it is that they are “the guy behind the guy”.

What It Does

When I downloaded and installed Market Samurai, I was impressed with the number of features that made it easy to identify the best keywords for my web pages.


Here are some of the most important ones:

Keyword Research Tool — This is the primary tool that Market Samurai offers. It allows you to enter keywords manually or import existing keywords from an external list. This keyword research toll will then generate alternate (better) keyword suggestions instantly and automatically. These keywords are directly related to your existing content.


SEO Competition – This toll allows you to input a specific keyword or keyword phrase then it uses Google to find the top 10 search results for that particular keyword. It also tells you how difficult it’s going to be for you to beat out each of these competitors.


Domains – If you are a domain reseller, this tool lets you search for exact domain matches. All you do is type in a particular keyword or keyword phrase. This tool then shows those domains that are available that are relevant to whatever you inputted. Not being a domain reseller, I didn’t fool around with this one too much.


Monetization – Now we’re talking about something I’m familiar with: Making money. This tool is helpful for Internet marketers who want to get into new niches, such as in affiliate marketing. You search different affiliate marketing sites (Amazon, ClickBank, PayDotCom and so on) to find the best products to offer within any niche you select. This saved me hours of research and essentially is worth the investment in Market Samurai by itself!


Content Finder – If you want to look up particular web pages or content that are related to your content – such as articles you can link to and so forth – this tool makes it super simple to do that.


Content Publisher – Similarly, if you have a bunch of pages or write several different blogs, you can use this tool to update and post your content quickly and easily. It’s also a great organizing tool (something I desperately need!).

Promotion – If you want to increase the number of blog comments you get, hike your backlinks, write a bunch of guest posts or do other things to promote your pages, this tool can help. It gives you a list of the various Web 2.0 sites, blogs, forums, chat rooms, Q and A sites and other pages where you can connect with the people and places you need to promote your pages.


What It Doesn’t Do

Just so you aren’t surprised, here are some of the things Market Samurai doesn’t do:

  1. It doesn’t provide you with any black hat strategies for improving your SEO. There are plenty of other apps that will do that. I avoid them like the plague.
  2. It’s not a backlink creator. After the Panda and Penguin updates to the Google search engine algorithm, pages are no longer rated according to the number of backlinks they have. Rather, they are ranked by the quality of the sites that link to them.
  3. It’s not a shortcut to hard work. If you want your affiliate program to succeed or your pages to be popular, you still have to put in the effort on your own. Market Samurai is simply a tool you can use to make it easier for you to achieve your objectives.

Bottom Line

Okay, like I said at the beginning. My one and only criteria for recommending a product or not is whether it is worth the money. In my opinion, Market Samurai was worth what I paid for it.

However you don’t have to pay full price because of the special ($84 off) offer we have on Market Samurai

Here is the link:

This brings the price down from $147 down to only $65. In my opinion, Market Samurai is worth the full price so that the Market Samurai discount is icing on the cake!

The monetization tool that let me find affiliate products within any niche I defined saved me hours of work doing boring research. That by itself was worth the original $147 price. But with the discount, the keyword research tool also was highly valuable. So in my opinion, paying just $65 for the Market Samurai is an absolute no-brainer.

Buy or No Buy?: BUY! (Especially with the Market Samurai Discount)


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