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Connecting with clients or potential clients online has always been a difficult challenge with many methods utilized to try to achieve success. One of the most frustrating things though is when a customer interaction online goes wrong, so rarely does the online business even know or have any idea what caused it or how to fix it. People often don't respond to phone calls, text, or email surveys about their experiences and so you are always left wondering why a customer was dissatisfied. Although you may wonder, they have often written reviews explaining exactly why on online review boards which can seriously hurt your business as others are concerned they will experience the same issues. So what is a business to do? This is where Voice Stak comes to the rescue. Voice Stak is a new and innovative method for allowing your customers to have their voices heard by leaving a voice or video message for your website. So what are some of the pros and cons of this interesting tool?

Voice Stak Pros

Easy website integration

Since there is nothing to install or download, this is a very easy widget to integrate directly into your website. Not only is it convenient due to the fact that there is no installation process, merely just selecting the widget, the other big plus is that it is also infinitely customizable with different coloring to ensure that Voice Stak always matches your website branding. This is important because resource tools, no matter how exceptional, should always match the overall color themes and schemes of your website. Tools which look like they are made from a variety of different sources give your website a Frankenstein-like look that is very off-putting. If your goal is to have customer interaction using Voice Stak, then its ability to blend in with the rest of your site is an essential element.


This is another huge benefit and that is its cross-compatibility. Many times software programs only work for tablets or phones, but not always for computers or vice versa. This cross-compatibility also occurs between different websites or different web builders and so while something may be available on Wix it would not be able to be used on WordPress. This is not true for Voice Stak. Voice Stak is designed to have huge amounts of compatibility between different online website builders as well as between different products and devices. This is a very important feature as it gives both you and your clients huge amounts of freedom. It gives you the freedom to use whatever web building services you desire and it gives your clients huge freedoms to be able to utilize any device and still have it be Voice Stak compatible.

Voice and video messages

Saving the best for last, the thing that really sets Voice Stak apart is its ability for your clients to leave voice and video messages. These are important because so often clients will not fill out

surveys, answer your phone calls, or respond to emails or texts but many clients would feel better about their interaction, the experience, or their complaints knowing that a business genuinely cared and that their voice was genuinely heard. This is what makes Voice Stak so special; it helps your clients have that peace of mind to know that their voices are heard and that their voice matters. Being able to listen to or see your clients can also help you interact at a higher level and know how to adjust and fix your site so your customers’ needs are met.

Voice Stak Cons

One of the potential cons to utilizing this is we live in a day and age where online privacy and security are at a premium. Every interaction we do seems to be at the cost of giving up some of our privacy. Speaking and video calling are sometimes some of the most intimate actions a person may do and it will be important for you to let your clients and customers know that their responses and reviews are safe, secure, and confidential. Some individuals may be uneasy with the prospect of using Voice Stak but you can help alleviate those fears by helping them know their privacy is your primary concern.


This innovative tool with its ability to be embedded anywhere, used across any site or any device, and to let your customers be seen and heard makes it an exceptionally powerful interactive tool for helping ensure that you are always able to hear your customers’ needs before that bad experience loses you a valuable customer. If you would like to find out more, check out voicestak.com.

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