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Converting followers, getting regular streams of revenue, and marketing are all important pillars in building success. However, it has always been difficult to learn how to work in tandem and there are far more people who fail than succeed at doing them. It has always been a struggle to have your voice heard among the myriad of choruses on the internet and even more so to create reliable streams of revenue and marketing simultaneously. But what if there were a way to do all three? What if there was way to help convert individuals to your cause or product while simultaneously being able to speak in an open and honest fashion that people most respond to and market? Well that is the promise of Webinarignition. Webinarignition was made with the purpose of making web seminars simple, convenient, and effective. Webinarignition has a variety of features all designed to help enhance your marketing strategies, your appeal, your reach, and your revenue generation. So what are some of the pros and cons program?

Webinarignition Pros

Engage with webinars

The best potential marketing strategy available online is the webinar. These web seminars can be filled with any kind of information, tools, tips, or advice that you so choose and the higher their quality and content, the higher the chances are of successfully converting individuals to buy in and follow your webinar series. Webinars can offer so much value to a client. What you know, your years of experience, the mistakes you have made, and your triumphs all are things which are potentially valuable to your clients.

A webinar is designed to convert your knowledge, experience, and advice into cash revenue. It is important to make sure that your customers are getting, or feel like they are getting, this value because customers or clients who feel that your webinar is overpriced but not filled with value for their money are customers who will drive away business from you. Online webinars can also easily be used as a form of marketing for your products or business in addition to being utilized for sale directly. Webinars can be made to help convert clients, give a unique perspective on work or business, and provide a host of other benefits to your clients.

Automated webinars

Webinarignition gives multiple different options for the kinds of webinars that you can run utilizing the software. Of course there is the live webinar where you present your information conveniently, factually, and live for paying clients or customers to view, and then there is also the pre-recorded or automated system. Both have pros and cons. The live system is convenient because you may decide to add in a Q and A section so individuals can have their questions answered at the end of your webinar and it gives you a chance to engage in a more direct and unscripted way.

Or there is the automated route where you can create high-quality edited webinars that feature exactly the information you want and with the quality you desire for your business. These automated webinars can also conveniently and easily be accessed by your clients 24/7. Unlike a live webinar where you would likely be asleep in the middle of the night, the automated ones allow an individual around the world or simply a late night owl to watch one of your automated webinars and you can be receiving money and generating revenue around the clock. However, the automated webinar takes a little bit of the scarcity out of the equation as now individuals know it will always be there when they want it as opposed to a live webinar which certainly has an expiration date.

Webinarignition Cons

One of the potential cons for this particular tool is the fact that to be most effective, a webinar must be engaging. Learning to be engaging through a video medium is something that many people take time to learn. It can take practice to be confident in front of a camera and to speak clearly, thoughtfully, and coherently, while simultaneously engaging the individuals who watch the webinar without putting them to sleep. Your information can be accurate, helpful, and hugely valuable but if you are putting a client to sleep as they watch it will not be hugely valuable to them. When you do a webinar, you are part teacher and part entertainer and both are necessary to have successful continuation at this craft.


If you are an individual who either has the ability or desire to learn to create engaging webinar videos, who can think fast on their feet, who enjoy the editing process, who want to reach clients in a unique way while simultaneously marketing your product, then Webinarignition is the product for you. Webinarignition can help create reliable streams of revenue, can help expand your reach and message across the internet, and can help your clients connect with you and your business in a new and innovative way. If you would like to find out more, check out webinarignition.com.

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