Thirsty Affiliates Review

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Most people start blogging with the aim of making money. To achieve their objective, they rely heavily on affiliate marketing. While affiliate marketing can be very rewarding, the inherent competition can scare you even before you start earning profits. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of time and effort among other things. It is one thing to fancy the idea of affiliate marketing. It is another to actually make real profits through affiliate sales.

Affiliate marketing has the potential to earn you good income as a blogger if properly harnessed. The big question now is that: have you found the best affiliate link management WordPress plugin that will help you increase your sales?

Due to lack of optimization, majority of bloggers and newbies find it difficult to make money with affiliate marketing. The optimization of an affiliate link is pretty easy provided you are using the appropriate tool. Today, we will let you know about an affiliate link management plugin that you can use to make a huge profit as a blogger.

What is Thirsty Affiliate?

Thirsty Affiliate is a WordPress affiliate link management plugin that gives you total control over your affiliate links. It is important to point out here that the core plugin is absolutely free, but if you need some advanced functionality, paid add-ons are also available.

Thirsty Affiliate will allow you create branded affiliate links, as well as, enable you to link them to the relevant products seamlessly using the WordPress editor. In addition, this tool empowers you to effectively manage your affiliate sales efforts. It will replace your ugly looking affiliate link with branded links.

It also has a great keyword feature in the pro version that automatically adds your affiliate link to keywords you set. For some people and their websites this can be a huge payday increase.

Thirsty Affiliates Main features

Thirsty Affiliates comes with great features which are listed below;

  • * Amazing reports: When you subscribe to this tool, there are charts and tables that would provide you with useful information in addition to the regular admin email reports.
  • * Geo-location Links: With Thirsty Affiliate, you will be able to provide an alternative destination for international clicks through country targeting.
  • * Smart Uncloaking: Thirsty Affiliate will enable you optionally uncloak links with a view to complying with Amazon’s terms of service
  • * Auto link keywords: With Thirsty Affiliate, your affiliate link will be linked automatically just by providing the keywords.
  •  Proactive Link fixer: This feature will ensure that your affiliate links are up to date.
  •  Google Analytics Events: Interaction with Google analytics which pushes click event when an affiliate link is clicked.
  •  Automatic 404 Checker: This feature will ensure that you do not miss any 404 errors associated with your affiliate links.
  •  CSV Import/Export: With Thirsty Affiliate, you will be able to manage your affiliate links through CSV. In addition, you will be able to import/export and update across sites.
  •  3rd Party Link Importing: This software supports importing from third-party APIs such as Amazon products API.
  •  Thirsty Affiliate split testing: This feature will enable the split testing of your affiliate link. What this means is that you can test different affiliate programs against each other to determine the ones that would be most viable.
  •  Thirsty Affiliate Scheduled Links Add-on: During festive periods, companies more often than not float festive limited time offers. This feature will enable you catch-in on such limited and special time offers.

Thirsty Affiliates Pros

  • This tool is simple and easy
  • The auto-linking features and Amazon add-ons can make your site an excellent marketing hub
  •  Longtime pricing: You don’t have to pay all manners of sundry charges.
  • Good customer support: Thirsty Affiliate has one of the best customers supports in terms of speed of resolving customers’ complain.
  • When you use Thirsty Affiliate, you are guaranteed of making huge sales.
  •  hirsty Affiliate is user-friendly
  • It has a lot of features that can transform your affiliate marketing program

Thirsty Affiliates Cons

  • The only drawback of this tool is that the iTunes option is no longer available

Thirsty Affiliates - The Bottom Line

Thirsty Affiliate is an absolute solution when it comes to management of your affiliate links. It gives you total control over your affiliate links. Thirsty Affiliate is one of the most sought-after Affiliate link management WordPress plugins by bloggers in order to increase their sales online. It has a lot of great add-ons features that would enable you to create good looking affiliate links. In addition, its Amazon add-on will enable you to be part of Amazon affiliate program. As a blogger with the intention of making money with relative ease and transparency; Thirsty Affiliate is the most powerful affiliate link management tool for WordPress that you need.


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