UpViral Review

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One thing that many business owners struggle with is engaging their clients in such a way that brings in new individuals into the business. Recommendations of a friend or a family member are by far some of the strongest methods of successful selling but how can you get your clients to sell your business on your behalf? That is exactly what Upviral was designed to do. Upviral was made to make it easy for you the run social media campaigns, do viral giveaways, and gain a whole host of other benefits for your clients who share your information and products. So what are some of the pros and cons of this exceptionally powerful marketing tool?

UpViral Pros

Giveaways for invites

One thing that people love is always the thought of a good deal. People love being able to get freebies and people love being able to get neat stuff, especially when the price to them is so low. At Upviral, they have taken this human condition and learned how to make it a marketing powerhouse by allowing you the simple ability to give away services, products, or discounts to individuals who share your business or links with friends. It can even be designed in such a way that the more people they send it to, the more they unlock incentives to share far and wide with as many people as possible. This is a powerful marketing tool as you have turned a client into a distributor. People who get invited by their friends, especially friends with influence over them, are people who are far more likely to look at and be interested in what you are selling.

Run a contest

Depending on who your clientele is, this may be an even better method of viral marketing and that is to run a contest. When you do giveaways for individuals who invite people, the giveaways are typically smaller because the goal is that many individuals will invite their friends and family to look at your product but with a contest, the prize can be much larger as instead of many winners there is likely to be only a few or just one. This can provide additional incentive if the prize is large enough or intriguing enough for people to really want to share your product, business, or services. What is fantastic is that Upviral can be designed to run across multiple social media sites without annoying banner ads. As individuals share links and pages across various social media platforms, your business will grow with every click.

Easy integration

One of the other great features is that Upviral is designed to not be a standalone tool but to work perfectly and seamlessly with your other marketing funnels. This is an essential element because Upviral can easily work in conjunction with other marketing campaigns or other marketing strategies. With Upviral, you do not need to replace your current methods as it can be added in at almost any level of the marketing funnel and see improvements in your marketing campaign. This is important because it allows you to simply work with what you have and not have to redesign your entire marketing funnel to accommodate a single tool. This gives you greater freedom in the kinds of marketing you do, when and where you would like to market,

and, with the infinite potential power of Upviral, you can make it do the marketing funnel work while you sleep or work on other important business projects.

UpViral Cons

One of the potential cons if the tool is used wrong is it can cause contest fatigue. The reason that Upviral needs to be used in conjunction with other tools is simply because people can eventually become tired of sharing contests or products with their friends. Even if these individuals do not become tired of sharing, their friends on social media certainly will and will likely block or censor them. This is what happens when the product is overused and abused. If you run a different contest every week or provide new incentives for people to keep on sharing the same content, services, or products with people with whom they already share, they are going to become tired of it.

UpViral Conclusion

When done right, though, Upviral is a powerful product in the hands of even a novice marketer and can help grow your business by leaps and bounds with its powerful viral marketing strategies, ability to turn clients into advertisers, and help your business thrive as you build it into the future. Do not build without Upviral as this is a foundational tool necessary for any successful entrepreneur who desires to integrate it into their existing marketing funnels. Let Upviral make your business a success.

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